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Star Wars Captioning #19

I don't think Lord Vader will approve of that website.
by Jason Moore

Wow! This trailer is awesome!
by Jet Eye Nite

OOOOOOh playstation.. I got next Game!
by FryGuy

"I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times. You may not play Solitare on your terminal."
by Jedi Martina Silver

Yeah I'll be with you bounty hunters in a minute. First I've gotta check who won the game.
by Johnboy

Standing officer: Sir, I believe that I've-- Sitting officer: Shhh! Not now! The Beatles are on!
by MyriamX

"The official site is too slow, let's try getting it from a mirror site."
by Rockboy

Stop playing Quake, Vader's on the bridge!
by Amaze

Watch...SEE I told you... Wow you're right...HE DOES HIT HIS HEAD ON THE DOOR!!
by Van Smack

All of the technology available in the Empire and we STILL can't find a mirror to download the new trailer.
by Kr'Layan

"What's that you've got there? " "Oh, it's an old game called 'Rouge Squadron.'
by c o m p y

"Ha! After years of fleeing, BOSSK will NEVER find me on the bridge of the invincible EXECUTER! HA HA...
by PLEASE post this joke up!!

"Ooh, this is a good one. Kramer has this horse that eats Beefaroni...."
by Tyree

After losing so much in the Battle of Endor, the Empire resorts to telemarketing..."Hello, Mr....Skiwuker? Skarwolker? Oh, Skywalker. Would you like to contribute anything to the Empire fund?"
by Tyree

Warning: Extreem boredom and/or death may be experienced when joining the Imperial forces.
by Starik W.

"No, no, no...don't spin! SOLVE THE PUZZLE!!" Admiral Piett never misses Wheel of Fortune.
by Matt Adams

Oh Oh I don't think we should have taken that left at Alberque.
by Donna C.

Troops is on Fox! Man, I could watch those troopers slaughter jawas all day. It's my favorite show.
by Chess Boxer

It's Lord Vader! Look away and he might not notice us and our incompetence!
by Man of the Force

so what you're telling me is that we can travel through hyperspace, but can't get this thing to make coffee the way i want?
by mike gilbert

Well that's his record, 3 in one day - anyway best of luck Admiral Piett
by Darth Mark

Officer standing: "Hey, that red nine of Diamonds goes on top of that black ten of Spades." Officer sitting (to himself): "I just hate it when they do that!"
by Jemm

Wow, this game is fun.. what'd you call it? Pong? ..must be Rodian.
by Aubri

Act busy, here comes ol' DV.
by Aubri

Little did they know, as the Star Destroyer pulled into attack position, that this panel had been bought from the Federation and was, in fact, a Starfleet Exploding Panel (tm).
by Aubri

"...But when will then be now?" "Soon."
by Aubri

"That's no moon, it's a space station!"
by BoogerTheHutt

Well...this dot here, it's us. These 40 thousand other dots are the enemy....
by Mialaca Atek

Sir, we've lost the beeps, the sweeps, and the creeps.
by NYCockroach

"I'm lost...got any ideas?"
by Bishop

If I catch you watching this bloody trailer one more time...
by Andrew Marshall

"Welcome to McDeathStar, may I take your order?"
by BeeDub

Cheap form of Imperial suicide #327: "Excuse me Lord Vader, by chance, is your refridgerator running?"
by Exar Kun

"There's the Falcon" (thinks "we have thousands of TIE fighters to chase after them... and Vader wants those rebels bad") "OK deploy 4 ties to chase after them" (thinks "good old imperial tactics")

Hey, Check it out! We made the 'Humor' page on 'TheForce.Net'!
by red five

Looks like TheForce.net is having server problems again...Man, I hate that! (Just Kidding Folks!)
by Alphie

"So Vader calls, and Ozzel's all, 'Ah, Lord Vader.... hyuk! gasp! wheeze!...' And Vader's all, 'Ozzel, you're dumb and you're stupid, and anyone could do your job better, and you suck.'
by Ethan Hayward

"Has the new Star Wars trailer finished downloading yet?" "No sir. The computer estimates 6.5 hours left until it's finished." "Blast this slow modem!"
by Ton Phanan

He's at it again? Why is it when ever Vader decapitates a jedi he then starts all that "there can be only one"
by Exar Kun

"Psst... Lieutenant. You're snoring."
by Sable Phoenix

"Proton torpedo's a' comin'." "Yup."
by Sable Phoenix

Sir, I can't seem to download the trailer.....
by Ryan Vest

To get the maximum effect out of his voice, Vader employed a team of highly trained sound technicians to properly mix breathing and voice wherever the Dark Lord went.
by Salana

"...so if a reble ship DOES launch a torpedo down the thermal exhaust duct, you just push that button there and well all be perfectly safe, got it?...Joe? ...is that a personal stereo?
by Alex Maw

Piett pretends to look at the monitor while trying very hard not to laugh at Dengars head bandage.
by DiSrUpToR

I can't wait to ram this piece of crap into the death star!
by Maul

Admiral, dont look now but there is this giant reptile pointing a gun at your head. (Whispering) I think he was upset sbout the crack you made about the bounty hunters
by bcman

"Now you're sure that for popcorn it's 60 not 30 seconds? You know how Darth hates the smell of burnt popcorn. One burnt kernel and it's 'you've failed me for the last time . . .' " "Right, sir."
by md2b

As Admiral Piett lectures him about keeping his communications console clean, Lt. Dave Wilkins turns up the volume on his "Best of Queen" CD.
by Rowan

"Twenty bucks says Lord Vader strangles the new guy at the tractor beam station next."
by Sable Phoenix

Seven of clubs? Hit me.
by John

I still can't find it sir!..Why don't you look it up under the toubleshooting section?
by Obig-wan

"Good afternoon sir. I am calling representing the Imperial Navy credit union to offer you the benefits of the new Imperial credit card.
by Grant Johnson

"Look. I told you not to mess with the computer settings! Just keep the cookies off!"
by Ramsey E.

Piett: What do you mean we can't delete Internet Explorer without screwing up the rest of our programs? Crewer: It came with the ship, sir. Microsoft forced KDY to package it with Win98.
by Some Guy

well, R-S-T-L-N and E didn't give him much... try an M!
by StarFortress The Polar Bear

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