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Star Wars Captioning #77

"I am getting out of this Holiday Special even if I have to kill everyone to do it!"
by Son Of Jorel

Come back here and call me a clone to my face, you damn Trekkie!
by Jedi Ikari

Every Clone down in Cloneville loved Life Day a lot, but the Fett, who lived just north of Cloneville, did not.
by clonedmenace

"All your big-freaking-magnets are belong to us."
by The dooode

Boba refused to be in the Holiday Special, so the makers of the Holiday Special simply used stock footage of his reaction after reading the script.
by Davey the Hutt

Okay, Ms. Organa, your piano's tuned now.
by Mike W.

When Boba eats spaghetti, he eats spaghetti

I bet the guys over at A Site About Props could make this thing...
by Dan Brown

BOBA: "Hey, guys! You see Leia in that metal bikini over there? Well check this out..."
by Macaroni Penguin

Paging Boba Fett: Marvin the Martian would like his gun back.
by Grand Admiral Gary

Boba Fett never wanted to be a bounty hunter. He always dreamed of playing Riff Raff in the Rocky Horror Show....
by Randall Flagg

George Lucas realizes that an animated version of the CloneWars might not be such a good idea after all.
by ObiWartKenobi

I went to an anime convention and watched Dragonball Z for 12 hours. I went home and fell asleep while watching The Empire Strikes Back. You wouldn't believe this...
by Jango Fatt

Curses, I was hoping that TF.N Humor wouldn't be updated in time for a holiday special caption.
by Darth Jar Jar

The people at TF.N humor section remember to barracade the door before putting this up.
by Will-Mun

Not as random or clumsy as a blaster, it is an elegant weapon, from a more civilized time.
by Mr.Man

At that moment he realized he should have sided with the AutoBots and not the Decepticons. Darn that MEGATRON!!!!!!
by Darth Lighth ? The Confused Sith

STAND BACK EVERYONE!!!!! I?ll take care of these Pokemon balls!!!
by Darth Lighth ? The Confused Sith

And the TFN severs crashed with all the jokes about...I don't know, magnets or something.
by Rin

This... is my BOOM stick..!!
by Xavier

" I am an Enchanter! Some call me Boba"
by Tim

Guns don't kill people, poorly drawn magnetic fork rays do
by Lucas II

Thanks a lot, TFN. How am I gonna clean the puke off my keyboard?
by Kenya Starflight

"Keep the change, ya filthy animal."
by Luke Warmwater

"Hello Mace! My name is Boba Fett. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
by Sytherea
(Editor's Note: Check out the TFN Fanfilm "Jedi Hunter" to see that played out!)

Warning: Do not place Boba Fett doll near floppy disks.
by Sytherea

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