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Star Wars Captioning #80

And now for a Very Special Episode of "Chris Hanel" -
Okay. I promise. (raises right hand) NO MORE SW/LOTR related contests. Happy?

[Peter Jackson playing with his toys] "You got nothing on us! Nothing!!! AHHHAHAHAHA"
by bfwhc

The kid whines so loudly, we could have shot him in the dark!
by Nitsuj

Hmmm....somehow I was expecting the new Zelda game to look somehow....different.
by ComicKook

"Dodge this."
by Mr. Anderson (and 200 other people... but he got it in first! -Ed.)

Legolas: "I find your lack of faith in Peter Jackson disturbing." Anakin: "Hey... that's good, I may steal that from you."
by Randall Flagg

Legolas: "Say yippee again! SAY YIPPEE AGAIN! I dare you! I DOUBLE dare you m*&^#$f%$#@#!!"
by Randall Flagg

"You're about to be 'dead' as a house..."
by Darth Obstreperous

Legolas: "Well, look who got the drop on the Chosen One." Annie: "You're lucky my arms don't bend at the elboows, or you'd be gettin a blue plastic enema right about now."
by Lighthammer72

"Oh yeah, well at least I'm fully poseable!"
by grob

Legolas and Anakin battle for the hearts and wall space of 14 year old girls everywhere
by Kebis

No sir, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!
by Ajent Orenj

Anakin: "Ancient weapons and hokey religions are no match for... oh wait, that's not my line."
by Ajent Orenj

Legolas: "We demand......... A SHRUBBERY!!!!!!!!" (Python fail me not)
by Ajent Orenj

You can't win Legolas. If you strike me down, my franchise will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine...
by GMT

Never say live long and prosper to an elf
by munkle

I felt a great disturbance in the Force as if millions of pre-pubescent, female voices cried out at once and were silenced.
by SirNi

Toy Story finally gets some cool characters.
by JaegerGhent

"Stop! Who are you!?" "I am Anakin, Son of.....uhh...uhh..um.....I'm just Anakin.
by Joolzzz

Legolas: "Hold still! There is, um, something on your shoulders. . ." Anakin: "But there is nothing on them except my head!" Legolas: "I know. Hold very still. . ."
by Darth Hideous

Legalas: Okay Frodo, roll the dice to see if I hit him. Anakin: But I wanna cast; Magic Missile! Gandalf: Why are you casting magic missile? Anakin: Um, I'm attacking the darkness!!!
by Willbur the Lobster

What business does a Jedi, a Gungan, and a green muppet have in the Riddermark? Speak Quickly!
by Jedi Mac Fan

The prophecy of Anakin falling into a fiery volcano suddenly became much clearer.
by Sytherea

"So you've heard of agressive negotiations too, huh?"
by Sytherea

TF.N uses action figures to re-enact their worst fan fiction submissions.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

Gandalf: "I can only have one apprentice. Go ahead boys, duke it out!"
by marajay

If you spare me, I know this senator I can set you up with.
by Java the Hut

Do not let him speak, he will cast a spell on you.
by Jeff GoodSmith

Wait..let me get this straight. This is all about a ring that you have to bring back? Why? You don't like the matching necklace?
by Waterfarmer

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know this shelf was taken."
by AJP Darth_Lucky

Anakin: I'm sorry, really! You looked like a girl from the back!
by Skychrono

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