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Sith Fighter
this was the term used to describe the unusual starfighters that were created within the Star Forge for use by the Sith, during the Great Sith War. The drive systems of the Sith Fighter were a hybrid of technologies from the Rakata and the Old Republic, and were based on a twin ion engine design that provided incredible amounts of thrust and maneuverability. This combination required that the fuselage and auxiliary systems of the Sith Fighter be greatly enhanced, to overcome the instability that speed and maneuverability created. When docked or cruising, the Sith Fighter could retract its wings and power down its weapons, conserving energy for later consumption. In combat, the wings were spread open to provide maneuverability and a wider dsitribution of weapons. The weaponry of the Sith Fighter included a blaster cannon at each wingtip. (SWDB)

Sith Gunship
this 75-meter-long attack craft was the primary warship of the ancient Sith naval fleet. Armed with six autoblasters can capable of carrying 30 troops into battle, the Sith Gunship was built for speed and maneuverability. These ships required a dedicated crewof eighteen Sith warriors, can could also carry up to 250 metric tons of cargo. (GMR5)

Sith Hall
this section of the ancient Galactic Museum on Coruscant contained a wealth of artifacts and texts which were used by the Sith Empire. These artifacts were created by the original Sith species, many of which died out after the fall of the Sith Empire 1,000 years before the Great Sith War. (TOJC)

Sith Hound
this mutated canine was developed by the ancient Sith warriors from stock native to the planet Korriban. These hounds were alchemically enhanced, giving them increased size and strength, as well as a collection of horns and vicious teeth. The brain of the Sith Hound was also increased in size and intelligence, and they were rumored to have had the ability to speak limited amounts of the ancient Sith languages. These beasts were black in color, with a mane of bony spikes surrounding their heads. Their glowing, red eyes sat atop a fearsome snout, and their huge paws were studded with razor-sharp claws. (DSSB, RSS)

Sith Infiltrator
one of Sienar Advanced Projects Laboratories' prototype designs, this ship was eventually modified for use by Darth Maul. Originally designed from the Star Courier platform, the 26.5-meter-long Infiltrator was given advanced weaponry, propulsion systems, and a full-effect stygium-based cloaking device for invisibility on command. The sublight engines were X-C 2 ion arrays, while the hyperdrive was an SSDS 11-A powerplant. Weapons included six prototype laser cannons which were concealed along the side of the craft, and which could be deployed in seconds. The craft had a long, main fuselage to which was attached the ball-shaped control center aft. The wings of the craft were used to radiator the intense heat of its engines, and could be folded down during landings. The designs of the control center and the wings were later incorporated into the TIE Advanced prototype produced for Darth Vader. Darth Maul named his ship the Scimitar. It could attain speeds of 1,180 kilometers per hour in atmosphere, and was equipped with a Class 3 hyperdrive. After the Battle of Naboo, the Scimitar disappeared, and its whereabouts were never discovered. (X1, DSSB, IG1, NEGV)

Sith Lanvarok
this wrist-worn weapon was used by the ancient Sith warriors, derived from the ancient lanvarok polearm. It was extremely complicated to use, and favors those users who are left-handed because of its configuration. The firing mechanism was mounted on the left side of the weapon, with the firing stud in a position to be pushed by the left thumb. The Sith lanvarok was originally developed as a hunting weapon, and fired a spread of thin, razor-edged disks at its target. It was time-consuming to reload, but deadly accurate at short range. A more primitive version of this weapon was used by the Massassi warriors of Yavin 4, which resembled a polearm and required brute strength to throw the disks. After being used to launch the disk, the Massassi lanvarok could also be used as a slashing weapon. Both forms of the lanvarok were little-used after the Great Hyperspace War, as the Sith began to use more modern weaponry. (BW, MJEH, DSSB, NEGW)

Sith Mammoth
this immense beast was developed by the ancient Sith as a warbeast. Sith warriors rode atop the huge beasts, to be carried into battle. (GMR5)

Sith Mask
this unusual mask was created by the ancient Sith, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. It was imbued with the Dark Side of the Force, and was worn to block outside mental influence and sensory input, thereby allowing the wearer to focus their concentration without interruption. (KOTOR)

Sith Meditation Sphere
this was the name given to the unusual starships of the ancient Sith warlords, developed to help them channel their battle meditation techniques. First used by Naga Sadow some 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, the Sith Meditation Sphere resembled a huge, floating eye that was propelled by huge wings. (NEGV)

Sith Personnel Carrier
this ancient craft was developed by the Sith Empire, more than 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, to carry troops and smaller craft into battle. Very few of these ships survived the Great Hyperspace War, and those that did were quickly outdated. The 215-meter-long Personnel Carrier was armed with eight light laser cannons, and normal hull plating and shielding, with most of its protection coming from the Sith magic of its operators. It could transport up to 360 troops or 24 Sith Mammoths, and had space for 1,000 metric tons of war materiel. Each of these ships required a command crew of twelve Sith officers. When deploying troops or vehicles, the Personnel Carrier hovered in the atmosphere, using massive chains to lower troop containers to the ground. It was during the delivery or pick-up of troops that the Personnel Carrier was most vulnerable. Each of these troop containers could accommodate 60 troops, a Sith Slayer, or a War Behemoth. (GMR5)

Sith Regenerator
this unusual cybernetic implant was developed by the ancient Sith, many millennia before the Battle of Yavin. The Regenerator stimulated cell replication in the user's body, allowing wounds to be healed quickly and easily. It was designed for use by spies operating behind enemy lines for extended periods, where medical treatment was not normally available. (KOTOR)

Sith Scorcher
this was one of the more popular mixed drinks served at The Glow Dome, on Adarlon, and was set afire before being served. (WSV)

Sith Sects
during the last decades of the Old Republic, this was the term used by the Jedi Council to describe the small groups of beings who tried to emulate the ancient Sith brotherhoods. Most of the members of these Sith Sects were not attuned in any way to the Force, but their anger and frustration with the galaxy led them to search out the Sith teachings. (JAF)

Sith Sentry
these ancient droids were developed for use in the Sith army as security guards and sentries, replacing organic beings. Each Sith Sentry was armed with an arm-mounted blaster rifle, and was often deployed in groups of six droids. (GMR5)

Sith Slayer
this ancient Sith war droid was essentially a tank with a droid brain, although it was alchemically created by Sith magicians. The average Slayer was costly to produce, requiring a wealth of magical elements and alchemy techniques which were arduously molded over a long period of time. Measuring over twelve meters in height, the Sith Slayer was armed with two shoulder-mounted blaster cannons, and two spinning blades mounted on each arm. Like the Sith Elite warbot, the Slayer was protected by magical armor, giving it a measure of invulnerability which was lacking in organic warbeasts like the Sith Mammoth. (GMR5)

Sith Speeder
this was a specialized, circular, one-man speeder developed for use by Darth Maul. Designed to be compact and fast, this speeder was built on the basis of the Razalon FC-20, resembling a circle with the upper arc removed. The rider sat in the concave section of the speeder, and had hand and foot controls with which to maneuver the speeder. This speeder was unarmed, something that was not a deficit for its rider due to their skills in the Dark Side of the Force. This speeder was also easily stored in the forward section of Maul's Infiltrator starship. (SW1, IG1, AEG)

Sith Starfighter
these bulbous fighters were developed for use in the ancient Sith naval fleet. Like the more modern TIE Fighter, the Sith Starfighter lacked a hyperdrive. It was armed with a triple blaster cannon, and was highly maneuverable. (GMR5)

Sith Torture Mask
this ancient Sith mask was developed to completely cover a being's head, allowing only the eyes to see what was happening. The Sith placed the mask on their prisoners and captives, especially the Jedi Knights, in order to break them for questioning. The mask itself was unremarkable to behold, but was imbued with intense Dark Side energy, which made it impossible for a Jedi Knight wearing the mask to concentrate on using the Force for little more than basic survival. (RHF)

Sith Warbird
this was a form of organic lifeform which was twisted by Sith alchemies to perform a specific role for the armies of the ancient Sith. Most of these warbirds were naturally-occurring avians which stood more than six meters in height, and which had been altered to submit to the control of a Sith master. These creatures were fitted with a special harness that provided a saddle for a Sith warrior and a mounted blaster cannon as weaponry. A small fusion generator was also mounted on the harness to power the cannon. (GMR5)

Sith Wars
see Great Sith War (LFC)

Sith Wyrm
originally created by Naga Sadow, this immense reptilian insect lived in a subterranean lair on the moon of Yavin 4. The ancient Massassi worshipped it as a god, until Exar Kun killed the beast in an effort to prove his worth to Freedon Nadd. The Sith Wyrm was originally an infant space slug which was captured and altered using Sith alchemy. The slug had attached itself to Naga Sadow's personal starship, and Sadow chose to keep the beast alive and use it in experiments in magical alteration of physical forms. Jedi historians believed that there was only one Sith Wyrm, as there was no record of another space slug being captured and altered in any way. (DSSB)

this was the name used by the ancient Sith to describe a perfect being who would rise to power and bring balance to the Force. According to prophecy, the Sith'ari would rise up and destroy the Sith, but in the process would return to lead the Sith and make them stronger than ever before. (KOTOR)

Sithrin, Kli
this small-time criminal was killed in Mos Taike, on the planet Tatooine, during the months following the Battle of Yavin. (SWGAL)

an expletive used by many beings throughout the galaxy. (XWN, KT)

S'itl Thirr
this Abinyshi came out of hiding to make contact with Doctor Tem Eliss, in order to expose the true story of the Empire's part in nearly wiping out the Abinyshi. (SWJ14)

this New Republic officer personally led the investigation into the whereabouts of the Nikto agent Ma'w'shiye. (SWJ4)

this was a military term used to denote a situation report. (TG, RCHC)

Sittana Marble
this was one of the most exquisite kinds of marble found in the galaxy. Known for its lustrous graining, Sittana marble was used to build some of the most expensive buildings in the galaxy. The Kallarak Amphitheater on Coruscant used Sittana marble to create its teired benches. (CCW)

Sitting Duck
this small ship was Una Poot's hidden escape craft, docked on Silver Station. It was originally used by Una and her first husband, Drogue, as a culslon gas transport, and was equipped with twelve gas canisters that were tethered to the stern of the ship. (SWJ10)

Sitting Hummock
this form of plantlife was developed by Yuuzhan Vong Shapers to serve as a kind of moldable chair. The sitting hummock confromed its soft cells to match the user's form. (FP)

Sitting Right of Refusal
this was one of the most obscure of laws created by the Senators of the Old Republic. It could be invoked when a Senator had good reason to keep the details of their personal or private business from the public eye. In most situations, the right of refusal was necessary to protect the Senator's alliances and certain business or political property. In other situations, however, it could bring the Senator's dealings into doubt. (JQ5)

Situng Borokii
this was one of the two most powerful overclans of the Alwari Ansionians, during the last decades of the Old Republic. They were challenged in size and power only by the Hovsgol Januul overclan. Like the Januul, the Borokii overclan was made up from several smaller clans, forming a large unit. The Borokii and Januul had been enemies for many generations, until Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luminara Unduli, along with their Padawans Anakin Skywalker and Barriss Ofee, met to discuss a treaty between not only the Borokii and Januul, but between the Alwari and the city-dwelling Ansionians of Cuipernam. The Jedi hoped to avoid the secession of Ansion from the Old Republic, preventing a massive crumbling of the Republic. After Obi-Wan and Luminara were able to form a peace between the Borokii and Januul, both overclans agreed to the treaty with the city dwellers. (APS)

Sivantlie Base
this was the name of the temporary base, located on Coruscant, used by Wraith Squadron as they planned their assault on Warlord Zsinj. (IF)

this man owned and operated the Suprosa during the Galactic Civil War. (SESB)

Sivel, Ela
this frail woman was a native of the planet Naboo, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. An artist, Ela was one of the first residents of Theed captured by the Trade Federation's battle droids during their invasion of the planet. (IOT)

this was a common name among the Umbaran people. (UANT)

this spreading vine was native to the planet Cartao. (SWI68)

Sivorian Sea
this vast ocean was famous for its deep, emerald-green waters. (JH)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "shrewd". (GCG)

this prototype RK-720 freighter was stolen from the SoroSuub headquarters in the Cularin System, but was eventually returned to SoroSuub by the citizens of Cularin. Miim Te'Suub, the Director of Formal Activities for SoroSuub, announced that the corporation decided to forego producing such an exquisite starship design. Instead, they turned the Sivulliq over to one of the Cularin natives who turned the ship in. It was later discovered that a key piece of proprietary technology was never removed from the freighter, and the pilot refused to allow the technicians of SoroSuub to retake possession. (WOTC)

this airless asteroid was captured by the gravity of the planet Thule, becoming a captured moon. Many beings simply refered to it as the Thule Moon. More than 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, Sivvi was the site of a military training facility maintained by the Sith, where they practiced zero-gravity maneuvers on its surface and inside its natural caves and tunnels. During the Clone Wars, a shield generator was constructed on the Thule Moon to protect the Separatist base on Thule itself. The generator was destroyed by Anakin Skywalker, allowing Old Republic forces to land on Thule. (TCW, GORW)

Six Local Systems
this was a collection of Mid Rim star systems. During the height of the New Order, all six systems were under the contol of a single Imperial Governor, Shran Etison. Governor Etison's based was one Tuttin IV, in the Tuttin System, during his tenure. (GMR6)

Six Questions, The
this was one of the underlying tenets of the Bothan Spy Network. Under the concept of the Six Questions, an agent of the spynet learned how to gather more and more information from fewer and fewer questions by analyzing information holistically, rather than asking additional questions. (HG)

Six Rocks
this collection of six vertical rocks was located in the deserts of Tatooine. (SWGAL)

Sixteenth Vissencant Variation
supposedly entitled Etude for Dawn, this was a false name used by Zan Yant to fool his good friend, Jos Vondar. Vondar had no knowledge of classical music, but truly enjoyed listenign to Zan play. Thus, when Zan first played Duskin re Lemte's Cold Midnight for Jos, the human was bewildered at the fusion of leap-jump and heavy isotope fusion. To poke gentle fun at Jos' lack of refinement, Zan called the piece the "Sixteenth Vissencant Variation" to see if Jos knew that, in fact, there were only fifteen Vissencant Variations. (MBS)

Sixth Belt
this was the name of the sixth asteroid belt located in the Oseon System. (LCF)

Sixth Decant
this section of the galaxy was held by the Alliance shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (CSWEA)

Sixty Hour War
this was the brief conflict during which the Empire subjugated the various rebellious factions on the planet Derilyn. During the War, the Empire wiped out the city of Paran in an effort to wipe out the rebels. (PG3, OE)

this Snivvian spent most of his adult life trying to read and understand the Journey of the Minds. To this end, the slightly insane Snivvian lived deep in the sewers of Eyar City in a collection of chambers he called his "Inner Sacntum." Sizinnian would often become emotionally unstable whenever Eyar Treatment Systems came through to clean the sewers, reaching a peak of paranoia and fearing that everyone was out to steal his research. (HAS)

Sizzton, Andar
this bounty hunter was contracted by the Empire to search out the group of Alliance agents investigating the construction of the Bissillirus Resupply Base, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. The Empire actually contracted five boutny hunters, in an effort to ensure that the agents were captured. Sizzton was the only hunter who trailed the agents to Entrus from Draenell's Point. For a number of reasons, Sizzton's hunt was known to the Alliance agents, which made him nervous because he wasn't sure their actions weren't meant to draw him into a trap. (GMK)

this is a unit of measure, and describes a large amount of computer data. (CFG)

Ska Chusko
this Rodian expression translated into Basic as "grow up". (HFG)

Skaak Tipper Gang
this gang of miscreants was active on the planet Naboo during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

a primary city on the planet Dohu VII. (SWJ1)

this Dug was a member of Sebolto's gang during the years following the Battle of Naboo. The Pixelito Grand Council issued a bounty for his capture in connection with the sale of death sticks to the youth of Pixelito, a bounty that Jango Fett managed claim during his attempt to meet with Sebolto. (BH)

this female Barabel bounty hunter was the first to stumble onto Luke Skywalker following the Battle of Hoth. Skahtul had been trained by another bounty hunter who had taken her on as a guide, and allowed her to pursue her own freedom as long as she never tried to hunt him down. She and her band had heard of both the Imperial bounty on Luke, issued by Darth Vader, and Prince Xizor's bounty. As a Barabel, she held a deep respect for the Jedi Knights, but capturing Luke and turning him over to the highest bidder was just good business. Luke managed to escape from her before she could deliver him to either Vader or Xizor. Shaktul was later contacted by Xizor's niece, Savan, in the hopes that the Barabel could track down the human replica droid Guri. She staked out Doctor Thrumble's labs on the world, noting the increased defenses after Kar Yang failed to capture Guri. Note that she is called Skahtul in the Dark Horse Comics version of Shadows of the Empire. (SE, SEE, SESB)

this city-covered planet was the homeworld of the Skakoan race. The atmosphere of Skako was filled with methane and other unusual chemical compounds, many of which were incredibly heavy. This meant that the atmospheric pressure on Skako was extremely high, making it unlivable to many other species. The Skakoans, however, evolved over time to survive there. This meant that nearly all Skakoans remained on Skako, since the equipment needed to maintain the unusual atmospheric pressures of Skako was prohibitively expensive. (SWDB, SWI70)

this vaguely humanoid race was native to the planet Skako. Because the atmosphere of Skako was unusually dense, Skakoans evolved over time to survive in the intense pressures there. This meant that nearly all Skakoans remained on Skako, since the equipment needed to maintain the unusual atmospheric pressue was prohibitively expensive. Any Skakoan caught on a world with low atmospheric pressure would explosively decompress. Despite their relative anonymity, Skakoans were know for their ability to create microelectronics, and their manufacturing processes were considered quite advanced. Very few beings ever saw a Skakoan without their protective suits, although it was believed that they resembled guant humans with folds of sickly-colored skin. During the last decades of the Old Republic, the Skakoan presence in the galacxy was most felt during the Clone Wars, as the Techno Union sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems while under the direction of Wat Tambor. However, with the rise to power of Emperor Palpatine, the Skakoans were relegated to subordinate positions, and many retreated to Skako, disgusted with the human race. This self-imposed isolation continued even after the Battle of Endor, leading the rest of the galaxy to consider the Skakoans to be secretive xenophobes. (SWDB, SWI70, UANT)

this was the native, written language of the Skakoan race. Many other races often mistook Skakoform for techincal blueprints or circuit diagrams. (GMR10, UANT)

this was the native, spoken language of the Skakoan race, a complex form of machine language which closely resembled Bocce. (GMR10, UANT)

this was the second moon of the planet Yabosta. It was covered with treacherous mountain ranges, and was the homeworld of the Dolandu. (GMR10)

although highly nutritious, skalrat wan considered one of the most disgusting delicacies in the galaxy. (DN1)

this Imperial Consul-General was assigned to maintain and control access to the Gree Enclave. He hated the posting, and cared little about maintaining the balance of trade in the Enclave. He was purposely inattentive to his duties, and hoped that the backlog of uncollected taxes would get him reassigned to another world. (SWJ8)

this was a species of burrowing worm that was native to the planet Bothawui. (DN2)

Skamini, Ashielle
this woman and her husband, Sembric, were ore miners and traders who were living on Mon Gazza during the final decades of the Old Republic. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, Ashielle gave birth to a son, whom they named Warpoc. However, Warpoc was discovered to have a strong connection to the Force, and was taken from his parents to be trained on Coruscant. Some seven years later, Sembric and Ashielle were brutally murdered by Black Sun extortionists, and their son - now known by the name Zett Jukassa - began having visions of their murders. These visions helped Jedi Knight Mierme Unill expose their killers and solved the crime. (SWDB)

Skamini, Sembric
this man and his wife, Ashielle, were ore miners and traders who were living on Mon Gazza during the final decades of the Old Republic. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, Ashielle gave birth to a son, whom they named Warpoc. However, Warpoc was discovered to have a strong connection to the Force, and was taken from his parents to be trained on Coruscant. Some seven years later, Sembric and Ashielle were brutally murdered by Black Sun extortionists, and their son - now known by the name Zett Jukassa - began having visions of their murders. These visions helped Jedi Knight Mierme Unill expose their killers and solved the crime. (SWDB)

Skamini, Warpoc
this infant boy was born to Sembric and Ashielle Skamini on the remote world of Mon Gazza. He was discovered to have a strong connection to the Force, and was taken to Coruscant as a newborn for training in the Jedi arts. The infant was then renamed Zett Jukassa, and his past was hidden from him until the age of seven. It was then that Jedi Knight Mierme Unill was investigating the murders of several Mon Gazzan miners, who turned out to be Jukassa's parents. Jukassa was told about his true past, in order to help Mierme Unill solve the murder of his parents. (SWDB)

a squirrel-like creature that lives in forests of Endor's Sanctuary Moon, the skandits have black, furry masks. They use slingshots and whips to ambush unwary travelers. (ECAR)

Skandrei Bandits
this group of cutthroat pirates was extremely active in the Kathol Outback during the early years of the New Republic. They maintained a fleet of capital ships and support craft that was rivaled only by the Imperial Navy fleet assigned to Kathol Sector, making them a formidable opponent. This firepower made them virtually unstoppable, and they attacked wherever and whenever they chose. The Skandrei later allied themselves with Gorak Khzam and the Sabriador Slavers, in an effort to eliminate the Qektoth Confederacy. During the Battle of Kathol, the Skandrei agreed to help Khzam defeat the FarStar as well as the Confederacy, but their combined forces were not enough to overcome the Imperial warships in orbit arounf Kathol. The Skandrei Bandits and the Sabriador Slavers were both destroyed in the battle. (KO, E)

this planet is located in Astal Sector. It is famous for its Skannbult Likker. (GG9)

Skannbult Likker
this alcoholic drink is made from surplus dust-corn and dry gene wheat on the planet Skann. It has been described as the galaxy's most volatile form of fire-water. (GG9)

this was the alias used by the droid SCr-114, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The simple name allowed the droid to appear to be organic during early negotiations, where another being might resent having a droid as a smuggler. (SWJ5)

this immense, humanoid being was assigned the rank of Imperial General, and was placed in command of the garrison on Shiva IV shortly after the Battle of Hoth. Distinguished by his grayish skin, toothy jaws and jutting chin, Sk'ar ordered the captured of Aron Peacebringer and Leia Organa just after the destruction of the city of K'avor. Sk'ar's mission was to subjugate the populace of Shiva IV and conscript the strongest survivors to become soldiers for the Empire. He believed that defeating Aron in combat would break the spirit of the Calian Confederacy and make his job that much easier. It was Sk'ar who had ordered the destruction of K'avor, an event he hoped to repeat at Illyriaqum during the celebration of the signing of the Concordat of Peace. His dreams of power were shattered, however, when Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca arrived on Shiva IV to rescue Leia. They apprehended Sk'ar's warship as it attempted to destroy Illyriaqum, and Leia managed to disarm the bomb Sk'ar planned to drop on the city. Protected by a personal shield, Sk'ar tried to escape in an airship, but Chewbacca was able to destroy the ship before it could flee. Sk'ar died in the explosion. (MC53, MC54)

also known as the glitterclaw, this predatory beast was native to the planet Bothawui. The skar'kla were distantly related to the krak'jya feline, having evolved more for speed than power. Skar'klas rely on stealth to get close to their prey, then burst from cover and attack before the prey even knows they were being hunted. If a prey should ever escape, the skar'kla had plenty of speed to catch them and bring them down. Skar'kla were native to the mountainous areas of Bothawui, and tended to stay well away from civilization. However, as the populations of krak'jyas was hunted down for its pelts, the skar'kla numbers rose, and they began to encroach on urban areas. This results in attacks caused more by mistake than by deliberate planning. (SPG)

a Kalkal academic who, along with Ra Yasht, wrote the paper Torture Observed: An Interview With Jabba's Cook. This work brought both of them instant tenure at Beshka University, much to the chagrin of P'tan. (TJP)

this planet was known for its seven, wondrous moons. (MCA1)

this small boat-like vehicle is driven by a small repulsorlift engine. Large enough for a single rider, it is easily slowed by placing a foot on the ground. (SA1)

this swoop gang of Skeebos operated from a base in the Southern Crags of the planet Skeebo. They were considered outlaws, but we secretly working for Kaptain Voor. They kidnapped the H'uun Anachro, during her honeymoon on Skeebo, and held her for ransom. Their plans were thwarted when Gorga the Hutt employed Boba Fett to rescue Anachro. (BF)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "merchant". (GCG)

Skawn Bonduna
this Twi'lek male was a gifted musician and scholar, who grew up during the last years of the Old Republic. His education allowed him a future as an attorney or governor, and his muscial skills seemed to promise a fabulous career in show business. His band, the Sonic Free, was coming into its own just as Emperor Palpatine instituted the New Order, and much of their music was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. The IBC claimed that Sonic Free was using subliminal manipulation of their music to coerce citizens into acting against the Empire. The other members of Sonic Free were arrested, but Skawn managed to escape. He was spotted in the Mid Rim shortly afterward, and a bounty was posted for his capture. Skawn then fled into hiding again, and remained at large even during the Galactic Civil War. (GMR6)

meaning "charismatic", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

a Tetsus Rodian, noted for his ability to hunt and kill the Manka cat. (TME)

Skeeb Desert
this is the largest desert found on the planet Skeebo. (BF)

the Hutt Gorga and his new bride, Anachro, spent time on this planet during their honeymoon. Anachro was kidnapped and held for ransom by Kaptain Voor and the Skavers. Skeebo was also the homeworld of a race which was known as the Skeebos. (BF)

this ancient race of spotted-skinned humanoids has lived on the planet Skeebo for several millennia. (BF)

Skeebo City
this is the capital city of the planet Skeebo. (BF)

this creature is infamous for its incredibly noxious smell. A mollusk, skeegs were native to the planet Vendara, where they lived in the warm swamps and rainforests. Their were considered unique in the mollusk world because of the shape of their shells. Over time, the calcareous material exuded to create the shell forms a pair of movable wings. However, these wings provide no assistance to the locomotion o the skeeg, which simply moves by contracting and expanding the muscles of its fleshy foot. What the wings do allow the skeeg to do is catch its prey. When an insect lands on the skeeg's back - attracted by the scent exuded from glands on its rearend - the skeeg used its wings to reach up and grab it. Then, using spines on its body, the skeeg injects a poison into its prey to immobilize it. Once the prey stopped moving, the wings helped move the insect to the skeeg's mouth for consumption. (TPS, COG)

this well-muscled Cerean youth was the leader of the band of techrats which hung out with Kordren and Maj-Odo-Nomor. In order to hide his identity while riding swoops out on the plains, Skeel often painted his face white with black markings around his eyes. He led the raid on Ki-Adi-Mundi's house to steal groceries, shortly after Sylvn joined their band. Skeel's desire for technology, and the thrill of racing a swoop, often clouded his judgement, and when he and Kordren tried to race within the walls of the Outsider Citadels, Skeel lost control of his swoop and crashed into a dead-end wall. He was killed instantly, and Kordren was hospitalized after leaping from his swoop before it hit the wall. (PTR)

this was the name of a famous hero from Cerean mythology. (GCG)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Skeel referred to a famous warrior in Cerean mythology. (GCG)

Skeendo Tunnels
this network of abandoned mining tunnels and canyons is found in the Southern Crags of the planet Skeebo. A city was built from the wreckage of starships scavenged from the Skeeb Desert by the Skavers. It was here that the Skavers held Anachro for ransom. Boba Fett was able to infiltrate the tunnels and rescue the H'uun. (BF)

Skeete, Jaspar
the last City Governor of D'larah, Skeete was notorious for his poor crisis management. The fact that Demophon and its star were doomed during the Galactic Civil War placed Skeete out of his comfort zone. (SN)

this tiny, winged being was the majordomo of Princess Lourdes. He held Lord Gar-Oth's guards at gunpoint while Lourdes defeated Gar-Oth and Yoshi Raph-Elan destroyed The Goliath battle droid. (SWS)

this Imperial Navy Captain was dispatched to Yavin 4, to pick up Grand Moff Tarkin in the wake of an assumed Imperial victory over the Alliance. When he arrived at Yavin 4, he found no sign of the Death Star or Tarkin, and was hard-pressed to defend his small fleet against the Alliance's meager forces. He was eventually shot down over the jungle moon and captured. Under interrogation by Han Solo, who claimed to have been a doctor who was using captured bacta to heal Skeezer's wounds, he revealed that the Death Star had been carrying a huge cargo of bacta. Skeezer also revealed that the bacta had been contaminated. Based on this information, General Dodonna agreed to send a small mission to Thyferra, in order to ascertain the true nature of the Death Star's bacta and the Imperial plans for it. After a few days, Skeezer managed to escape from captivity, and set out in his cruiser to locate the Liquidator and provide information on the rebel base to Admiral Termo. He was accidentally intercepted by Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, and both their ships were force to crash-land on Yavin 8. There, Skeezer was captured again, and held for further interrogation. (MIS1, MIS2, MIS4)

this game of chance was popular in the Outer Rim Territories, where much of the gambling done during its play was controlled by the Hutts during the New Order. (MA)

this species of fish-like creature was a hybrid of carbon- and silicon-based lifeforms. They were named for the way they "swam" through soil, and could easily move through solid rock. They accomplished this by their swimming motion, which placed their razor-sharp, metallic scales in contact with the surrounding material. These scales literally scraped away material. Skekfish had no eyes, and hunted purely by their sense of hearing. When they attacked larger prey, the skekfish would first jump at their prey, using their knife-like bodied to slash at it. Skekfish were known for their swift speed, voracious appetites and incredible reproduction rate, and it was theorized that a colony of skekfish could eliminate the major fauna on an undeveloped planet in little time. Whenever a colony of skekfish ran out of food, they reproduced one last time, laying their eggs in the carcasses of their prey. These last eggs, if undisturbed, could survive for thousands of years before hatching again. The only known defense against these creatures was the use of ion weapons, which caused them to explode. (WOA10)

Skerr Kyrric
this was the Yuuzhan Vong name for their living armor, creating from the organic material of the vonduun crab. In essence, the skerr kyrric armor was just one large vonduun crab, bioengineered to wrap itself around a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. (NEGW)

this male Devaronian, spouse of Anirak, was one of many who smuggled bandaras off Devaron in order to breed them for eventual return to the planet. His work helped offset the desire of the female Devaronians to exterminate the bandaras. (COG)

this large, flying, carnivorous reptile was native to the deserts of Tatooine. It can reach lengths of up to a meter. These creatures were something of an anomaly in the galactic animal kingdom, being warm-blooded reptiles which gave birth to a single offspring at a time. They lived in caves and crevasses, hanging upside down by clinging to the rock with the claw on their tail. The large fangs and teeth of the sketto were used for gathering insects and piercing the hide of larger creatures, allowing the sketto to lap up the blood which flowed from the wound. It was rumored that a swarm of skettoes could suck a sleeping dewback dry of blood. (GF, WSW)

this gas is one of the most common gases used for blasters. (CFG)

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