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Star Wars Captioning #99 - Page 1 of 5

(Click on the image to enlarge).

A message from TFN
Captioning picture chosen by guest editor Cirrocco
Submissions edited by guest editor Cirrocco, who whittled down more than 1000 entries to a concise ... 255 :)

Submissions: 1-50 - 51-100 - 101-150 - 151-200 - 201-255

* One! I will only allow one joke about how insanely long it's taken to update the humor page!!!!
by Jar Jar Bites

* "Force-pull my finger!"
by Gryfft

* "Chewie, you get nerf blood on the ceiling of my ship ONE more time..."
by Gryfft

* This is the last rewrite for Indiana Jones 4, George!

* One more word out of you - and you're getting this up your nose, Princess!
by LeHah

* "I keep telling you, I DID shoot first! Who are you gonna believe, me or Lucas?!"
by TV's Grady

* Chewie, to the Wookiemobile!
by RedVI

* Han Solo, phone home
by Cr33dos3

* 1 more captioning to go before the 100th
by mMathab

* "one is the loneliest number that you'll ever know....."
by JediKaputski

* Don't make me get mr. angry eyes!
by luke skyhawker

* "Seriously, Chewie, this whole thing. I really can get this whole thing up my nose."
by Thank Heavens for New Captioning

* Luke, are you sure you're okay? How many fingers do you see?...I thought so...
by IMli

* "Now listen here young lady, I don't want you seeing that Jag guy any-" (voice cut off by Force-choke as Jaina once again slips back towards the Dark SIde)
by Master_Rush

* Han admonishes TF.N Humor for giving people heart attacks by updating after all this time.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* Oh no you di-ent!
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* Hmm...there was something we used to do when pictures like this came up...what was it...something about pulling...
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* "One of these days, Leia, one of these days...zip, boom, straight to the forest moon!"
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* Han hasn't quite caught on to the subtle art of hitchhiking.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* Han points indignantly at the banner, offended that he's not up there.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* And the server gets clogged with "The server gets clogged with pull my finger jokes"
by Darth Hideous

* Okay It's a syllable uhh like begins with hi and then per ohh hyper okay second word dry dry uhhh Hyperdryer yeah that's it Hyperdryer
by MHenry

* what did I tell you no biting chewie!
by jediknight409

* Alright George... but I mean it this time! ONE MORE MOVIE!!!
by Ulrico

* Put that thing away! You're gonna get us all killed!
by Dante

by Evan Healey

* don't look at me in that tone of voice!
by Andve Fett

* Rock....Paper...scissors...shoot!
by Garrett

* And the server crashes when all the submissions of "the server crashes after all the pull my finger jokes are submitted" is submitted...get it?
by Darth JD

* Great... not only have the editors not updated in like, 5 months, but they gave us another chance to send in more 'finger-pulling' jokes!
by Kupokpok

* " I told you don't call me junior"
by Orion

* Corellians have their own rude hand gestures.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* Okay now, follow the finger.
by Little Matt

* It flew right up your nose. . . . here, let me get it for you.
by Rogue124

* this little piggy went to market
by Jenni Jane Alleshaski

* I've been all around the galaxie, and I've seen a lot of things but this booger beats them all!
by Darth Morrissey

* No one is a match for my mighty finger saber!
by Darth Morrissey

* Lucas, if you don't make Episodes 7-9......
by JediMasterBrant

* Update the TFN Humor section more often, or else!
by Bin, Savior of Keyboards

* YES! That IS my final answer!
by Derek

* Han indicates how many decades it will take for this to be updated again.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* George, don't you ask me again. I'm NOT starring in Star Wars EP 7 !!!!
by Kessel 12

* I'm stuck on Band Aid cause Band Aids stuck on me.
by Matt P.

* That's it mister, you're in TIMEOUT!!!!
by Mustangsteve

* "Don't you dare faint on me just because they've finally updated!"
by Jelp

* That is when Captain Solo realize that he did not have his blaster.
by mljedi

* And the server was flooded with 'pull myfi -ow! Solo, get your finger outta my eye, ya stooge! Han: "nyuck nyuck nyuck!"
by Brian

* Han uses the Force to retrieve Luke's severed hand from the depths of Cloud City.
by emosewami

* "hey golden-rod, wanna see your I.Q.?"
by skywlkr3

* "You're fired."
by DarthDeku

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