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Star Wars Captioning #13

Leia's worst Christmas ever was when she found out Santa was really just her Dad in a goofy costume.
from Scott

"If you do not tell me where you the hidden Rebel toy factory is, I shall let the elves play some 'reindeer games'."[interrogator droid beeps]
from Bob Linehan

"...and what do YOU want for Christmas, Little Girl?"
"O.K., I want a lightsaber, a new space ship, a few copies of secret Imperial plans, a couple of new droids, maybe a Death Star or two, a baby brother... and a PONY!"
from Oliver F. McKinley

"I thought that this beard and hat might make it easier for you to discuss the location of your hidden rebel base"
from Mark "black saber" Garnes

'The Dark Lord that Stole Christmas!'
from Luke Skyhopper

Leia: "Dad, I thought we were JEWISH!!!!"
from Dark Jedi Brett

"You better not pout, you better not cry, don't be with the rebellion I'm telling you why. (Why?) Santa Vader is coming to town, Santa Vader's coming to town, Santa Vader is coming ... to towwwwnnnn"
by Oldy-Von Moldy

"Troopers ready to open fire...
Vader talking through his nose...
Interrogator droids with their needles aglow...
Leia's his daughter, but nobody knows..."
by Studicus

"We have ways of making you tell us where you hid the presents."
by Mikesdcool

"And now your highness, we will discuss the locationtion of your hidden Elf base..."
by rhercher

"Afraid of sitting on Santa's lap, young Princess Leia is forced by an interregation droid to reveal what she wants for Christmas."
by Dan Cole

"You've been a naughty girl haven't you!"
by Andreas

"You will tell me where the rebel base is,I have presents to deliver."
by Raven Ford

"Nice? Well, we'll see about that."
by ViD

"I must know the location of my hidden Chrismas gifts."
"Get the interrigator droid."

"Now Princess, we will find out whether you've been naughty or nice."
Paul Palubicki

"Now Princess, I grow tired of asking.....Where did you hide my list of bad boys and girls?"
by keiran_h

"If you refuse to tell me what you want for Christmas, we'll just have to pry it out of you!"
by Brian Haughwout

"Ho, Ho, Ho...What would you like for Christmas? I'D like the location of the Rebel base, but that's just me..."
by Lord_chaquita

"Do you want to tell Santa where the Rebel base is?"
"I'm sorry to confront you so ridiculously, but the Emperor is requesting the Empire show it's true Christmas spirit"
"Sorry, I had to rush here from the mall"
by MusicalZac

"We have ways of making you sit on my lap!"
by Candyfish

"Now, Princess, we will discuss the location of the hidden Rebel base, so that I can deliver their presents on time."
by DVader

"Hey, wait a minute, I was a good girl this year!!!! I should get presents, not a flying lump of coal!!"
by Cathy Place

Vader: "Ah, Princess. This Christmas, you will be getting a Malibu Barbie's Dream Diplomatic Vessel, a gold bikini, and a new curling iron."
Leia: "Stop! Why are you telling me this?"
Vader: "I felt your presents."
by Michael Bach

Reason #105 why not to let Darth Vader have Eggnog!
by Patrick White

"Dad, do you have to do this EVERY Christmas?"
by RRus650597

Princess Leia and Darth Vader are compelling in "Miracle on Detention Block 34"
by Darth Gator

"Santa, I want a lightsaber, an X-wing, and an R2 Unit"
by James Bohannan

Vadar: "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas little girl."
Leia: "Your not fooling anyone dad."
by Serafino DeCaro

Darth Vader and the Merrimaking Imperial Elves on their holiday excursion to sing Christmas carols for those unfortunate degenerates locked away in a Death Star prisoner bay; unbeknownst to them it is an alternate form of torture for the poor princess.
"HO HO HO! What have we here?! What do YOU Want for Christmas, little girl?"
"There, you see, Lord Vader, she can be reasonable...."
by Sonja Danaan

"And now, your Highness, we will discuss the location of the cookies and milk you were supposed to leave by the tree."
by John Myers

Lost footage from the '78 CBS Star Wars Holiday Special.
by Jeff Kula

Vader: 1.2.ready...go
Elfs: Rudolph the red-buttoned hurty-thing
by ObiwanWil

"He's making a list....
He's going to get mad
If you don't give him
The Death Star plans
Santa Vader's coming to town!!!"
by Sarika Modi

"Ok Princess, let's try this one more time... I've got a lot of "presents" to deliver to some rebel boys and girls that have been good this year. If I was to get on my "sleigh", where would I go?"
by Scott Anthony

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