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Star Wars Captioning #65

"You're going to have to come with us, Mr. Parker. We run the 'Clone Saga' racket in this town now."
by Mr. Anderson

LEGO decided to go patriotic and threw a Spider-Man figure in with the Clone Troopers for the "Red, White, and Blue" effect.
by Donnie

Spidey: "Have any of you guys seen the Green Goblin?" Clone Trooper: "Man, we just came from the Star Wars set. You'll have to be more specific than that."
by Stevey-Wan Kenobi

At first, Spider-Man was worried. Then he remembered how well troopers do in battle.
by DataDroid

"I hope your 'clone saga' doesn't suck as much as mine did."
by Amish Jedi Knight

"He's pretty odd for an Alpha-Plus. The rumor is that he accidentally recieved a dose of alcohol during the cloning process." (from "Brave New World")
by The Great Jek Porkins

BEWARE SPOILERS: This photograph from the upcoming ATTACK OF THE CLONES is proof that the rumors that SPIDERMAN has replaced the cameo originally set aside for N'SYNC. Thanks to Zack for the update!
by Cory Pacione

As an unexpected surprise to the public, both summer blockbusters were filmed with "LEGO Movie Studio".
by Darth Gimpy

"This ain't no pajama party! Get out of those Underoos and put on your amor!"
by Skid mark

Lucas: 4, Raimi: 1
by Frank McGuffen

"Something tells me we aren't looking for the same green goblin..."
by Reverend Hoo Doo

Oh no... not the Spider-Man "Clone Saga" again!!!
by Paranorina

"Oh yeah? Well there's, like, 20 thousand of us... how much web have you got up that sleeve?"
by Emperor Palpatim

"Ok, so which one of you is Ben Reilly?"
by Steve Nahra

The Mandalorian Mafia made Spidey a deal he could not refuse. . .
by Nick Raymond

"My spidey sense isn't tingling ... these guys must be bad shots."
by 2000AD

"Are you the Blue Fairy?"

[At a meeting of We Are Clones Anonymous] - Hi, my name is Spiderman. I've been a clone for, well, all my life. Sort of. Actually, it's kind of...complicated.
by Elyk

Spider-Man finds himself in Republic custody after mistaking Yoda for the Green Goblin.
by Darth Lairdman

One of these clones is not like the others...
by Russ

by Jonathan

"Alright, webhead... Mr. Lucas wasn't mad about the opening date, but MERCHANDISING too!? Now you've gone too far."
by Bowman

Insert random horrible "Clone Saga" joke here...
by LoCoCaCa

Spider Man, Spider Man, kills clones like only a spider can...
by Vesp

"Where are the tall buildings when u need them?"
by GrimChaos

"Whaddaya mean pull your finger? We ain't got any fingers!"
by Kenya Starfligh

"Didn't Mr. Lucas warn you about using CG without his permission? Now you have to learn the hard way..."
by Vasudan

"...In the month of May clones will attack at the spider's heart." -- Nostradamus
by Rediture

Spiderman: "Don't forget you're LEGO- That means 'one leg go here, one leg go there'..."
by Pyro Sith

"I'm not the superhero you're looking for. My Spider-Sense gives me power over weak minds."
by El Mariachi

"You've got two weeks... Then it's our turn. Understand?"
by Azimeir

"Okay, for the last time I'm the REAL Spiderman. You're looking for Ben Reiley."
by Nick Denney

Something was wrong at the convention. Spidey just couldn't place it...
by mad hc

Clone Trooper: "Tingle THIS!"
by Mikos_Epistimi

"No, seriously guys, the Scarlet Spider was the clone."
by Caleb Armstrong

Johnny's LEGO Collection: Where "Lucas Arts" ends and "Marvel Comics" begins.
by Jerad Bailey

"What?! Four Mysterios!?"
by Josh M

"What are you doing? Raimi... this movie has a plot or something. Bruce, is that you behind that mask?"
by redinight

by Mike Marshall

"Come on guys LEGO of me!"
by g.g.marquis

"Radioactive spider? Yeah, right. You expect US to believe all that altered DNA stuff?"
by snowdog83

Will Spider Man escape the Clonetroopers? Will he swing to safety or resort to using the Force? Will the announcer realize that the '60s are dead? Tune in next week. Same time, same web page.

Clonetroopers pledge allegiance to the true root of the Sith, Peter Paker
by Vader Hater

"I mean, your costume is pretty dope and everything, but we can't have you fighting in our army with that on."
by Juan Marquez

J. Jonah Jameson has found a new way to torture Spidey
by Eitan sosner

Toy Story III: Trouble in Lego Land
by Grandma Tarkin

"Where did J.J.J. get these goons?!?"
by Obi-wan Tednobi

Apparently adherents of some form of arachnid-worshipping cult...
by Aubri

"You think WE look stupid? We're not the ones with a circular nub growing out of the top of our heads!"
by Teric

"Um...George? Don't you think the audience will know that we used Legos instead of real people?" "Shhh. No they won't. Keep filming."
by Mara Jade

Spidey: "Uh, yeah... I DO know what it's like to be one of a million clones..."
by TK1775

"Legoland ain't big enough for all of us, webhead!!"
by vader rules

President Bush sent a secret agent to talk George Lucas into supporting the cloning ban on humans. Lucas replied "Nuts!"
by TK-42ONE

"No Spider-Man, it is a fair fight. We are all clones of the same guy, so technically its not really 4 against 1, just consider us Jangi."
by Darth n' Fresh

Oh yeah? Well, we MAY have fins on top of our hats, but atleast we don't have some wierd pimple scar on the top of our skulls!
by HaHaRich

"Talk! or we'll pull your head off."
by Michael

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we try to compete with the Flannel Sleeve.
by Darth Mentos

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