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Star Wars Captioning #6

George: "Rick, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Rick: "I think so, George, but why would Obi-Wan have an afro?" - Adam Coker

Rick: "George, how do you think Titanic overtook Star Wars as the most popular movie in America?"
George: "That's an easy one, Rick. The men."
Rick: "What do you mean by that?"
George: "The men all wanted to see it because of one word, three sylabbles."
Rick: "What is that word?" George: "Nudity, Rick. Nudity."

- RMontonye@otpco.com

George: (glances at Rick, then mutters under his breath,) "I never should have hired this pathetic goon!"
Rick: "What was that, George?"
George: "I said 'I hope we finish filming soon'."
- David "Taalcon" Tayman

Rick: "Umm.. the Super Star Destroyer you wanted in the shot."
George: "I didn't-! (waves arms) COMPUTER GENERATING!"
Rick: "Ohhhhhh.... Now stop asking me why the budget is so big."
George: (sighs)

- JediFett44@aol.com

Rick: "I dunno, what do you want to call it?"
George: "I dunno, what to you want to call it?"
Rick: "Man, I'm bored."
George: "This sucks."
(extended pause)
Rick: (snickering) "Qui-Gon, Naboo, Jar-Jar."
George: "Shut up Rick. I'm sick of your sarcasm. You try to name some stuff for once."

- David M. Delaney

"Wow. Look at that million dollar set burn."
"Yeah George?"
"Wasn't that scene supposed to have Ewan in it?"

"George, don't you think you've punished them enough?"
"No, I'll teach those media vultures to start rumors that our footage is fuzzy. Leave them staked out here until Episode II comes out."

- Boudy

"Of Womp Rats and Men"

Rick: "Tell me about da wampas, Geeordge, tell me about da wampas. I get to tend da wampas, don't I, Geeeordge?
George: "Shut up." - Sonja Danaan

Rick: "Qui-gon, take me away."
George: "Wrong patented product there, assistant monkey boy." - Amidala

"We're white guys! And we take no crap! When we deliver our...white rap! We're-what? Huh? You're filming this?" - Callista85@aol.com

"I thought you said you knew where you were going?"
"I DO know where I'm going!" - Jyyne

(talking loudly): "George, how long will it take before they realize this was all a big lie and we're not really making a movie?" - Jedi Mirax

George : "What's goin on?"
Rick : "Ahh, Loyd lost his Turbo Man doll and refuses to leave his trailer till he finds it."
George : "Son of a..."

- John Myers

"Haha....wait'll the fans find out we signed Decaprio as the Teeny Bopper Anakin/ Vader for Episode II! That 700 million's as good as ours Georgie... Th' chicks'll flock blindly to it a gazillion times...and th' guys'll hail us as gods when our boy Obi sends th' pretty boy into that molten pit..."
"What are you talking about? This sun getting to you? 'Star Wars', 'Shmar Wars'...the fans'll go nuts when they find out it's all a ruse and that we're really filming Willow II: Howard the Duck Strikes Back!"

"Look Rick I don't have all day, you convince RuPaul to stay in that Boba Fett outfit 'til we shoot the 'shocking Obi knocks off Boba's helmet scene' right, or there'll be Hell to pay!"

- Phi Long Nguyen

McCallum: "Kowabunga, dude."
Lucas: "Like, woah, this totally blows my mind."
McCallum: "What, the prequel? But you wrote it!"
Lucas: "No, I think I'm actually starting to see dewbacks."
McCallum: "Medic!!"

- Sameer Ketkar

"Oh, sure Rick, you left the car over that next dune. You've been saying that for an hour." - TGoetz7540

"Maybe we shoulda taken that turn at Albequerque..." - Steba

Rick: How about "Balance of the Force?"
George: ........No
Rick: How about "Yoda's Jammin' Pot o' Stew?"
George: ........No.
Rick: How about "Star Wars: Keepin' it Real"
George: ........No.
Rick: How about "Star Wars: FX-O-Rama '99"
Rick: How about.....

- Saber

Lucas: "And the fans 'll never know that SW is all real! It really did happen! Course, we can never let the Endor Wookies know that we substitued them for Ewoks, or let Vader and Palpatine know that we killed them off in the movie. . ."
Rick: "Um, George, I though that was what really happened. . ."
Lucas: "Are you kidding? As if the Rebels acually could defeat the Empire!"
Rick: "Huh. I'll be back later."
Lucas: "We're are you going?"
Rick: "To take a thermal detonator count."

- Selinthia

"Here come the Men in Plaid.."
(Cue the dancing stormtroopers) - Queen Padme

"That's right... We're bad to the bone!" - J. Charles Hazelwood

"Hey everybody......George and I are going into Toshi Station to pick up some power converters."

George: "Ya know if I had a dollar for every time someone took my picture ...I'd be rich.
Rick: "Uhh...Mr. Lucas..uh..sir.....you ARE rich."
George: "Oh yeah."

- Jeff Kula

"Why yes! We are wearing Bugle Boy Jeans!" - Nerf Herder

"You know... In France they call it a "Royale with cheese." -Chris and Courtenay Burton

Rick: "It's 357 days 'till next Memorial Day, we've got a super-secret plot, 2 billion fans waiting around the world for our movie, we're in the desert, it's hot, and we're wearing flannels..."

George: "Hit it!!"

- CyboJedi

"Mos Eisly Spaceport. You will never find a more wretched --..."
"Shut up, Rick."
"Yes sir."

- Tim McCurtain

"Listen, George, if you yell 'Sandstorm!' and say "I've got a very bad feeling about this' one more time... I swear I'll stick a Gaffi stick up your butt!" - Jim Clancy

Rick: "Well...*sigh* what do you think?"
George: "I think we need a bigger box!"

- A.C. Murray

"Should i wear the Red or the Yellow Plaid shirt tomorrow?" - NagaSadow

"4,000 square miles of desert and not a single bathroom, what were you thinking George?" - ig98

"Sometimes I get to thinking George, do I really belong in the movie business..." - moe

"By golly, George, you're right: it really IS a wretched hive of scum and villainy!"
"Uh-huh. Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt..." - Eileen Tuuri

Rick: "I dunno George.. you sure about this?"
George: "Yes yes, definitley! I want the biggest landspeeder ever built to hit a rock and fall into the Saarlac pit. We'll make Billions!"

(Rick and George stand in uncomfortable silence) - Marc Gardner

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