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Star Wars Captioning #24

So tell me.........Do you still believe the Sith could not have returned without our knowing Mr. Smarty pants.
by SithVader1@AOL.COM

Yoda: Be patient Young Windu, your big part will come in Episode II.
by Kell Tainer

What do they call a Big Mac on Correlia?
by Brendan

The Couruscant Annual Staring Championship has begun. The Challenger in the natty brown curtain against the muppet.
by Wedge Antilles

As thousands of Star Wars fans typed in the same unimaginative "Pulp Fiction" jokes, they started to feel themselves lift off the ground...
by Optimus Prime

"So this guy approaches me with this big halbert and says, 'pick a lightsabe--'" "Shut up, This sto"Will you quit looking at me? I told you I look better in Episode Five!"
by Dash Martino

Mace: "Quit looking at me like that! I'm telling you PALPATINE IS SIDIOUS! THE CAMERA PANS ON HIM IN A FEW SECONDS... WATCH!"
by Dash Martino

"Want it do you?" "I don't know Yoda. Is that glitterstim real?" "Look, want this do you? Others who want this I have."
by Darth Hipple

"More embarassing... Ewoks or Gungans...Hard to say, it is."
by J. Orcadi

Mace Windu is angered and later turns to the dark side after Yoda admits that he stole Mace's french fries at his McDonalds birthday party.
by Agent Heather

Why does Obi-Wan get a lightsaber and I don't?
by Phantom Force

MACE WINDU: 10,000 credits and a new landspeeder says the Senator is Darth Sidious. YODA: hmm... a clone he is... certain I am... a bet you have.
by Dot

"They are the same person." "No, they're not." "Yes they are." "No, they're not."
by McBain

"Are you pondering what im pondering Windu." "yes Yoda but hair club for Jedi masters. I dont think it'll catch on" Theyre yoda, Theyre yoda, and the windu, windu, windu, windu, windu.
by Ruthless

Fifty credits that Obi Wan is going to screw up training of this brat.
by Jar Jar Jinx

On me? Paid for the drinks the last time, I did.
by Amaze

"Battle droid piece only need we now! To KFC go you will, and return not without my biscuits this time!"
by Ol' Ben Kenobi

Let's get out the marshmallows!
by S. Winder

Mace finally has the guts to ask what species Yoda is.
by Qui-Gon-Jonn

Yoda, you got something on your face... over... over... other way... got it
by DitkaBy7

{Yoda Saying}Hey Sam Do You Think I Should Get Afro?
by Josh

Yoda: "In, my contact is?" Mace Windu:watching Jabba's dancing girls over Yoda's shoulder"Huh, say what Yoda?"
by Jasmine Crighton

Because I said so, that's why!
by Travis Mullenaux

Got Milk?
by Jeff Burres

"Inappropriate at this time, Smores are..."
by The Sith lord twelve-step program

Yoda: "My midichlorian count is bigger than yours!"
by obi-too kanobi

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