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Star Wars Captioning #30

That hat makes your ears look so small
by dennis

So, where can I get a hat like that?
by Jason Johnson

by Obviously So

Purple guy: "No piles of cash in easy to carry bags?" Red guy: "No, sorry sir." Purple guy: (whispers) "Adopt, adapt, improve..." (aloud) "Well all right, I'll just have a pair of stockings then..."
by BobaFett_3

You talking to me? You talking to me? Well, you must be, because I'm the only one here.
by Timothy Donahue

Edward amused himself daily by giving Royalty their "wet-willies"...
by Spamitor I

I told you to go to the grocery store to pick up flour and a blaster, but nnnnoooo. Your too busy with these Sith and this Blockade. You aren't the man i married.(sob sob)
by KiwiJedi

You're wearing that to the invasion?
by Ianderthal


You goon! What were you thinking? Join the Sith, you said! Easy cash, you said! Conquer our own planet, you said! Oy!
by Bob da Jedi

"I'm a little teapot, short and stout. This is my handle, this is my spout." "Shut up."
by Ryan Salmon

"Dude, if you don't start usin' the topical cream that pink-eye's just gonna get worse. And you should see somebody about that mole on your forehead, too."

RUNE: "This stupid Y2K party was YOUR idea, Nute. Now nobody wants to talk to us." NUTE: "No one twisted your arm to make you come."

Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into!
by Jena Commuter Jedi

"Hey, boss, pull my-" "We already did that joke numerous times in Caption #26," "....pull my finger?" "That's it, you are SO fired!"
by Locdog07

"And then a big flag comes out of the end with the word 'BANG!' written on it" "Are you sure this idea will win the Battle of Naboo?"
by Locdog07

Fine, but who's job was it to park the chair?
by Ryan Walkenhorst

"..and then POW, he pops a cap right in his frickin' head! It was totally unbelievable!"
by StopherT

Break out the good silver, Rune! We're having the Sith over...
by Stage_Man_117

You ate the last piece of pizza DIDN'T YOU
by Glen Stuart

See I told you we should have traded stocks......
by Jedi Billy Gates

"I know, we'll drop this whole get up and make a western!"
by Maestro Cheese

No... you'll get no supper until we found these underwater-cities...
by Corus Cant

You are a pompous (poke), wart faced (poke), moron (poke), and take off that ridiculous hat before you embarrass us all.
by Glenn Manry

"Why do you always do this? I swear one day Alice, straight to the moon!"
by Khabarakh

No really! Having one computer controlling them all is A LOT cheaper!
by Imphunter2

"And to your left are Princess Amadila, Qui Gon, Obi Wan, and Anakin braking into our palace and trying to kill us."
by Urijodebro (star wars name)

by moo moo

"...then the spaceship came flying like this: 'Fshhh' (flying sound)"
by Thrill House

"What in blazes is...hey, are you using my makeup again?
by Amy&Mary

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