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Star Wars Captioning #76

A report from a VERY bemused Chris Hanel

"Ridicule me and my Humor Section, will they? Let's see them caption THIS!! (maniacal laughter)"
by Pseudonym

I don't know about revenge being a motive on this one, but I was really interested to see how people would react. Humorously enough, the overriding theme of submissions this time around was like mine: "No comment." If anyone can tell me what show this really is and what's actually going on, please let us know. I'd love to be able to calm everyone's fears that this show actually had a point.

... That said, here's the pick of the litter...

Words fail me, I'm afraid.
by Ell Jay

Oops! I thought this was Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.
by Mike

Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! It trap!
by Kordo

I'm pretty sure this is the new judging panel for "Iron Chef".
by Master Nick

Ed Wood's Star Wars
by Je-Larr Deo

The Exorsist: Japanese Star Wars edition
by Jedifan 1986

While most fans type in funny captions, the most die-hard fans are on E-Bay, trying to find a really cool Jabba hat like that one.
by Jedifan 1986

Only until he was covered in mustard did Admiral Ackbar make the conecction between Japan and sushi and realize why he had been brought onto the show.
by Jedifan 1986

I didn't know Star Wars had an infinite improbability drive...
by Mara Jinn

"We'd like to inform you that this propmaster, who replaced the previous propmaster, has also been sacked."
by Chad Evans

Now we know were the fruit of the loom gang works these days
by Darth Edwardus

Star Wars in 30 Minutes... tickets go on sale in Japan.
by Darth Sillious

As George Lucas' budget dwindles away due to the increasing cost of flannel, he had to resort to half costumes and cardboard sets.
by Darth Luminara

And so a mad hunt begins for Star Wars fans to translate the words at the top of the screen.
by Lord Russell

Even scarier than the Holiday special was the Star Wars Easter Special. It was hidden in dark places under the earth, never to be seen again.
by Darth Brandybuck

Ichiyama Productions Inc. gets the rights to Episodes 7,8, and 9.
by Qui-Dal Jinn

Proof that "The Ring" isn't the scariest thing that Japenese film makers can come up with...
by Peter Tutham

TFN's attempt at giving their audience some culture...
by Peter Tutham

To my shrink: "The date was lousy. We went to an arcade and played 'whack-a-mole' for two hours. Went home and fell asleep eating sushi & watching episode 2. You wouldn't believe the dreams I had...
by Jedi Knight Ivyan

The Star Wars version of "Mario Party" fails miserably.
by Newbie Wan Kenobi

"yatta, yatta....."
by bah-boy

"Wait! That's not them! You've captured their stunt doubles!!"
by Jedi Scott Skywalker- excalibur2358

"Someone order a side of Fried Calamarian?
by Jedi Scott Skywalker- excalibur2358

The latest Ultimate Edition recasting rumors- Michelle Yeoh as Leia, John Leguizamo as Jabba , the Cowardly Lion as Chewie and some guy who got hit with a pie as Ackbar.
by Jedi Scott Skywalker- excalibur2358

"can some one tell mr. lucas that Nsync is trying to sneek into the film again"
by cajunfett

Jabbaasan: "Now, Akubaarusama, you shall meet your doom! Chuubakkasan! Leiyasan! Tonite, we feast on moncalamari sashimi!" It's easy to spot foreign bootlegged copies of Star Wars
by Cloud Tiamat

Man, the EU is really getting out of hand.
by Rin

Now on Starwars.com, the first Episode III Select image!
by Ersh

Seriously, it's almost finals week. Don't be messing with me like this.
by Finn Dootric

While Ackbar distracted Jabba, Super Grover sailed to the rescue.
by Wilhelmina

"You Can't do that on Coruscant"
by Randall Flagg

In an attempt to out do the americans, the Japanese create the truly bizarre "Star Wars In 30 Seconds".
by Ambro Fett

Wooaahh...That's enough Death Sticks tonight guys.
by Jedi Fruitcake

Monty Python meets Star Wars meets Jackass
by Jedi Fruitcake

"Hey, Rick - have the lawyers sue Japan. Yes, the entire country."
by Mason

Everything was fine until Jabba ate Doug Chiang, and Ackbar, well, puked on himself.
by buchol

The "Star Wars Special" episode of "Iron Chef" featured a very unusual variation on Fried Calamari.
by Ril Stendan

So THIS is the Kurosawa film George got his inspiration from.
by Rin

If you're wondering why they shaved Chewie/ and covered Ackbar with crap (la la la)/ Just repeat to yourself "It's Japansese, I should really just relax."/ For Super Kwaii Star Wars 3000! (twang)
by Rin

TFN reports that LucasFilm had a very tight budget for SW: Epsiode III...
by Ben_Walkernz

What the... I click on 'Random TFN Page' and I get this? That's it I'm going to bed... You just ruined Star Wars for me.
by Tired guy

From the files of Alternate History: If Pee Wee Herman had created Star Wars instead of George.
by Jaceman

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