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Star Wars Captioning #57

"...and then we kick it up a notch! BAM!"
by Orion283

This needs a caption to be funny?
by Rogue1-and-a-half

You know, there's just some things you wished you never saw... this is one of them.
by Stranded in space

The Iron Chef can phone it in against this guy and still get a shutout.
by Darth Dave

Hmm... a picture that makes no sense whatesoever, has poor quality and not many people recognize it. Oh God no! Not the Holiday Special! My eyes have been soiled!! Run away!
by MegHan

Here we see LuLu has "kicked up" her stew one to many "notches"...
by martoQ

Four arms are really a necessity in cooking. Two to stir with, one to add ingredients with, and the fourth for picking your nose.
by Jedi Master Bob

Oh, thanks a LOT! It took me years of intense therapy to forget this ever happened! Now I have to start all over again!
by Ickabod147

Blood Alcohol Level Test 12: If this woman looks sexy, GOOD GOD, STOP DRINKING NOW.
by Sweet Uncle Biggs

See what happens when you feed Julia Childs after mindnight!
by Thrawn05

Unfortunately, Emeril's new sitcom was canceled ...
by Grandma Tarkin

A sure sign that "Iron Chef" has gone downhill.
by Jar Jar Bites

Hey! She's not wearing a hair net!!
by Jade's Fire2003

"I have 2 more hands, you just don't wanna know where I put them."
by Grant

Iron Chef Corellian boils the theme ingredient, baby tauntaun, to get rid of the smell.
by Darth-Darth the Dancing Dog

In the distant future, George Foreman's great-great-great-great-great -great grand daughter introduces "The Lean Mean Grilling Machine 4000"
by Garath

"Hello, I'm Dartha Stewart and today we will be making a very tasty meal out of a Gungan"
by Jedi_Brent

Welcome to Star Wars: Iron Chef, hosted by none other than, you guessed it, William Shatner!
by Dude Maul

Pay no attention to the man in the kitchen!
by Emperor Dan

"That's good stuff . . . I garr--un-tee!"
by Darth Dave

"Bloody hell! Now which are carrot sticks and which is my severed digit? How is anyone to keep track of twenty fingers, even without dipping into (urp) the cooking sherry, anywho?"
by Alex Skywalker

"... then you add Bea Arthur singing, throw in some ugly, UGLY Wookiees, and viola! You have a Christmas special! *sob* oh, God. *sob* WHY DID MY CAREER CHOOSE THIS PLACE TO DIE?!?! *sob sob sob*"
by Gidman

And here we see Palpatine's mother cooking up some Ewok stew...
by Aaron

TFN staff having long run out of useable pictures results to taking screen grabs from MST3K rejects.
by Black Sun

Jabba's head chef almost pukes when she learns who she's cooking for dinner.
by The Littlest StormTrooper

I seriously hope this isn't an Episode II screenshot.
by Proctris

And now, back to Barfa Stewart.
by Jew-Bacca

Sadly, Mr. Lucas had to expel this CGI creature from the set. Luckly, it replaced the Frugal Chef on PBS.
by Chris

"So, now we're gonna kick it up a notch with some lumni-spice! Bammmm!"
by Master Nick

Lucasfilm expands its horizons into television: the first to be taken over was the Food Network.
by Jace Nylor

If the cook is green and vomiting, it HAS to be bad.
by Matt Stevenson

This picture is just too wrong to even TRY to caption it...
by Nightviero

Arm number three believes mucus to be the secret ingredient to blue milk.
by JediCharles

Looks like Granny Palpatine is up to no good.
by AJC

"You sneezed in the soup!? Jabba's gonna send you to the Rancor pit now!!"
by Jade's Fire2003

Little did Steve know, but he had finally been caught spitting in the soup by "Caught At Work"
by Callisto

Next on The Iron Chef...the 4-armed lady of London!
by Mike Green

"Calamari? Oh dear. I thought you said Mon Calarmari ... and marinated Admiral Ackbar!"
by Darth Penelope

Can't...watch... Holiday... Special... IT BURNS! IT BURNS!
by Sardaukar

The REAL reason why Emeril was canceled!
by Darth Dirt

"BAM! Whoa! Where'd these other two arms come from? Hey, this isn't my recipe for soup!"
by Willy Jeff

The winner of "Intergalactic Iron Chef" got a lifetime gig as Jabba's chef--although your "lifetime" depended on Jabba's whim.
by Captain EO

Ooooh, Greedo's cousin Greemo doesn't quite make the same delectible drink, does he?
by Jedi Lincoln...Abraham Lincoln

Lucas wanted to cast the Swedish Chef for this part, but he was too busy making "Muppets Take Manhattan" ...
by Princess Lobelia


Four-way-crossover with "Whose Line Is It Anyway", "Willy Wonka", and the "Grinch Star Wars Holiday Special"!
by Peter Tutham

Who can challenge the Iron Chefs?
by Darth Sethor

"Yes sir, Rrofessor Snape, my potion is ready."
by Notvader

This is what the REAL Martha Stewart looks like. The lady see on TV is just an actor.
by Osss-10

I can't believe it! I'm being replaced by a chef who's nothing but CGI.
by The Great Jedi Wannabe

Yes! Oprah is no longer the most prominent woman in daytime TV (That is a woman, right?)
by Oprah Winfrey's manager

The top reason why i refuse to eat other people's homemade cookies.
by Mr. Phlegm

Internet connection -- 20 bucks. Bootleg copy of Star Wars Holiday Special -- 50 bucks. Knowing 1 million TFN viewers threw up all over their computers -- priceless
by Kenya Starflight

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