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Star Wars Captioning #99 - Page 4 of 5

(Click on the image to enlarge).

A message from TFN
Captioning picture chosen by guest editor Cirrocco
Submissions edited by guest editor Cirrocco, who whittled down more than 1000 entries to a concise ... 255 :)

Submissions: 1-50 - 51-100 - 101-150 - 151-200 - 201-255

* Just blowing up the death star be there in one
by Cha-da Habir

* After months of sifting through photos the TFN Humour editor finally says "screw it. I'll give another 'pull my finger' caption."
by Rogue_0009

* random geek: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, let's see how I can relate this to Taun We....
by Rogue_0009

* Hang on a sec. I forgot my line.
by billythekid

* This is my finger this is my thumb, this is my gun you had better run!
by Alex Gerhards

* My Mother froze me in carbonite once.....once.
by Joe Elfayer

* Han's mother always told him his face would freeze like that.
by bob oreily

* you put WHAT in my burrito?
by bob oreily

* Darn it! I Never get those Magic Eye Books!
by ZeeDeveel

* One , singular sensation , la da da da da!*
by Mario G. Godoy

* I can play lightsaber too!
by Robin

* "see, i've sewn up my mouth with my magic stitching finger!"
by redjak Warpig

* Harrison Ford finger-pointing scene #84
by Cooler King 187

* "This finger will self destruct in ten seconds!"
by Redjak Warpig

* no, the yankees WILL win
by Za0

* No, I do not want fries with that!
by Rippentuck

by Za0

* Where did my ring go?
by Jake

* Don't panic, but there's a spider right above your head.
by Dan Reyes

* Er...what was that line?! Hang on! I'll think of it....Give me a sec....
by Christopher Browns

* How long has that been there?
by Clark

* I can arrange that!! You could use a good NOSE PICKING!
by Captain Smooth

* One! One glorious hydrospanner, Ah-ha-ha-ha.
by Jar Jar Bites

* I can name that tune in one note!
by Halo10101

* I have to do a #1.
by Aaron Lembke-Bryan

* I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!
by Darth Gonzo of Hertfordshire

* Blast! My new inviso-gun isn't working! What a gyp!
by Wee Willy, the "Irish Spring" Guy

* "No! Bad ewok."
by ME

* Harrison Ford: "How many times do I have to tell you?!? ONE!! ONE LUMP OF SUGAR!! ...Darn PAs."
by Cap'n Gutter

* Being a responsible pilot, Han always gives himself a field sobriety test before he sits at the controls.
by John MacKay

* Han, jealous of Luke's use of the Force, tries to convince himself that 'There is no Finger'
by John MacKay

* [insert comment about how the pull my finger joke crashes the server in some way, or how the joke about how the pull my finger joke crashes the server, or how the joke about the joke that makes fun of the joke that crashed the finger]
by John MacKay

* Unfortunately, since this was only a PG movie, Han couldn't give the proper gesture to 3PO.
by John MacKay

* Han: You see this? This finger can push that button over there, and blast you into oblivio- ooh! Look! A space ant. Pretty ant!
by Levi

* Never interrupt Han while he's watching [adult swim]
by John MacKay

* I have more "Force" in this finger than you have in your entire body, Luke
by Bishop

* After the first round of the Insult Competition, it's Princess 1, Scoundrel 0
by Son of Jorel

* "Are you talking to me! Huh!" .. Ok.. Han.. get it together.. fingers can't talk... or can they.. hmmm. Oh well, I'll just keep staring till it does..
by Bishop

* As the Yoda puppet gets deloused, Frank Oz and Harrison Ford rehearse the 'Han v. Yoda staring contest' scene.
by Marjod

* I'm telling you, your highness, the roof is THAT WAY!
by Darth Anus

* En guard!
by fiskehandler

* Lumos Maxima... oops, sorry, wrong movie....
by fiskehandler

* Lightsaber beats scissors, I win!!!
by Jaceman

* Wait here, Jabba, I'll get your money by starring in Star Wars Episode VII

* If I stare at my finger long enough maybe C3P0 will get bored, shut up and walk away...
by Utah Jak

* "See me spin my invisible basketball!"
by redjak warpig

* Space is THAT way!
by Darth CruciFictional

* We are no longer the smugglers who yell, "I am NOT carrying illegal cargo," but the non-jedi-knights who say "NIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!"
by The Curser (in every sense of the word)

* I'm not eating my vegetables, and you can't make me!!!!
by Yoda47

* To discover what compels so many users to fall back on "pull-my-finger" submissions, Han studies the source of this phenomenon directly...
by Munki

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