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native to the planet Port Evokk, this predator inhabited the forests and used its muscular legs to pounce on its prey. Measuring a meter and a half tall and three meter in length, including its prehensile tail, a slar had long, taloned arms and a menacing facial structure. They were generally fearsome in appearance, and had an unusual blue-green skin coloration which mirrored that of other creatures native to Port Evokk. It is believed that many herbivores with the same coloration evolved over time because their predators thought they were slars, and so avoided them. Their feeding patterns were erratic, making them unpredictable hunters, and their ability to attack and kill most humanoid races made them targets for elimination. (COG)

this four-legged feline was native to the planet Enaleh, where it preyed on the flying helas. (COG)

Slar-dan ti Gardi
this Twi'leki criminal was captured by New Republic patrol officer Dasha Fanron and imprisoned for a mere two months before being released. He later joined Borun Call and learned the slave trade. Gardi spent much of the rest of his career harassing New Republic agents in the field, selling any that he managed to capture into slavery. He was recognizable by his gaunt frame and blue-green skin tone. (SWJ8)

this was one of the more common surnames used by the Duros people. Like all such names, Slarka was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. This name literally meant "baker". (GCG)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. To the Gungans, it meant "cold waters". (GCG)

this being was Stroon's first mate, and assistant in the Starhunter Intergalactic Menagerie. (DCAR)

Slash Squadron
one of the fighter groups protecting the Backstab, it was made up of pilots from the Khuiumin Survivors. (IJ)

this was one of two Skipray Blastboats stolen by Bazak's Gang. Along with the Slicer, the Slasher saw action during boarding actions. The ship's armament was upgraded to include three medium ion cannons, a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons, a proton torpedo launcher, and a concussion missile launcher. (FBS)

Slashing Wampa
this was one of the attack postures found within the teras kasi martial artform. (DMSH)

this species of predator was native to the planet Bimmiel, and were sometimes referred to as sandbiters. These large, rodent-like creatures traveled through the sandy desert areas of the planet, swimming like fish through the grit by swinging their tails back and forth. Their thin, pointed heads were protected by armor plating, which allowed them to burrow without being injured. They attacked in packs, swarming their prey and tearing it to shreds. Like their favored prey, the shwpi, the slashrat population flourished while Bimmiel was in the closest part of its elliptical orbit and the planet grew warm. Much of its body, from its wedge-shaped head to its short limbs and tail were covered with chitinous scales and downy grey fur, and its tail was flattened to help propel it through the sand. They exude a basic set of pheromones known as different types of sweat, one of which marks an area of attack (known as killscent) and one which marks the location of a dead slashrat (known as stink). (DTO, ANT)

this large, predatory insect was native to the planet Kashyyyk. It was known for its large mandibles, which were used like an organic pairs of scissors. The individual mandibles were offset slightly, allowing them to cross over one another and slice apart whatever was between them. (E3N)

Slatha essach sechel
this Illodian phrase translates to 'keep it to yourself.' (TT)

created by the Gungans, this slimy chemical compound resembled grease, and was used by miners. The miners covered their bodies with Slather in order to slide through small openings in the rocks. It later found widespread use as a lubricant. (E1A12)

this young girl and her brother, Sladak, were chosen by Torr Snapit to accompany him to Ruusan. The siblings displayed a connection to the Force, and Snapit hoped to use their strength to augment that of the Jedi Knights massing at Ruusan to combat the Brotherhood of Darkness. Unfortunately, their starship was shot down when it reached Ruusan, and Sladak and Slatka were killed in the attack. (JVS)

Slava Dancing
an exotic form of dance. (TT)

any being held against its will and forced to labor for its owner, the possession of slaves was generally outlawed by the Old Republic and its eventual successor, the New Republic. Emperor Palpatine's New Order didn't exactly condone it, but neither did it outlaw the practice. Any being could be made into a slave, and usually had a small transmitter inserted into its body. The exact location of the transmitter was hard to find, which meant that an individual slave had no idea how to remove it. If a slave tried to escape, its owner could send a signal to the transmitter. At a low setting, the transmitter would jolt its host into unconsciousness. At a high setting, the transmitter could destroy its host. (SW1)

Slave Circuit
this is basically a remote control mechanism for a starship. It be as simple a landing assistance command or a fully-rigged maintenance and operation program. (DFR)

Slave I
best-known as Boba Fett's personal ship, Slave I was a highly-modified Kuat Drive Yards Firespray-31 cargo ship. Unique in its design, very little of the original Firespray-31 that formed Slave I remained, as Boba Fett and his father, Jango, both made changes to support their lifestyles as bounty hunters. The craft was originally manufactured as one of six patrol ships, sweeping the space near Oovo IV to prevent prison breaks. Jango stole the ship from Oovo IV after the destruction of the Jaster's Legacy, destroying the other five patrol ships before fleeing the system. Jango then began refitting the ship for his own uses. Many of the modifications, performed at Kuat Drive Yards, were designed and supervised by Kuat of Kuat himself. This was partly because of Kuat's innate technical skill, but also so that the leader of KDY could keep an eye on what went into the ship's new form. Slave 1's outer hull was reinforced with plating and ray shielding, to compensate for reduced particle shielding. The hull is formed from a magnetically-polarized metal, making it the perfect electromagnetic receptor. This allows the ship to collect magnetic energies from the surrouding space - including the signals and pulses of pursuing ships - and reflect them as so much static. This jams the pursuer's sensors, making Slave I nearly invisible. Boba Fett has also dampened the ship's particle vapor trail to further eliminate proof of its passage. The ship appears to bear only a pair of twin-mounted blaster cannons on the tip of the command/cargo section, although rumors abound about hidden ion cannons, concussion missile launchers, and a powerful tractor beam. The ship's engines have been modified for speed. The Kuat Systems Engineering F-31 sublight engines provide an intense burst of power when first activated. This reduces maneuverability but increases the likelihood of Fett's capturing his quarry before it can escape. These are paried with four KSE X-F-16 power generators to provide that burst of speed, and gave the ship a top speed of 1,000 kilometers in atmosphere. The ship's Class 1 hyperdrive has also been updated, allowing for quick jumps to outrace a victim to their destination. The ship's interior has never been seen, but it is rumored to have a large enough hold to contain a force cage. Various hull reinforcements are also rumored to be present, to keep the cage from being jostled by larger races. There isn't a great deal of cargo space, for much of it has been given over to housing the ship's engines and power generators. Always one to plan for contingencies, Fett also had several duplicates of Slave I created for his use. These dummy ships looked and acted like the real thing, but were mere shells. Boba Fett used Slave I to track Han Solo to Bespin. From there, Fett took Solo's frozen body to Tatooine for delivery to Jabba The Hutt. Following his emergence from the Sarlacc, Boba Fett took his ship to Nar Shaddaa for repairs, but it was disabled at Nar Shaddaa during Palpatine's first resurrection. It sat at the spaceport receiving more repairs until Han Solo and Princess Leia returned to Nar Shaddaa searching for Vima-Da-Boda. Boba Fett was able to reactivate Slave 1 and its new Incom shields, only to receive a good deal of damage to one of its wings in a collision with the Millennium Falcon. (ESB, MTS, DE1, DE2, EGV, SLS, VD2, X2, NEGV, BH)

Slave II
Boba Fett's backup ship, this modified MandalMotors Pursuer patrol vehicle was weaker than Slave I, but it served its purpose well after the Alliance confiscated Fett's primary ship. However, what it lacked in punch it made up for in speed and maneuverability. The original engines had been replaced with twin Mil-StarIV engines mated with three x41 maneuvering thrusters mounted in the port-side strut. It had a forward-firing ion and twin blaser cannons, as well as a rear-firing proton torpedo launcher. Slave II also had enhanced sensors, but lacked Slave I's stealth capabilities. Slave II was severely damaged over Byss when Boba Fett tried to pursue Han Solo and Salla Zend near the planet. Solo took the Millennium Falcon into a dive toward the planet's surface just as the planet's shield generators kicked on. Slave II hit the shields and glanced off them, ripping off the portside stabilizer and causing massive system damage. Luckily for Fett, the ship's shield generators were at full-power. Fett drydocked Slave II after this incident, returning to the use of Slave I. (DE1, DESB, DE2, EE, EGV)

Slave III
Boba Fett briefly used this starship on his bounty-hunting missions, after he lost Slave I during a failed attempt to capture Han Solo on Nar Shaddaa. Fett used Slave III only briefly, since it was badly damaged during the attack on the Azgoghk. (NEGC)

Slave IV
Boba Fett owned this starship some fifteen years after the Battle of Endor. He used it to track down Kardue'sai'Malloc on Peppel, and return the Devaronian to Devaron for judgement. He also used the ship to track down Bornan Thul, in response to a bounty placed on the shipping magnate by Nolaa Tarkona. The ship was eventually abandoned on Shogun, after Fett wsa intercepted by Ailyn Vel. (TBH, TEP, SWI80)

Slave Quarter
this was the name of the compact are of hovels used to house the slaves owned in the city of Mos Espa, during the last years of the Old Republic. (IG1)

Slave Seed
this was the name of the yorik coral implant used by the Yuuzhan Vong to control those beings they took as slaves. The slave seed began as a tiny grain that was placed inside the slave's body. Most often, the slave seed was placed near the heart, but it could be inserted anywhere on the slave's body. As the slave seed grew, two things happened. First, it established a connection with the nearest controlling organism, usually a yammosk. Then, it extended its own nervous system along the nervous system of its host, developing a deep-rooted connection to the slave. This connection, known as the slave seed-web, was then tapped by the controlling organism, allowing the Yuuzhan Vong to control vast numbers of slaves with a single organism. Like many other pieces of Yuuzhan Vong bio-technology, the primary stimulus for controlling slaves was pain. The controlling organism could direct the slave seed to stimulate or shut down certain nerve clusters, causing a wide range of painful shocks to its host. In this way, slaves were conditioned to do what the Yuuzhan Vong wanted them to do. Slave seeds were engineered with a unique fail-safe: whenever contact was broken with the controlling organism, the slave seed-web administered an intense pain which could only be assuaged by contact with its parent coraltree basal. This was useful during the tizo'pil Yun'tchilat, when the maturing dhuryams had to survive on their own, without the assistance of their slaves. Slave seeds were no longer independent creatures after they began extending their nerves along those of the host. If a slave seed were to be removed from its host, it would die immediately. (T)

Slave Seed-Web
this was the term used to describe the network of nerve connections which were developed by the slave seeds of the Yuuzhan Vong. This nerve network meshed with the nervous system of the host, virtually becoming a single network which was controlled by the host's brain and the slave seed's controlling organism. The web's primary purpose was to connect with sensile nerves in the host, allowing the controlling organism to administer pain whenever the slave disobeyed. The web was engineered with a unique fail-safe: whenever contact was broken with the controlling organism, the web administered an intense pain which could only be assuaged by contact with its parent coraltree basal. This was useful during the tizo'pil Yun'tchilat, when the maturing dhuryams had to survive on their own, without the assistance of their slaves. (T)

Slave/Owner Card
this form of identification was required by Imperial law. Any alien who was a member of an enslaved species was required to be accompanied by its owner while traveling or working outside the owner's establishment. The owner was required to show the card whenever it was demanded by Imperial agents. (CRO)

Slavelord Boulevard
a street in Kessendra. (GDV)

Slavemaster Stun Carbine
developed by the Trandoshan race, this rifle was used by many bounty hunters and slavers throughout the galaxy. It was designed with the Trandoshan physique in mind, so it was easily used by most Trandoshans. It was developed during the height of the New Order, and continued to be popular for many decades. It fires a pulse of energy that stunned a target into submission, using a normal blaster power pack. (WOTC, UANT)

Slaver Syndicate
this large bounty-hunting syndicate was based on the planet Karazak. It speciallized in capturing large alien races such as Wookiees, Gamorreans, and Agorffi. They collected individuals with bounties on their heads, bought their ownership rights, and resold them as slaves. (GG9)

Slaver's Line
a thin cord that incorporated special circuitry, the slaver's line was used to link a number of captives into a single group, controlled by a director. The line attached to slaving collars worn by the slaves, and transmitted the punishing impulses from the director the collar. They were illegal, since slavery had been outlawed since the time of the Old Republic. However, they saw a rise in use during the early years of the New Order, when the government turned a blind eye to slaving practices, especially in the farther reaches of the galaxy. (HSR)

this was the term used by the New Republic to describe the immense, spherical ships used by the Yuuzhan Vong to acquire living beings from a conquered planet. The main body of the slaveship was protected by dense yorik coral, and was studded with dovin basals for protection. The slaveship was unarmed otherwise, and required a coralskipper escort when it was called for. After the Yuuzhan Vong had taken control of a planet, they brought in the slaveship to collect their prize - the living inhabitants. Five thick tentacles hung from the stern of the slaveship, and were lowered to the planet's surface. The muscular tentacles, then, literally sucked up any captured beings, ingesting them in such a way that very few were killed. Once inside the slaveship, captives were bound to the inner walls with a modified form of blorash jelly, where they were fed just enough to keep them alive until they could be processed by the Yuuzhan Vong. (FH1)

Slaving Collar
this was the name given to a wide variety of collars used to control enslaved beings. They took a number of different forms, from simple shackles connected with chains to elaborate pain-delivering nooses which were attached to slaver's lines and equipped with deadman switches. These systems allowed a slavelord to have complete control over a slave, eliminating any chance of escape. (EGW, HSR)

Slayer, The
this was one of the nicknames of the Yuuzhan Vong god Yun-Yammka. (VP)

Slayer, The
this was the Menahuun name given to Hugo Bartyn, the man who nearly drove the Menahuun to extinction some 500 years before the Clone Wars. (GMR7)

this was a new caste of Yuuzhan Vong warriors, superior even to the Hunters, created by Supreme Overlord Shimrra some four years after the start of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Molded from the aspects of the warrior and priest castes, the Slayers were created to serve as the final blow to the New Republic's chances to retake the galaxy. Their robust bodies were made from all manner of Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology, including vonduun crabs and dovin basals. The Slayers also appeared to have been Shamed, with Steng's Talons sticking from their bodies and oozing blood. Shimrra created the Slayers as an answer to the Jedi Knights, capable of piloting coralskippers and fighting with incredible agility and speed. They were armed with specially-bred amphistaffs, stronger and more vicious than their cousins. When cut in battle, the wounds of a Slayer healed almost immediately. Shimrra also used their creation as propaganda that proved his right to rule the Yuuzhan Vong. If their gods were truly displeased with him he reasoned, they would not have allowed the Slayers to be formed int the first place. The coralskippers of the Slayers were also unique, capable of making jumps into hyperspace on their own. These more powerful coralskippers had three triangular sections, with the forward two housing a pilot and gunner and the rear section housed the dovin basal propulsion system. The forward sections had three pairs of legs each, giving the fighter the appearance of an Aruzan stingcrawler. Each leg was equipped with a plasma missile launcher. The Slayers made their first appearance during the Galactic Alliance's attempt to rescue the prisoners who were held on Selvaris. (UF)

Slayer's Conceit
this was one of the many Yuuzhan Vong warships which was called to the planet Coruscant - remade into a new version of the planet Yuuzhan'tar - just before the alien invaders launched their all-out attack on the Galactic Alliance's stronghold on Mon Calamari. (UF)

Slayke, Zozridor
this Old Republic Navy Captain was in command of the corvette Scarlet Thranta, during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. Very little was known or remembered about his history, although he was known for his talents and abilities as a naval leader. When the Galactic Senate deadlocked itself over what to do about the Separatist crisis, Captain Slayke and his crew mutinied against the Navy and decided to take the fight directly to the Separatists. The Scarlet Thranta fled into Sluissi space, but was pursued by Nejaa Halcyon and the Plooriod Bodkin. Although Halycon managed to trap Slayke's forces on Bpfashh, Slayke had the last laugh. He sent one of his lieutenants, a Rodian named Grudo, to confront Halycon, knowing that the Jedi Master would not simply hack his way to Slayke. While Halcyon accepted Grudo's challenge of combat, Slayke slipped behind the lines and made off with the Plooriod Bodkin, adding the ship to his growing fleet. While Halcyon returned to Coruscant in embarassment, Slayke continued his campaign against the Separatists. As soon as he had escaped from the Republic, Slayke and his forces dubbed themselves Freedom's Sons and Daughters. Shortly afterward, he was officially pardoned for his mutiny by Chancellor Palpatine himself. Nevertheless, Slayke chose to remain independent. His small fleet was the only force nearby when the Separatists attacked the communications center on Praesitlyn, and his daring battle plan got him inside the Separatist blockade and onto the planet's surface. He managed to send off a request for reinforcments to Coruscant before he entered the jamming field of the Separatists. Once on Praesitlyn, his forces fought bravely, but were badly outnumbered by the Separatists' battle droids. Only the timely appearance of an Old Republic battle force - led, ironically, by Master Halcyon himself - gave them any hope. Slayke was reluctant to step out of a command position and turn the fighting over to Halcyon, but he was impressed with Halcyon's second-in-command, young Anakin Skywalker. He was also motivated by the speech of Reija Momen, who obviously disobeyed the orders of Pors Tonith in reading a prepared statement pleading for her life. As a group, they devised several plans of attack for recovering the communications center, but battlefield confusion forced them into a desparate rescue attempt. Their combined forces managed to defeat the battle droids commanded by Pors Tonith, and Slayke graciously offered to return the Plooriod Bodkin to Halcyon. Halcyon politely refused, and they parted ways on more friendly terms. (HNN5, JT)

this was a colloquial usage of the Huttese word sleemo. (LFCW)

one of the Verpine colonies which helped Ackbar develop the B-Wing starfighter. (RASB)

Slayn and Korpil Corporation
a company formed by the neighboring Verpine colonies which helped Ackbar develop the B-Wing starfighter. It was a well-known source of starships during the time of the Old Republic, and remained loyal to the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Following the Battle of Endor, Slayn and Korpil helped design the V-Wing combat speeder. (RASB, DESB, EGV)

SlaynRoche Company
this Verpine corporation produced a variety of asteroid mining and excavation vehicles during the era of the New Order. (GFT)

this was the designation of CoMar's planetary shield generator. This immense shield generator was designed to protect a large area of a planet's surface, but could also be configured to protect an orbiting moon or space station. The Empire used the SLD-26 to protect the second Death Star, during its construction in orbit around the Forest Moon of Endor. (EGW)

this was a species of insect that fed on the scum that collected on the surface of swamps. (MBS)

Sled Fox
this was the largest predator found on Berea, living in the tundra and preying on a variety of birds and small creatures. The sled fox had only two true legs, and had vestigial hind appendages which it used to steer its body as it slid down icy slopes. This form of locomotion earned the fox its name. (TBSB)

this Trandoshan assassin worked for Jabba the Hutt during the height of the Galactic Civil War. S'lee was captured on Corellia, and Jabba dispatched Yondalla to retrieve him before he could be forced to reveal information on Jabba's business dealings. (SWGAL)

Slee, Beru
this woman was a noted expert in the martial art of teras kasi, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (HNN5)

Sleeft Docking Bay Maintenance
this Mos Eisley corporation controlled several cargo storage locations near the spaceport. They once tried to steal high-quality droid parts from a shipment that belonged to Notsub Shipping, but an ambitious Bith named Angor Farn tried to steal it. Farn was eventually caught by Coral Ohah and a group of Alliance agents. (GG7)

Sleek Cruiser Inn
located on Grand Eucer Street in the capital city of Eusebus, on the planet Euceron, this hotel was definitely not sleek. Located in the shabbiest part of Eusebus, the Sleek Cruiser Inn catered to those beings who did not want to be identified while they were on Euceron, and didn't want to pay a lot for lodging. The exterior was a collection of plasteel sheets nailed together, while all usable interior space was turned over to lodging. The owner discovered that beings would pay for the space in the hallways and stairwells, and soon all manner of beings were living on the floors and in closets, as well as in the rooms. (JQ3)

this was a Huttese word used to deride or embarass another individual. Roughly translated into Basic, it meant "slimeball." (SW1, YJC1)

Sleemo Gang
this gang of hooligans and vandals was active on the planet Talus during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

Sleemo poy
this Huttese word translated into Basic as "drool". (GMR5)

Sleemo Poya Jeedai
this enormous, Hutt-owned yacht was one of many pleasure craft on which the band Distraction played their songs, during the early years of the New Order. Translated into Basic, the ship's name meant "The Drooling Jedi". Beings came from all over the Astal Sector of the galaxy to attend concerts aboard the Sleemo Poya Jeedai. (WOA28)

this monitor-like lizard was an omnivorous feeder native to the planet Dagobah. Sleens sought out damp, dark environments which were strong with the Force. (CCG4, TCG7)

this was the alias used by Shada D'ukal, when she and Talon Karrde infiltrated the Peace Brigade while trying to rescue the students at the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (EVC)

Sleep Coffin
a hibernation bed used to keep a person in suspended animation during a long, sublight stapce flight. (CS)

Sleep Couch
this was the generic term used to describe any form-fitting furniture used as bedding. (LJ1)

Sleep Inducer
this was another name for the Pacnorval SIL-50 stun pistol. (GFT)

this was a slang term used to describe a hold-out blaster. (KOTOR)

this was a the name of a figure out of Charr Ontee legend. The modern Charr Ontee discovered that Jessa Dajus was the Sleeper of their legends. It was her image - or one very similar to Jessa - that the Charr Ontee found on a 1,000-year-old document within DakrStryder's fortress, in a location which came to be known as the Shrine of the Sleeper. The Yapi also believed in the legend of the Sleeper, having learned that DarkStryder was fearful of the Sleeper ever awakening. (E)

Sleeper Bomb
this form of explosive device was used to cripple a starship in deep space. It was attached to the ship's hull in such a way that it could continuously and innocuously drain power from the ship's core. When it reached a certain power level, the bomb would draw an increasingly greater portion of the ship's power as it approached detonation. With a shaped charge and the correct power level, the bomb exploded in such a way that it ripped a hole in the ship's hull. The impending depressurization quickly and effectively killed the ship's crew and left her stranded in space. A sleeper bomb could also be used to destroy a ship that was berthed on the ground, provided that a nearby power source could be found to draw energy from while the bomb charged. (HSR, JQ2)

this was DarkStryder's name for the ancient Jedi Knight Halbret, who was referred to by the Kathol natives as the Sleeper. (E)

this wrist-mounted weapon is favored by Twi'leks. It is a close-range weapon which is jabbed into the target's flesh. A small trigger releases a sleep-inducing fluid into the victim, knocking them unconsious. (THG)

Sleepy Grin, The
this was the term used by Palleus Chuff to describe one of the many facial expressions used by Jedi Master Yoda. Chuff was a noted actor whose portrayal of Yoda in Jedi! made him famous across the galaxy. (YDR)

this Squib, who preferred the nickname Wilpher, was a noted individual in the history of the planet Skor II. (UANT)

this tentacle-headed native of the planet Molavar rose to power in the deserts of his homeworld during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo, demanding protection money from local moisture farmers in exchange for being left alone. Much of Sleeth's perceived power stemmed from the dominating presence of his mother, Magon, an immense being who served as the primary crimelord on Molavar. (T23)

Sleeve Gun
this was the term used to describe any holdout blaster or other weapon that could be hidden inside the sleeve of a garment. When the hand was thrust outward with a flick of the wrist, the sleeve gun dropped into the palm, ready to be fired. (GMR10)

this species of huge floating gasbags was native to the gas giant Taloraan. The sleft-chuffni can grow to be 200 meters in length, and drift along capturing airborne algae with their hanging tentacles. They are the primary source of food for the fleft-wauf. (SWJ5)

this planet was under the control of Bochaba the Hutt, during the era of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

Sleight Box
this normal-looking cargo crate has a low-power repuslor coil matrix and power supply built into the casing. This allowed the user to transport a very heavy object in a crate that, when lifted by customs agents, seems to contain something very light. In essence, it neutralizes the weight of the object inside. A crate full of thermal detonators would weigh virtually nothing when transported in a sleight box. They are fairly expensive, and used primarily by smugglers. (TFE)

this old man wandered the corridors of the Mynock 7 Space Station, accompanied by the droid L7-BO. Sleightan claimed to be down on his luck, having lost his son Armbrus to an Imperial customs officer who imprisoned him. He kept trying to sell the droid in order to have enough credits to survive, since Amrbrus could no longer send him monthly spending money. However, few realized (until it was too late) that L7-BO was also a con artist, and would flee from any being who purchased and return to Sleightan for another "sale." (SWJ11)

an Imperial Vice Admiral, Slenn was placed in charge of the invasion of Datar during the Galactic Civil War. When he mistakenly made the Alliance team aware of his invasion fleet, the Alliance was able to rally and defeat the Imperials. Darth Vader executed Slenn for this mistake. (TME)

Slerog Fenn
this greedy Rodian tried to take financial control of the Gelgelar Free Port by offering services equal to those of Loro Ecls, but at a reduced price. Fenn had a number of criminal connections, which helped pay for Fenn's Landing and his repair facility - known as Fenn's Warehouse - and to help offset his cutthroat prices. (SWJ14, PSPG)

Sleta Suke
this female Ortolan was the daughter of Orto's primary ambassador to the Old Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Her father leased the Grand Reception Hall for her engagement party, after she became betrothed to the son of an important Ortolan businessbeing. However, Sleta wanted nothing to do with the arranged marriage, having fallen in love with Trunks Bibo. With the help of the Lost Ones, Trunks was able to crash the party, drugging the food in order to eliminate any opposition before "rescuing" Sleta and whisking her away. (CCW)

the brand name of Incom's A-24 scout ship. (WBC, LAA)

Slice, The
this was the name given to the wedge-shaped section of the galaxy which had its point in the Core Worlds and expanding outward. The Slice was originally defined in the Corellian Treaty, an ancient pact that created The Slice. The edges of The Slice were defined by the Corellian Trade Spine and the Perlemian Trade Route, and it extended into the Mid Rim and Beyond. The establishment of The Slice defined the boundaries of the Old Republic at the time. (RPG, CCW)

this carnovirous mammal was native to Corellia, although a subspecies was also discovered on the planet Dantooine. These creatures was somewhat tmable, and often were trained to be guard beasts. (CCG, GQRG)

this is the term used to describe a computer hacker. (HTTE)

this was one of two Skipray Blastboats stolen by Bazak's Gang. Along with the Slasher, the Slicer saw action during boarding actions. The ship's armament was upgraded to include three medium ion cannons, a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons, a proton torpedo launcher, and a concussion missile launcher. (FBS)

Slicer Chip
a small information chip which allows the holder to bypass certain computer-driven systems, based on the chip's programming. They can be used to bypass door locks and security fields, to name a couple of uses. (COTF)

Slicer droid
a machine which is programmed to infiltrate computer systems. (COTF)

this was the pseudonym of a slicer who worked on the planet Bothawui during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

similar in form to a garrote, slicewire is a strong, flat wire held between two batons. The wire itself is only a molecule wide, and is finely serrated on both edges. It is capable of cutting through most solids, as the wire can withstand large amounts of abuse. (ROE)

Slici Canyon
this canyon was one of the many surface features of the planet Kamino that were covered with water during the Great Flood. Located on the planet's southern hemisphere, Slici Canyon plunged some 10,000 meters beneath the surface of the water. (GORW)

this viscous substance, which was essentially fermented seaweed oil produced on the planet Vaynai, had certain medicinal properties. Most of the slick produced on the planet during the height of the New Order was manufactured by Onoron Fil'vye, who controlled nearly all the exports of slick from Vaynai. When the seaweed from Vaynai's shallow oceans was pureed and allowed to ferment, it created an smily oil which stimulated tissue growth when applied to open wounds. When ingested, it helped to accelerate the body's own natural healing. When ingested in large amounts, or when taken as a recreational drug, slick caused a sort of euphoric delusion in the minds of most humanoid races. If improperly stored, slick had a slightly corrosive chemical structure that quickly ate away at plastoid containers, and could weaken most glass jars. (GMR8)

this was a nickname Han Solo acquired while still a cadet in the Imperial Academy. Originally coined by Alexsandr Badure, it referred to a time when Badure had rigged an old U-33 loadlifter to purposely malfunction for training exercises. Han Solo was one of the cadets on the mission, and when the ship's reservoir-locking valves began to malfunction, Han took over and landed the crippled vessel. The officer in charge nearly died from the stress of the landing, which Badure was amazed the young cadet could pull off. When Han asked whether or not the landing was slick enough, Badure could only utter, "Slick." The nickname stuck with Badure, who referred to Han as Slick for many years to follow. (HSL)

this gambler was stranded at Edan II during the Imperial assault on the Alliance's Edan Base, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (IAG)

this thin film was used to produce posters and other wall hangings, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN4)

first made popular by Dexter Jettster on the planet Coruscant, this form of ground-meat sandwich was made from perforated food-board. A slider was often served with a special sauce for garnish, although many beings consumed the garnish first as an antidote to the gastrinal distress which was often caused by the consumption of food-board. Many competitors claimed that Dex used addictive drugs in his garnish sauce, which was why his sliders were somuch more popular than any other being's version. (VD2)

this was a form of moving sidewalk developed to help get beings from one level of a building to another. (SWI67)

a moving sidewalk used to transport people from one area to another, this device is also known as a slideway. (BTS, MC35)

see slidewalk. (MC35)

this Squib was part of a trio who worked behind the scenes, gathering information about the shadier parts of the galaxy and providing it to the New Republic Intelligence agency. They worked from a base on Tatooine, and were known to have extensive knowledge of the planet's deserts. Sligh accompanied Leia Organa Solo and her husband, Han Solo, to Tatooine, as part of a mission to intercept a group of Imperial agents. Sligh worked with his partners, Grees and Emala, to complete their non-human entourage. When the bidding began on a holocube image of nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker, taken when he won the Boonta Eve Classic podracer just prior to the Battle of Naboo, Han instructed Sligh to bid on it for Leia. However, Sligh got carried away with the bidding and had to be physically restrained by Han. After Tatooine, the Squibs decided that selling art to the Imperials was not only profitable, but an excellent way to obtain more information about Imperial activities. They also aligned themselves with the Invisible Shell to help further their efforts in obtaining rare artwork. They made no effort to correct the NRI's assumption that it was Ludlo Lebauer providing the artworks to the Empire, since it ensured they could continue their efforts without being identified. Unfortunately, Grees had gotten too greedy and was captured by Ludlo Lebauer and frozen in carbonite, after a deal had gone bad between them. Emala and Sligh were forced to manipulate the Solos into helping rescue Grees, who had become known as the Second Mistake to Lebauer. Using their NRI contacts, the Squibs met up with the Solos on Pavo Prime and convinced them to recover the Second Mistake in addition to the ten Alderaanian boasas which were the real object of the Solos' mission. In the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion and the subsequent galactic reconstruction, the three Squibs established a transport operation known as Second Mistake Enterprises, and were hired by the Colony to transport spinglass sculptures to the rest of the galaxy. The Squibs were unaware that each sculpture contained a handful of Gorog assassin bugs. (TG, SWI67, DN2)

Sligo Pirates
this gang of pirates haunted the undercity of Coruscant, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (AA)

this unusual, crawling plant was distinguished by its knotted roots and large, gauzy leaves. It was often found on the coastlines of tropical planets. (EVR)

native to the rainforests of Tel IV, the sliideptra was a species of annelid worms with three sets of eyes and an internal air sac used to collect and expel poison gas. Their yellow-white coloration has been described as "particularly distasteful" to humans. These creatures hang from tree branches by wrapping a series of tendrils around the branch, the hanging upside down. When it senses prey nearby, it expels the poisonous gas and waits for the prey to breathe it in and expire. The sliideptra shambles itself into position above the dead prey, then unwraps its tendrils until it can touch the prey. The sliideptra then extends its head and drools saliva over the prey, and then waits for preliminary digestion to begin. After an hour, the flesh of the prey become semi-liquid, and the sliideptra can then begin sucking it up. In this way, a sliideptra can feed on a carcass for several days, simply retracting its tendrils and resting in the tree in between feedings. (COG)

starfighter pilot slang term for an A-Wing. (IJ)

Slime Sea
this disgusting body of water, found on the planet Sullust, was noted for the dedicated and vocal sailors who worked on it. The vulgar jargon of the Slime Sea sailors was legendary for its crude and insensitive nature. (MBS)

Slime Yeast
this was a disgusting form of plantlife. (LTA3)

a disgusting creature native to the planet Aracara. (HAS)

this Rodian bounty hunter accompanied Crutag to Trinta, in pursuit of a team of Alliance agents. He and Slimego were intent on taking the rebels dead or alive, although Crutag wanted them alive to obtain a larger bounty. Slimego was captured by the Alliance agents and stranded on Trinta, along with Slizzik. (DOE)

this species of snake was native to the planet Dagobah, and was named for the viscous slime it exuded from beneath its scales. This slime helped to prevent parasites from attaching to its skin, and its awful taste discouraged larger predators. (SWED)

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