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Star Wars Captioning #20

Go 3 blocks south and go 2 miles west and there's the Rebel Base, you can't miss it.
by builder_of_legos

I heard someone there say something about you and a door....
by Elad "Ambious" Avron

Yeah, he's the one that said 'Phantom Menace' was gonna suck....get him!
by ToddC3P0

Wuher: "See that camera over there, officer?" Trooper: "Oh my gosh...no way..." Wuher: "That's right...smile...you're on Candid Camera!"
by Matt Adams

No the line for the prequels starts down there! This is the end.
by Darth Servo

Ya, grandpa over there was laying the smack down on the guy with a butt for a chin and some guy with a complexion like Lyle Lovette.
by Darth Servo

Ya, it was that guy from "Bridge Over the River Kwai."
by Darth Servo

There he is, it's that jawa with Tom Servo!
by Darth Servo

No, No, no. The restrooms are over there!
by Joe Schneible

"You see that guy? Don't mess with him. He says he eats stormtroopers like you for breakfast?" The bartender chuckles as they go to arrest Greedo.
by Michael McKinley

"...and over there is where Luke Skywalker-yes that famous Luke Skywalker-bought the ride to the death star in which he saved princess Liea and saved the rebellion..."
by 1ggy0318

"Look! A diversion!" (Suddenly Greedo notices that Wuher has vanished...along with his wallet)
by Brian Haughwout

The men's room is right down there
by Jim Doherty

Hey look there sir, DROIDS!!!
by Kulak

...then when they heard there would be no encore they went over to the stage and started taking the PA and throwing parts at the tables over there...
by J. Orcadi

Yeah, that's right. Over there. That guy over there is scalping Episode 1 tickets.
by Jaleou Qaes

"Those are the guys you're not looking for.
by ArdjanD

No, the man with lightsaber just left. But if you wait for a minute this green fellow on my right is blasted by that smuggler over there.
by Haxu

And then he cut his arm off with, get this, a sword made out of LIGHT!
by Toe Jam

"See that guy behind the camera, there? Name's Lucas. HE knows where those troublemakers are headed."
by Zorak

You can't expect to wield supreme executive power, just because some smelly hermit threw a sabre at you!
by Paladin

(Bartender) "That'll be eleven bucks for the Goobers, the popcorn and the soda. "One True Thing" is in theater twelve, on your left. Next! (Stormtroopers) 'ELEVEN BUCKS?!?'
by Brian Ludovico

It was him officer! He's the one that said they won't make a figure of me!
by camboy45

Trooper: Are you sure? Bartender: YES!!! It is the guy who does the Joker's voice!
by Van Smack

"Dude! Harrison Ford, Mark Hammill, Alec Guinness and Peter Mayhew are in MY BAR! No way!"
by Ethan Hayward

by Tim

Greedo: "Man, why'd I get stuck with the short straw?" Wuher: "Quit your whining, and get over there. If he gives you any lip, blast him. It's point blank range, how could you miss?"
by Inferno

Don't go that way!!! NEVER go that way.....that leads right to the castle at the center of the labarinyth
by Van Smack

Hey bartender Wuher, got blue milk??
by Shopping Maul

No no, this is the cantina. The internet cafe is round the corner.
by Cray Z

I said they're back there by the Wookiee........there's only one stink'in Wookiee in the whole joint ,moron!
by mealso

Check it out, the'ye filming some kind'a movie in here!
by Stacy Davidson

Get those cameras outta here!
by Boba Fett

Yes, Greedo is right here. No, he's not dead, that was just a dummy.
by Anthony Marston

Han just killed another one
by BLaDe4416

Now try and follow my finger with your eyes... OK, I think you've had enough Mr. Stormtrooper. Give me your keys.
by Mike H. Lee

We don't allow their kind in here! Your Trekkies! They'll have to wait in a parallel universe!
by The Iguana that Ate Yoda!

No I didn't kill that little green thing!! It was...um...No Blasters!!(Ducks behind counter)
by Maul

I don't care if you were in the movie! You still have to go to the back of the line and buy your ticket like everyone else!
by Jerry P

Can't pay your tab, pal? The kitchen's that way, and I got a whole sink full of dirty dishes...
by Madman

Yeah, thats the guy. I hear he's a scruffy lookin nerf herder. Of course by the time you get to his table he'll be gone and you'll have forgotten why you went over there....
by LoX

Bartender: Hey! Look at those guys fighting! Stormtrooper: Sorry can't do anything we're on our break.
by Leia3000

"Yeah, yeah....Empire, schmempire. Go talk to the manager over there and he'll tell you what you can do with your 10% stormtrooper discount."
by Jen

"see, ever since the accident I can only bend it half way. . ."
by StarFortress The Polar Bear

barkeep: "Those two young ladies with the beaded hair want to by you a drink." stormtrooper: "Really?" barkeep: "No."
by Dolechris

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