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Star Wars Captioning #10

Han: "Ok now get your sled and have fun in the snow"
Anthony: "I have to pee"
Han: "Go in the suit it will keep you warm"
from Darkdragon

"Muck out the wampa pen, shampoo Chewie, polish the Storm Troopers, get James Earl Jones a throat drop, pick up the droid...blast it, George, when are you going to hire a few more grips?"
from rhercher

From the new Lucasfilm merchandise catalog: "Han Solo" Harrison Ford demonstrates the proper usage of the new "Star Wars"-themed CPR trainer, Resuci-3P0.
from Kevin Haughwout

C-3PO: "The odds of you dropping me are 2..to 1."
Han: "Never..(grunt!) tell me..the odds(grunt!). Whoops!" C-3PO: "AIIIEEEE!!" (CRASH!!)
from Jeff Kula

from Jediforce

"It doesn't look good for C3-PO as Hammering Han sets up for the tombstone piledriver."
from kg.kwan

"Hell NO! I won't go! Hell NO! I won't go! Hell NO . . ."
from Darth Gator

Anthony Daniels guest stars on a very special ER.
from Joanna

"Help me Han! I've Fallen and I can't get up!"

"Hold together buddy... Don't go to pieces on me now."

"Trouble with your droid?"

" Light as a Feather... Stiff as a board..."
from Darwinx

"Help me Harrison,....you're my only hope"
from Jediknt197

"Captain Solo I demand you undo this..this AWFUL HIDOUSE mix up!"
from Flynn Taggart

Tony: "Oh, sing to me Han."
Han: "Some enchanted evening . . . "
from Aprntce

Han: "I told ya once and I'll tell ya again, it's not wise to upset a Wookiee."
C-3PO; "I heartily agree sir."
from Jeff Kula

" Thank you Han for saving me from the dark side.Tell Leia you were right about me....................I am a nutty professor."
from Jediforce

"Look, Threepio, if this is the best you can do maybe we'd just better forget about the wheelbarrow race at the Rebellion company picnic, huh?"
from ERT

"I told you not to go jogging with that on, Anthony, but do you listen to me? Noooooo!"
from Mikesdcool

"Sorry goldenrod, we had to use some of your parts to fix the hyperdrive on the Falcon."
from Andrew Hughes

"That?s why I never trusted this droid, There?s an Imperial Spy in it! See?"
from Alberto Brise?o

The negative effect of a Tinman not having a working heart...

"I'm gonna need 12cc's of oil! Stat!"

Harrison Ford: ESB wrap party designated driver.
from Brian "ObiWannaCracker" Haughwout

"Wonderful, Captain Solo! I've finally turned into a real boy! "
from Daniel L. Cole

Anthony Daniels: "I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations..."
Harrison Ford: "Uh, Tony, you can stop that, we're on break...."
from Studicus

Leia-"Why you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking, nerf-herder!"
Han-"I'm just trying to help him up, honey!"
from Knutson

"The REAL reason Han Solo hates droids."
from Natalya

After sixteen agonizing hours of labor, Captain Solo became the proud father of the world's first half-droid/half-boy. PS: It was a breech birth.
from E Hanson

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