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Star Wars Captioning #36

....And here we have a nice filet of Ewok....
by Weird Ed Woody

".....and this is all that's left of the Grinch after Boba Fett caught him trying to steal his cartoon in the "Holiday Special"
by Red Eye Might

Today on Cooking with Braena: Filet of Jar-Jar!
by Adam Goss

Wait a minute - I've seen this before... Isn't that...? Oh. Oh no. Oh NO. OH GOD!! NOT THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!
by WhattaWookie

Now you take the Gungan liver and marinate it in its own blood before grilling it to a forrest green...
by Jes

"Oh Palpatine Dear, I have your face ready for you to put on."
by marajaykettch

"You will find a new definition of pain and suffering as this slowly digests in your belly over a thousand years."
by Cirrocco

And you thought Darth Maul was scary
by Neno Tutsar

I'm sorry to inform you Mrs Binks but there's been an accident.
by Modern Day Sith

Unknown to most, Prince Xizor's mother had her own Homemaking show on LifeTime TV.
by Darth Denson

Even the nurse didn't like Jabba at birth
by Fwiffo the Great

(in the voice of Julia Child) "Welcome back to 'Cooking with Mrs. Palpatine.' Today we are going to make a delightful bantha tounge stew. Now you have to examine the tounge in the market to......."
by Darth Buzz

And this was my old toupee
by samspanner

"Oompa, loompa, doompity doo..."
by Lydian

No, George. We don't want Star Wars infomercials.
by Vornskr

Secretly, the Dartha Stewart show was Sith propaganda, designed to turn kids to the dark side.
by Darth Tanian

Today on Cooking in Space we explore the wonderfull uses of radioactive slime in common foods.
by Darth Sillious

I am Harvey Korman, and this is the gooey remains of my career.
by Darth Neil/njc@tiac.net

"George, I made you this wondeful casserole. Please stop denying I exist!!!"
by Darth Deus

Chris Knight's impression of a woman, nothing but RARE!
by Princess Lisa

Princess Lisa, are we implying something about my skill at cooking? That's it: no Chex mix for you!!! :-)
by Chris Knight

One jab with a pin, and this was all that was left of Jabba
by Steven Cavanagh

In paralytic shock, the alien realized you should never ask a Sith Lord to "Pull my finger."
by Darth Irid

Today, I'll be demonstrating how to make Jedi flank Polonnaise...
by darth charat

Sarlac Meat. IT IS ALIVE!!! Get it before it gets you.
by Jaster

Somehow, it just looked better in the concept art...
by Sabermickey

"Good food, yes, good food! Eat, eat!"
by PEZman4

Before prepairing wampa entrail soufle' you must tenderize the meat...
by Geirgrinder

Hurry up Beaver! We're having Rhodian steaks for lunch!
by Rouge Null

"Uh...er...W-what's going on? Uhm...Is that a camera? Oh, by the Force, don't tell me you're Alan Funt..."
by WhattaWookie

Photo of Mace Windu from "To Wong Fett--Thanks for Everything, Jabba The Hutt"
by Exar Kun

I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too...
by Cheeseman

"She who controls Arrakis, controls the Spice...She who controls the Spice, controls the Universe...She who controls the Universe, controls this slab of Meat! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
by WhattaWookie

"Now then sonny boy, set your little green behind down in yer chair and finish breakfast, you can destroy the Sith when yer done, Yoda!" (home cookin always was a factor in Yoda's green and stumpiness
by Silvia Solo Godess of Corellia

"-And then we add a Gungan ear into the soup..."
by Dead Star

Hi and welcome to QVC Home Shopping. Our next item is a bare flannel used by Wuher himself , we had reports this was used to clean up Greedo but we dont know , who cares we are almost giving this away !
by The mighty wookie Gary

Aunt Jar-Jar Mima serves up her famous Roast Ewok.
by Cirrocco

A young Jabba and his nurse maid
by Daren Rogers

An experiment at the cloning facility went horribly wrong as Queen Amidala and Louise Jefferson were fused together.
by Mildly Funny Star Wars Fan

Drugs are bad, even in a Star Wars movie.
by KLBS180

Have some more sloppy joes! I know how you kids like 'em extra sloppy!
by Ki-Bara-Mundi

I'll be back some day you just wait till the Star Wars Christmas Special Prequel......me and this Wookiee lung I'm holding we will back back mark my words
by jabba in the hut

We sure ain't got no mad cow disease around here?
by catel tiphaine

An early episode of the huge flop, "How to cure a Wookie pelt" starring Martha Fett.
by Thai_Guy

While Mr. Calrissian had had high hopes, something had gone terribly wrong in the cloning process.
by Juventus_Putherk

"And today on Cooking with Martha Fett, how to make Ewok stew."
by Tuvaloo_Funpoo

How the Grinch stole Star Wars Captioning #36
by Jared Fett

Its a Girl!
by Ali-Wan

Lucas takes the commercialism WAY too far in Episode II....
by Matt Lush

Living proof that yes, it is indeed possible to mess up making Jell-O.
by Darth Sethor

What the Hell? How does this need a caption? It is funny enough as is.
by Kelther Topom

Little Debbie has gone to the Dark Side!
by K_Kinnison

"And now we have... what the hell is that?"
by HPS00

Tenderize your Slug, then bake on 350 for about 60 minutes.
by Judd-I Nighty night

After an Ovaltine overdose George Lucas exploded in front of the costume designer for episode 2
by Diskerror

Subsequent to the Carol Burnet show, Harvey Korman became a cross dressing canible. He holds in his hands the remains of Tim Conway.
by Richard the Idiot

I'm not quite sure the "road kill" Jello mold will catch on...
by Sabermickey

All hell broke loose after TF.N released a completely obscure picture in the caption competion, people were still cleaning up hours later
by Diskerror

And now, after adding the pepper, we place it lightly in....SWEET MOTHER OF THE FORCE!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS STUFF?!?! I WANT MY LAWYER!!!!
by Darth Fruitcake

Coming soon to CBS, The Jeffersons 3000.

Some people wandered what became of Boba Fett and if he escaped.....
by Govie wan

Get your taun-taun steaks now! Red hot of the holonet! Now we finally guarantee you will be able to enjoy the fine foodstuffs the rebels ate at Hoth!
by Jedi Kirla Jawes

Some grandmothers just TALK about their surgery, but mine had visual aids. I didn't have many friends.
by JS Power

Welcome to Roadkill Cafe, sweetie. What can I get ya?
by HunterFSM

And today on "How to Cook Gungans" with your host...
by Mageeia, Dark lady of the Sith

George Lucas wanted to add something very special to the DVD version of Episode One: Cooking with Momma Xizor
by Cam

The Star Wars Cooking Show, for some reason, never really got off the ground... couldn't have had anything to do with the fact that bantha meat is hard to find at Family Fare...
by The Real Viola

"Now you take the yoda and put it in the pot to cook for 15 mintues and you got a wonderful dinner," said Darth Vader's personal cook.
by ER

The real reason Anakin turned to the dark side: His mother imitated Edith Bunker.
by Mr. Happypants

The Skywalkers sent us a really funky-looking fruitcake.
by Rebel Against the Clinton Empire

What does this even have to do with Star Wars? We May never know...
by Darth Mall

The real reason why the Ooompa Lumpa's decided to work at the chocolate factory: Mom's bad cookin'
by http://www.dork.com/jalan

After many years, we finally are shown a Nerf
by Darth Firefly

And that's how to make Jawa gut steak. Thanks for tuning in to cooking with Green Granny. Next time we will be making stuffed Wookiee.
by SithLordSteve

As a child, Palpatine would often upset his housekeeper by leaving the weasels he'd practised his Sith choke on lying around the house.
by Emperor Palpatim

"Mr. Knight? I'm sorry, but there's nothing more we can do: your soufflee is beyond repair"
by Chris Knight

Then we dip the Nar Shadda Chicken in the sauce like so...
by Jonathan Higdon

"And here we have a sample of a Gungan gibblet. . .very good with a gentle red wine sauce. . ."
by myr_halcyon

~*Little did the Coruscant High School students know that the cafeteria lady was REALLY serving Bantha liver...*~
by Darth Fruitcake

Hi, I'm looking for Ackbar, he forgot his lunch.
by sithippie

....then you take the slug and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Remember, just 30, you don't want to dry it out and lose all that juicy flavor!
by Jade

"And today on Granny's Kitchen we'll learn how to sautee fresh...what ever this snake looking stuff is..."
by Monksflat

Tell Obi-wan I'm really sorry for running over Yoda
by Ice Jedi

BIG NEWS!: Episode II will be ALL this! 2 hours of this lady cooking gungan soup!
by Jedi Bib

"Scientists finally discover what stunted Master Yoda's growth: his mother's cooking!"
by Jadu Vezet

Submitted for your approval: a once-normal hosewife falling in with the wrong crowd. Little did she know of the dark secrets in the underbelly of Oz...
by DarthWedge:A new Darth,For a New Century

Princess Leia meets Mrs. Buttersworth
by Miana Kenobi

What!? Flock of Seagulls is in the Star Wars universe? IS THERE NO ESCAPE!?
by Deckard4485

In a desperate last attempt to discover the location of the Rebel Base, Lunch Lady Tarkin pulls out the "Bantha Meat Surprise."
by Six Madine

Darth Cookie was rejected early for the villian of Episode II
by Charlemagne

Inside the Sarlacc Pit
by Tie Guy

...the Yoda Placenta has been kept super-cooled for 300 years. This is a rare treat.
by Mylkmee

Soylent Squid is people...it's PEOPLE!
by smoose

$20 to whoever swallows this uh... thing whole!!
by Mr. Qui-Gon

Mamma Windu, making her notorious "Magical Brownies"
by Katy Farry

Surprise! Dewback liver for supper.
by Evil_One

"After you dry out the Hutt, dip it in a light marinara for about an hour."
by Chad Evans

...next we take the bantha bladder and stick it in the oven...
by The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Oh, that's what you meant when you said you were having Wicket for dinner.
by Darth Tanian

The new Sith aprentice Darth Aunt May
by Owen (not a handle my actual name)

And the next step in our tenderizing is***We are sorry to inform you that the TFN web address has crashed after being bombarded with corny cooking show jokes...
by DarthBarph

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