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Star Wars Captioning #73

A Tired Wipe O' the Brow from Chris Hanel

Jedi Mind trick & "Shaved Ewok" jokes aside, i still had a LOT of submissions to sift through. It could either be because it was such a popular picture, or I didn't get to update this for a very, very long time. Take your pick. As I mentioned in a news blurb on the site, I've been preppin' to pack up and move across the country, so my time at the comp was very short every day. It took a free Sunday to get all this updated, and from now on i'm praying the once-a-week update will reign supreme. After all, I have TFN Games doing this too (and enjoying a laugh at my tardy behalf... thanks for the forward, BTW.) :)

BTW, this is my chance to thank the rest of TFN Staff for keeping the Humor articles coming. YOU ROCK!!!

... here's the pick of the litter...

Trooper: 'Who the Hell is Harry Potter? Don't you know who I am?"
by Darth Gammon

Since Barney's death from multiple stab wounds last thrusday, the purple dinosaur has been replaced by Trooper Bob.
by BrenDarklighter

"And then, the mean 'ol Luke Skywalker huffed, and puffed, and blew up the whole death star." -Stromtrooper Story Corner
by BrenDarklighter

Daycare at the Deathstar
by Matt

Rent a StormTrooper? for only seven dollars! (Republic credits will not do fine.)
by FOX

There's no reason to be afraid of me kids, even if I DID have my gun, there's no way I could shoot you from this range.
by Daniel Glasglow

(thinking:) I could have been a lawyer. People would still hate me, but they'd actually be AFRAID of me too.
by Daniel Glasglow

Michael Jackson just gets creepier and creepier...
by Dubya Fett

For show and tell, I brought in a geek...
by Possessed Freak

'Ok kids, I'm gonna turn out the light, count to 10, and I expect to see my blaster back in it's holster, OK?'
by Paul Ainslie

With substitute teachers like this at the Jedi Academy, how could Anakin *not* turn to the dark side?
by KyleKatarn7

Trooper: And remember kids, what do you do when you go through doors? Kids: DUCK!
by Luke Warmwater

Arn't you a little short to be our tour guide?
by R@ndom

Darth Vader gets revenge on all the little kids who teased him on Tatooine.
by Luke Warmwater

That's no con, it's a children's museum!
by Luke Warmwater

That's right, kids. Work hard, eat your greens, and someday you too can be a faceless minion working under a ring of oppression!
by ComicKook

Sorry, kids. We're here to pull the plug on your little "padawan schooling" operation we've got here and take your teacher Mr. Yoda for a little "chat."
by ComicKook

After his Tie Fighter landed on the wicked Sith of the West, TK-421 realized he wasn't in the empire anymore.
by Cyrillion

I don't look short THIS time!
by JediKat

I know Kung Fu. Really, I do.
by Lara

Would you like to know more?
by Rappertunie
10 points for the obscure sci-fi ref. Nice. :) -Ed

Inside TK-433 quietly sobbed, because the smiles on the children's faces told him "We know you can't hit the broadside of a barn"
by Darth Skippy

"What? You asked for Clowns? You need Sprint PCS Clear Plan"
by aiasadan

Watch your mouth kid, or you're gonna find yourself floating home!
by aiasadan

I am an army of one.
by snowdog83

Sorry kids but I have it on good authority. The moisture farmer won't be attending Parent's show-and-tell.
by Yodalicious

"...you will not have any homework tonig-- Wait a sec! Who's using a mind trick on me?"
by jmjeff

No Timmy, the mask actually makes it easier to get a date.
by Adri

Even Stormtroopers were feeling friendlier, now that the Humor Page was being updated more often.
by Cirrocco
Spoke too soon, Cirrocco? My apologies... -Ed

File under "Other duties as assigned"
by Jedi Tim

So you want to hear a story, huh? Ok. Here goes....A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
by Ivan the dork

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