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Star Wars Captioning #99 - Page 5 of 5

(Click on the image to enlarge).

A message from TFN
Captioning picture chosen by guest editor Cirrocco
Submissions edited by guest editor Cirrocco, who whittled down more than 1000 entries to a concise ... 255 :)

Submissions: 1-50 - 51-100 - 101-150 - 151-200 - 201-255

* "...and when I give you this sign, I want you to steal third."
by Munki

* Funny as it was, Han's impression of Leia after their wedding ended rather tragically just moments after this photo was snapped.
by Kilana

* The power to control the universe is in which finger?
by Jar Jar Bites

* One more for the road!!!!!
by Morbius

* Harrison Ford stars in " ONE- a Solo Sensation" on Broadway.....Only had a 2 show run......
by Brian

* For the life of him, Harrison Ford could never figure out what old Curly meant by that "One Thing."
by Macaroni Penguin

* "You broke my Fing-Longer!"
by Macaroni Penguin

* If those jerks upstairs don't stop stomping around, I'm gonna give 'em a piece of my mind.
by Eston Melton

* You are NOT going to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters! That's right, you're grounded, young man!
by Jenova

* First rule of fight club.....
by Todd

* On this ship, you're to refer to me as "Idiot" not "You Captain." I mean, you know what I mean.
by supershmi

* Hold that thought, "Lost" just started.
by Konbu Wavebreaker

by owann

* First down!
by Scythe1138

* Force, Smorce...All I need is my trigger finger and a blaster, kid...

* Don't push me, Georgy boy!
by Scythefalcon

* it's my ship and i will not put the seat down!
by cameltoe

* Obi Wan said something about moving things with the force... If I stare at it long enough...
by SithDooku

* Hey imperial offisher, I schwer (hic) I only had (hic) this many in Mos Eisley, it had nothing to do (hic) with crashing the Falcon.
by Blitzkrieg

* "Don't you DARE say that TF.N stole the captioning idea from the official site"
by open-a-windu

* Man how does that Thumb Wars guy make those little faces on his fingers.
by Joe Rogerson

* Sesame Street was brought to you today by the number one.
by Bill Melendez

* Ok...now many pull my finger jokes are going to make the TFN server asplode??
by Rurouni Jedi

Strong Bad? Is that you? -ed

* Hey Han's doing a Capcom block! Nothing can hurt him now!
by Rurouni Jedi

* Han ponders the Nail Side of the Force.
by Rurouni Jedi

* I don't know what they're on about. I can't see any 3-D image in the magic eye picture.
by John Chambers

* You Can Hold It
by Joel Davis

* Who's been trying to toss pancakes AGAIN????
by Pete Unwin

* i like shooting craps
by qwe

by ximo

* Talk To the Finger....
by Carlos Oatman

* So the bathroom is that way?
by Tavo

* Shhhh! It?s over there. Don?t look!
by alottoni

* "I'm crushing your head, Threepio!"
by computer_geekz

* "I told you not to post that Hyperspace link!"
by lvk1978

* "I'm almost finished, there is another bathroom you know!!!"
by Greg Hanus

by jeff spell

* Go go gadget blaster!
by HPB

* PULL!!
by Steve

* "AND RAM IT RIGHT UP THERE!...and that's how we get rid of the emperor!
by Drew

* "Hey Han! Which star wars episode is your least favorite?"
by Dark Jedv

* I can't believe the camera man needs a focus point.
by Dark Jedi

* And the server is overloaded yet again when, in an attempt to be original, a multitude of fans submit "Does this look infected?"
by Kupokpok

* Hold on... I have a furball
by Tigerpalm77

* "Chewy! I said only one Arm. Now give 3PO back his other one!"
by Renegade_Sith_Lord

* Don't you ever diss this haircut again!
by Caroleia

* "I picked this just for you...your highness"
by bubler

* You want some of this, Princess?
by Lincoln Smith

* Han: "I... well... uh, um... ah, screw it, I'm waiting for #100."
by BauconBatista

* Dear Hasbro, can I have 1 action figure that actually looks like me? Please?
by Haft

* Pull my... ah, never mind.
by Max Dweebo

* Han demonstrates how a professional wins a 'Flea Stare-Out' competition
by Matt

* Give me just ONE more minute! I KNOW the lost ark of the covenant is on this ship somewhere! (oh wait... am I mixing up the movies?)
by Kristina

* A freshly-kissed Han is momentarily stunned when Leia sticks a finger in his face and affects a Springer-esque "Oh no you di'nt!"
by imagonyx

* Han stared intensely at the Jedi-paw he'd picked up on Bespin. The last wish could give him all the money he ever wanted, but he consigned him to wishing Leia back into the airlock.
by imagonyx

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