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Star Wars Captioning #37

"Chewie you dimberdolfe you turned on decompression chamber, I'm gonna BURST!!!!!
by alexpicard@excite.com

A rare R. Crumb print called, "Keep On Smugglin'"
by Cirrocco

"Hey! What happened here! I look like a $@%^ loonytoon, @#$@##$ it!"
by Jedi Thespian

So THIS is what Star Wars would've been like if Christopher Walken played Han...
by Exar Kun

We would have got away with smuggling it too, if it weren't for you nosy teenagers and that dog of yours
by cool_kyle_15

Hoping to cut back on costs, the animators at ILM chose to abandon the CGI characters, and return to old fashion hand animation.
by Drew Corbitt

Grrrrr..Chewie....I thought you said this new laxative worked!!!
by Neo Jedi Bryan

I thought this was a great special! Why doesn't anyone show it anymore? Why does George Lucas deny it ever happened?
by Darth Deus

Eh! Fonnsy.
by Condar

Chewie, turn down the artificial gravity!
by sandtroopertk9

The Tonight Show! With Han Leno!
by Gasgono

Whoa, Chewie, this is what it's like to be in a Beatles video.
by Moron

"Ask yourself one question, do ya feel lucky today punk?"
by Cheeseman

Come on Chewie, just a little tuft. Leia won't date a guy that doesn't have a hairy chest

A Star Wars Fan's acid trip
by Sithwitch

I dunno why they made us look like Shaggy and Scooby Doo either!
by Basham

And where else was I supposed to put the PlayStation 2's? Ya know Jabba, even I get boarded sometimes......
by Beral Teora

Han: "Here, rip my arms off if ya can, I'm tired of your bragging!"
by Uncle Kettch

Dude...where's my ship?
by Doubleclick

Hey man, where'd the '70's go?
by jason007

"...Attsa SPICY meata-ball!"
by Mylkmee

Why the long face, Han?
by buh buh ray dj

Has the artist even seen Star Wars?! My chin isn't this big.
by HunterFSM

Han grimaces after seeing the picture for caption #36.
by HPS00

Just shows you: NEVER anger Doug Chiang
by ChewTobacco The Wookie Monster

by Warbuff

What Happens when you mix Star Wars with Any Which Way You Can
by YodaFeak

Han Solo had a brief stint as a Religious cartoonist: here we have a scene from Han Solo, Intergalactic Evangelist
by Fortune & Glory

Don't they drugscreen these animators?! Look at us for cryin' out loud!!
by KnightStryke

"First 'The Star Wars Christmas Special', now a guest appearance on 'King of the Hill'... what the heck was Lucas thinking?!!"
by Darth Nader

E-Bay Item #4563653653536 Cel of an earlier "Star Wars" during Lucas's "Yellow Submarine" fascination
by Exar Kun

Disaster strikes when ILM misread 'Han draws Gun' for 'Hand-drawn Han'.
by Emperor Palpatim

Hi, I'm Indiana Jones and this is my pal Short Round...
by Gonff the Jedi Mousthief

Chewie quick! Call my Chiropractor!
by Tim Horton's

"I dunno, Ash. I was watching Pokemon and the TV kinda pulled me in!"
by Pineapple Jedi

I once caught a MYNOCK this BIG!!!
by hedbangah

"I am not a crook..."
by Ghandi Bob

Chewbacca first meets Han Solo as a street performer. Here Han performs the "man trapped in a glass box" routine.
by Stormdrooper

Han Solo impersonates Jimmy Stewart, "And so ya see.. there was this really big bunny..." Chewie nods.
by The Littlest Stormtrooper

Han: Luke, what are you doing with those mushrooms?
by Darth Bo-Bo

In another previous, and short-lived career, Han Solo practices his juggling act, only to find out that remotes don't make good juggling balls because they don't come back down.
by Krayt Dragon

Original drafts for the NJO had Chewbacca surviving and taking on his new partner Max Headroom
by Charlemagne

Zoinks! Like, where're the Scooby snacks, Chewie?
by Darth Nooner

Lucas's next "great project"...Cool World 2 starring Harrison Ford.
by Joe Fera

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