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Star Wars Captioning #39

"Sing us a song, you're the piano man..."
by Jade's Fire2003

  Thank you! This next one goes out to that Dark Lord of the Sith. One...two..."Fly me to the moon..."
by Kevin Rubio

Hmmmm....I know that put my blaster somewhere around here...Hey! You're FILMING this!?..
by Jedi Thespian

Play that funky music White Boy!
by Mike Warby

If only I could see the keys through this stupid helmet.
by Christopher E.

*singing*I met Marmalade down in old Moulin Rouge,*stops singing* oops, wait, wrong movie.
by Kim

While some stormtroopers were made pilots this stormtrooper's only talent was the piano
by R Huebsch

"I, I will survive, I wasn't on the Death Star, that's why I'm still alive... no Ewoks jumping from trees, no Lord Vader choking me, not going to end up like Tarkin or Palpatine..."
by Admiral Akbar & Jeff

Figrin' Dan and the Modal Nodes had remained on top of all the music charts- Until one day...
by ~Sithman~

"I always hate 70's night"
by Jedi kyle hanscom

Clone it again sam
by InKuBuS

"That's pretty good. What do you call it?" "I'm thinking something...march."
by Dylan Hall

At the Star Wars! Star Wars Cantina!
by Justin

The "classical" side of the 501st...
by Corellia Sentinel

Years after the Emperor was dead the Stormtroopers followed the fiendish Darth Lounge
by Val Mohlere

"Ahh, Star Wars, nothing but STAR WAAAARS!"
by Mr. Binks

WHY do they always hire ME to play this thing?! I can't play "Louie Louie" worth a darn!
by Mageeia, Dark Lady of the Sith

Elton John's outfits keep getting wackier and wackier.
by Sasquatch

Play it again, TK-421
by Pellaeon

"Feelings... nothing more than feelings... feelings of the Force!"
by Darth_Mango

Can you play "Runaway"?
by TKK

A stormtrooper singing his version of "I got the Bad-Aim Blues".
by Mike Gontko

Needless to say, the MusicianTroopers didn't make much of an impression with Lord Vader.
by darth ryoko

"I'm too sexy for this helmet, too sexy for this helmet..."
by Ashion

The real reason why TK-421 wasn't at his post.
by Darth Sillious

"There's one, set for swing!"
by DarkJon64

This is the fate of Stormtroopers who can actualy shot worth a dime!!!!
by madamfett

"Blinded by the light, lit up like a dewback on a Jedi Knight..."
by The Third Sith

"Ebony and Ivoryyyy, Living together in harmonyyyyyy"
by Edgie

Just because he can't see through the helmet, doesn't make him Ray Charles
by Jason

Jimmy is drunk again. Someone tell him he's not piloting a spaceship.
by jbond007fan

Of all the cantinas in all the galaxy...
by Angela Jade

"Look sir, Brahms!"
by jdagrand

When Stormtroopers hit Vegas
by Yaddle

In Liberace voice: "I wish my creator George was here to see me play..."
by R. J. / TK666

"Hey, with these three keys I can play the 'Close Encounters' Mother ship response"
by Walter Danek

No No No, the Imperial March is in D Minor, like THIS...
by Emperor Palpatim

After Vader hunted down the Jedi Knights, Sir Elton John went under cover, lest the British Knights be next.
by Jim Radloff

Photo from dress rehearsal of the new Broadway musical: "Stormtroopers in Stilettos"
by lapianoman

The troopers of the 501st all grinned evily as they saw that that Robb had fallen for the bait - he was playing Vader's piano!! TB1201prepared to take 'before' and 'after' pictures..
by Arton's Not So Evil Twin

In a move away from science fiction, George Lucas tries his hand at remaking "Cabaret".
by Joe Antilles

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