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Star Wars Captioning #44

After the overwhelming success of the Star Wars Christmas Special, George Lucas authorized the filming of an Easter Special.
by Brian

Hey look, it's Godfather Smurf! "Never Smurf against the family, Handy Smurf..."
by Repo Man

The problem with eating JarJar is your hungry 30 minutes later.
by Erik Osbeck

DROID: Sir, I regret to inform you that the weight limit on this platform is 500 lbs, therefore you have been voted out of the Senate due to safety concerns for those below you.
by ~Sithman~

Unfortunately, Weird Al's crossover between "Fat" and "The Saga Begins" was a horrible flop, causing his career to come to a frightening end.
by Kevin "Uncle Kettch" Ray

I need a super sized Big Wampa Value meal with a super sized beer
by Donnie

I am bigger than you, I am higher in the food chain. Get in my belly!!!
by Seifer

Marlon Brando prepares for his cameo in "Episode II".
by Admiral Akbar & Jeff

Papa Smurf at the ripe old age of FAT!
by Manakin Jaywalker

"Does this blouse make me look fat?" "Uh.... well....."
by Halcohol

First Jabba, then this guy...all the fat guys get the chicks.
by darth pukus

"Every time I go to movies I have to sit behind THIS guy!"
by Chad Evans

One of these things is not like the others ...
by Darth Sethor

Bib Foruna thinks Coruscant's new Laugh-In is "Veddy Interesting."
by Randall Flagg

"Good morning, Angels." "Good morning, Charlie!"
by yendreck

You do somewhat resemble Eeyore, sir.
by Nathanielstarr

Bib Fortuna's 'Dumbo' joke didn't go down very well with Jabba's successor
by Ernie Fosselius

Like Elvis, Dumbo also died on the toilet in a big nappy
by Harold Bishop

"Maybe George won't notice the bloated Twi'lek. He didn't notice the shoe in the asteroid field."
by Swin Agen ( Harry Pitts )

"Be very,very quiet. I'm hunting vunny vabbits...!"
by Araviah

The AA meeting of the future...
by Dark Lord

Why does everyone think I am that guy in "Spawn"???
by Empress Palpatine

"I'll make that Jedi an offer he can't refuse."
by david low

It's not over till the fat...thing sings.
by H0D-G

Ed McMahon is cast as Chancellor Papltine's side kick, every time he makes a witty remark Ed comes back with a belly laugh and a "You are Correct Sir!"
by Sithknot

Lucasfilm's tribute to the car scene in Wayne's World is well under way
by DarthEddie

Get me a Twinkie, stat!!!
by Someone set us up the Vong...

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
by Kelley F.

At the Fortuna family reunion, Bib is brooding over his girlfriend falling for fat old Uncle Mort.
by Y*O*D*A

I'm not fat I'm pleasently plump. That's what Oprah said!
by Saramay

After Mel Blanc died, Bugs Bunny let himself go...
by Gary Thornburg

I bet it's Christine who gets voted off next!
by Neno Tutsar

Hey, the Phantom Edit IS better!!
by Asthmatic Tusken Raider

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsy-Roll Pop?
by Pineapple Jedi

"Ford! What's this fish doing in my ear!?"
by Sir Douglas Adams

3P0 and the Amazing Technicolor Twi'leks!
by Brian Larson

Stupid Senator Tedian Kennediar from Massachusetooine and his filabuster threats!
by Darth Insidious

In attempt to help Ewan McGregor feel more comfortable on the set, Director Baz Luhermann puts a more Star Wars-ian spin on Moulin Rouge.
by Scarf Vader

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