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Star Wars Captioning #97

Click on the image or this link to enlarge the picture.

A message from TFN
Thanks to everyone who sent in entries. Our favourite submissions are listed below.

* Wake up, R2. The Matrix has you. Follow the golden droid.

* Mother?
by Bean

* As an advanced droid from another galaxy, R2-D2 is the only thing on Earth that is compatible with a mac.
by R5-C2

* This week on the E! True Hollywood Story, R2D2: Beneath the Egomaniac
by recklessabandon

* Artoo redeems his first bottle cap from the iTunes/Pepsi promotion.
by Darth Jaybo

* So three R2D2's walk into a bar right....
by Darth Nima

* I'm looking at a monitor, watching R2D2 look at a monitor, watching R2D2 look at R2D2 through a monitor while a midget R2D2 looks on.
by Darth Nima

* "Let's see, I already bought another model of me and the action figure that came with this computer, I know! I'll buy the lego model of me!"
by Fos`ki's friend

* Artoo was shocked to find his face posted on the stolen droids network.
by Red 5

* Droid-porn website www.r2hot4u.com, the reason why R2D2 hacks every data port he finds.
by spacesick

* The secret marriage of R2D2 and iMac will never be revealed in the Star Wars movies.
by TiniTinyTony

* This is the most expensive mirror ever!
by Jacob

* "Am I really that fat?"
by Jedi Master Rob

* Artoo: I wonder how I rate on TF.N's version of hot or not .com. ::10, 10, 10, 9, 10::
by Mirasha D'ukal

* After saving the galaxy numerous times, R2-D2 heads back to the office for another day's work
by darth_vaderess

* COMING SOON in STAR WARS VII!!! THE WHOLE GANG GOES BACK IN TIME!!! plot: they all meet their ancestors, including artoo, seen here with his great x10 grandfather!
by Darth_vaderess

* Menage ? Droid
by Syt

* After being fed up over his small roles in the previous 5 Star Wars movies, R2 D2 secretly is placing himself in EVERY scene of Ep III
by Kessel12

* Despite his best efforts, even Artoo couldn't install Windows XP on an iMac.
by The Guy With The Face

* R2-D2 becomes more and more obsessive over his looks after his Beneath the Dome debut.
by Jelp

* Behind the Dome Part 2....the internet years.
by Rurouni Jedi

* Threepio was right, this pinup of me from Droid Quarterly makes a great background.
by Dai

* What R2-D2 is putting for his personal ad: I'm short, sexy, and have a great friend for pessimistic female droids
by Princess Cinnnamon Buns

* During one of George's naps, R2 decides to do a little editing of the trilogy himself in an attempt to make him more popular than Harrison Ford...
by Chris B

* With this Astromech droid attached, your computer will say "Pentium what?"
by Chad Evans

* Celebrity Chat! Today's guest: R2-D2!
by JediYamato

* R2-D2 did not realize that an R2 unit interface was not include with a Mac.
by Son of Jorel

* It was later found out that the DVD release of the Original Trilogy was just a rumor posted by R2-D2
by Son of Jorel

* A little known fact: R2D2 is actually a modified iPOD.
by Darth Linford

* "Only available on Hyperspace? Curse you, Lucas!"
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* "Now I can finally write my book. There and Back Again: A Droid's Tale."
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* R2's favorite site? www.DroidsWithoutCoverings.com
by Son of Jorel

* Worse than AOL, R2 had to deal with EOL, Empire Online.
by Son of Jorel

* George assigned R2 the task of creating his own CGI models for Episode III
by Son of Jorel

* Well, we already knew he didn't run Windows, or else he would have crashed every 5 seconds in the movies.
by Spi Waterwing

* Yep, I got the little guy up here on the desk. He's a little shy, but I think I can get him to say "Hi" to Gramma in a while.
by Mike M.

* It's Windows ME!!!!
by Darth TK421

* After the completion of Episode III, the staff of ILM is cut to a bare minimum.
by Son of Jorel

* This is what happens when a Star Wars nerd gets bored.
by Darth Diesel

* Me, myself , and I
by Kyle D

* Help Me Macintosh ... Your my only hope!!!
by Kevin

* What?! Even the stars of the movie have to pay for Hyperspace?!
by Jay

* Let's see...google...astromech porn...oh, yeah...
by Jay

* R2 shudders and remembers the day the Apple thugs dipped his head in a plastic mold to get the base for their new iMac...it still haunts him to this day.
by O-cho Garras (Tempest, SW Galaxies)

* R2-D2 is trying to blow up the Death Star by putting Windows Millennium on the Main Computer.
by Jedi Slein

* [typing] - SWA - single white astromech droid, non smoker, enjoys long walks in the tatooine desert?
by Agent12

* R2D2-Cam - Live And Uncensored. Over 18's only.
by Keith

* Cut backs at skywalker mansion meant characters had to do their own CGI
by Kyia Keobi

* How TF.N really get their spy reports!
by Kyia Kenobi

* R2D2: Beneath the Dome II : Sex, Lies and Holotape
by empirestrikes

* "Hello, Dad. Just wanted to let you know you are now a grandfather."
by Bob Turek

* R2 and his wife watch as their son takes his first steps
by Jedi Master Gourry

* "Yes, that is the droid I'm looking for."
by Obi-Juan Kenobi

* The Industrial Automaton Online Dating Service: If she breaks your heart you can always get a memory wipe.
by dracos

* iArtoo, the newest astromech droid.
by Tycho Celchuuu

* Y'know, if they had just had a decent Internet access point on the Tantive IV, we could've just E-MAILED the plans to Alderaan.
by Trooper Xander Harris

* Microsoft brings in an expert to fix that security flaw
by Tros

* Grampa R2 (out of shot): "This was when I was about your age..."
by seep

* R2 prepares to write his first EU novel "Gone with the dome" He figured if that Vong 'stuff' was published, his story would do much better.
by Darth Me

* R2 updates his homepage.
by Mab

* I think R-2's stardom has gone to his central computer....
by That crazed wench called Tom Blonde-adil

* Artoo re-edits things so Han shoots first.
by Darth Tom

* Unfortunately for R2-D2, he was a Unix-based droid, unable to interface with the iMac.
by DataDroid

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