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Star Wars Captioning #33

I am Wookie! Smell my breath!
by Akhronath

Lando-"tell me Chewie!!! is it a pimple?!!!!!!!!!"
by Gary T

Lando mocked chewie's repair skill for the last time
by Lord Raa

Ohhh, ahhh, ooohhh, ha ha ha ohh that tickles! No don't, it's too much, C'mon Chewie. enough games!, that tickles! AHH!! HA HA HA, OHHH EEEE!!
by Stompwampa

You?! It was your idea for Jar Jar?!
by The Joker

I WOOK you Sir WOOKALOT of the Wookies of the Round Table
by Mikey

Lando to Chewie: I meant that that backpack makes you look P H A T phat...not F A T fat!!!!!
by Yo!...Duh...

Chewie doesn't think much of Hayden Christiansen and Lando was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
by Darksider

lando="Chewie....no.......i had...i had.....no choice.....Ha...han theres still a chance to save Ha....ha........HACHOOO.......oops sorry Peter just got some of his hair up my nose, sorry"!
by The Mighty wookie Gary!

by Andrew

The next Darwin Award: A Bespin man thought it a good idea to ipress his girlfriend by showing off his massive head lock on a wookie. Unfortunatly things went wrong.
by Dreloe Hu

OKay, okay, that robot doesn't make you look fat! I'm sorry!
by Captain Pancake

Leah: I told you not to fix his collar with super glue.
by Dreloe Hu

I bet you leave the binders on next time huh?
by Dreloe Hu

by Dr Strong

"What! What do you mean you get a bigger cut then I do?"
by Mara Jade Skywalker

Stop calling me Fuzzy!!!!!!!!!!!
by mega_man2000x

If I told you once, I told you a thousand times, you're supposed to be -shorter- than me, Lando.
by Moonie

Please Chewie. Help me get out of this terrible cape. Quick, or I could get stuck like this!
by Bluegirl

"I just need one head to finish my C3PO"
by Darth Vill

Chewbacca: "Grrrrrooowwwwllll.. growl... grunt!" Lando: "YES! I believe!" Leia:"Halleujah! HE IS HEALED! The empire left his body!" C-3PO:"Amen! Now fix my legs, I believe."
by Jesus (Manny) Perez Jr.

What?!? They killed me in Vector Prime?!?
by Thrawn02

Allright, allright. I promise: No more Colt-45 commercials.
by Iceheart

What happened when Chewie discovered who ate the last piece of cake.
by Iceheart

Lando finds out the consequences of switching hair gel for hairspray.
by Iceheart

Tell me Lando, did you eat your chunky soup????
by jediswimmer1

Leia: "Don't be afraid, Lando, he's just using the traditional Wookie greeting."
by alienboy

Look,Chewie...(gasp)...I know it's been hard getting....(umph!)....work since SW VI. But, they've already....(cough)...cast the role of Anakin. I'll try to get you into a crowd scene, okay?
by Yarna

"*Aurraaghhhh, Raaagh roar, howl...." *translation: I can't belive that you didn't get the oil in the speeder changed! What if we need to run from a Dark Lord of the Sith, or something?
by verydarkjedi

Okay okay! I take it back! Wookie's don't need annual hair cuts!!!
by Andy Fobuf

"Okay, Okay...errgh...I'll update the Humor section!"
by Jedi Master Cris Jun

Lando chose to ignore one of the cardinal rules of space...he was lucky to keep his arms
by Bran-Dawg

You gotta tell me. WHERE IS THE BATHROOM!!??
by Wookiee Cookiees

What do you mean THERE'S NO WOOKIES IN EPISODE 2!!?!?
by Anthony Hart

No, I don't think you will pass as an Ewok...
by Marth Daul

The last time Lando tries to tell a wookiee about the dress code.
by Big Joe

GIVE ME MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Obi-Frog Kenobi

"Do you think you can grab my arms or something? Your hands are irritating my neck."
by Danakin Skywalker

Give me back my car keys!
by Miana Kenobi

Aahh!!!! Your Breath!!!!!!!!!
by http://www.goonigoogoo.com

Now Chewie......The gum will come right out, see?........uh oh
by http://www.goonigoogoo.com

Unfortunately for Billy Dee Williams, he had made a joke about Chewbacca's Momma, and NOBODY makes fun of a Wookie's Momma
by http://www.goonigoogoo.com

Chewie!! This isn't my idea of a relaxing neck massa--aaack!!!
by http://www.goonigoogoo.com

Chewie: I said a BUD LIGHT!!!
by Gecko41

Well, Chewie do I have tonsilitis?
by Dr. Yer Maw Is Braw

Chewy:What do you mean there's no more hamburgers!!!!
by Rusty

Chewie: "No way! Yoda is much smarter than Obi-Wan!" Lando: "Never!"
by Jedi_Guardian

"Alright, alright! The Falcon is Han's. Where is Han anyways? Uuugggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
by Young Hedges

Imperial Public Announcement: In 9 cases out of 10, a Wookie will take offense if you inform it of its bad breathe. Case #57283: Lando vs Chewbacca: I was offering you a breathe mint, ya big carpet!
by Kartah

Associated Press foto: a wookie was offended today when he was accused of shoplifting a droid. The mall security guard IMMEDIATELY apologized for the mistake.
by erik murillo

For the last time I'm sorry Lobot. I didn't mean to dump ALL the Rogain in your shampoo.
by jawa79

Lando's marriage proposal didn't go down well....
by Bobble

by Dart Zader

"Chewie doesn't react well to Lando's plans of having him fixed"
by Kevin C

Lando!!! you are my son!!
by meangirl

President of the bank's worst nightmare
by Darth Mull

by meangirl

Lando: Let go of me you big hairy moron! Chewie: What did you just call me? Lando: I said, if you let go of me, I'll go put more tea on..."
by Missy-Wan

Lando and chewbacca wrestle over the "Leia's head" hand puppet
by Jomen

"I know that TFN humor section is not updated frequently, but is not my fault! don't kill me!!!"
by Darth Vill

Leia:"About time the fashion police showed up..
by Araviah

No longer do car mechanics screw around with Chewbaca
by Darth Kitty

What do you mean your out of mynock burgers?
by Skippy

Chewbacca demonstrates the only way to get your caption posted, choke the editor
by Gandingaboy

Leia Sat, bored, and unnoticed in the background, while everyone else made amusing comments about marriage propossals.
by Lauchlan77

Chewie: What do you mean you lost my shaver?
by Obi-Wan Kenobi

Casting director Chewbaca and Billy Dee Williams discuss Billy's desire for returning for ROTJ
by Arctic11B2P

"And I'm telling you Englands greatest Prime Minister was Lord Palmeston!!!
by Edgie

"OK, ok. I take it back. Your tumor on your back is not obvious."
by Walter Danek

It's a pity, all that wookie hair those groovy new bell bottoms
by Jedi Bib

no, no, no, no, no...All I said was that I thought "Vector Prime" was well writen!
by Jedi Bib

Why you little.... (Homer Simpson)
by Neil Ferguson

u will propose to her or else!
by fdngen

Star Wars version of Latrell Sprewell
by Darth Obi-Wan

Fine, you win, Chewy! Bigfoot and Harry from Harry and the Hendersons ARE brothers!!!
by El Diablo

I think you've got a hair up your nose....
by Dart Zader

You forgot the money, DIDN'T YOU? Now I'll never fix 3P0!
by Darth Mall

by Asafrasm

Kneel before Zod Calrissian and the son of Ja Rel is defeated.

Lando Calrissian is seen here moonlighting as a Pez dispenser.
by Lord Briano

The real reason Han got the Falcon...
by Emperor Palpatim

ALRIGHT! I'll see if I can get you in the X-Men movie, but I think it's done shooting... OK OK maybe they're doing a sequel.
by Emperor Palpatim

Leia: WHERE ARE THE PLANS FOR THE SECRET... uh... George I think someone swapped scripts on us here.
by Emperor Palpatim

No, Chewie, come on. Friends don't let friends fly. Now give me the keys.
by Emperor Palpatim

Chewie, that's NOT how you perform the Heimlich!
by eric fett

What do you MEAN the DVD won't come out until 2006?
by Amidala

"What do you mean you ate all my dogchow?"
by Steve Moore

What's wrong with Purina?!?! I thought you loved Purina!!!!
by Matt Lush

Leia: Now why did you steal my underware?
by Princesskywalker

"Hold still. Chewie is very skilled at pearcing ears."
by Tony Grover

The fashion police finally track down the notorious Lando.
by scosmo451

Leia: "No, Lando, he DOESN'T want to pay a lot for this muffler!"
by alienboy

"Nair" I said "Nair"
by shadamistryl

What do you mean you don't accept American Express?!!?
by The ape that ate Yaddle

Unfortunately, the correct props did not arrive in time for the world premiere of Hamlet, the Musical
by Zarm R'keeg

"Give me back my Prozac!!!!"
by haputalanlas

Chewy "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE, BELIEVE ME!" Lando "Ok, I believe you."
by Shane McLoughlin

After hours of flubbing his lines, Lando finally gets the brunt end of Chewie's impatience.
by Greedo

And Lando never suggested a flea bath again.
by finkployd

The bicuspids look healthy and the molars are excellent... oh my, there is a bit of gingivitis though
by Obi No

What do you mean,"We're OUT of shampoo??!!!!"
by K.S. Gibson

Got Milk?
by darth.maul@wattosjunkyard.com

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