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Star Wars Captioning #41

Escorted by imperial deathtroopers, Liam Neeson was arrested for trying to enter the set as one of his disfigured "Darkman" characters
by Jimmy Crack Vader

Obi-Wan was wondering if his black cloak was sending Anakin the wrong message.
by Kalit

Dork Vader and Emperor Palpatation in the Star Wars B-Movie
by YOda Mama

Sith Lord: And this plastic man is my boss?!?
by Ali-wan

Lucas's next project "YOR: The Hunter From the Future - Special Edition "
by Captain Chris

The Palpatine action figure was recalled after complaints were made about it looking a bit to much like Quentin Tarantino...
by Katy Farry

Would you PLEASE stop bugging me?! We're out of openings for TIE pilots right now. Call back in a few weeks.
by Dan Reyes

Lord of the Rings mania hits Lucasfilm as Aragorn makes a guest appearance on the set...
by Tary

Vader and Palpy, the early years
by Jedi Bib

"You can never really tell where these guys are looking," thought Darth Hooded Dude as he glanced at the Dark Trooper Person
by Jedi Gribble

"What do you mean we didn't make the cut for 'Star Wars'? Oh well, there's always 'Battlestar Galactica'."
by Darth Nader

Wanted: For Impersonating Imperial Copyrights
by Lobot Monster

"We spend all these years training to be Sith Lords, and then Sidious and Maul tell us there can only be two?!! Those Dark Side instruction videos were a rip-off!"
by Dubya Fett

Finally, the prequel to Spaceballs is made!
by Darth Silliness

Dave thought he could dress as a Sith Lord until he met Lucasfilm's dreaded copyright police.
by Admiral Akbar & Jeff

Bill and Chuck came THIS close to being cast as Vader and Palpatine.
by Mace Windex

"Hi, we're here to audition for the new openings in the Sith Order. No, we can't foresee the future, but Dave here can Force-choke an officer within a thirty mile radius."
by The Third Sith

The Imperial Yearbook photos show Palpatine in his goatee phase and Darth Vader in his awkward years.
by Bubba the Hutt

"No, we're not actually IN the 'Star Wars' movies, but we've got a Hasbro action figure anyways."
by Assistant Manager Piett

Yes Palpatine, your stormtroopers are very menacing looking, but MY stormtroopers look like PIGS!
by Singing Aurra

We've secretly replaced these regular Sith Lords with Folger's Sith Lords... let's see if anyone can tell the difference!
by Chris Knight

Here's a title for Episode II: "Sithz N the HOOD!" Get it? (Ow! Stop throwing stuff at me!)
by Repo Man

This isn't the Gimp you are looking for!
by Steve and Simon Pickett

When the entire Star Wars cast fell victim to the flu, Lucas found that the stand-ins for the 'bad guys' didn't quite fit in....
by GonkH8er

Come, Darth Black Death Mask, we will take over the universe!!!
by http://marajade10.tripod.com/ gwahahaha!

In an early, version of Star Wars, Darth Vader was an evil hockey player and Emperor Palpatine looked a lot like Ewan McGregor...
by TLJ

But Daddy I don't wanna go to programming class, the other robots bully me.
by diskerror

Does that creepy black droidy-thingy HAVE to follow me everywhere??
by Aleksi Amaru

"That's just great, Palpatine gets Darth Maul to be his minion, and all I get is some reject from an old Dr. Who Episode"
by Jason "last man at Fort Tusken" Lee

I'll bet your're sticking your tounge out at me behind that helmet, aren't you?
by Rick Schultz

There is a new evil in the galaxy: Darth Lowbudget.
by Jason

Random picture from the last support group meeting of Siths Anonymous.
by *Rebel Jedi Girl*

Darth Vader was not impressed with his original helmet design.
by Saesee Tim

Darth Altoids and Bobba Frett out for a stroll.
by Republic

Darth Vader's attempt at expanding his wardrobe didn't go over very well, but then again, neither did Palpatine's clergyman look
by Kenya Starflight

"But I AM a Jedi. Can't you tell by the cloak? Now let me in to the council meeting."
by "Big Cat" Sniegowski

Original design for Darth Vader's hemet, before NASA sued and said it looked too much like the Lunar Module.
by Rebel against the Clinton Empire

Darth ViggoMortenssen declared that was the worst Vader costume he'd ever seen.
by Emperor Palpatim

Hmmm...I wonder if a stormtrooper in black armor has better aim then one in white....
by Ali-Wan

One of these troopers just doesn't belong
by Tyranus

After so many movies, George Lucas's costume budget finally went broke.
by Jedi_Brent

Taking their "let's see if George notices" gags way too far, the ILM gang splices scenes from "Yor: The Hunter From The Future" into Episode II ...
by Darth Austin

Zaphod Bebblebrox was not convinced his first extra head would be a big hit with the ladies
by Darth Kernow

By shoddily dressing up kinda like the rulers of the galaxy, Dengar and 4-LOM got free blue milk at 3 out of 4 cantinas.
by HPS00

Back when Palpatine was young he had a beard and hung around with Darth Gimp.
by Nathanielstarr

Uh, Mr. Moranis? Spaceballs:Episode II is shooting next door.
by Rob London

After Lucas spent the whole episode 3 budget on flannel shirts, the costume department needed to 'improvise' on the Palpatine and Vader costumes.
by Tahiri

"What do you mean who are we? Don't you know your Emperor and his Sith Apprentice when you see them?"
by Black Sun

Looks like these characters woon't me making the Phantom Edit for Episode 3.
by Loopy Gizzard Chunks

Next week on Jerry Springer:"Dark Jedi's and their cheating apprentices"
by Corran Corny

Here we have test screenings for bad guys for TPM: On the left we have Darth Porky.
by darthwedge2000

Has anybody seen the hose attachment for my vacuum droid
by Charles Hickman

Hi, I'm a Jedi, and this is my pal Harvey. Say hello, Harvey.
by Edmund Campion

Pssssttt Hey buddy you wanna buy a few grams of spice?
by Darth Rezmann

No!!! I am Darth Sidicious
by Donnie

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