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Star Wars Captioning #88

A message from Chris Hanel
No message except to offer another shameless plug for Jaxxon's 11, the new comic strip that we'll be adding to TFN Humor this month! Keep an eye out!

R2: "Then there was this period of my life, Hell's Angels, you know. Angel dust. George really pulled me through that though..."
by Max

The lost and confused Star Wars metalheads make a sacrifice to the gods...
by rabid jawa

R2D2: That is the last time I EVER be a clown at Luke's Birthday parties!
by Silvius.

Obi-Wan: But Darth Maul was destroyed Yoda: No, Maul's spirit endured it has, bound his life force is to the droid, and survive the droid did.
by Grand_Moff_Josh

Most people don't know the R2D2 was the original lead singer for the Sex Pistols.
by padme_amidala_19

That was one wild party, wasn't it Jango. Uhh Jango?
by Darth Bane

Droids Gone Wild
by Inebriated Wyrm

What will inevitably happen when you open a sci-fi museum next to a skatepark.
by Darth Uh Oh

R2D2 would rather forget his first failed job on Jabba's Sail Barge, a Sno-Cone machine
by Boston Salamander

What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.
by Chad Evans

R2 tried to get out of the Rebellion this way...he got the idea from Maxwell Q. Klinger.
by Cirrocco

"I don't seem to remember ever owning a droid" - Johnny Rotten in a recent TV interview
by Darth Roach

R2: *whistles* (translation) i've been drinking engine oil again haven't i?
by person

And final proof that Artoo is Jesus! Note the crown of thorns and stigmata. Note how he whistles "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"
by TheJadesTrick

This is what happens when you don't keep the restraining bolts on your droids.
by Macaroni Penguin

"Is this where I audition for "Terminator 4?""
by Macaroni Penguin

"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jawas. At last we will have revenge."
by ratmankey

It looks like someone didn't bother reading those 46 warning labels...
by Emperor Papaya

I know you've heard it already "Uncle Owen! This Artoo unit has a bad motivator!""
by Ray

Artoo rocks it out to "God save the Queen of Naboo"
by EndlessBlue

I know how he feels. Last time I passed out at a bar, someone wrote "I'm a dork" in my forehead.
by Not really a dork.

Interesting fact: I actually submitted this as a photograph of myself on 'hotornot.com'.
by Ajent Orenj

R2-D2 joins the Legion of Doom.
by Some Punk Kid.

If you think this is bad, you should see what the Solo kids did to Threepio.
by We Three P.O.ed

Whadya know...even R2 is more punk than Avril Lavigne.
by Finn Dootric (Oh come on, even *Jar Jar* is more punk than Avril Lavinge. -Ed)

So.. this is American Graffiti?
by Eddy Kalliski

The sad truth of blue milk addiction
by empirestrikes

"Alas poor Jango, I knew him well" "If I hear that one more time..."
by Kar'Ghun

"We don't serve their kind here!"
by Nathan Hunt

Darth Sidious: I don't recall ever turning a droid
by Kyia Kenobi

SW.com payers get to see this deleted scene from "R2D2: Underneath the dome"
by Zedium

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