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this model of servodriver was produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. (PSG)

the New Republic registry number of the Star Destroyer Gnisnal. (BTS)

this was the second Balmorran Arms SD war droid prototype produced which took advantage of enhanced programming stolen from the defunct Darktrooper program to improve its targeting systems. It improved on the SD-4 design, but was eventually replaced by the SD-6. (EGD)

this was the sixth Balmorran Arms war droid prototype produced in the SD series, before mass-production began on the SD-9. Like its predecessors, the SD-8 took advantage of enhanced programming stolen from the defunct Darktrooper program to improve its targeting systems. (EGD)

this was the seventh Balmorran Arms war droid prototype produced in the SD series, before mass-production began on the SD-9. Like its predecessors, the SD-8 took advantage of enhanced programming stolen from the defunct Darktrooper program to improve its targeting systems. (EGD)

this small, squat droid used by the Empire as an assistant to IMP-22, performing the more menial tasks while IMP-22 interfaced with human officers. SD-7 had no legs, treads, or wheels, but sat in position to monitor military activity. It had six manipulator arms, used to perform computer-related activities. (REB)

this was the model number of Pacnorval Defense Systems' sonic pistol. Like the SG-82 sonic rifle, the SD-77 fired a wide pattern of high-intensity sound waves which could shatter solid objects or stun a living being into submission. (EGW)

see SD-77 (AEG)

this was the last Balmorran Arms war droid prototype produced in the SD series, before mass-production began on the SD-9. Like its predecessors, the SD-8 took advantage of enhanced programming stolen from the defunct Darktrooper program to improve its targeting systems. (EGD)

a war droid produced on Balmorra for the Empire. It was built during the period of the reborn Emperor's reign on Byss. The original design of the war droid was done by Umak Leth and was basically a three-meter-tall, humanoid automaton armed with a plasma-burst cannon and a heavy repeating blaster, and protected by laser-reflective armor plating and an ionization shield system. Parts of the SD-9's programming and technology was borrowed from the Empire's Dark Trooper project, although this information was not initially released to the new Republic. Balmorran Arms failed to keep development costs down during the design of the SD-9, hoping to overcome the problems it had with earlier models. Thus, the SD-9 proved to be prohibitively expensive to anything smaller than a planetary government. Most SD-9s were conscripted by the Empire. (DE2, EGD, AEG)

this Mrlssti was considered an expert in droid programming, during the height of the New Order. (FTD)

this former Jedi Master was honored by Bisquit Baron for his contributions, with a commemorative holocube that documented his history being included in many QuickSnack and QuickSnackLite meals. The meals and holocubes were available shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

this Dalabar Micro-Electronics surveillance detection system was manufactured for use by private individuals and small corporations. It used a variety of sensors and detectors to identify and track any outgoing transmissions which it encountered. While the Empire chafed at the availability of this type of device, it allowed consumers to purchase them on the understanding that military technologies existed that could bypass the abilities of the SDS-632. (GFT, AEG)

SD-series Infantry Droid
this series of combat droids, produced by Balmorran Arms, was first designed during the last years of the New Order. Actual production didn't begin until after the Battle of Endor, so Balmorran Arms decided to sell the technology to the New Republic. The Empire's forces managed to capture Balmorra and taken control of the SD-9 droids, but Balmorran Arms provided the prototype SD-10 to the New Republic during the planet's liberation. (AEG)

this was a basic blaster produced by BlasTech during the height of the New Order. It was nothing more than a tube with a grip, and had a small energy pack mounted below the barrel. (JKG)

this was an upgraded model of the basic SE-14 blaster from BlasTech. Ponda Baba used one of these weapons. (JKG)

this upgrade to the standard BlasTech SE-14 was produced for use by the stormtroopers of the Empire. It was considered a back-up weapon to the E-11 blaster rifle. It was considered a light repeating weapon, with a semi-automatic action. (LAWS)

SE2 Service Droid
this droid was built in the centuries before the Clone Wars, and was designed to act as receptionists and gatekeepers. The remnants of the Empire used SE2 droids to maintain their databanks, such as the one on Bastion. (VOF)

this SE-4 series servant droid was owned by Lord Vaskel Savill. (LOE)

a series of servant droids manufactured by Industrial Automaton, the 1.6-meter-tall SE4 was the first major series of droids produced by Industrial Automaton, and helped them grow into the huge corporation they are today. One of the oldest known droid lines, the SE4 resembled the humanoid 3PO protocol droid in shape, and can be equipped with various personality modules. They are used throughout the galaxy in cantinas, messhalls, and tapcafes. (RASB, ROE, FTD)

see SE4 (DFR)

this droid, along with its partner, SE4-12, were modified from their original servant droid programming to act as bodyguards to Eelien Kirat. Both droids had been owned by Ral Nalmar, but in the wake of his assassination, Kirat needed an added layer of protection from Qual'om Soach. SE4-10 and SE4-12 were armed with an internal blaster rifle. (FBS)

this droid, along with its partner, SE4-10, were modified from their original servant droid programming to act as bodyguards to Eelien Kirat. Both droids had been owned by Ral Nalmar, but in the wake of his assassination, Kirat needed an added layer of protection from Qual'om Soach. SE4-10 and SE4-12 were armed with an internal blaster rifle. (FBS)

this SE-4 servant droid served aboard the New Republic corvette FarStar, acting as the chief assistant to DD-19 in the droid repair bay. SE-4-I7 was easily distinguished by its matte-black paint, giving the droid an ominous appearance. (DARK)

this SE-4 servant droid served aboard the New Republic corvette FarStar, working with R-97 to ensure that the ship's stores and supplies were well-stocked and in good order. SE-4-LQ3 discovered that nearly a quarter of the ship's food supply was contaminated, shortly after it entered the Kathol Rift in search of Moff Sarne. (KR)

this servant droid worked for Radell Mining Corporation shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (OE)

this was one of the many SE-4 servant droids which were part of the droid pool aboard the FarStar. SE-4-TQ5 was known for its ability to create wondrous meals from simple fruits, and was assigned to the mess hall. (DARK)

this is a series of service droids used in restaurants and cantinas. (SOP)

this series of domestic droids was first produced shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (EVR)

Sea Cabbage
a plant grown in the oceans of Drexel One, sea cabbage was a basic food consumed by the natives of the planet. (MC12)

Sea Dew
this beverage was created by the Quarren, and was popular in many bars. (SWJ11)

Sea Eel
this long fish was native to the planet Kamino, where it was often caught and kept as an unusual pet. Sea eels fed primarily on sea-mice, but were often eaten themselves by larger predators. The narrow eyes of the sea eel sat upon a head that was dominated by a huige mouth, which was used to swallow its prey whole. (BF1)

Sea Flea
this small, aquatic insect was native to the planet Calamari. (UYV)

Sea Hog
a creature native to the planet Toola, hunted for sport and food by the Whiphids. (TJP)

Sea Killer
this modified B'zabuu-class Transport was owned and operated by the Gungan Toba, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. Just over twelve years old at the time, the Sea Killer had seen many owners before being purchased by Toba. Toba had the craft painted to resemble a huge opee sea killer, and added a Getaway missile launcher to its armament. (WOTC)

Sea Legacy
this Old Republic assault ship was dispatched to the planet Pengalan IV during the early stages of the Clone Wars. (SWI65)

Sea Mouse
see Iiaa (GORW)

Sea of Graves
this was the second-largest ocean found on the planet Veron. (PG1)

Sea of Hope
this was one of the oceans on Ylesia, and separated the primary slave colonies from Colony Five. (RD)

Sea of Jarad
located on the planet Tralus, this storm-tossed sea was located far from the warmer climate of the planet's equatorial regions. The natives who lived along its shores were a hardier breed of beings, hunting styanax for food and other products. (CCW)

Sea of Jarad
this was one of the largest bodies of water found on the planet Tralus. (WOTC)

Sea of Memory
according to the Anzati, the Sea of Memory was the collection of life forces that was created from the life energies of dead Anzati. When an Anzati died, their life energies - later referred to simply as "soup" - left their bodies and ascended to the stars. Individual energies created the lights known as the Silent Voices. (RT)

Sea of Sponges
this unusual body of water, named for the abundance of sea sponges that filled it, was located on the planet Drongar, about 1,000 kilometers north of the Qarohan Steppes. (MJH)

Sea of Translucency
this wondrous body of water was located on the planet Dremulae, and was named for the way in which its waters absorbed the ambient light and reflected it back in patterns of muted color. (JQ9)

Sea of Veruna
this was the name given to a large area of dead, empty space located near the Naboo System. Many local hyperspace travel lanes passed through the Sea of Veruna, since it provided an obstacle-free approach to Naboo. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, the Imperial forces controlling Naboo "secured" the Sea of Veruna, patrolling it on a regular basis. (SWGAL)

Sea Shrike
an oceanic bird native to the planet Coruscant. (BTS)

Sea Sprite
this repulsorlift aquaculture harvester was purchased by Tirgee Benyalle for use on Kaal. It was part of a fleet of ten such vehicles owned by Benyalle, as she harvested as much as she could from Kaal's oceans in order to make a profit. (SWJ7)

this alien race was subjugated by the Empire. (RD)

Seabed Lodge
this hotel was located within the Fathoms restaurant complex, situated in the Glitter Cay Tower of Wildwater City on Calamari. A wide variety of leisure activities was regularly scheduled for its guests, and there were a number of different decors a visitor could choose from. (WSV)

this old Mon Calamari light freighter was owned and operated by Basz Maliyu. (PSG)

this was the brand name of one of the scent tablets produced for use in an Orfite Scent Mask. (PG3)

a large, dragon-like creature inhabiting the waters of Drexel One, a planet in the Drexel System. They are intelligent creatures that communicate over ultra-sonic frequencies. The sea-dragons accepted and even welcomed the Dragon Lords when the humans were first exiled, and agreed to help them overthrow Quarg. The baby dragons were used as spies. Quarg used a sonic jammer to injure the sensitive hearing of the sea-dragons, but Han Solo managed to destroy the weapon before it could do serious harm. (MC12)

this microscopic creature inhabited the oceans of Pydyr. Their small shells were highly valued as jewels in the Almanian System, and were quite expensive. Their value was due in part to their small size as well as the fact that only Pydyrians seemed to be able to locate them. The Pydyrian government once tried to manufacture droids to search for the shells, but the droids were unable to match native Pydyrian abilities. Seafah shells come in a rainbow of pearlescent colors. (TNR)

a oceanic plant native to Spira. (SWJ5)

carnivorous plants that inhabit the oceans of Calamari. (DA)

Seahorse Casino
this casino was located on Pavo Prime, until Han Solo managed to break the bank. The casino was forced into bankruptcy, and never re-opened. The Seahorse had been owned by the family of Ludlo Lebauer, who never forgot Solo's actions. (SWI67)

Serridge's capital ship shield generation system. (SCRE)

a derogatory term used to describe the Sedrians. (BGS)

located along the Tsilor Sea, just north of New Plympto's capital city of Phemiss, this open grassland stood in stark contrast to the decay of the Drowned Chase, (CCW)

this small crustacean inhabits the seas of the planet Rathalay. It protects itself by forming a shell around its soft body. The shell has a jewel-like sheen, and it considered by some to have minimal value as a gem. (SOL)

this small creature was native to the stormy, ocean-covered world of Kamino. These creatures evolved as small, furry rodents with paws, living on the ground during their infancy. However, when they were placed in the water, their paws began to change intop flippers, allowing the sea-mice to move about in the ocean. However, their small size meant that they could not swim very fast, and many sea-mice were consumed by the denizens of the planetary ocean. (BF1)

this exceptionally strong adhesive had many uses, from plugging gaps between metal plates to serving as mortar in building walls. (DN2)

this oceanic bird congregated in bustling nests, and their raucous calls could be heard for miles around. (TCD)

Search and Rescue Corps
this civilian agency was funded by the New Republic, during the early years of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The Search and Rescue Corps provided assistance to those worlds which were too remote for Republic rescue ships to reach in time to save their inhabitants. While Republic warships fought against the Yuuzhan Vong, operations like the Search and Rescue Corps helped transport beings from planets in the warzone to other worlds which had managed to avoid being attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong. (EOV, GMR8)

Search Team 102
a group of Imperial soldiers on board the Chimaera and assigned to locate Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. They were killed when Luke, Mara, and Talon Kaarde escaped from the Star Destroyer. (DFR)

Search Team 207
a group of Imperial soldiers on board the Chimaera and assigned to locate Luke Skywalkerand Mara Jade. They discovered the remains of Search Team 102. (DFR)

this was Tash Arranda's ID whenever she scoured the Imperial HoloNet for information. Note that Galaxy of Fear 5:Ghost of the Jedi claims Tash's ID is Searcher1. (GOF1, GOF5)

Search-Scan 4
developed for military use by BlasTech, the Search-Scan 4 was a self-contained collection of scanners and sensors. It was moved about in a large crate, and contained probes and receptors that could penetrate some forms of shielding to reveal hidden details. (GUN)

Searous Hair
this wondrous fiber was woven to create exquisite necklaces and jewelry. (APS)

Seas of Mists
this was the term used by the Yvarema to describe the foggy coastlines of their homeworld of Yvara. (KR)

this small corporation produced a variety of underwater diving suits. (SWJ1)

Seascape Mountains
this was the name of a range of underwater peaks located in the seas of Calamari, just south of the Algae Sward. Those peaks that broke the surface of the ocean were known as the Hakawa Islands. The Seascape Mountains formed the primary habitat of the whaladons, and it was here that Imperial forces established a whaladon-processing center, during the height of the New Order. (GDV, GORW)

repulsorlift watercraft used on Calamari. (DA)

Season Scepter
according to Ewok legend, this scepter was used by the gods of the weather to bring on the individual seasons. There were four beings who controlled the weather - the Flower Queen, the Sun King, the Leaf Queen, and the Snow King - and each could possess the scepter for a short time. During this time, the being could bring their own, unique form of weather to the Forest Moon of Endor, resulting in the four seasons. The Snow King and his mistress, Oodra, once plotted to steal the Season Scepter and use it to obtain the Sunstar, in the hopes of taking control of the weather and of Endor itself. Their plans were thwarted by theLeaf Queen, who called upon the Ewoks and the other creatures of the moon to help defeat the Snow King. (ECAR)

this was the name given to the transition period between autumn and winter, on the planet Hargeeva. (SWJ10)

Seaspice Soup
this soup was a favorite of many Mon Calamari. (WSV)

native to the oceans of Mon Calamari, this cephalopod was desired for its tasty flesh. (WSV)

native to Calamari, this was a species of trees that grew beneath the surface of the water. Seatrees had supple, leather-like bark and leathery fronds that were shot through with bright blue and red veins. Air-filled fruit-like bladders kept the treetops afloat. The fronds of the trees formed complex underwater networks used as homes by many forms of sealife. They were also used to store supplies. (DA, JASB, GORW)

this specially-trained stormtrooper provided the Empire with soldiers who could operate underwater or in aquatic environments. They were modified combat armor that was based on the scoutrooper armor, with a two-piece body glove that protected the seatrooper against temperature extremes and toxic environments. These soldiers were also known as Aquatic Assault Troopers. (BGS, ISB, SWDB)

this was one of the many clans of the Nosaurian race, which was native to the planet New Plympto. (CCW)

this man served the Old Republic as a shuttle pilot during the height of the Clone Wars. He was dispatched, along with Biggs Bogan, to serve aboard the MedStar Nineteen medical frigate on the planet Drongar. The two pilots took shifts as the pilot for the Admiral in charge of Drongar, allowing the Admiral to come and go when needed. He was known to have an allergy to certain legumes, a trait that was exploited by the assassin Kaird, who needed to steal a starship to escape from Drongar. Kaird slipped a powdered form of the legume into Sebairns' drink one night, (MJH)

this Jazbinan was drinking in a bar with some friends when 3DVO was able to show live holovids of the execution of Prepredenko and its own destruction. Sebb suddenly didn't feel like drinking, and began to rethink his support of the Empire. He led a huge group of his buddies in a demonstration against Vader, and helped disrupt the Dark Lord's attempt to capture Luke Skywalker. When Jal destroyed Vader's starship, Sebb's rebels quickly disabled Vader's stormtroopers. (VQ)

this race of humanoids was native to the planet Sebiris. A primitive race of skilled hunters and trappers, the Sebiri were superstitious by nature. The skin of the Sebiri was covered with thick, greenish-brown scales, and their red, slit-pupiled eyes were equally adept at seeing in the light or the dark. (DARK)

this jungle planet was located on the edge of the Marcol Void near the galactic boundary, in the most remote area of Kathol Sector. It was the homeworld of the Sebiri people. (DARK, KO)

Sebiris Run
this hyperspace navigation lane is one of two that cut through the Marcol Void, linking the population centers of Kathol Sector with the Kathol Outback. It connects the world of Sebiris to the planets of the Pimbrellan League. (KO)

this Dug, a popular holodrama star who moved from his homeworld of Malastare to Coruscant during the years following in the Battle of Naboo, was a frequent patron of Dex's Diner. Seboca was entertaining Bogg Tyrell with a night on the town in Galactic City when Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi tried to chase down Zam Wesell. Note that the final chapter of Star Wars: Episode III - The Making of Revenge of the Sith, as provided on the official Star Wars website, indicates that Seboca was a taxi driver. (SWDB, IWE2, OWS)

this Dug was a known distributor of death sticks, who worked from a base on his homeworld of Malastare during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Jango Fett hoped to gain an audience with Sebolto after tracing the death sticks from Groff Haug back to Malastare, during his search for the Bando Gora cult. However, Fett knew that Sebolto wouldn't see him without a good reason. It was then that Rozatta mentioned to Fett that Sebolto had issued a bounty for the capture of Bendix Fust, who Fett quickly apprehended and brought to Malastare. Sebolto had issued the bounty after Fust provided information on his smuggling operation in the Gazzari System to the Republic Security Force. The Republic shut down Sebolto's operations in the Gazzari System, causing the loss of huge amounts of credits. Jango was forced to fight his way into Sebolto's compound on Malastare, along with help from Zam Wesell, and was able to confront the Dug crimelord. He explained that he received death sticks from Tatooine before exporting them to specific buyers, including Groff Haug. Sebolto tried to flee Jango out of fear for his life, but stumbled down a ramp and over a steep wall before plummeting to his death. Before leaving Malastare, however, Jango discovered that Sebolto had been working with both Komari Vosa and the Hutts. This led Jango to travel to Tatooine in his search for Komari Vosa and the Bando Gora. (BH)

this unusual creature was a member of the Dug race, and was generally regarded as one of the best pod racers on the planet Tatooine, during the final years of the Old Republic. A native of Pixelito, a village on the planet Malastare, Sebulba resembled a small, hairless horse, although he could walk on his thin hind legs. Sebulba could trace his roots back tot he Black Shred Water clan, to the respected statesman Surdu, a fact that provided him with fodder to inflate his ego. He always wore his racing goggles, either over his eyes or on his forehead. While Sebulba was known as one of the best pod racers, he was also known as one of the dirtiest. It was once suspected that Sebulba caused more than three dozen crashes a year during podraces, many of them fatal. The Dug would stop at nothing to eliminate the competition, and kept a supply of old parts and junk in his pod. When an opponent would get too close, Sebulba would drop a piece of junk out of his pod, interfering with the other drive or - worse - causing massive damage to their pod. Sebulba's pod racer was also equipped with fire cutters, razor saws, and other illegal attachments that could be used to disable an opponent's pod racer. Unknown to many podracing fans, Sebulba also ran a strong slaving operation on the side, using his travels to many worlds on the podracing circuit to move large numbers of exotic slaves in his large freighter. When Anakin Skywalker challenged him to the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine, Sebulba could hardly contain his laughter. The human boy was good, but he didn't understand how to cheat in order to get ahead and stay there. The race featured several spectacular pod crashes, many of them the direct result of Sebulba's work. However, he had met his match that day in Anakin, who came from way back in the pack to challenge the Dug. Sebulba tried to disable Anakin's pod, but in doing so he only managed to tangle their Steelton cables together. Anakin was able to maneuver his pod in such a way to break them free, but Sebulba was unable to recover. The huge, X-shaped engines of his pod were sent flying, dragging the pod behind until the cable broke. Sebulba slid to a stop just outside the entrance to Jabba's main concourse. Shortly after the race, Sebulba bought Anakin's pod from Qui-Gon Jinn to replace his own. Because of his actions in the Boonta, Sebulba was forced to re-qualify himself for every major podrace on the professional circuit. Sebulba fathered many children and grandchildren during his lifetime, among them the equally-dangerous podracer Pugwis. Fate, however, eventually caught up with Sebulba, who died in a fatal crash during his "revenge tour" of podraces. (SW1, TPM, SW1S, QGJ, E1A5, ETM, NEGC)

Sebulba's Legacy
this podracing course was built on Malastare's southern continent several years before the Battle of Naboo. It was designed by the Dug podrcer, Sebulba, who chose to name it after himself. (NEGC)

Isolder's aunt. Isolder believes that she murdered Elliar to help pave the way for her own daughter to rule Hapes. (CPL)

not to be confused with SpecForces, SecForces were the individual sector forces used by the Alliance to maintain control of a sector of space. The SecForces were made up of regular troops. (ROE)

Secles Uslopos
this sniveling despot of a Sluissi was a member of Abdi-Badawzi's criminal organization. Originally the leader of a territorial gang on Socorro, Secles was recruited to join Abdi-Badawzi's organization as a chancellor and "morale officer." Always impeccably dressed and groomed, Secles maintained the loyalty and adherence of the Twi'lek's organization. (SWJ2, BSS)

Seclusion Braids
this was the term used to describe the many braids woven by Weequay males into their topknots, during their travels away from Sriluur. In general, a Weequay twisted one seclusion braid for each year they were away from their homeworld. (TG)

an Alliance container group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Second Battle Group
also known as the Second Fleet, it was one of the New Republic's defensive starship fleets. It was recalled to Coruscant just before the Yevethan Great Purge. (BTS)

Second Battle of Calamari
Admiral Daala, trying to gain some momentum for the crumbling Empire, launched an attack on the homeworld of the Mon Calamari. She targetted the main floating cities, which the Mon Calamari were still in the process of repairing following the First Battle of Calamari. She quickly struck when the Mon Calamari were not expecting, and was able to severely disable the Mon Calamari cities. The Mon Calamari, however, were able to destroy one of her Star Destroyers and then send a distress signal to the New Republic. Daala's anger at losing the Star Destroyer drove her to reckless attack, which was quickly negated by the arrival of a New Republic fleet. Daala chose to flee rather than press the attack, and the battle was quickly ended. (DA)

Second Battle of Coruscant
this was the name used by the New Republic to describe the struggle to control the planet Coruscant, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Under the guidance of Battle Plan Coruscant, the Yuuzhan Vong were to have two attack forces arrive at Coruscant in a classic pincer move: one force from Borleias and the other from Reecee. However, the Yuuzhan Vong force from Reecee was destroyed by the Republic forces fleeing Borleias, reducing the Yuuzhan Vong attack force by half. Despite the loss of a major part of his fleet, Warmaster Tsavong Lah continued with the planet. A portion of the remaining ships from Borleias entered the Coruscant System by hiding a wave of warships in the OboRin Comet Cluster. As the comets neared Coruscant, the alien warships launched the first wave of attacks on the planet. The New Republic's forces fought valiantly, and nearly defeated the first wave of ships before noticing another huge fleet of Yuuzhan Vong warships dropping out of hyperspace. Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya agreed that the Republic could not maintain control of the planet in the face of the overwhelming odds, and agreed to turn Coruscant over to Warmaster Tsavong Lah. Suspecting treachery, the Warmaster sent Romm Zqar, an aide, in his place. Chief of State Fey'lya, already under intense scrutiny from the Republic, allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to take Coruscant, but not before setting off a large bomb while in the presence of Romm Zqar. The New Republic's forces scattered, left without a centralized government. (SBS, NJOSB)

Second Battle of Kashyyyk
this was the name given to the New Republic's effort to free the planet Kashyyyk from the control of the Second Imperium, after Brakiss and the forces of the Shadow Academy tried to steal Imperial technology from the planet. (JE)

Second Battle of Sernpidal
this was the naem given by historians to the New Republic's attempt to destroy a shipwomb which was being grown by the Yuuzhan Vong in the rubble of the planet Sernpidal. The Republic decided to launch the attack after Kyp Durron provided the military leaders with evidence of a "superweapon" being cosntructed in the system. Kyp knew that the New Republic - and especially the Jedi Knights - would never condone an attack on a living ship that provided the growing medium for much of the Yuuzhan Vong's technology, so he used the superweapon threat to force the Republic to react. A gutted Interdictor Cruiser was sent into the Sernpidal System first, to set up its gravity wells as a way to get New Republic fighters directly into the combat zone. As the Yuuzhan Vong forces protecting the shipwomb tried to destroy the interdictor, arriving Republic forces quickly decimated the alien fleet and disabled the shipwomb. It then plnuged into Sernpidal's sun and was destroyed. When she found out that Kyp had lied about the true nature of the shipwomb in order to get approval for the attack, Jaina Solo broke off any relationship she might have had with him. Many of the Republic's own fighter pilots also condemned Kyp's actions, claiming that he had dragged them all down to the level of their enemy. (NJOSB, EVR)

Second Battle of Yavin
this struggle for control of the fourth moon of Yavin occurred shortly after the Battle of Endor. The scattered forces of the Empire had been searching for a leader, and several Moffs put for Trioculus as the true son of Emperor Palpatine. The fledgling New Republic had been trying to establish the location the Lost City of the Jedi, with Luke Skywalker hoping to obtain more information on restoring the Jedi Order. Trioculus and the Imperials needed to destroy the Jedi and wipe out the leadership of the Republic, and the two sides met on Yavin 4. Trioculus ordered that much of the forest be burned to the ground, in an effort to destroy the Republic's forces. While the Imperials were defeated, the Lost City was shut down during the battle, and all access to the city was cut off. (GMR5, LCJ)

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