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Star Wars Captioning #75

A report from Chris Hanel, currently drunk on Turkey *hic*

I don't care what anyone says, you always come back to the classics. Sure, it sent off a near riot of 'pull my finger' jokes (which i've ALSO collected for your amusement), but it just pushed everyone to get more original. Enjoy the people that resisted the first impulse and came up with something a bit more on the unique side. (Oh yeah... Happy Thanksgiving!)

... here's the pick of the litter...

Young lady you are not leaving this house wearing such attire and with your hair like that! I do not care what the latest fashion tips in Cosmo said! This is unacceptable!
by AnotherAgentSmith

"You're lying! Lucas would never replace my voice with someone else"
by Master Aero

You...um....you got something...no...no, not yet....its a lil over. . .there! You got it!
by Dark Jedi Bishop

"Leia, I don't think you should be spending so much time with Han Whatshisname . . ."
by Mykael Shone

You will be home 10 o'clock or I'll send a Garrison!
by DG

Uhhh...yes, the ladies room is down that hall. It's the one marked interrogation chamb..., er, I mean, conference room 4.
by Nerpine the Verpine

"Daddy, THIS is the girl who made fun of my Halloween costume!"
by Scooter

"I'm not touching you. I'm not tounching you. Heh, heh, heh."
by Scooter

"How many times do I have to tell you-- if you use the starship, bring it back with a full tank!"
by Scooter

What about the left one? Is that one a sticky bun?
by Duane Miller

"Leia, I want you to meet daddy's new... uh, "friend."
by Buchol

"Don't ever take sides against the family again... ever."
by Dan Brown

"Look behind you!! A three-headed monkey!!!"
by Adam

"I want to know what happened to this photo's quality."
by Bowman Gavin

VADER: "...be...good..."
by Macaroni Penguin

I find your lack of time-awarness dusturbing! How long were you out with that Solo guy? I told you to be home by ten!
by Blue_Ice-Green_Fire

Vader: How many times do I have to tell you, Leia? You put your left arm in after you put your right arm in. Honestly, your brother got it right on the first try. Leia: Yea, yea, I get it da..Vader.
by Handmaiden Bridget

"No, you are not a Hobbit. You can't have a second breakfast."
by Grand Admiral Jaxx

"Is this how you kids do that 'Sign of the Devil' thing at rock concerts?" "No, hold it vertically." "Okay, I've got the outfit, the hand signs...I think I'm ready for the Aerosmith concert!"
by Cirrocco

"Captain! Prepare your men!" - - - "Uh, sir? I'm over here."
by Ajent Orenj

Vader: "HAHAHA!! Diplomatic mission to Alderaan! Good one!!!!"
by Ajent Orenj

I am no longer too frightened to tease a senator.
by aggiepadme03

'Do not play games with me, Your Highness! Unless you're talking about 'Scrabble' I'm always up for a good game of 'Scrabble'!"
by Davidw

Lord Vader has an embarrasing moment as his mechanical arm freezes in place.
by Darth Lairdman

Wait! That officer was in this scene?! Pan & Scan Sucks!
by Lord_Homer

We're not having this arguement. Not here, not now, not infront of the underling.
by Finn Dootric

Dude! You're getting a Dell!
by Darth Lucky

Vader: "Whooo's that ladyyyyyy...? WHO'S THAT LAY-DAH? Sexy ladyyyyyy... WHO'S THAT LAY-DAH?"
by Nemesis

Man I feel like I know you from somewhere....don't tell me! Let me guess? I can't put my finger on it but I know....
by Jedi Duritz

Dear Abby, Is it poor etiquette point with your pinky extended when taking prisoners? Signed, Confussed Sith Lord

Star Wars, the Updated Widescreen version shows us that Darth Vader was actually a Muppet, performed masterfully by Frank Oz disguised as an Imperial Officer
by Some Canadian Geek

"eeewww! You snogged your brother!!"
by Ian Spendloff

by Grand Admiral Gary

(I have no idea why, i have no idea how, but i read that and started busting up laughing. It makes absolutely NO sense, but at that moment i found it amusing. Therefore, it's published. Let the flame e-mails begin. -Ed) Suddenly Star Wars: Ultimate Edition takes a horrible turn as the Dark Lord's fingertip whirs opens, revealing a hidden blaster and the new theme song begins: "da,da,da,da,da the Sith Lord Gadget"
by tealcandtrip

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