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Star Wars Captioning #22

While the egyptologists discussed the significance of the being they unearthed under the Pyramid of Giza, Darth Maul quietly wandered off in search of a good burger joint.
by darrenogle@msn.com

*talking guys* "It's best to just turn away and not stare at him....
by Neeks

I can't work like this! If any of you need me I'll be in my trailor!
by Jet Eye Nite

If you don't get that STUPID camera out of my face...
by Van Smack

Darth Maul: Tourists...they all look the same...
by Dark Spooky

Hey, you there.... want to buy some darkside?
by DarkLasmith

Lucas: Hey, Maul. Forget that beachbar and check out those babes!
by Spender

Hey check it out, I can detach my hand just like vader and luke!
by DarkLasmith

Maul: Man is it hot in here, if I only had a bottle of Pepsi?... (I hate when I have to advertise)
by Jack Mundwode

Hehe, my name is Maul, DARTH Maul...
by DarkLasmith

Today on SITHLORDS we take a look at the impudent Naboo civilization....
by DarkLasmith

Maul: You might not think of it when you look at me, but I?m a sucker for love stories!
by Jack Mundwode

Really, I can pull a womprat out of this sleeve... just watch...
by DarkLasmith

Maul: If I only remembered how to activate the cheat-mode in my lightsabre...
by Jack Mundwode

Yes... for when you hike your shorts a third time, I shall strike.
by David Blumenstein

Does this make me look fat?
by Jedi Dave

man: Oh god. here comes that crazy hermit with face paint... Wait. Let's put him in Star Wars!
by Obikenobi86

"I'm not a dark lord of the Sith, but I play one on TV..."
by Tokugawa

"Egad. I'm SO goth."
by Malkav

I may look tall dark mean evil and ugly, but I'm a pretty nice guy once ya get to know me!
by Joe Taft

-Hey Sidious.This ain`t working . These people aren`t running away.
by Jeffrey

Maul turning his back to the camera: "No! I will not cooperate if I dont get a doublesided lightsbre...! i want one!!!" Guy in shorts: "Son of a... Call Lucas right away..." (you know the rest)
by David Lofberg

Hey! What're you lookin' at?! Huh, pal? That's what I thought! Now turn around before I slice you a new one! @#$%&*^ punk-%^$ nerf-herding pieces of bantha pudu poparotzi!
by Salacious Schwenke

The other way! Face the other way! George he doing it again
by GunganDom

"I'm not acting till you change it so I live, I'll just hum and stare at the dunes, mmmh mhhem can't hear you mmmmmmmmm!"
by GunganDom

Yes sometime Maul found the camera crew from HBO's "Dark Lords of the Sith" a might erksome
by GunganDom

I put my lighsabre down for ONE minute and those theveing little Jawa buggers have it away like lightning, bloody desert planit, I'm sueing that travelagent.
by GunganDom

Most people think the cape and the makeup are to project an evil aura, but the truth of it is, SPF45 just doesn't hack it on a planet with two suns. Why do you think Tuskens look like mummies?
by Droid 3M-TA3

Maul: So dial 10-10-321 and help out some moisture farmers on Tatooine
by AlcornC@aol.com

"Excuse me, whats my motivation? I'm just not feeling the evil. I need to feel the evil before I can be evil!"
by Tycho

No Ewan I won't swap the double bladed lightsabre with yours. Why should you have it i'm the martial arts expert. You're a Scottish druggy
by Adi

And continuing our tour, in this direction you can see our wild specimen known as the "Lucasian Director"...
by Tegid

Even Darth Maul, Dark Lord of the Sith, was cowed by the commanding presence of Herb, Paunchy White Boy of the Sith.
by Trick

" and if you buy a Sith robe now, you get these wonderful maniquens for free! But hurry, this is a once in a life time offer, act now by calling 1-100- Sith- wannabe!
by Annaquen Vader

"Bwahahaha... Lucas is dead, and I am DIRECTOR. Where to start... Oh yes, Anakin dies at the end, now."
by SnagglePuss

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?? Well you must be, because I'm the only Lord of the Sith here.
by Timothy Donahue

Ray Park showing a look of discontent after discovering how impractical a black robe is in the desert.
by Timothy Donahue

Excuse me mister bouncer sir, do you think I dress like this for fun??
by B??M?

No, of course I'm not hot, I'm perfectly fine, I'm an all powerful sith lord you know, this desert heat is no matter.....
by B??M?

To save money and time, Ray Parks convinced the crew to shoot his scenes on the construction site across the street from his house.
by LoX

This is CNN.
by B??M?

See? All cameras point to me. Me me me. I love the camera. The camera loves me. Wanna see my cool horns??
by Griff

Hey!!! Can somebody get the aloe? Ray's come down with that bad sunburn again.
by Maulicious

Trust me on that sunscreen thing.
by Luke Skywaltzer

And you shall.....oh crap! My horns fell off! Makeup!
by Tycho

Now Darthy Baby, can we do that one more time luvvie? And this time with ....FEELING....Arrrgh..cough..choke...etc
by Darth Mark

If R2 steals my scene again, I'm gonna choke him!
by DarrenO

No I don't want to "Smile at the camera!"!!!!
by mealso

"Darth, Darth, CBS network. Can we ask you a few questions ?" Darth: "Can't a guy kill somebody without the press jumping on him?"
by Elad "Ambious" Avron

"Obi Wan Kenobi? Why dont you want my autograph? Im a nice guy too!"
by Lemon

Using Jedi mind tricks, Darth Maul makes off the script to Star Wars Episode II. "Spoil the plot...all of it."
by Ael

Hot enough for ya?
by Chad Bergeron

"Ok, we're ready to shoot the commercial. " (pause) "Uh, Maul, the Pepsi can is upside down."
by Rowan

Darth Maul, angered at being forced to wear black in the desert, prepares an assault on the sensibly-dressed guy.
by Ping

Leave me alone! I am on my Jedi union break.
by Obig Wan

hmmmm....black DOES reflect my good looks!
by Darth jade

Wot do you mean they'll dub my voice? Ain't nuffin' wrong wif my voice!
by Moridin

by Darth Servo

'Let me get this strait. We're in the desert, I'm gonna be doing some strenuous Jedi moves, and I'm wearing a heavy, black cloak?!?!'
by Darth Servo

That's Bob Fett? Kinda small ain't he?
by noob saibot 4

Boy, this dry desert climate is murder on my skin.
by Trav

Maul: Out of my way!! Move!! Out of my way!!! Bahhh!!! Foolish mortals.
by Michael Alvelais

Young hopefulls stand by as they await their first day in Dark Jedi boot camp. Maul: "I am Gunnery Sergant Maul, your senior drill instructor. From now on you will speak only when spoken to,
by Michael Alvelais

My master has a first name its D-A-R-T-H, my master has a second name its S-I-D-I-O-U-S.
by Neeks

"99 friggen degrees out here and I am the only shmuck wearing black. Waterboy! Get your butt over here!"
by ANDnonymous

"The assistent director dead? Choked to death? It wasn?t me. Move along..."
by Eido F

Ray Park: Ah, Muadibe! Lucas: Ray, you make one more joke, quote or obscure reference to Dune and you're out of the movie! Jet Li will make just as good a dark jedi.
by Paladin

(whispers) "Hehehe how long till they notice I just palmed that camera lens? hehehe"
by madman

Not going anywhere for a while? Grab a Snikers!
by Charles S. Lewis III

DM: I am the Batman. GL: No, your Darth Maul. DM:NO! I Am The Batman!
by Darth Varmint

Darth Maul: (Now all I gotta do is steal all the suntan lotion, and I can force them to make me the star!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!)
by BobaFett_3

"Power converter, my foot. That's no power converter, I know a movie camera when I see one. I'm sick of this bait-and-switch stuff. They'll all pay now."
by madman

"One of these things is not like the others"
by Leia Bennett

Darth Maul accidentally wanders onto the set of the latest Banana Republic catalog shoot.
by Ethan Hayward

Mark Hamill without stage makeup.
by hi

What are you looking at, never seen a Dark Figure in the desert before.
by Princess Leia

"Please don't let the public see my face. I'm hideous!!!!!!"
by jimmy wars

Oh yeah, black robes, heavie makeup, Tunisian desert. Thanks, George!
by John

Why don't I get sunglasses like Keanu Reeves did for The Matrix?? This IS the Tunisian desert we're talking about here....
by BoomShak

Hi. I'm Darth Maul. I'd like to take a moment out of my busy shooting schedule to tell you about the important work of The Peace Corps. . . .
by Jeff D

...after "Revealing" himself to the Jedi, Darth Maul is sentenced to work in a labor camp in the desert
by chris

And here we see beautiful Maul dounged in stunning black... oh... but WHO THIS? It's Pauncho from the bleached collection. Go pauncho!
by Lord Briano

Are you sure you are supposed to film my BACK?
by Grand Moff Steve

At last I will have the bottled water I ordered
by FryGuy

Darth Maul: Hey Rick, I hate to tell ya this, but I think Jake ran off with my lightsaber again.
by Vader's Obsession for Men

How come they never tell me when it's gonna be a casual day?
by Obi Wannabe

I spend all day out in the desert, riskin' my life tryin' to catch that little brat, and when I get back to the sith Darth Sidious doesn't even have the courtesy to have dinner ready.
by Vader's Obsession for Men

As a teenager Maul was never really accepted in the lighter, brighter "in" crowd, and was often left standing alone on class feild trips.
by AsiNa

Ray Park: "The REAL Darth Maul wouldn't wear a lame black costume like this!" One of the guys in white: "The REAL Darth Maul?! Buddy, I think you've been playing this part too long.
by Shawn Pitman

"Ya, sure it's hot out here in this, but at least it's a dry heat".
by Tover S

Ironicly enough, Darth Maul took his coffee very black.
by Scott Woodard

Maul: "Can you hurry UP! Qui-gon and Obi-Wan will be here any minute!"
by Shane Reyes

George: Bye Ray...we're going to the Maul. Get it, ha ha." Maul: (under his breath) Shut up you son of a..."
by Sith Lord Vader

"Jedi? Revenge? Sith?, listen, bro, we're trying to shoot a movie so hop back on your little magic bike and go back to wherever you came from. Oh, and wash your face, you look like a Prodigy reject.
by Nick Braccia

Darth Maul inconspicuously sneaks back from the catering service area after filling his cloak pockets with a myriad of sugary treats.
by Nick Braccia

Ray Park: I'm sick of this hot, dry weather...I think I'll go to Denver!
by Alphie

"I only use makeup from Cover Girl....." *singing* "Easy, breezy, beautiful cover Girl"
by Anastasia

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