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Star Wars Captioning #25

by Scott Harmon

"Welcome to Billy Bob Tusken's Womprat Huntin', only on TNN, The Tatooine Network
by Dirk

National Geographic Presents: The Sandpeople
by Darth Tanian

After many months, I could finally approach and film the alpha male, whom I called "Bright Eyes"
by Bromine

Lurrk The Sandperson enjoyed the fame that starring in E1 brought, but the Paparrazzi just wouldn't leave him alone...
by Bromine

What the...?!? Get that gun away from him before he shoots another bantha!
by Whodat

Tuskin Raider: If _any_ of you guys make another Phantom of the Opera refrence I swear I'll snap......
by Dawn Owl

Camping by the Boonta Eve Pod Race track, UAaargh'UUUrAh's day at the races was ruined by the nosy crew from the Discovery channel.
by Jedi XL

Cameraman1: "Uh, guys, what if he turns around?"
by Tokugawa

Tuskin: "Off the Sand Crawler, over the Bantha, off Anakins helmet, nothin' but net!!!!
by Qui Gon Jinn

Tusken Raider: And they'll all think it's the Grassy Knoll, not the Rocky Crag.
by Crowmeus

Wile E. Coyote, In his ACME Tuskan Raider costume Awaits the Road Runner from the Cliffs Edge.
by Darth Varmint

A scene from the cancelled special: "The Making of "When Tusken Raiders Attack III""
by webrunner

Well, we could help that guy... but it would be a lot more fun to watch him fall off the ledge.
by David Zhou

"Shhhhhh! Let's get him before he shoots at Sebulba and I lose my bet!!"
by Luke Simmons

"Hmmmm.....Did you ever have the unsettling feeling that you were being watched?"
by Luke Simmons

Crew: "A little higher" "A little more too the right" Raider: "Just shut up and let me aim MY way!" To himself: "Civilians."
by Ping

You know, there is an easier way to make a bootleg.
by Marcus Brannon

"If it wasn't for those guys, I'd pick off everyone of those banthas....."
by King Amidala

"Must act normal..... I am not crazy.... There's no one video taping me....." (Turns around) "AAAAAAAAH!!!" (Starts shooting like crazy)
by King Amidala

Guy in blue:"A little higher, just a little higher..... " Ah that was a little to high.... "Medic!!!!"
by Darth Smashalot

by Kowokian Lizard Monkey

Cameraman:"As cool as this breaking story is, don't you think one of us should try to stop him?"
by Paladin

This is what happens when the heat gets to paleontologists...
by Patty Wan

"wow, a local, maybe we don't need to hire an actor for this scene!"
by Kristofor Williams

See you guys, the bargain seats at the pod races aren't all that bad!
by Yoster

Director to Tuskan Raider: "Okay, this time don't drop your gun because im not climbing all the way down that cliff again. " Tusken Raider: Huaahh huah huah huah ha."
by Dan G.

Ex...excuse me sir, can you tell us where the media enterance is for the pod races?
by Chewycabana

Shhh! Be vewy vewy quiet.... He's hunting wabbits...
by Mr.G

"We will meet all of your demands...just don't shoot!"
by Destine

Tusken Raiders look suprisingly like a film crew out of their robes.
by Darth Tater

"Looks like a few Tusken Raiders have wandered near the track... oh, and there are those guys that are makin' that movie, the Phantom Whatever!"
by Strider

It was a sad day on the set when they forgot to take the weight of a batha into consideration before crossing the bridge.
by AngieD

Um... do you think we should call security?
by Taylor Love

I don't know honey, but I think he's serious.
by Phantom

Quit pouting, Tuskans DO NOT need lightsabers...
by Phantom

Got Milk?
by Phantom

What the mummy does in his off season.
by Phantom

Tuskan day. If he doesn't see his shadow we'll be ok.
by Phantom

Fox's special, "When extras attack!"
by Flathead

samuel L jackson's intended role before mace windu came about
by QuiGonJon

whispering: Here we are in the Tatoine outback, Im going to sneak up on that tusken raider, grab those things on his head...Just to see what happens
by AlcornC@aol.com

Tusken Raider:" Uhhhh are you sure this ledge is safe?" Man in blue shirt: "Of of course it's safe-trust me! Sit down and relax." Tusken Raider: "I'm... not sure this ledge is entirely stable....
by Mandee

"come on guys, its not that hard. I shoot the pod, you film it."
by angelus246

And this week on Wild Tatooine we look at the life of the Tusken Raider and his trusty ban... RUN! HE'S SHOOTING AT US! URRURURUURURRRRRURURURRURUR!
by Darth Hipple

"Okay the Washington Post editor will roll by in a minute....call our movie c*** will he..."
by Charlemagne

Hey, I could see my maw from up heres!
by Evan

Ahahaha! Did ya see that shot? Ewan still can't figure out how his braid came off!
by Obi-Dan Kenobi

What amI supposed to do again?
by Darth Clumsy

Little did the sniper realize that he had been spotted.
by Darth Frieza

One more rabbit and that stew will make some good eatin!
by Darth Smeg

No don't tell him yet, wait till the scorpion gets to his shoulder.
by Darth Smeg

what the heck let's just push him off
by bryant

Today on "Wide World of Sports"--Pod shooting.
by Anne Hunter

I don't care what you shoot, I'm not eating it!
by Spryghte

The band of humanoids depend upon the Tusken raider to shoot them a rabbit for supper or they will surely starve
by Dark Mall

"Okay, and today on 'Tatooine Inside', we will talk about how to shoot down the popular pod racers."
by Firelion

Okay you want to *miss* the Jawa this time and aim for the podracer, got that?
by Darth Xylana

Ok, if i shoot George from here we split the billions eleven ways, ok? And if the Police ask the Sand Person shot him and as they don't exist we are in the clear. Excellent.
by Phil Bevan

I need to talk to my agent about this tusken suit.. i don?t think it really shows my personality the way it should. Could we just call it a day?

Sand People: Hey is that THE Darth Vader down there, oh man I?ve gotta get me an autograph!
by Jack M.

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