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Star Wars Captioning #99 - Page 2 of 5

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A message from TFN
Captioning picture chosen by guest editor Cirrocco
Submissions edited by guest editor Cirrocco, who whittled down more than 1000 entries to a concise ... 255 :)

Submissions: 1-50 - 51-100 - 101-150 - 151-200 - 201-255

* 'If I hear just ONE more reference to Blue Milk....'
by Tom Blonde-adill

* I told you NEVER to say ANYTHING about the Christmas Special again!
by Bird_of_Prey

* 'Oh no! I have a HANGNAIL!!!'
by Tom Blonde-adill

* If you compare me to that Aragorn ONE MORE TIME...
by Bird_of_Prey

* ONE big hairy wookiee...AH-AH-AH-AH
by Shanon

* Yeah! We won the World Series! Go Manny! You do that finger thing!
by Big Papi

* Han: Now you had better update that humor section, or you're going to your room!!
by The Curser (in every sense of the word)

Okay, guys, I get the picture. That's enough of those jokes! -ed

* "Look, Harrison....after post-production, you'll be looking Jabba straight in the eyes.......trust me!"
by especially dangerous dug

* "Come on, Leia! Wear the gold bikini just one more time!"

* Time for your physical!
by Mushy Chamberpot

* You shouldn't have called me scruffy lookin', Johnny. My mother called me scruffy lookin' once... once!
by Dave Schomburg

* I told you not to wake me up so early!
by disruptor

* One more crack about "Hollywood Homicide" and I'll be on the phone with Ron Shelton talking about a sequel. Don't think I won't!
by Ben

* Kids, you got till the count of three...One.......
by Ceris Freeport

* I've got a Princess AND a Military career. The only way I'm movin' is up in the universe.
by Aiel

* "This is how many good movies I've done in the past 10 years!"
by stuart dunn

* I swear, just one more word about me shooting first...just one...THEN we will see who shoots first!
by Chris Martin

* You're too young to date a jawa.
by delphiki

* Why is Han pointing at Lobot?
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

* Jedis may have the mind trick, but smugglers have the "angry point"
by Jedi_Brent

* See, I told you they would start the captions up again...........pfffftttt!!!!
by Mike Gunther

* Dude, can you hear that? I told you I heard muzak!
by Ididitall4thewookie

* "Leia, are you sure Darth Vader is your dad?...Damn! I shouldn't have shot him before we had dinner together! He's going to torture me or something I'm sure of it!"
by Darth Me

* Ford rejected George's offer of work on Episode VII but realised all too late he used the wrong finger.
by AntiPersonnell

* peeeowwww! I shot first this time
by ehdee see

* maybe if i focus hard enough, it will pull itself.
by bip-flaven

* "Sir have you been drinking?...O.K. now follw my finger...I'm sorry Captain but we're going to have to bring you in..."
by 2old2bJedi

* One famous role is all you'll ever get, Hamill.
by Eoin Cleland

* Han was not fooled by the Imperial attempt to make him look up.
by JayEm

* Leia wasn't buying Han's story of how many drinks he'd had.
by JayEm

* Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good finger by your side - on guard!
by OllieB1

* han picks the invisible man's nose
by danmcken

* " All that matters in life, is just one thing. That one thing."
by DarthFlyer

* Harrison Ford becomes enraged upon finding out he's contractually obligated to a "Six Days, Seven Nights" sequel.
by His Majesty

* Got a boogie on my finger and I can't get it off.
by Andrew Hill

* Don't make me throw you back in the trash compactor!
by ArisSlatr

* NO! I said ONE double mocha decaf latte
by Darth Madden

* everything i do is told to me by my finger, Mr. Pointy
by jj bruno

* Look I have the Force too, I can move my FINGER!
by White Bat

* Looks like someone forgot to add digital blasters
by OSJ

* Maybe if i hold my breath and stare at my finger REALLY hard, then the Hyperdrive will work.
by theemperorsnewgroove

* I can shut you down with ONE finger Goldenrod.
by slaytastic

* In Harrison Ford's first and only appearance on Sesame Street, he teaches the children a valuable lesson about the number one.
by Seth

* "What an incredible smell you've discovered"
by Ferry

* Listen, George! I'm gonna die in this film, that's final!
by Morten Solberg

* I said I would appear in ONE trilogy! ONE!!!!
by Corey Gindi

* Chewbacca! Go to your room!
by Craig

* I do this with my finger in all of my movies!
by teebo

* Jaina! This is the LAST time I let you help Chewie fix the hyperdrive!
by Ophelia

* Forget your fancy technological babble. THIS is the best way to tell which direction the wind is blowing.
by Pickens Hair

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