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Star Wars Captioning #68

Ewan couldn't help but laugh when he noticed Geroge forgot his pants.
by Dark54555

In Ep3 I get to kill Jar Jar, eh eh haaaaaaa, I love it!
by Jedi Aurora Dawn

Upon learning of his stunt double's coffee break, Ewan McGregor was asked by George Lucas to do his own stunt..
by Boba Fetter

"You're letting me out of my contract for Episode 3? WHOOPEEE!!!"
by Grandma Tarkin

Ok George, you'll love this one. A Gungan, a Jawa, & a Wookie walk into a Cantina. The Gungan says "Pull Messa...."
by Darth Karg

"I tell you he's a cheap double crossing... Mr. Lucas! we were just talking about you!"
by SvF_BD02_Wedge

"No, Ewan - the R2 unit doesn't have a port for *that*"
by Darth Bagel

"You signed me for 3 of these movies.....SUCKER!!!
by smgtrek33

"You're saying I'm going to get my head chopped off by that pipsqueak Padawan of mine in twenty years?! Tell me another good one!!!"
by Harsh Raider

Lucas shows up on set without his beard. Chaos ensues.
by Kenya Starflight

Oh lighten up George, I was only joking about Episode I
by Jonathan Beeston

Lucas, bowing his head in shame, just told Ewan the title of the film.
by Keith Burch 'Vader's Jester'

and yet again TNF(sic) switched tastes to "pull my -------" gag.
by JordalSithLord

"Ok Ewan.. show me exhilaration with a flavor of free-spirited Jedi enthusiasm"
by Jrah

Ewan McGregor's reaction to the news he was being replaced by Jar-Jar.
by Deac

George dreaded the ends of a days filming - the crew would leave and Ewan would start bullying him about his weight, before nicking his lunch money.
by ashdcuk

George had never anticipated Ewan reinacting the Darth Maul chop.
by Red Oktobur

Ha, ha, ha, . . . Good one, Goerge! Okay, now show me the real script . . .
by maul me

In accordance to Obi-Wan's demands, Lucas hangs his head in shame.
by Dagger

You mean I'm really Luke and Leia's dad and that's what pushes Anakin to the Dark Side? That's great!
by EJB

"N'SYNC you say?"
by Keith

George Lucas winds up Ewan McGregor by telling him about the 'unscripted scene' where Obi-Wan dives into a toilet.
by Keith

George tells Ewan the winners of last week's TFN caption competition.
by Keith

Another holiday special??
by DebVader

"George, you kill me!" "Not until Episode IV!"
by Cirrocco

George was saddened when Ewan jokingly referred to the set as a "Holodeck".
by Darth Milk

"It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside ..."
by Adri-An Ginnsing

Copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special: $25. Shipping cost: $3.50. Wrapping paper: $1.50. The look on George Lucas' face when you give it to him for his birthday: priceless.
by Keith

Behind the scenes at XXX-1138.
by The Great Jedi Wannabe

Ewan tried to keep the spirits high, while they searched for the superglue solvent.
by darth ged

George jokingly tells Ewan that he will be singing a duet with Queen Amidala on top of a Coruscant skyscraper beside an elephant statue.
by Keith

George: "I heard about this guy called Keith who was so desperate to get a winning entry in the TFN Caption Competition that he posted like a hundred punchlines in a single night!" Ewan: "WHOA!!!"
by Keith (And he did. -Ed.)

"You're making fun of me!" "No, no, I'd be much too frightened to tease the director."
by Keith

"I take it you don't like my Darth Maul tattoo, Ewan."
by Kenya Starflight

George did not find it as funny when he discovered that Ewan had been the one to start circulating the infamous "bootleg". Plans are in the works to create a CGI Alec Guiness for EP III.
by JB-Jedi

George bows his head as the singing, dancing Ewan is still on a high from Moulin Rouge
by Donnie

"No, George....I'm, I'm not laughing AT the title...I'm laughing with it. I swear!"
by Darth Rayder

. . . and then they guy in the bar says, " Do you wanna buy some death sticks?" And I tell him, with the way my apprentice is going to turn out, what the hell! Why not?
by W&C Rootbeer

Why couldn't the 11-year old get into the pirate movie? Because it was rated "arr!" Good one, huh?
by Karl-Gon Jinn

Ewan [Laughing]: I could think of a better story than this in half an hour! George: Yeah, but who's gonna write it? Ewan: I'm not such a bad writer myself -- we dont have to listen to this!
by The Cowz

Hey George, did you hear about the guy who updates the humor page at TF.n? Rumor is he was trampled by a reek some time ago. Of all the ways to go, can you imagine? Hahahahahah...
by Charual

Being surrounded by green screens for the gazillionth time drives the cast and crew of AOTC completely insane.
by Eric Prillaman

Mentos: The Freshmaker.
by Marc

"TFN updated their caption page? Ha ha ha! That's a good one! Tell me another!"
by Kenya Starflight

Do you think ILM can enhance that too?
by Mark Twitchell

Ewan Mcgregor's joke about flannel falls on bitter ears.
by DarthAtkins

Hey George! Did You Hear? TFN Updated The Captioning Section!
by DarthDJ

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