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Star Wars Captioning #84

A smack on the forehead from Chris Hanel
Oh man, oh man, oh man. Clarification: I started editing TFN Humor at Captioning #67, and i hadn't been 100% familiar with what had come before (besides the infamous Holiday Special photos). The TFN Multimedia archive has become a favorite place of mine to find photos, and BAM! Here's a great one! I eagerly post it, and it took 2 days before anyone told me that we'd already used it for #45. I scrambled to find a replacement, and not really finding anything i liked at the time, i decided to check out the submissions that had come in already and compared them to the original list. And fortunately, we had enough new jokes to keep it going and not shortchange everyone by pulling it. So, here's the NEW batch of best submissions! I promise you: This was NOT an April fools joke (I left that to TFN's main page) and it will NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. (Nor more captioning cloning jokes!) -Chris

by Lightofdarkness

Laugh while you can. I'm sure he'll have many of his agents out after you for this, you evil Humor Editor!
by Jokester

a sneak peek at the next Indy film confirms our worst fears, Lucas demands the role after Ford disapproves the last script.
by coran thulle

George tried his best to put on an Aussie accent for filming AOTC in Sydney. Note how far away everyone else is from him.
by jedielf

Think I could do a Superman on this baby?
by Miana Kenobi

George gave in to his midlife crisis and, trying to recapture his youth bought the bike. Riding off into the sunset that sad day, we heard him screaming to the wind: "Damn you, Star Wars! DAMN YOU!!"
by Lawren

The overly tight hat and hot sun had gotten to Lucas. He ran down a crowd of production assistants before McCallum could stop him. We buried them under the trailers. It was what they would have wanted
by PepsiFreak

Man I got to get me one of THESE!
by Daniel gurney

I find my lack of wheels disturbing.
by Emperor Palpatim

"...Does it come in pink?"
by Jedi Sanity Master

"It's 159 miles to Most Eisley, I've got a full tank of gas, a pack of cigarettes, I'm not wearing sunscreen, and both suns are out. Hit it!"
by Jedi Sanity Master (Yeah, this was done last time, but his delivery was an improvement.) -Ed

New super Lucas playset! Easy Rider George w/ the kung-fu grip!
by Buchol

Not content with ordinary workouts, Harley enthusiasts in Arizona test the new stationary Hog.
by WWWilkie

After Padme dumped him, Anakin was "forced" to wander the open road...err..sand....forever.
by Java the Hut

This week on Monster Garage...
by khellhound

Man, Henry Winkler has really let himself go...
by Darth Obstreperous

He went to Tunisia on THAT thing? He's braver than I thought!
by Yodalicious

GL: Then he was like this, then I'm all like this, then he's all like, no way dude!
by Barissa Offee

Concept Shot for FULL THROTTLE III
by Grogh

In Star Wars Galaxies it was planned that users could scan themselves into the game. On testing it was decided this was not a good idea.
by Kar'Ghun

Secret Character for Super Duper Bombad Racing
by DarthDeoderant

I leave my Harley alone for two minutes in the desert, and they leave me on blocks. Damn Tunisian hooligans.
by JediCharlie

Lucas: "Wait a second, shouldn't there be a guy with two empty coconut halves behind me?"
by Ajent Orenj

Crew Member: "Mr. Lucas, you're scaring the interns."
by Ajent Orenj

He's not wearing flannel? Up is down, black is white, the universe doesn't make sense anymore!
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

Voice of Johnny Depp: "We were thirty minutes outside of Mos Eisley when the drugs began taking their toll."
by Ajent Orenj

George: "Wow, Liquid Schwartz!"
by Sepsys1138

Well, you know, Rick, I couldn't find a swoop that I really liked with an open cockpit and the right speed capabilities.
by Onli-Wan Cojone

First he won't release the original trilogy on DVD, now he's breaking helmet laws. What's next? "Still Even More American Graphitti?"
by Markn Rosenthal

The Great Bantha Drive of '76
by Dark One

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