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Star Wars Captioning #63

The Imperial Throne
by Brettt Maverick

Hard to tell where the trooper ends and the toilet begins.....
by Ian Brackley

BIG BROTHER 3: Locked in a Star Destroyer
by David Fett

A stormtrooper is always on duty...
by mike

"Close the blast doors! Close the blast doors!"
by toomy boy

by Matty D.

"Actually... I'm not REALLY a Stormtrooper. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!"
by Irving Finster

Everything coordinates...hope Martha Stewart's watching.

"TK 421 why aren't you at your post?!!"
by Travis Hoffman

"5 minute bathroom breaks?! It takes me longer to get this armor off!!"
by Star Wars Junkie

Ever since Zaarin's failed coup, stormtroopers have been granted better conditions on the Executor...
by Deac Starkiller

"Mommy, wow! I'm a big stormtrooper now!"
by Jedistooge

"What the.... HEY! There's no toilet paper in here!"
by Aaron

As the Jedi infiltrated the Imperial base, he could see through the Force that one trooper wouldn't be a problem.
by Halcohol

Thats no moon...
by Grego

Try Stormtrooper Undies. Now stretchable.
by sherley

"Just hot gassing...nothing to worry about!"
by Jason Collier

What TK-47, doesn't know, is that we've secretly replaced his regular toilet water with ship fuel. Let's see what happens....
by cahnMAN

Behind the scenes, we see what Storm Troopers do in their spare time: sitting on the can in his can!
by "Weird Ed" Woody

"The Force... remember the Force!"
by Fabiano Gallindo

"Do, or do not. There is no try."
by Frank Klukosky

And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.
by Nic Calvert

When his commander dared him to chug the pitcher of blue milk, little did the stormtrooper know it was actually bantha laxative.
by Mr. Anderson

"Gahhh! I wish this toilet had a tractor beam!"
by Mortal Coil

"I knew those ewoks wouldn't agree with me."
by Tamara

Away from the battle against the Rebellion, a lone Stormtrooper has a moment of quiet reflection...
by Darth Spike

Luke's not the only one to make the trench run.
by John U.

"That's funny... I can't see a thing in this helmet!"
by Frank A. Tropea

"There's something alive down there..."
by JHC_Jedi

TK-421's roomates thought it would be fun to put super glue on the seat. Little did he know...
by Heather Kenobi

Image what luke's direct hit did to Death Star's water pipes shortly after this image was taken.
by DarthSanchez

"I knew Ishouldn't have drank the water on Tatooine..."
by Crimsonboyy

If only Elvis was this lucky to have a helmet.
by Jymm Roquand

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