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Star Wars Captioning #23

Alright men. Store is opening in ten minutes. Just remember there is a ten purchase limit on the new Star Wars line and please keep in mind No Disintegrations this time. These fanboys are MONEY!
by Bitmap

"Is this the casting line for THE NEW VILLAGE PEOPLE?"
by Aric Stoots

Captain, you look like Sergeant Pepper.
by Steve Vanden-Eykel

"Ok, troops, we have to...[spins about toward hall, mouth agape]...OOH!! Handmaiden alert!!!"
by Brian Haughwout

[sound of blaster powering up] "Alright! Who just dissed the hat?!"
by Brian Haughwout

The fall haute couture line from Jean Paul Gaultier was a hit on the Milan runways...
by madman

Michael Jackson's latest attempt to revive his career, "Captain Eo Episode I: The Phantom Menace" is facing some serious problems already...
by Optimus Prime

Great, I have to face the enemy looking like a vinyl carseat.
by Scott C.

You think this is bad, you should see the dress uniform.
by Scott C.

I'm telling you... I left my car keys near this pillar! Fan out and look for them!
by Mark Jackman

I know what you're all thinking...and you're right. I DO look good in vinyl.
by Andrew Grove

SOLDIER! Did I ask you to stare at the back of my head? NOW STAND AT ATTENTION!
by Eric J

Could you zip me up
by Kingcoolx

There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds who is responsible for this fashion disaster . . .
by BigBadVoodooChewie

Hey you! With the camera! This is a restricted area, Gen. Lucas will not be pleased that you got through..
by Luke Skywaltzer

We'll NEVER get anywhere on this bicycle built for two...
by Hosen

"Hey did you hear this one about a guy walking into a bar...
by Star Wars Geek

Dudes! Massive kegger in the Quad! Fritos and babeage galore!
by Joanna

"What do you mean my action figure won't come out until August?"
by Dash Martino

Panaka: "Hey! Look at that over there!" Guard: .... Panaka: "Hey, I'm talking to you!" Guard: .... Panaka: "Are you listening to me?" Guard: .... Panaka: "GEORGE! He's doing it again!"
by Bib Fortuna

Okay, men, remember, while the battle droids are laughing at our uniforms, frag em'!
by Chewie Baca

"Can I bring your car around Mr. Lucas?"
by Stains

Come on guys join in... do the Hustle!
by Neeks

The royal guard tried not to laugh at the Captain's motto, which was "Panaka does not panicka"
by darth bob

Mumbling... "Way too much leather around here. I'm gone!"
by Tanglefoot

Guy in background "Thinks he's hot stuff. I could take him!"
by Tanglefoot

Blast it! They're sold out! I tolja we should have camped out!
by Matt Adams

No, no! It's one and two and three and four and, not one, two three and four. Don't give me attitude! Do you want to be in the "Duel of the Fates" video or not?
by gembot

Ah, the classic "Kick Me" sign! Do I? Don't I? Do I...
by Tim Stephens

"Tell Lucas I want a new name, Cahn' Foddor worrys me.
by Warrend

"what do you wean the nameless guy behind me gets an action figure first? I have lines in the movie!
by Warrend

Well, working on Star Wars is cool, but I doubt anything can beat my role in Wing Commander
by Jet Eye Nite

Cpt. Panaka: Okay, you all see this? This is a Blaster, you fire it by pulling this trigger...
by Jack Mundwode

Cpt. Panaka: Allright men, remember: They move fast like the speeders and they are affraid of fire... oh and they have acid for blood! Now we must find the queen and take her out...
by Jack Mundwode

(Guy in Background); Smile? Why! Lucas'll only replace me with a digital alien anyway!
by Mos Edge

Cpt. Panaka *think?s*: Why on earth didn?t they get Jim Carrey to the bad guy?s role? He was brilliant in Batman Forever!
by Jack M.

Hey Guys, I just saw the TPM Trailers! We look Great!
by Darth Varmint

After the detruction from the wa we only had 1970's leather couches to make our clothes from. I am in fact wearing a Lay-Z-Boy recliner
by Kip

Guard: Captain Panaka looks so GOOD in red leather! I hope he notices me. (sigh).
by Rowan

All right, men. If you see even ONE person trying to cut in line to buy tickets...shoot to kill.
by Clint Schroeder

"O.K. Now watch me. Right leg, left arm, then, left leg right arm. That's how you walk. Any questions?"
by Mr. Fredo

I know this is going to come as a shock to you, but I am the rocketeer.
by Snydo

Panaka: What if dreams came true and you could be what you wanted to be and you could do what you wanted to do. Oh, sorry.
by Kell Tainer

(guard in back) Hmmmmm .... a "kick me" sign..... should I or shouldn't I????
by mealso

Excuse me, is this the set of "The Last Emperor"?
by Grandma Tarkin

hey! one toy per person! I mean it!
by Phil Cohen

Ok, you guys hold up while I grab a Budweiser.
by ElCamino

Isn't this just a Spaceballs ripoff? I mean, look at my hat, for cryin' out loud! I look like freakin' Dark Helmet here!
by Mel

No, I think I'll go with the blue suit.
by Stace Decker

"I need five kilos of ungranulated Cuban sugar, and I need it now!"
by Orothos

Panaka: Hey! Look! I can go in circles and these guys still follow me!!
by General Jar Jar Binks

This outfit is just terrible I'm going to my trailer
by Chad Inmon

by Jody P.

"Well boys looks like stupid hat day is a big success!!!"
by Peter Gerardis

Naboo City? Sir, I'm sorry, but you have actually stumbled upon the Suite De Ritz Hotel, 5th Avenue. Uh...may I take your luggage?
by Alta-Nova

Thats not a lightsaber THIS is a lightsaber
by Choib

Now where is that Smeg Head Rimmer
by Peter Ferguson

Ok Ok calm down now...who else here borrowed their costume from "The Fifth Element"?
by Exar Kun

O.K. men! Prepare to shop 'till you drop!
by Greg Baird

don't point that thing at me it might go off
by Lord Raa

The "Fashion" police at work.

Stop, the chihuahua could be anywhere....guard the Mexican food well.....
by Zack Pasi

"What was my line again"

"Left, right...no, right, left, left..ahh!"
by George

Ok men, we are the elite of Naboo's defense. Unfortunately, this is a battle I do not think that we can win, so let's run away while we can. Everybody to your ships!
by Panaka's Panacea

Can I have your drivers license and registration?
by Mr. No Name

"Hi, dont mind me Im just the oboe player in the imperial Empire's Marching band. Oh by the way, is this my spot?"
by Sara Manns

Guard: "Psst, hey buddy. You need Phantom Menace tickets? $20.00 each".
by Tover S

That guy looks like the Emperor, no wait it couldn't be, he doesn't appear until Episode 5, it's just good old Senator Palpatine
by General AM

Billy Jean is not my girl
by WarDaddy

Captain Panaka rushes off to battle while his "faithful" lieutenant, Iago, looks on, secretly plotting his downfall.
by Mike Heidenberg

"Okay guys,I heard there's some battle droids coming,but they are not visable becuase they will be added in during post-production. Let's go!
by Dan Longcore

Wait a minute.... Wrong set! Youre supposed to be over there with the other "Stargate Extra's!"
by Jon Leonard

Look, if you really want tickets to Phantom Menace I'll sell for $100. Just don't tell the guy behind me because I offered them to him for $150.
by VirtualLoser

No, I don't have dredlocks under this cap, and know I've never been on Red Dwarf, you're fired.
by James cook

(I can't stand this hat)......STOP LOOKING AT ME !!!!
by John Blanton

The next one to call me M. Bison gets my foot up their bottom..Dark lord or not!!
by The BOB

You heard her, find the queens pretzels.
by DitkaBy7

Oh Man! I didn't know you needed ID to see the Phantom Menace sneak preveiw...Doesn't anybody know who I am?
by Manish

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