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Scardia Station
a cube-shaped space station that served as a base of operations for the Prophets of the Dark Side, it patrolled the Null Zone until it was destroyed by Grand Admiral Makati several years after the Battle of Endor. (LCJ, SWI66)

Scardia Voyager
the private starship used by the Prophets of the Dark Side. (MMY)

this term was used by the Imperial Board of Culture to indicate those songs which were artistically worthless of offensive. (GG9)

Scarlet Pirate, The
this was the nickname of Reddjak, the pirate who was the leading character in the holo-series Space Pirates of the Galaxy, which was popular during the early years of the New Order. (MDCAR)

Scarlet Thranta
this Old Republic corvette was under the command of Captain Zozridor Slayke, serving the Judicial Branch of the Republic during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. As the crisis with the Separatists reached a fevered pitch, Captain Slayke and his crew defected from the Old Republic, vowing to take the fight to the Separatists until the Republic decided whether or not to get involved militarily. Although Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon and an entire task force was to Bpfassh to intercept him, Slayke managed to escape. He also managed to steal Halcyon's starship, the Plooriod Bodkin, which led to the Jedi Master being temporarily relieved of any command duties. (HNN5, JT)

Scarlet Vertha
this Ghtroc Class 720 freighter was owned and operated by Nabrun Leids. It was armed with a double laser cannon. The ship's life-support systems were modified provide a methane-only atmosphere, allowing Leids to travel without the heavy breather mask he had to wear on methane-poor worlds. (SSR)

a Sullustan slang word referring to an unknown part of their anatomy. (XW)

this was a species of immense, predatory insect that was native to the planet Kubindi. The scarypen used its segmented tail to stun or disable its prey. It then used it huge claws to grasp its prey, and injected a debilitating poison into the prey with its dagger-like stinger. Most scarpyens had black, chitinous shells, which allowed them to hide within the forests of Kubindi. (MIS6)

this man was a member of the Garosian underground resistance, during the early years of the New Republic. Scat was held prisoner at the Imperial garrison in Ariana, but was freed from the facility by Alex Winger and her strike team. (SWJ1)

this was the name of Ratts Tyerell's Vokoff-Strood Titan 215 podracer. It was named after the scatalpen predator of Aleen. (NEGC)

this predator was native to the planet Aleen, and was known to attack prey that was much larger than itself. The scatalpen would slash open the belly of its prey during a hunt. When the prey tripped over its own entrails, the scatalpen killed it. (NEGC)

Scatter, The
this shallow valley was located on the planet Iego, and it was here that the Diathim - also known as the Angels - dragged wayward starships and crashed them. It seemed to be covered with a sheet of ice, but the shiny surface was actually formed by the reflection of light off starship hulls. The Scatter was surrounded by the wreckage of thousands of starships, and the twisted wreckage made access to the valley floor difficult and dangerous. The survivors who managed to eke out an existence on Iego made their homes along the Scatter, using the hulls of starships as shelter. (WOTC, GORW)

this old form of weapon uses expanding gas as its propellant. Pellets of stone or metal are loaded into a chamber, and are expelled at high velocity by the release of a certain amount of the expanding gas. (POT)

Scaur, Dif
this man was the Director of the New Republic Intelligence agency during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Prior to heading up the NRI, he had been an Admiral with the Republic's Fourth Fleet. He was distinguished by pale blue eyes and pronounced widow's peak, although many wondered how the frail-looking man could command such power and respect. Scaur and his forces worked in concert with the Chiss, Hapans and Bothans, gathering a wealth of information about Yuuzhan Vong culture and physiology under the auspices of the Alpha Red operation. Scaur was more than angry when Cal Omas and the leaders of the New Republic chose not to emply the Alpha Red virus, based on the concerns of the Jedi Knights. He harbored a deep-seated resentment toward the Jedi, but continued to work toward what he believed were the best interests of the galaxy. Years later, Scaur was placed in charge of organizing the missions to destroy the yammosks on Caluula and Toong'L, just prior to the anticipated Yuuzhan Vong attack on Mon Calamari. His posting as organizer was secondary to his true mission, which was to deploy a new strain of the Alpha Red virus at Caluula. When the virus worked too well, killing not only the Yuuzhan Vong and their biotechnology but also flitnats and winged-stars, the Alpha Red project was once again put on hold. With the surrender of the Yuuzhan Vong at Coruscant shortly afterward, Dif Scaur was quietly forced to resign his position by Cal Omas. (HT, DW, UF)

Scavenger Hawk
these great birds are native to the planet Corellia. They are much like vultures, waiting for an animal to die or be killed. They then consume the leftover flesh. (AS)

Scavenger Moth
this carnivorous moth was native to the planet Drongar, and fed on the decaying bodies of all manner of creatures. (MBS)

Scavenger of the Galaxy
see Redkihl Rokk (T8)

Scavenger Rat
see Corellian Scavenge Rat (GQRG)

Scavenger Squadron
led by Commander Gennad Rozhdenst, this Alliance Y-Wing squadron was dispatched by Mon Montha to guard Kuat Drive Yards against Imperial attack during the Battle of Endor. Its ranks were filled with pilots who had been orphaned from their original squadron as a result of the losses taken in previous battles, and it had proved itself almost from its inception. (HM)

Scavenger Young
this was the name used by those members of The Young who lived in the wilderness outside the city of Zehava, during the height of its civil war between the Daan and the Melida. (DOD)

Scavenger-series Labor and Recycling Droid
this series of droids, developed in an unusual joint project among several groups of outlaw techsand criminal organizations, was designed salvage the scrap left behind during the Galactic Civil War and recycle it. The various groups who designed and used the Scavengers quickly turned a profit, selling recycled metals and plastics back to the corporations that were manufacturing war materiel. The Scavenger moved about on two heavy treads, and was equipped with a pair of heavy-duty lifting arms. Six small tractor beam projectors ringed the main refuse chute, into which the arms dumped whatever refuse the droid located. Once inside, the materials were broken down and compacted for later storage. (SWJ10)

scavengers who roam the spaceports of the galaxy in search of cheap parts and materials. (DE2)

junk traders on Coruscant, these social castaways loot battlefields for armor and weapons. (DA)

this female Meri worked as a speedercab driver on Derilyn, during the height of the Imperial occupation of the planet. (OE)

this was one of the many Victory-class Star Destroyers which were still active, as part of the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Scenic Replicator
this entertainment device places the user into a simulated remote environment. Ranging in size from a one-person booth to an entire dance floor, scenic replicators provide detailed reproductions of alien worlds. (SWJ9)

Scent of Fear
this Taloron Prey Chaser was owned and operated by Crutag, during the height of the New Order. He and a group of bounty hunters flew in the ship to Trinta, in an effort to capture a group of Alliance agents. It was stolen by Halagad Ventor, in order to ensure Crutag remained on the planet. After the deaths of Crutag and Ventor, the Alliance agents took possession of the ship and fled Trinta. (DOE)

this small device was created by those Toydarians who traveled away from their homeworld. The scenter would regularly emit a spray of algae-mat into the atmosphere, recreating the natural environment of the swamps of Toydaria. (SWK)

this tree was harvested for its wood, which had a unique fragrance when cured and finished. Scentwood was once used in the manufacture of desks and tables. (HSE)

Scepter of Entreaty
this Yuuzhan Vong staff was carried by any individual who wished to discuss matters of grave urgency with the Supreme Overlord. (UF)

Scepter of Power
this large amphistaff was controlled by Supreme Overlord Shimrra, as a symbol of his leadership of the Yuuzhan Vong race. (UF)

Scepter of Ragnos
this ancient Sith artifact was believed to have been lost on Yavin 4 during the Great Sith War. It was recovered by the Disciples of Ragnos some ten years after the Battle of Endor, and used by Tavion to drain the Force energy from many locations across the galaxy. The Dark Jedi then planned to utilize the stored power in the scepter to resurrect Marka Ragnos. Although Tavion reached Korriban and was able to transfer the power from the Scepter to Ragnos' tomb, she was killed in combat by Jaden Korr before Ragnos was able to possess her body. Korr then destroyed the Scepter with a slash of his lightsaber, forcing Ragnos back into his tomb. (JKA)

Schaum/Yfarg/Welbig/Fabrico and Associates
known as SchaumAssoc, this Twi'leki advertising agency pioneered media and public relations for the Corporate Sector. They were one of the Corporate Sector Authority's original voting sponsors. (CSA)

See Schaum/Yfarg/Welbig/Fabrico and Associates (CCW)

also known as schenor sapiens, this near-human race remained neutral in the Galactic Civil War until Luke Skywalker helped persuade them to join the Alliance. The schenor are native to the planet Rhamsis Callo. They average about eight feet in height, and resemble upright cats. These feline-humans are extremely skilled in the martial arts. They have a deep-seated code of honor and family, and follow a strict social casting system. (RPG)

Scherkil Hla
this squat, flightless bird was raised by the Yuuzhan Vong as a source of protein. (FH3)

a game of chance played in many casinos. (TME)

this man was a security officer working at the Bakuran Senate Complex during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (FH2)

this was the generic name of several species of huge snakes that were native to the deserts of Makem Te. Among the many subspecies were the schinga equa, the schinga klaug, and the schinga shikou, which was known as the "pride of Makem Te." (WOTC, GORW)

Schinga Equa
this was one of the many species of schinga, native to the planet Makem Te, that proved to be easily domesticated by the Swokes Swokes. The schinga equa was also the most obedient and strongest of the various schingas. (WOTC, GORW)

Schinga Ikkow
this was one of the many venomous subspecies of schinga, which were native to the planet Makem Te. The schinga ikkow's fangs literally dripped venom when it opened its mouth to attack. (WOTC, GORW)

Schinga Klaug
this was a subterranean species of schinga, native to the planet Makem Te. (WOTC, GORW)

Schinga Picai
this was one of the smallest subspecies of schinga that was native to the planet Makem Te. (WOTC, GORW)

Schinga Shikou
this was the most noble of all the schinga subspecies native to the planet Makem Te, and was domesticated by the Swokes Swokes for use as a mount. These serpent-steeds were often referred to as "the pride of Makem Te" because of their strong bodies and regal demeanor. The average length of an individual schinga shikou was eight meters, and these reptiles slithered about with their heads held up high to survey their surroundings. Those Swokes Swokes who tamed a schinga shikou - or purchased a domesticated one - rode about in a specially-designed saddle. (WOTC, GORW)

this Yuzzum was a member of Grappa the Hutt's court. After Mirith Sinn locked the Hutt in a holding cell, Schmood discovered him and released him. Grappa was thankful for the split second it took Schmood to unlock the door, then blamed his imprisonment on the small creature. (CE2)

Schnil Hakoon
this Kubaz crime lord rose to power in the city of Kinkosa, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. He employed the Ebon Coursers as his personal band of mercenaries. Hakoon originally left his homeworld of Kubindi for Kirtania, after hearing that Kirtania's biosphere was teeming with insects. He then turned to criminal activity to fund his schemes for cornering the market on insect farming. He also set his sights on taking control of the insecticulture on Kubindi, but he realized that he needed a great deal of financial backing in order to accomplish this. (SWJ1)

School For The Learning, The
this was formal name of the Keganite educational facility for The Learning. (TTW)

School of Hidden Widsom
this was the only known dueling academy to survive the Clone Wars and the rise of Emperor Palpatine. Founded by Ephaan Kenzon on his homeworld of Baltimn, the School of Hidden Wisdom was outwardly a quaint reminder of the chivalrous fighting styles of the Old Republic. What few beings knew was that the School served primarily to train Jedi Knights and other Force-sensitive individuals in the fight against the Empire. The irony of this situation was that virtually every other dueling academy of the Old Republic failed when popular opinion of the Jedi Order plummeted during the Clone Wars. However, this was the very reason the School of Hidden Wisdom was able to survive. Coupled with Baltimn's remote location, the School had never been heavily attended. When other academies died out, school officials decided to lay low, fading from the public consciousness. Then, as the atrocities of the Empire were revealed, Kenzon began to accept Jedi Knights who were fleeing the Emperor's Purge. He continued to train his students in combat arts as well as in the use of the Force, although Kenzon had abandoned the Jedi Order before becoming a Knight himself. Nevertheless, his maintenance of the School of Hidden Wisdom allowed a great many Jedi to survive and fight against the Empire which tried to destroy them. After the Battle of Endor, Kenzon realized that he had begun to attract the attention of the dying Empire. However, the emergence of the New Republic and the re-establishment of the Jedi under Master Luke Skywalker, gave Kenzon a reason to finally rest. He disbanded the School of Hidden Wisdom, especially after several of his students were accepted for further training at Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4. (PJSB)

School of Public Policy
this branch of the Imperial University specialized in educating people on the ways in which a citizen should behave as a member of the Human High Culture. (SWJ7)

School of the Arts
based on the planet Reena, this educational institution taught the finer points of acting and theater. The school put on a series of free performances across the planet. (LOE)

School of Torturers
a speciallized training facility set up by Emperor Palpatine on Coruscant. Its students learned the fine art of torture. (COJ)

School, The
this was the term used by the Iskalonians to describe the seventeen distinct races that made up their civilization. The exact origins of The School were lost over time, although environmental upheavals on many of the original homeworlds of the Iskalonians occurred in close temporal proximity, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. These events were followed by several rescue missions, and many of the devastated races were relocated to the planet Iskalon, due to its similary to their homeworlds. Mammon Hoole later led an expedition to the ruined planets to further investigate the origins of The School. (GMR1)

this was a specialized form of datapad, used to transport schoolwork to and from the classroom. (HNN4)

this was another Huttese word for "fool," or any foolish being. It was less common than the term stoopa. (TF)

this was a species of vicious, stinging insest native to the Geroon homeworld. They were raised by the Geroon as a form of biological weapon, and they delivered a deadly poison with their stingers. Entire colonies of schostri could be grown in small, lumpy sacs that could be attached to a Geroon's arm, allowing the diminutive alien to pass most sensor scans and deliver the schostri into the target area. The schostri colony was genetically altered to accept the Geroon host as its queen or hive, and remained close by even when the Geroon moved around. (SQ)

this was a Twi'leki swear word, used to indicate a being of poor repute. It was derived from the name of a weasel-like creature native to Ryloth. (JQ)

this weasel-like creature was native to the planet Ryloth. (JQ)

an Alliance freighter charged with recovering the supplies that were captured from the Star Destroyer Kotiate. (XW)

Science of Darkness
developed by Mage Lord Cronal, the Science of Darkness was a combination of Dark Side energy and high-technology that could be used to identify an individual's sensitivity to the Force. (OWS)

Science Service
this was one of the many branches of the Corulag Academy. Boonda the Hutt's application for entry into the Science Service was not accepted, and his father Groodo tried to destroy the Academy to exact retribution. The plan was thwarted by the Jedi Knights, who discovered that the Hutts had employed Bartokk assassins to do the job. (E1A4)

Scientific Galactica
this was a journal of science which was published during the last decades of the Old Republic. (DMSH)

Scientific Information Packet
this was a special form of datadisk that had high encryption and security features that protected its contents. Developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, an SIP was often used to carry important plans or operational details between members of the same workgroup. Only members of the group could open the SIP and read its contents. These devices were also referred to as scientific instrument packages, depending on their usage. (SWI77, RAR)

Scientific Instrument Package
see Scientific Information Packet (RAR)

this planet was the site of the Centrality's largest and most prosperous shipyards, managed by Scillal Designs. (GMR5)

Scillal Designs
this was the largest shipwright based in the Centrality, and was based on the planet Scillal. (GMR5)

Sciltra Rega
this was a noted Ishi Tib individual in the history of the planet Tibrin. (UANT)

this was the name used by Darth Sidious to describe the Sith Infiltrator used by his apprentice, Darth Maul. After the Battle of Naboo, the Scimitar disappeared, and its whereabouts were never discovered. (DSSB, NEGV)

Scimitar Assault Bomber
one of the first new starfighters commissioned by Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Scimitar was developed by Captain Tomax Bren. It had the maneuverability of the TIE Interceptor or the X-Wing, the armament of a TIE bomber, and the ability to fly in an atmosphere. It was a dedicated bomber designed with the help of the Scimitar Assault Wing, from which it obtained its name. It had a long, central tube for a hull, and was the first TIE-like craft to be a two-man ship. The pilot and bomber sat in the forward section of the hull, which could be jettisoned in emergencies. This forward section was situated in front of the wings, providing enhanced visibility over most TIE designs. The middle section of the hull contained the power generators, sensors, and targetting computers. The rear section contained the bomb bays and engine. The Scimitar was different from the TIE Bomber in that it had only a single ion engine - paired with two interlocked repuslorlift engines - to propel it. It was armed with two racks of eight concussion missiles and two laser cannons. Proton grenades and free-falling thermal detonators can also be carried for deployment via the bomb bays. Roughly 13.8 meters in length, the Scimitar bomber has been rated at speeds of 850 kilometers per hour in atmospheric conditions. By introducing thrust from the repulsorlift engines, speeds of 1,000 kilometers per hour can be sustained during bombing runs. Note that the Star Wars Databank indicates that the Scimitar could attain speeds of 1,150 kilometers per hour in atmosphere, and 1,250 kilometers per hour on bombing runs. The Scimitar was protected by additional hull plating and the introduction of shields. The Scimitar was manufactured by Seinar Fleet Systems for several years after Thrawn's death, but it was eventually phased out of production. (HTTE, DFRSB, EGV, SWJ15, SWDB)

Scimitar Assault Wing
known as the White Death because of the light-colored bodies of their starfighters and bombers, this subgroup of the Qeimet fleet consisted of three TIE Bomber squadrons, two TIE Fighter squadrons, and a recon/drop ship squadron. Under the command of Tomax Bren, the White Death squadrons bombarded key enemy emplacements, taking care not to destroy potentially useful locations. The squadron lent its name to the new Scimitar Assault Bomber, which was a much more accurate and devastating craft than the TIE Bomber. In the wake of the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Bren and the Scimitar Assault Wing went into hiding. (ISB, SWJ15, SWDB)

Scimitar Mark II Assault Bomber
this second generation of the Scimitar Assault Bomber was released shortly after the death and defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn. It has improved repulsorlift and ion engines, compared to the original Scimitar bombers. This allowed for cruising speeds of 1,150 kilometers and hour, and bombing-run speeds of 1,250 kilometers an hour. Weapons and hull protection consistent with the original design. (EGV)

Scimitar of Kelso
this AA-9 freighter made a regular run between Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa, during the early years of the New Order. Ch'ord Sy'fon claimed that he could get Sagoro Autem aboard the ship and off Coruscant, shortly after Autem was targetted for arrest by the Empire. Instead, Sy'fon sold the information to Darth Vader and the bounty hunters he had hired to capture Autem. (RL)

Scimitar Squadron
this Imperial TIE Bomber squadron flew regular missions in defense of the shield generator emplacement on the forest moon of Endor, in defense of the second Death Star during its construction. (CCG11)

Scimitar Squadron
this New Republic A-Wing squadron was commanded by Colonel Ijix Harona, during the height of the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong. Scimitar Squadron was paired with the Twin Suns Squadron in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant. (DW)

Scintillant Orb
this was a name used to describe the planet Coruscant during the last decades of the Old Republic. (COD)

this bronze weapon was used almost exclusively by the Scitrok Warriors. It resembles an eight-foot-long scimitar with barbed spikes lining the inside curve. (GG8)

Scitrok Warriors
this is a sect of warrior monks which live in the barren hills of the planet Vengler. The monks must complete religious training before taking up training in the use of the Scitrok blade. Once they complete their weapons training, they are sent out into the world to sell their services as mercenaries. Any credits they earn are returned to the monastery. The religious training allows the monks to obtain some ability to use the Force, although they don't understand what it is, and are not Jedi. (GG8)

this Ugnaught was typical of his species in that he loved to tinker with machines and tools, but cared little for the mining life of his people. So, when he met Talandro Starlyte on Cloud City, Scizzic jumped at the chance to work for the rogue. Scizzic's first assignment - and many say it will be his only assignment - was to get Starlyte Stationup and running, after years of neglect. Once the Station was more or less self-sufficient, Scizzic went to work establishing the Graveyard repair facility. Scizzic developed a knack for modifying starships, and many independent owners sought him out for repairs. (WSV)

this large mollusk was one of the Yuuzhan Vong's bio-engineered devices, and was developed as a form of safe used to transport villips and other delicate pieces of technology. The heavy shell was parted when the Yuuzhan Vong caressed a fleshy patch near the hinge of the shell. (DTR)

this was the designation of PowerPost's stenographic droid, produced with components desgined by Industrial Automaton. The SCM-22 could fit in the palm of a being's hand, providing an ease of use not capable in administrative droids like the CZ series. the SCM-22 could record dictations and conversations, then could be dispatched to store the information in a remote computer system. Two small treads allowed the SCM-22 to move about, and a specialized jack allowed it to communicate with a host computer. The SCM-22 was originally designed for the New Republic military, but PowerPost eventually expanded its product line with civilian models. (SOL, EGD)

this man was a member of the cleaning crew known as the Tripod, working on Bakura during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (FH2)

this is the capital city of the planet Storinal. It is connected to nearby Revos via a featureless tunnelway that occasionally rose above ground. A number of large, repulsor-powered railcars travelled along the tunnels between the two cities. When the tunnels rose above ground, it gave the passengers spectaculr views of Storinal's wonderful landscaping. (WS)

Scohar Xenohealth Institute
this educational facility was the primary center for disease control, and was located in the capital city of Scohar, on Storinal. Wraith Squadron infiltrated this facility to steal a disease which they could use to help avoid an inspection from the Hawkbat while they commanded the Night Caller. (WS)

Scomp Link
any one of the standardized droid access ports, a scomp link allows a droid to access a central computer system. The scomp link is a circular port into which the droid inserts an access probe. (CCG)

this device is attached to a standard scomp link, and is used to destroy the computer system attached to the link. Once inserted into the scomp link, a power pack is then attached to the scomp-spiker. Once the scomp-spike is charged, it emitted a high-voltage spike of energy into the computer system, destroying the local computer substation and several downstream components. (SWJ13)

Sconn, Davith
this Imperial Navy Lieutenant was an executive officer on the Forger when it attacked Gra Ploven. He was later captured by the New Republic and imprisoned at the Jagg Island Detention facility. It was discovered, during the Yevethan Purge, that Sconn had spent time on N'zoth while part of the crew of the Moff Weblin. He was questioned by Leia Organa-Solo, and was able to provide valuable information about the Yevethan people to the New Republic. (SOL)

Sconn, Sienn
a native of the planet Ryvellia, Sconn's parents were killed during an Imperial retaliatory strike on V'eldalv. Sienn was raised by his uncle, Cryle Cavv, who gave the orphan love and attention, and also taught him the finery points of being a thief. He turned to a life of crime, becoming a master thief by the time he was 23. He limits his work to obtaining wealth from former Imperials, crimelords, and the obnoxious rich beings of the galaxy. He has the uncanny ability to fall into the middle of trouble, and the equally uncanny ability to escape from it unharmed. He once stole a prototype weapon from Rythani Products and Moff Caerbellak, but this was part of a larger plot by Caerbellak to discover New Republic research facilities and command positions. (SWJ5, SWJ9)

Scoop Miner
this term describes any starship designed to mine interstellar gas and rock by simply travelling through space. Scoop miners have a specially-designed bow which collects the tiny debris and passes it into s processing center inside the ship. (SOL)

Scoop Speeder
this was a form of landspeeder that was developed on the planet Utapau. (SWDB)

this was a small ball that was thrown about by players using long, scoop-like baskets. (RCHC)

armed forces jargon for a stormtrooper who travels on a swoop, rather than a speeder bike. (SSE)

a small, personal repulsorlift vehicle, it is basically a bucket chair with a control panel and an engine attached. (HSR)

this clone commando, designated RC-1262, was among the first members of the original Delta Squad. Scorch was known as a competant soldier and a demolitions expert, and his ability to overstate the obvious irony of a situation made him the squad's resident wiseacre. He earned his nickname when an ordnance accident burned off his eyebrows. Like most of his fellow clones, Scorch saw action during the Battle of Geonosis. (LAWS, OWS)

Scorch Stick
this material was used to assist larger explosives to cause more damage, or to control the damage of an explosion. Made from an acid-based paste, which could withstand high temperatures, an individual could trace a pattern with the scorch stick. When ignited, the paste would burn a shallow score mark into the material, weakening it and allowing a larger explosive to crack it open. (SQ)

Scorch Zanales
this chubby, equine Daimlo was one of the galaxy's best podracers, some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. He survivied for many years, and later participated in the illegal races heldon Euceron during the Galactic Games. (RACR, JQ3)

this Trandoshan deity is responsible for judging each of the reptiloids upon its death. The Scorekeeper tallies the number of jagnannath points a Trandoshan collects, and determines the proper place for it in the afterlife. A female deity, the Scorekeeper is reptilian, with lidless eyes and a bloodthirtsy temperment. If she felt the whim, she could double a Trandoshan's jagannath points for a particularly brave and daring kill. She could also, as a point of pride, reduce a Trandoshan's count to zero for being captured or shamed. (TBH)

Scorn, Datoro
this mercenary was employed by Begas Tok as a bodyguard, during the time that Tok tried to sell the Shard of Alderaan. Unknown to Tok, Scorn was also under orders from Jabba himself to kill Tok if the auction ended before Tok's debts could be paid off. Scorn was easily distinguished by the scars of his face, the reminders of a shoot-out battle with Lex Kempo. He was also noticeable by the cybernetic eye which replaced the real one lost in the battle. Scorn spent much of the rest of his career as a mercenary and hired gun, hoping for a chance to exact a painful revenge against Kempo. They met up on the Dune Princess, during Tok's auction of the Shard of Alderaan. (LAA)

Scorp Club
located on the Kuari Princess, this nightclub is more sedate that Xerrol's Place. (RM)

Scorpion IV
one of four Corellian CR90 Corvettes under the command of Lumiya, following the Battle of Endor. (SWG3)

this denizen of the spice mines of Kessel is a deadly, insect-like rodent with a stinger-topped tail. (CCR)

this was a noted individual from Frozian history. (UANT)

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