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Star Wars Captioning #91

New Kids on the Block 42, Level 623, Urban area 3

Look! its the smurfs!
by Zedium

I think its time the Rolling Stones retired already!!!!
by Greg Durron

Many, many years from now, when Lucas makes Epsode 9, N'Sync will *finally* get to be in the movie.
by Pseudowolf

Palpatine's handmaidens were less convincing.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

Weren't these all Hogwarts teachers?
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

Everyone say cheese! Cheese! Okay, forget it.
by Tycho Celchuuu

Rogue Squadron in it's later years spent most of it's time looking at stains on the ground and thinking about what they resembled.
by Tycho Celchuuu

Yo, yo, yo wasssuuuup! The big P-A-L-P wants to send out his props to all the peeps in the 'Pire. Peace to all the homies and death to all the Vader haters.
by Kenpasck

When Palpatine throws parties ALL the big names get invited: Ross Perot, Jonathon Winters, George C. Scott, Strom Thurmond...
by Cirrocco

The Teletubbies guest appearance on enterprise did nothing to boost the show's ratings.
by Bildo Baggens

WARNING: The Surgeon Moff has determined that death sticks contribute to premature aging.
by Captain EO

Who kept the Death Star under wraps, who keeps Kamino off star-maps? We do, we do...
by Peregrin Toker

Lucas reluctantly agrees to help cast "The Grinch 2: Attack of the Whos"
by You saw it coming...

"I just don't get these 'Magic Eye' pictures. Do you see anything?"
by Mab

"Look at them. Staring at us, trying to think up something humorous to say. Foolish humans."
by Mab

The Sith Pistols : 30th Anniversary Tour
by empirestrikes

Palpy's henchmen were very reluctant to play "if your happy and you know it clap your hands"
by Kyia Kenobi

Everyone loves watching the "Star Wars Kid"
by a scruffy looking nerf herder

Is this the art for a new Yu-Gi-Oh! card?
by Ryh-Awn Welkin

Welcome to the Jerry Springer show. This week: men who think they?re Emperor Palpatine.
by Mab

The lunchladies of the Empire
by Davey

?I don?t know how long we?ve been here. How long do you usually have to wait in line to get an autograph from Natalie Portman??
by Mab

Tron rejects?
by Vesp

Soberness Test #2 - if these guys look normal, STOP DRINKING.
by Peregrin Toker

Where Are They Now? The OompahLoompah Story
by C'mon-I-Wanna-Leia

After an unsatisfactory role in RotJ, the until-then little-known band "Uncle Palpy's Crusty Old Yes-men" made it big in the choral-techno-goth fusion scene.
by Kalahari Karl

Without the Indian, the Village People were never quite the same.
by Orkimedes

Luke: "No don't give me that look, there's not enough room on the shuttle!"
by LukeHamill

I get it now. By the time you update, I'll be looking like one of these guys.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

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