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Star Wars Captioning #81

An evil cackle of glee from Chris Hanel
Guilty as charged... i picked this as a blatant ripoff from the Games section. :)

"Wait. you're gonna do commercials for what? Some sort of alcoholic malt beverage? Sweet!"
by grob

The satellite dish? Nien Nunb was flying! Its not my fault!!!!
by FTW

Han: "Sorry, buddy, I just talked to George... We're not in Episode III either." Lando: "Damnit! Jar Jar's getting three episodes... Why can't I? Is that too much to ask?!"
by New Age Raven

Lando: "No no, you have to haggle. I say, 'Fifteen credits.' and then you say, 'Fifteen credits? You must be mad!' Got it?"
by Ajent Orenj

Lando: "There! See, the quarter is gone! Now, Han, check your left pocket..."
by MoronDude

Lando tells of his daring escape from the Video Games section, much to the disbelief of Han and Chewie.
by Jedi Master Jeremy

Lando: "Hey, you wanna start something?" - - - Han: "Me? No, I don't get physical. I just get upset. And when I get upset, HE gets physical."
by Ajent Orenj

(L) "OK, now remember the routine...when the ladies ask, I'm the head of a successful mining colony, and you're the scoundrel old pirate." (H) "Yeah...you're a real hero..."
by Evil the Cat

When Han and Lando started off on their "who's Hotter, Barbarella or Trixie from Speed Racer", Chewie could do little more than sit and stare in disbelief.
by Evil the Cat

Lando: "Yessssss! paper! take that chewie and your stupid Rock!"
by Kami

"So anyway George decided it would be a good idea if I was the kid that was Anakin's best friend! Man as he didn't punish me enough with the outfit!"
by Kar'Ghun

Is anyone else wondering why a medical driod is sitting in on the "lets attack the second death star" planning meeting?
by Keali

Han: "You want me to invest How Much ?!" Lando: "Come on it's a sure thing. Everyone wants to see another Holiday Special.....Tell him Chewie.
by Joolzzz

Well, I think it's up to Chewie to decide which parent he stays with. .
by Java the Hut

Lando- "Look, I haven't seen your belt! You're just gonna have to hold your pants up Han!"
by Jedi Duritz

"Okay, we play like Whose Line... one of us has to be sitting, another has to have his arms on his hips, and the other has to..."
by Lightofdarkness

Lando: "So a Wookie walks into a bar..." Han: "Are you really that stupid?" Lando: "I let Vader in didnt I?" Han: "Good point." Lando: "...and the bartender says..."
by Lightofdarkness

Lando: "So this guy Salvatore thinks he can kill anyone he wants!" Han: "You're kidding! Who did he kill!?" Lando: "Umm.. maybe we should talk about this somewhere else..."
by Randall Flagg

"Yeah, in the EU there was an Ugnaught uprising, but we dont read that junk here."
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

Chewbacca wanted many things. He wanted Lando to shut up. He wanted Han to shut up. But most of all, he just wanted them to let him use the bathroom in peace.
by stephenhero

12 parsecs? No joke?
by stephenhero

"So you're telling me that with 10-10-21B I can get a 20 minute phone call for under a dollar?"
by Grogh

The discussion got heated as the three men fought over Taun We.
by Ben S. Gaulk

"Are you sure Lobot said that?"
by Gobann Dokatto

LANDO: *sigh* "Well, Chewie, I didn't let you win, so here are my arms. Go nuts."
by Porbevil

Lando: You see, in the days of the Republic there used to be this species called Gungans. If you meet any, shoot them! They are annoying as all hell, but they TASTE GREAT!
by Son Of Jorel

Whow--Han, Chewie! Look at the bald spot on that guy behind--NO! Don't let him 'em SEE you!!
by SooozleQ

So then the Bothan said,"Sir I do believe you bent my wookiee."
by Tobar

"Sorry, Harry. Left my Pokemon cards in the chalker."
by Osama - Wan Kenobi

So Han ol' buddy, there's this company called ENRON with these fantastic portfolios - Chewbcc, Jabdehutt, , I'm telling you buddy, you gotta get into this - it's a real steal steal ..
by Erik the Angry Haddock

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