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Star Wars Captioning #69

Well kiddies, we had a lot of fun with this one. Here's the final tally on what we got in:

34% of entries: Variations on "4 score and 7 years" jokes
22%: Jokes about the number of "4 score and 7 years" jokes we were bound to get
Jabs at the TFN Humor Editor over the fact that he didn't get to updating the caption in the week that he promised (although he did it in 1/5 the time the previous caption had stayed up... whatever happened to applauding improvement? :)
Theories on the stormtrooper's blood alcohol level at the time of the photo
Bill & Ted Jokes (remember guys, they only moved through time, not space.)
Jokes made about the caption number... surprisingly low, considering our main demographic

The remaining 1% exist here... enjoy.

Four score and seven years ago in a galaxy far far away galaxy...
by ALok (it's here because it was the first 'Four Score' joke to make it in. Congrats, ALok. -Ed)

Lets see John Wilkes Booth get through these guys.
by Richard Rhodes

"Aren't you a little short for Abraham Lincoln?"
by Reen Laba

Lincoln:"I love Democracy.....I love the Republic....The Power you give me....." Stormtroopers: Umm Mr. President you aren't really a Sith Lord are you?
by UniversalDestiny

"I'm glad I didn't have these guys in the Union Army. They can't shoot worth peanuts."
by Barf Maul

It is a little-known fact that during the American Civil War, the Empire was actually on the side of the North... after all, they were fighting rebels.
by DataDroid

Fortunatly, GL cut the scene where Obi-Wan told the stormtroopers that the droid they were looking for was in the Hall of Presidents.
by Joe

Looks like Bill and Ted forgot what century Lincoln Belonged to.
by Crimsonboyy (again, he was the first. -Ed)

The real question is.. who's posing with who?
by Jedi Schmedi

Don't worry, at some point between Episodes 3 and 4, Darth Vader decides to beef up his armour and stop recruiting his bodyguards at roadside trucker diners.
by Emperor Palpatim

Two stormtroopers and Abraham Lincoln walk into a bar...
by Matt Lush

Kit Russo
by "Four score, and seven parsecs ago..." (only here because he demonstrates that it IS possible to foul up something as simple as submitting a caption. -Ed)

One of these guys is from a long time ago, the others are from a long, long time ago. No wonder I like history!
by Darth Sillious

Vader sends out two stormtroopers to find someone who knows how to handle Rebel scum.
by Sith_Lord61

Here we see 2 stormtoopers giving the 16th president a wedgie!
by Kei-Cha Bopar

Wait, Star Wars is playing at Ford Theatre ?
by BrenDarklighter (Yes, Bren, but not digitally. -Ed)

Today is a day to be remembered. We have seen the end of Kenobi, and will soon see the end of the blasted Confederates."
by Mattman

And then, TFN's server crashed with jokes about John Wilks Booth.
by Darth Father (No, the server crashed with jokes about John WILKES Booth. Sorry. -Ed)

A scheduling conflict at Disneyland confuses both "Star Tours" and "Hall of Presidents" patrons.
by Nashville

This is obviously one of those tests to see if you're hammered...and if you see Abe Lincoln and 2 stormtroopers, STOP DRINKING NOW!
by Brian

"I claim not to have controlled Storm Troopers, but confess plainly that Storm Troopers have controlled me" Abraham Lincoln, Letter April 4 1864
by Aias-Adan

Grant! Lee! I'm so glad we're all friends again!
by Moltar

Trooper 1: "Is it me or did George cut the Costume Budget?" Trooper 2: "Nah, it's just that this Bloke was cheaper than Christopher Lee!"
by Darth Hopper

Left guy's serial code '7689'.check. right guy's serial code '6544'. check. wait a minute, hey you in the middle. Lets see some ID!
by Ironvader

An early version of The Village People.
by mara

In Four score and seven years, TFN Humor page will update.
by Rockway

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