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Star Wars Captioning #2

"You see, when you meet him, its not advisable to say like: 'Maybe it's time to check up on your asthma, My Lord...' or something you know... Oh, and you shouldn't touch the red button on his chest and all..." - Victo Lima

"Droids? I don't see any droids. As a matter a fact I can't see anything through this here helmet." - Eric Jordan

"And so I say to the guy... take my wife.. please!"

"I'd like you all to meet Ishy, my invisible Pal. Say Hello Ishy.. (squeaky stormtrooper voice) Hello Ishy"


"Hey, old man, could you give me some soap? My uniform is all dirty!"

"Those droids are for sale? Great, you've got a deal! (and Luke makes a major DOH!)"

"Hey, the audience, better be prepared to see a CG Special Edition shot appearing right there!"

"Nice glove, huh! And I can do tricks with it. Like 'I find your lack of faith disturbing'..."

"You know, as a matter of fact, I made so big an impression on the LucasArts producers that they decided to clone me and throw me virtually everywhere in their Jedi Knight game!"

"Don't bother to mind-trick me, old man. I'm just a stormtrooper. You could just pass by. I couldn't even shoot you at this distance without missing you."

"Hey, you're Luke Slywalker! I know your father, you know. Cool looking guy, but you don't want to step on his big toe... (George Lucas appears on the set: "You're fired!") What? What did I do?"

"Stop! Oh... it's you. Spare me the humiliation and move along right away, ok?"

- Sylvain Ouellette

"I like being a stormtrooper... I like making life for these piddling peasents miserable - aw, heck, we ALL do... but for me, it just goes way, way beyond all that." - Luke Simmons

"Hey, it wasn't my fault that Jedi mind trick worked!" - Elana Yudman

"Thank you all for participating in Tatooine Tours. Now if you'll follow me, we'll depart for our last stop of the tour...the Death Star." - Keith Abbott

"Hey, isn't there supposed to be a little floaty droid coming by about right now?" - Dan Longcore

"I'm a little teapot, short and stout..." - Joanna Boese

"Take this modular beauty, for example. Spacious, decored in post-modern sandstone finish, comes with very own moisture evaporator and double-docking bays. Perfect for a Rodian couple starting out, or an entire clan of Jawas..." - Joey Leniski

"Wheres the beef?" - Karl Uebergang

"Ok, kids. Now watch carefully! Nothing up my sleeve..." - Cliff Kasie

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