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Star Wars Captioning #7

George: "There it is, guys. An Ewok: the symbol of LFL's creature shop's gentler side."
Pointing Guy: "IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!!!! Shoot it dead!" - Agent K

In an effort to cut back on the growing costs of the film, the crew stands around in staring in awe as the new "Finger Gun" is demonstrated for the first time. - Sean P. Aune

Pointing Guy: "OK, George, the rest of the guys say I'm nuts, so I say let you decide. See that big splotch on Jaba's side?
George: "Mmhmm"
Pointing Guy: "You tell me that doesn't look just like Spielberg's profile..."
George: "Ummmmm..." - Dana Marshall

"George, I just don't think we are gonna be able to fit the keg onto the soundstage." - Jonathan Baker

The film crew crowds up to see the celebrety look'a'like of Chewbacca!
Pointing guy: "SEE?! NO ZIPPER!"
George: "Hmmm, maybe we can throw him in as a stunt double for Peter Mayhew!"
Ewan: "Whats his name?"
The guy with a ticket in the back: "He's my nephew Bobo. I'm darn proud of him!" - Stephen Reponen

Lucas: "Nice Shot"
Pointing Guy: "Yeah"
Lucas: "But, uhh, Obi-Wan isn't impressed... He looks a bit disgruntled with that rubber-band mark on his face." - Predator10@aol.com

Pointing Guy: "I'm telling you, George! That is a model for an Ewok! It's not Joe Pesci trying to steal spot in the film!" - Kenny Wahlsten

"Hey, you - In the mask!" - JLSAMURAI@aol.com

Pointing man: I'm betting I can hit this golf ball, bounce it off the top of R2, the nose of that fighter, the camera to the left, Samuel Jackson's bald head, and then dunk it right into McCallum's coffe cup without him every noticing! - Boudy

The Crew of Episode One takes a much needed break as they play, "Hey, could you pick up that light saber?" with the lovely new intern in the short skirt. - Scott Woodard

POINTING DUDE: So dem leetle crawdad mens, this one his name 'a Jimbob, he 'a go boom-boom-boom-crash an' he 'a slice offa da Jedi's' head an he 'a-
GEORGE: Somebody get me a sharp stick. - Callista85@aol.com

Pointing guy: "See? When we have the 100,000 volt generator online--"
George: "And the connecting cables?"
Pointing guy: "They're attached. When we hook them to Ian McDiarmid Palpatine will let out real lightning and his glowing yellow eyes won't be confined to comics anymore!" - VolSwell@aol.com

"Oh great. That blaster wasn't supposed to actually fire! We're gonna need some more extras!" - Gunboatr

"I don't know, guys...bowling, as a metaphor for the Force? Somehow I just can't see it..." - Eileen Tuuri

"Hey, guys! Betcha I can knock that Coke can off Ewan's head with this rubber band!"

"Watch this, George... Jake! Wanna see a trick? C'mere and pull my finger!..."

"Boy, playing Film Crew Family Feud is tough... I'll take 'Fuzzy Lens Focus' for three hundred, Richard!... [Good Answer! Good Answer!]"

- CandyFish@aol.com

Lucas: "I told them to be careful with those lightsabers! But did they listen, nooooooo!"
Pointing Guy: "Don't worry, George! We were planning to have his head cut off anyway. Only now we don't need to waste time with the computers!"
Lucas: "Well, looks like I only need to cast a new Obi-Wan. Send the widow a bouque."

- Larry Jackman

"Did you see that?"
"See WHAT?"
"That little green thing, it's hiding back there- There it goes!!!"
"I don't see anything."
"It's coming right at us!! AIEEE!!"
"Away put your weapon. I mean you no harm."
"Confound it, Frank, I know he's new, but this 'initiation' crap is gettin old!!"
"Sorry, george." - John Myers

"No George, you're not looking. See up there? it's the earth, and it's spinning, but when it comes back around... There... See? It's the letter E! do you see it!?"
George: "Security!" - The Speakeasies

George Lucas reveiws the new Episode 1 video game

George: "Hey, let me play now!"
Little guy sitting on the floor playing with what looks like a joystick: "Just let me finish this level..." - MegKSolo@aol.com

"Okay, but this could get us an 'R' rating..." - Mark Terryberry

"You guys are never gonna let me forget Howard the Duck, are you?" - Mikesdcool@aol.com

"Eeeek!! Hey everybody! Look!! It's the ghost of Master Yoda!!" - Jeff Kula

"If we move the potato gun just a few centimeters to the left, we can nail that annoying little puke, Jake, when he comes along in a second." - Parth89@aol.com

"There's the shoe!" - Yodaslaff@aol.com

"Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" - Raptor1484@aol.com

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