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Star Wars Captioning #34

"Hi, I'm Bob. Here in George Lucas' head, you can see he has alot of weird ideas going on."
by Walter Danek

Doug Chiang : International Man of Mystery
by Randall Flagg

This picture taken just before the paper attacked Mr. Chiang. Apparently, it was tired of being written off. It was not a pretty picture.
by Joshua Griffin

At the toughest art school in the world, a teacher shows off the "Failing Room."
by Dagger

Not only was Jek a fast pilot, but he was pretty good with his polaroid happy-snapper.
by Steven Cavanagh

I could've worked for AT&T but nooooooooooooo....
by Jenny M

Well, we started with beautiful color, but George took away our crayons after the initial drawngs of Jar Jar
by Jeremy Stewart

Sometimes I like to pretend that I'M the robot. It's fun. I make noises and stuff. "Vrrrr-vrrr." See?
by WookieMonster

My art teacher gave me high recommendations, and all I got was this lousy job at ILM.

Picture a man going on a journey beyond sight and sound...
by Lord Briano

Whoa...these pictures are sooo good, the room's spinning!
by David I.S.B.

We could not afford wallpaper, so we improvised...
by rio

I am the real George Lucas!!!! Meeeee!!! Seeeeee????!!!!
by Isaac Einstein

George Lucas was amazed how many great pictures could be drawn by someone with no hands.
by Christopher Folan

After finishing his daily works, the magical Star Wars artist likes to lean against his works of art and stare at the wall.
by DarthJon64

I made this wallpaper myself... Good, isn't it?
by Darth Olomew

Ahh the Lucas arts Art department what can i steal??? uh oh a camera....... i know look casual.
by Wayne Mann

"Our next model, Doug, is sporting a fine silk shirt by Georgio Armani and blue jeans by Levi in a style that will appeal to the conceptual artist's most demanding tastes. The boots are finest..."
by Chris Knight

Not having enough money for a home decorator, he decided to use his drawings for wallpaper
by Psycho Jedi

Chief Production Artist Doug Chiang reveals the amazing secret behind Episode I: a single, massive flip book.
by Mike Heidenberg

I'm planning on including a new race of denim wearing droids in Ep 2. I think we're gonna call them the 501 Boys.
by HiMom

"Ok, now you hide and I will find you"
by DMAULclone

I forgot where I put my artwork. Do you know where I could have put it?
by Dan Reyes

Doug Chiang does a Calvin Kline add
by KLBS180

More Ovaltine please!
by KLBS180

"Hi, I'm Doug Chiang. For only pennies a day you can support a starving artist or concept designer..."
by KLBS180

"...And this is the livingroom. You may notice the wallpaper . . ."
by Calamari for Dinner

We ran out of refregerator space.
by Brian Nichols

Some people call me the space cowboy.....
by Danth Vaderskiver

Star Wars fan hits the storyboard motherlode. "I just downloaded 'em off the internet," proclaimed owner of a really good color printer.
by Jeff

Off Screen: "Are those Bugle Boy jeans?"
by cowmoo42

The Fonz Has Returned!
by Dinko

The flannelled one was not amused by Doug's attempts to gain reputation as the denimed one.
by Emperor Palpatim

would like to take you, if I may, on a strange journey...
by Darth Strangelove

"Gee...You"d think with all of George's billion's he would buy me more tacks."
by Jeff Kula

See, I told you art school would pay off. Nah, nah!
by Krystalline

Star Wars secret revealed! Lucas keeps SW artists locked in tiny closets until drawings are completed! Doug(shown above) has been locked up for 2 years.
by Jaina Solo

He had a beautiful woman, a chateau on the Riviera and now, a dream job. Yes, life had been perfect for Doug ever since the fateful day he picked up that matchbook with the "DRAW ME" ad on the cover.
by Chris 'Jedi' Knight

Hey ma! Look at what I can do! Ma! Your not looking! MA! Look! LOOK!!!!!!!!!!
by Mitthrawnuruodo

Mr Lucas?? The walls are moving again!!
by KypDurron

A new stunt double demonstrates how he can hold up a wall using only the power of his mind...
by corsair

So...uh.....did they ever catch the spy who kept taking photos of Episode one during production?
by Anakin Walker of Sky

As cracks began to form at Skwalker ranch, the crew began using desperate measures to cover things up for George's inspection while all the time looking casual.
by diskerror

Here on "Mr. Chiang's Neighborhood," Picture-Picture has a whole new meaning, such as "How People Blow Up Capital Starships."
by Mighty Quinn from Michigan

by Stormpooper

A Florida election official displays a wall full of rejected ballot designs.
by Rebel Against the Clinton-Gore Empire

Doug's taste in artwork was rather limited.........
by Jedi_Hood

"When Storyboards Attack..."
by Lady Vader

He was an especially dangorous Doug...
by Daniel Horton

Where's Doug-oh?
by Darth-Bart

Little did Doug Chiang know that sound designer Ben Burtt had placed superglue on the wall.
by Darth Vapor

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