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Star Wars Captioning #12

Once again Luke Skywalker fails Camouflage 101..
from Jim Clancy

Luke Skywalker the Vice President for the working military
from Brian Rogers

"Excuse me.... Have you heard of Amway....."
from Chewie

Second commando from left: "Errrgh... who farted?"
Luke: (quietly exudes another Force-wind break)
Commando on extreme right: "No reward is worth this..."
Qliphoth E.

"I said I was ON Just Shoot Me! On Just Shoot Me!!"
from Raptor1484

"Gee, wait until those guys in high school who used to tease us see how cool we look now!!!!!!!!"
from YodaYY4U

"Green !?! I though this was a formal affair..."
from Michael Margolese

The ROTJ stunt performers finally get their revenge on Mark.
from K_Wedge H.-D.

"I'm not crazy! He is my father! And he cut off my hand! And I kissed my sister! And, whoa! where are you taking me!"
from ANDnonymous

In a never before released scene cut from the final version of ROTJ, "Luke and his Pitiful Rebel Band?" rehearse their original number "I'm a Jedi Now" in the Emperor's quarters. This was the original musical number George Lucas envisioned when he wrote Return of the Jedi, but it had to be cut because Hamill couldn't sing or mouth-sync. It was eventually replaced at the last minute with the Jabba's palace sequence (performed by puppets) at the last second.
from Bradley Gilliland

"They followed me home, Dad. Can I keep them?"
from ERT

Mark Hamill and the Commandos will begin their World Tour this month!!!
from Studicus

"Here is the rebel, where is the money ? "
from Czu

"we spent nine days in the forests of endor, and all we got was this lousy skywalker! "
from Steve Ewoldt

"Uhhhh..... I think we made a wrong turn."

"Hi-ho, Hi-ho it's off to work we go.....Hey! How'd we get on the Death Star!?!?!? "
from Edward Canale

" That's it...this is the LAST convention I attend without a bodyguard! "
from Candyfish

"This isn't what I had in mind when 3PO said it was going to be a "Dress Casual" affair... "
from rhercher

Mark Hamill was finally captured today for years of bad acting.
from Steve Holloman

"Young man! Get right up off the ground, I'm gonna take you to the YMCA!"
from X. R. Kun

The elevator stops at the emperor's throne room)
All: "Wrong Floor."
from tkhuri

"Here we see a publicity photo of the Artist formerly known as Skywalker, and his entourage, this of course was taken for his not terribly successful "As Whiny as I wanna be" tour "
from Geoff Adams

"It's the hard knock life for us......... no one cares for you and your guns when your it Re-bell-ion It's the hard knock life!!!!!!!!!!!"
from tkhuri

"I swear, we just stepped inside the elevator in the shield generator and next thing we know, we're up here. We should be going now. "
from Eric Hanson

Mark: Who's bad! Who's baaaaaaaad! Ow! Shamone! Sha-mooone! You're do'n wrong!
Chorus: You're do'n wrong!
Mark: You're do'n wrong!!!!!
Chorus: You're do'n wrong!
from Darth Gator

" one of these things doesn't belong here
one of these things isn't the same
one of these things doesn't belong here
now it's time to play our game, time to play our game "
from MegKSolo

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