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Star Wars Captioning #43

"Mr Bibble, would you like to cut the cord?"
by Jason R

"Whoa...the zero gravity really gives this 'water pipe' a kick!"
by Tim Piper

Doofy from 'Scary Movie' now has a job working for Lucasfilm...
by Tiene Leche

"Hey, are you guys sure this is 'just' oxygen....I'm feeling a little funny..."
by ~Becky~ bekybob13@aol.com

Guys in background:"Chug Chug Chug Chug Chug.................."
by Mr.Maul

"Man! This is some killer bong, no wonder my eyes are so red!"
by Bob

"This oral liposuction really works, I just lost 50 pounds!!!"
by jar jar vince

As punishment, the Trade Federation leader was assigned as a exaust vent for the Gungan city on naboo.
by kaosube

The extent of Silas Carson's addiction to oxygen was not known until he began "inhaling" on-set.
by Tokugawa

"Pulled over again! I hate these breathalizer tests."
by Manakin Jaywalker

The crew were not impressed by Nute Gunray's Elvis impression.
by Qui Gonn Pim

During the occupation, Sio Bibble became convinced that Gunray was mocking his beard.
by Emperor Palpatim

Karaoke night at the Trade Federation...
by Filip

There were worse places for Gunray to put the vacuum cleaner...
by Mark Lord Of The Sith

Call this a slinky?!
by Ernie Fosselius

A Neimoidian attempts to steal fuel on the set using the age old siphon method.
by H0D-G

Little did the Naboo know that Nute Gunray's true weakness was his addiction to REALLY long cigarettes.

"That's it sir..... just blow into the breathalizer" "But I haven't *hic* been dri- *hic*..... dri-*hic*...... drinking! *hic hic*"
by GonkH8er

*insert Cheech & Chong joke here*
by Exar Kun

Coruscant newest wrinkle solution...The Skin Sucker Vacuum!
by JediMike

Nute tries to find out why the water isn't coming out of the hose. You can guess whats going to happen next.
by Ado Tain

Little did the alien know that the hose had lost pressure because the bald man was holding it shut. Suddenly...
by Dagger

Behold the mighty Hookah of the Trade Federation. Now you understand how our eyes got this way.
by Ashion

"I do this for medicinal purpose."
by Zan Zanzaa

Shortly before the fall of The Republic, the planet Naboo was the center of all opium cultivation.
by Darth Harem

This "Easy Breathing Kit" was later blown up along with the Trade Federation Ship, leaving Vader to curse himself in the future...
by insignificantilles

With the communications disruption on Naboo, the Viceroy had to resort to the ancient "paper cup and string phone" method of communication.
by Bry-Gon

Upon seeing the now-infamous "Jedi Bong" scene, George Lucas began to regret casting Cheech and Chong in Episode 2.
by Repo Man

"You smokum peace pipe with me Jedi?"
by Bria Pallen

"Shouldn't there be an easier way to drink blue milk?"
by Swin Agen ( Harry Pitts )

Is this ....Leeeegal?
by Bassoonjedi

The only real way to drink Mountain Dew.
by Koo Koo Ka Joob

Next on Behind the Music: The Nute Gunray Story......how Nute's drug problems started his downfall.
by Jedi_Hood

"Engine room -- we need full power now, Scottie!"
by ObiWanJane

"Mork calling Orsen, come in Orsen!"
by Tony Lee

Please welcome our next act, the Amazing Bibble!
by Darth Sethor

Nute was almost overcome by the noxious fumes from the smelly Teamsters
by Matt Stevenson

"We've secretly replaced the Viceroy's regular cool air pump with a brand new, seven-horsepower industrial vacuum from Oreck. Will he notice the difference when he switches it on? Let's watch:"
by Jeff Robb

Exclusive: The Viceroy declares war on Disney by starting a fight with Dumbo!
by DJ Darth

It took them years, but they finally made a picture that was assured of generating endless bong jokes.
by WhattaWookie

Trade Federation tries out Naboo's chief cash crop
by Godsmetal

While vacuming, Nute accidently sucked up the keys to the droid control ship.Now he can't invade Courascant like he did Naboo
by SoloHan

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