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Star Wars Captioning #92

A message from TFN
Captioning #92 was not edited by Chris Hanel, so it may not exude the subtlety and wit you're used to ;).
We weren't able to read all the Captions (nearly 4000), but in future, we will close the Captioning sooner, so we are able to read all the entries.

* Something tells me this is the Shire in LOTR, Nat.
by Angel 17

* Anakin, will you STOP thinking about the frickin' sand?
by ThePodSquad

* "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to say that your acting was bad it just kind of slipped out!"
by Darth Pancreas

* Anakin: It's just that, I think the senate is corrupt and- er, why are you looking at me like that? Padme: You...are...sitting...on...my...foot.
by Tycho Celchuuu

* Anakin: Sand is smooth. Like you. Wait. No. You are smooth. Like water, which is not sand. Sand? Let me start over...
by Tycho Celchuuu

* Anakin, do you think they will cut this scene out of the IMAX version? I HOPE SO, because even I thought it was BORING!
by Son of Jorel

* This is the reason 'Sound of Music' and 'Star Wars' should be kept separate.
by Fwiffo

* After digesting one of Padme?s packed lunches, Anakin suddenly feels a force of unspeakable power.
by Son of Jorel

* Did you just call me Keira?!?

* Natalie: "Waitaminute. You're Canadian??? You never said you were Canadian!!!" Hayden:"*sniff* I'm so ashamed"
by GorrillaFace4

* Padme:"You shouldn't feel bad. It happens to guys all the time..." Anakin: "Master Kenobi would be so disappointed. And after all that 'training'." Padme: "ummmmm..."

* "You sure looked dorky riding that shaak."
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* You had better get used to them Ani... your daughter is going to have them in episode 4!
by Healthy Wookie

* "Marriage leads to nagging, nagging leads to divorce court, divorce court leads to alimony, alimony leads to the dark side..."
by Walni Rom-ca

* Anakin struggles with the question that has terrified men for ten thousand generations: "Does this dress make me look fat?"
by Keith

* Anakin- You don't know what its like being always bossed around and being treated like a child! Padme- Oh shut up and quit your whining!
by Jaster

* Maybe your caption will get posted next week, Anakin. Don't worry about it.
by ThePodSquad

* Dude, quit the mind trick stuff out, I'm like totally not taking my dress off.
by Han Samwich

* "I guess I just always thought there would be more people at Woodstock."
by Mab

* Padme: "It's ok. Sometimes you just can't get the Sandcrawler moving." Anakin: "Do you have to keep making Jawa references?"
by Mab

* "Ani, next time you're staring deep into my eyes, could you stop telling me I remind you of your mother? It's creeping me out."
by Mab

* Padme: "We've been apart for ten years and the best you have to say is 'I don't like sand'?! Shame on you!"
by New Age Raven

* Anakin: Uh, Padme. You can close your mouth now....
by neochia347

* Hayden: "Man, this cheesy dialogue is making me feel really stupid." Natalie: "Ha! At least you don't have croissants stuck to the side of your head"
by purplefacedmonkey

* "Man I hate grass" "Dammit I thought you hated sand!"
by Kar'Ghun

* Padme:"I can see it now, we'll have two droids, a palace and our very own Rancor pit.
by Kar'Ghun

* "See Ani, I know you've never kissed anyone before, but this is what you looked like when you kissed me!"
by Jedi Duritz

* Padme: I don't need Jedi powers to know what YOU'RE thinking about..
by Lights

* ok Amidala, why is it that you haven't aged a bit.. while I have grown 3 feet and look 25?
by chris

* You don't like sand. You don't like water. You don't like fields of flowers. Is there now pleasing you???
by snowdog83

* Well, I heard Yoda has a cure for that...
by Tommy

* Like, make Clone _Love_, not Clone _War_, man.
by Captain EO

* I know it happens to lots of guys all the time... but I'm a Jedi dammit!
by Emperor Palpatim

* Er...Padme...remember how I used to say I wanted to be a Jedi when I grew up? Well, Palpatine just offered me this gig, and I've got to tell you...that black helmet and red lightsaber looked too good
by Harsh Raider

* "Call me 'm'lady' one more time! I dare you!"
by Nemesis

* It doesn't matter what we say here, people are only going to skip this bit in the DVD release...
by Wiz

* You forgot the ketchup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're such an Idiot no wonder you're still a padawan!!!
by Chewbacas Daddy

* Little did they know that in about 20 years, they would be involved in the galaxy's most vicious custody battle.
by Me!

* Do you think everyone's watching us right now, cracking off wiseass captions about the funny look on my face?
by venom

* Padme (staring at Ani): You know, if I squint real hard and look at you from this angle, you look vaguely like Legolas but with a worse hairdo and better clothes! Ani: Thanks, I think...
by The Trickster Fox

* "Jedi can't show emotion?...You got that right, Anakin!"
by Boston Salamander

* What do you mean you suffer from hayfever? Deereererr, Wear a mask then!
by Lone Wolf and Cub

* C'mon Ani! Tell me! what is the Matrix?
by bobot

* I don't get it Ani, I change clothes about 50 times and you wear the same stuff every day!
by cameras capture not your soul

by Shadowen

* Padme: "And then after we get married we can have our honeymoon on Alderaan! Won't that be great?" Anakin: "Um... sure. Whatever."
by British Horseman

* Padme: damnit, why do you always have to start meditating when we're discussing our future?
by toby-wan

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