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Salacious Crumb
Jabba's ratlike retainer, he is a Kowakian monkey-lizard. Salacious has an obnoxious laugh, and has the annoying habit of mimicking what is said around him. Crumb was a resident of the space station Kwenn when Jabba the Hutt visited there. Crumb escaped a group of Mantilorrian rat catchers by stowing away on Jabba's starship. He sustained himself by eating Jabba's leftovers, until Jabba discovered the lizard-monkey and tried to eat him. Bidlo Kwerve and Bib Fortuna both tried to capture Salacious Crumb, but Crumb dumped Jabba's food on Kwerve and fled to the rafters. Kwerve tried to shoot Crumb, but only food squirted out of the gun, landing on Fortuna. Jabba's laughter resounded throughout the ship, and from that point on the Hutt kept Crumb around for a daily dose of laughter. Salacious Crumb knew that the day he couldn't make Jabba laugh was the day he died. He searched Jabba's palaces and townhomes for new jokes. He even waylayed strangers and tried to set them up for a meeting with Jabba, just to give the crimelord a laugh. It is believed that Salacious Crumb died when Jabba's sail barge exploded at the Pit of Carkoon. Note that the Return of the Jedi expansion set for the Star Wars Trading Card Game gives Salacious the middle initial B. (ROTJ, MTS, TJP, TCG9)

Saladar Systems
this small corporation produced a variety of personal safety devices, including the Solo Strobe locator. (PSG)

see Salek Weet (SWDB)

Salaktori Hunters Guild
this freelance bounty hunters' guild was run by the members of House Salaktori, and was active during the height of the New Order. It was one of the oldest bounty-hunting guilds in the galaxy, dating back well into the Old Republic. The Guild's leader, Jeslor Salaktori, was known as a strong man who stood up for his member hunters to the Imperial officers who confronted them. It was a known fact that no being - hunter or not - who killed a member of the Salaktori guild has lived more than a year after the incident. (GG10)

Salaktori, Jeslor
this man was the leader of the Salaktori Hunters Guild and House Salaktori during the Galactic Civil War. He brooked no obstruction to his hunters, and stood up to Imperial governors and Moffs to defend his members. He was also rumored to have been the driving force behind the collapse of three rival houses. (GG10)

this New Republic Nebulon-B frigate was dispatched to Krann to recover Vanel and her Imperial undercover agents. It was rumored that the Republic responded to a tip from the House of Tagge, which was working to gain a foothold in the nova crystal mining on the planet. (TSK)

Salamini Chemical Munitions
this weapons manufacturer produced a number of products, from offensive weaponry to luma flares. (ROE)

this fast-growing, bland-tasting fish was a staple in the Bothan diet. Originally found only on Bothawui, it was raised in aquatic farms on Kothlis by Aquatic Integrated Systems. (SPG)

Salasetti Survival Systems, Incorporated
this specialty manufacturer produced a wide range of devices for personal safety, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

this species of tree was found on several planets in the Mid Rim. (IA)

Salc River
this river flows by the city Garan on Garos IV. (SWJ2)

this sterile female Selonian starship captain mes Han Solo and Dracmus when they escaped from the Human League on Corellia. She piloted the coneship that they used to escape to Selonia and meet with the Hunchuzuc leaders. (AS, SC)

Saldalith Manufacturing
this small corporation produced a wide range of truth detection devices. (GFT)

this Ithorian was a Jedi Master, during the years leading up to the Stark Hyperspace Wars. (SHW)

this Ithorian surname was believed to mean "lichen", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

this gas giant was the seventh planet of the Hoth's Brand System, located in the Teraab Sector of the Colonies Region of the galaxy. It was orbited by thirteen moons. (SWMW)

this man was one of the many Jedi Knights who gathered on Ruusan to fight against Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood of Darkness. A friend and supporter of Lord Hoth, Lord Saleeh was killed in one of the early struggles against the Sith. (JVS)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Salek Weet
Salek was Noa Briqualon's partner when the two of them set off to see the universe, some six years before the Battle of Naboo. Their maiden voyage, however, was cut short when their crystal oscillator shorted out in the Monsua Nebula, cutting off power to their starship and causing them to make an emergency landing on the moon Endor. When Salek determined the cause of their forced landing, he set out to find another oscillator. However, he was captured by Terak and tortured, for Terak believed that Salek might know the source of "The Power." Salek died in Terak's dungeon. Their ship was never found, although Salek's father, the noted kloo horn soloist Jimke Weet, spent every last credit he owed trying to locate them. (BFE, HNN4)

this HoloNet registry was established by Jimke Weet, during his four-year search for his son, Salek. Jimke set up the registry so that any being who had information on Salek's whereabouts could reach him almost immediately. (HNN4)

this planet, noted for its unusual, bulbous plantlife, was the site of an intense battle during the final days of the Clone Wars. Saleucami, a name which surprisingly meant "oasis" in the native language, was an arid world marked by volcanic calderas formed by powerful meteor strikes. This meant that the many oases found on the planet were filled with magma, not water. Although many saw this as a problem, the natives used the available magma as a source of power. Saleucami was singled out by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, during the last stages of the Clone Wars, as one of the Outer Rim worlds that would be targetted by the Grand Army of the Republic. According to Palpatine, the worlds of Mygeeto, Felucia, and Saleucami were a "triad of evil" that served as Separatist bastions. Much of his statements were true, as Sora Bulq had established a cloning facility on the planet, where he was producing clones of the Morgukai warriors for Count Dooku and the armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Ostensibly, Palpatine ordered troops to Saleucami and several other worlds as a way to end the Outer Rim Sieges and bring the Clone Wars to a halt. In reality, it was just another ruse to spread the Jedi too thin to support each other. Jedi Masters Oppo Rancisis and Stass Allie led a contingent of clone troopers into the fighting, which lasted for many days before the Republic seemed to emerge victorious. However, Palpatine issued the Order Sixty-Six command to the clones, who then turned their fire on the Jedi and eliminated them. (OWS, LEV, RT, SWDB)

this plant, native to the planet Kirdo III, is a thick-bodied plant which is eaten by the chooba. (GG4)

Salfur, Cobb
a native of Ovise III, this New Republic entrepreneur maintained Salfur's Trading Post on the forest moon of Endor. Salfur himself was drafted as part of the strike team assembled by the Alliance during the mission to destroy the second Death Star, but he found himself in the brig more often than not. After he got into a fight with a Dresselian aboard the Home One, he was discharged from military service. He traveled for a few short months, Salfur was again hired by the New Republic, this time as the watchman over the Forest Moon of Endor. The initial funding for Salfur's Trading Post came from the New Republic Intelligence agency, which needed a landing place after the Imperial garrison was removed, and which unobtrusively used it as a source of information on the Moddell Sector. Although business was initially good during the years immediately following the Battle of Endor, Salfur saw profits tail off as travel into Moddell Sector became more and more hazardous. Many members of the Intelligence community suspected that Salfur was part of the rokna blue processing operations, but no evidence was ever found to link him to the production of the chemical. (DFRSB, GMR9, GORW)

Salfur's Trading Post
this large landing area and trading post was set up by the New Republic near Bright Tree Village on Endor's forest moon, during the years immediately following the Battle of Endor. It was set above the forest floor about ten meters on huge columns, and was surrounded by a force field that kept the moon's indigenous lifeforms out at night. The post was manned on an as-needed basis, and staffing levels correspond to the New Republic's visits to the moon. The funding for the trading post came from the New Republic Intelligence agency, which used the post as a landing point after the Imperial garrison on the moon was dismantled. Although business was initially good during the years immediately following the Battle of Endor, Salfur saw profits tail off as travel into Moddell Sector became more and more hazardous. (DFRSB, GMR9, GORW)

Salin Corridor
this hyperspace trade route was one of the largest in the Outer Rim Territories, running along the outside skirt of the Rim and only coming back toward the Core near Nwarcol Point, where it connected with the Sisar Run. (SSR)

Salin Glek
this Quarren was a lieutenant with the Alliance, and was part of the team supporting Admiral Ackbar during Project Shantipole. Glek was also a traitor, inserted into the Alliance by Bane Nothos so that he could leak information on the progress of Shantipole to Nothos. Glek grew up in the bowels of a a Calamarian floating city, and thoroughly despises the Mon Calamari. He joined the Alliance and quickly rose through the ranks, all the while planning to make the Mon Calamari pay for his suffering. He was approached by Nothos and accepted the Imperial's offer of work. When Glek realized that Ackbar was about to send off the B-Wing prototypes for manufacture, Glek notified Nothos to begin his attack. Glek fled Shantipole by stealing the Out Runner, and was not heard from after the defeat of Nothos. (SFS, EGC)

Salinrerian Sea
this was one of the many distinct areas of ocean found on the planet Mon Calamari. Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, a seismic disaster occurred in a deep rift in this sea, which was later attributed to the terrorist group Calamasthon Defiance. The event caused untold environmental damage, and resulted in a perpetual rain in the immediate area. Slaag Lado was eventually captured by Jango Fett and brought to Mon Calamari for questioning in the event. (BH)

Salis D'aar
Bakura's capital city and the Imperial seat, Salis D'aar was located on the southwestern coast of Prytis, at the headwaters of the East and West Rivers. The city, located atop the outcropping known as D'aarmont, was designed to imitate the vista of stars and planets in the system, with its streets and major buildings forming roughly concentric circles when mapped out. The center of the circle was the Bakur Complex. Each of the three major districts within the city had different lighting schemes: the inner circle, dominated by public buildings, had pale blue lights; the middle district, set aside as the residential and commercial center of the city, had pale yellow lights; and the outer circle, which contained the city's service buildings and industries, had deep red lights. These lights, like many other pieces of technology on Bakura, were supported by tiny repulsorlifts. A spaceport was located just south of the city, still on the plateau of D'aarmont, and served as Bakura's primary spaceport for many years. (TB, TBSB, GORW)

Salis D'aar Academy
located in the capital city of Salis D'aar, this was the most prestigious university found on the planet Bakura. (TBSB)

this was a major city-state found on the planet Ralltiir. (SWJ9)

Salishh Tilloman
this Devaronian grew up as an orphan, although he developed a number of expensive and refined tastes during his adolescence. He eventually was forced to find his way off Devaron in order to meet his own exacting standards, but had few marketable skills. He soon found work as a grifter, moving from planet to planet and scamming everyone he came in contact with. He eventually took on several apprentices, to help fill his coffered without doing any "real work." He cared little for the Empire or the New Order, but had no reason to hate it, either. (HR)

this bands of mercenaries, distinguished by their black-and-purple thinskin suits, provided their services to Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the height of the Clone Wars. (MBS)

Salje' Tasha
this female Anzat, distinguished by her silver-white hair and piercing green eyes, was a noted assassin who worked for a variety of clients during the final years of the Old Republic. Her specialty was in political jobs, and she was known to be very picky when it came to her clientele. During the Clone Wars, she was hired by a mysterious agent who provided her with all manner of unusual equipment, including cortosis gauntlets. After she was tracked down by Quinlan Vos, Salje' Tasha revealed that she had been the one who arranged for the murder of former Chancellor Finis Valorum. She then tried to feed from Quinlan's "soup," but the Jedi had other ideas. He used a talent he had learned from Count Dooku - an augmentation to his natural ability to read an object - to learn that it had been Sora Bulq who hired her for the job. Salje' nearly killed Quinlan for taking the knowledge, but Khaleen Hentz stopped her before she could do it. (RT)

this male Rodian was one of the leaders of the Freedom movement, serivng Malinza Thanas during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. When the location of the Stack was discovered, it was Salkeli who volunteered to get Jaina Solo to safety. In reality, Salkeli had been working for Blaine Harris all along, and stunned Jaina into submission before bringing her to Harris. He explained to Jaina that Freedom had gotten in too deep, and was about to expose information that was best kept in secrecy. However, when Harris was shot by Cundertol and the plot to subjugate Bakura was exposed, Salkeli was arrested and charged with a wide variety of crimes. Each and every charge was sentenced to jail time, and Salkeli was forced to spend much of the rest of his life in jail. (FH2)

this female Jenet served as Cal Omas' chief aide during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN2)

Salla C'airam
this Bergamasque ran an upscale bar and casino which catered to the tastes of the galaxy's most elite beings. In deference to their security, C'airam confiscated the weapons of anyone entering the establishment. In order to unobtrusively detect the presence of a weapon, C'airam kept a group of ergovores near the entrance to the building. The ergovores were purposely denied a steady diet of energy, heightening their ability to sense its presence. (HM)

this name was common among the Kerestian people. (UANT)

this species of tree was native to the planet Generis. (COD)

this planet is located in the Core. An agrarian world, it houses the headquarters of the Salliche Ag Corporation. The planet is also the site of the Vaults of Narner. (CRO, SWJ2)

Salliche Agricultural Corporation
this Imperial agricultural conglomerate that owned planets in the Yulant, Ruan, and Broest Systems. After the Battle of Endor, the workers on many Salliche Ag planets rebelled against the company by burning fields and destroying hydroponics facilities. In an effort to avoid such rebellion in the future, Salliche Ag replaced much of its workforce with droids. However, after the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Salliche Ag began shutting the droids down and welcomed refugess to worlds like Ruan. Salliche Ag claimed to be helping the refugees by giving them shelter in return for their labor, which gave the corporation the ability to claim their their produce was truly "handpicked." In reality, Salliche Ag was eliminating their droid workforce in preparation for the Yuuzhan Vong's takeover of the galaxy. If their workforce was organic, the leaders of Salliche Ag believed that they would get preferential treatment from the Yuuzhan Vong. They also planned to offer the now-useless droids to the Vong as a sacrifice and a token of their esteem. (SWJ2, JE)

this Muurian transport was part of the smuggler fleet which agreed to supply the Alliance with arms, just prior to the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Salm, Horton
a native of Norval II, Salm was a decorated Y-Wing pilot who served the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. He earned the rank of Colonel, and was given command of the Aggressor Wing shortly after the Battle of Endor, and led his Y-Wings during the Battle of Brentaal. After the battle, Salm was promoted to General. A small-statured man who believed in hard work and dedication to his cause, he disdained the exposure and fame given to Rogue Squadron, feeling that the hot-shot X-Wing pilots believed they were superior to Y-Wing pilots. During the hunt for Prince-Admiral Krennel, Salm commanded a B-Wing squadron based on the Moonshadow. (XWES, XWN, IR)

this was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "bright sky". (GCG)

this Mon Calamari was a noted smuggler whose band constructed an outpost on the planet Hoth during the early years of the New Order. The outpost was nearly destroyed when Han Solo and Luke Skywalker traveled to Hoth to see if the planet would serve as a new location for the Alliance's base of operations, in the wake of the Battle of Yavin. Solo had been to Hoth once before, and had considered Salmakk as an equal. However, the bounty on Solo's head was too great for Salmakk to ignore, and he opened fire on them. In an effort to escape, Luke and Han mistakenly flew into the smugglers' base. Trying to survive, Luke used his lightsaber to set off a chain reaction of icy stalactites falling from the ceiling, burying the smugglers and their ships. Salmakk and his smugglers gave up trying to capture Solo, and decided to leave Hoth rather than rebuilding their former base. When the Alliance eventually decided that Hoth would serve as their new base, Salmakk's former outpost became the Alliance's Echo Base. Salmakk disappeared for several years, but never left the Anoat Sector and eventually reappeared in a partnership with the Mugarri pirate, Clabbrun the Younger. Unknown to the authorities, the pair was actually under the employment of Figg Excavations. Salmakk and Clabburn were eventually apprehended and questioned about their activities, but were later released in exchange for information on their contacts within FiggEx. (EGA, 3D2, WOA34)

this is the fifth planet in the Jiroch System, and was one member of the Triumverate, along with Jiroch-Reslia and Kalok. It was colonized by the Tunroth. This world was sometimes referred to as Jiroch-Saloch, on certain starcharts. (GG12, UANT)

Saloch 2
this was one of several Tunroth worlds caught in the Reslian Plague. It was freed from the Lortan fanatics by the Imperial forces led by Captain Tessra and the Abrogator. (MBF)

this being was one of more than 72 individuals who were murdered by the Nikto assassin Ma'w'shiye, after the Nikto deserted from the Alliance. (SWJ4)

this planet was located in the Minos Cluster, and was the homeworld of the Triparates, at least according to Kaird. (MJH)

SalPivo, Tuga
this Corellian was a jack of all trades who could never keep a steady job. He was living on Poytta shortly before the Battle of Yavin. He was known to Jabba the Hutt for his expertise with explosives, and was hired to take out the t'landa Til leading Colony Eight, just before the Battle of Ylesia. (RD)

this Wookiee was a friend of Chewbacca's. A native to the planet Kashyyyk, Salporin was born in Kachirho and lived there most of his life. Shortly before the Battle of Geonosis, he fell in love with Gorrlyn. The two were among the many Wookiee soldiers who took part in the First Battle of Kashyyyk, during the final stages of the Clone Wars. Salporin served under Merumeru during the fighting. Like many Wookiees, Salporin was forced into slavery during the era of the New Order, until he was freed by Alliance commandos during the Galactic Civil Wars. Several years later, Salporin welcomed Chewbacca back home during the early years of the New Republic, when Chewbacca brought Leia Organa-Solo to Kashyyyk to keep her safe during her first pregnancy. Their plan was eventually discovered by Grand Admiral Thrawn, wh dispatched a group of Noghri assassins to eliminate her. Salporin was one of the many Wookiees who had been protecting Leia, but he was killed by Imperial forces while trying to defend her. (HTTE, SWDB)

Sal-Solo, Thrackan
Han Solo's first cousin, being the son of Han's father's sister, Thrackan looked and sounded very much like Han himself. Thrackan was a little heavier-set, with a little more gray in his hair, and a beard. As children, Thrackan continually bullied Han, until he was able to sell Han to Garris Shrike. Thrackan claimed to have been a highly-ranked Imperial officer in the Corellian Sector during the time of the Empire, but he was acutally just an employee of the Imperial Governor on Corellia. He dreamed of attending the Imperial Academy, but Han's dishonorable discharge put a black mark on the Solo name. Nevertheless, Thrackan showed promise, and was the heir-apparent for the position of Diktat when he supposedly died. This was about the time Han became a smuggler. Thrackan actually went underground, and began plotting the secession of the Corellian Sector from the enforced interspecies relations the Empire demanded. When the New Republic emerged, Thrackan continued to remain hidden, and built the Human League as the beginnings of his pro-human plans. He became the League's Hidden Leader, and he emerged from his hiding just after he initiated the intra-species wars in the Corellian Sector, just prior to the Corellian Trade Summit. With Chief of State Leia Organa-Solo confined to the Sector, Trackan announced the secession of the Sector from the New Republic, and declared himself Diktat. Using technology he didn't understand, Thrackan erected a huge interdiction field around the Corellian System, centered at Centerpoint Station. In the confusion which surrounded the inter-species fighting and the isolation from the Republic, Thrackan captured Han and held him prisoner, hoping to use him to maintain control of Leia. Thrackan continually harangued his cousin, lashing out in drunken fits of rage. He even pitted Han against Selonians in forced battle, just for pleasure. This worked against him, for Han and the Selonian - Dracmus - eventually escaped by working together. Their escape was soon followed by an assault from the New Republic, which was bolstered by Bakuran forces, that managed to penetrate the interdiction field erected in the sector. Feeling his fragile plans collapsing, Thrackan ordered the kidnapping of Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo. This action also backfired, as it was the children, with the help of Chewbacca, Ebrihim, and the Drallian Duchess Marcha, who discovered the key to the planetary repulsors hidden within the planets of the Corellian System.They also slipped through his grasp, during the battle between the Sacorrian Triad and the New Republic. Thrackan gave chase, but the children managed to damage his ship enough to allow it to be captured by the Intruder's tractor beam. Thrackan was placed in jail and eventually convicted of a multitude of crimes. After spending eight years at the Dorthas Tal prison on Selonia, Thrackan was given a chance to prove his rehabilitation by helping the archaeologists aboard Centerpoint Station discover how to reactivate it. He later was part of the team assigned to discover if the station could be used as a weapon against the Yuuzhan Vong. When it was learned that the Yuuzhan Vong had attacked Fondor instead of Corellia, Thrackan and his workforce insisted that Anakin Solo use his connection to the Station and his abilities with the Force to fire on the Yuuzhna Vong fleet at Fondor. Anakin refused, so Thrackan took the shot himself. Unfortunately, the shot was inaccurate, and destroyed much of the Hapan fleet which was supporting the New Republic. It also grazed the planet Fondor itself, and wiped out the Yuuzhan Vong armada. Despite the political repercussions from the Hapes Consortium, Thrackan Sal-Solo was portrayed as the hero of the Battle of Fondor for taking the shot which caused so much destruction to the alien forces. With the ouster of Governor-General Marcha, Thrackan suddenly found himself a leading candidate to lead the Corellian Sector as an independent entity. His actions, despite their failure to do any good, made him something of a hero in the Corellian Sector, and gained him the election to Governor General. He clamped down on the security measures in the sector, assuming command of the Centerpoint Party and striving to ensure that the sector was not compromised by the New Republic or the Yuuzhan Vong. However, in the wake of the Second Battle of Coruscant, Thrackan Sal-Solo threw his support to the Yuuzhan Vong, and offered to sign a "treaty of friendship" with them in return for the recognition of the Corellian Sector's neutrality. Rather than allow Thrackan to return to Corellia, however, Supreme Overlord Shimrra appointed him President of Ylesia and the Commander in Chief of the Peace Brigade. Unfortunately, Thrackan was capture by the New Republic on Ylesia, where he also learned that the Centerpoint Party had exiled him from the Corellian Sector. After being incarcerated by the Republic, Thrackan was extradited back to Corellia to stand trial. (AC, AS, SC, JE, BP, REC, Y, NEGC)

Sal-Solo, Tiion
Thrackan Sal-Solo's mother, Tiion was a reclusive widow who doted on her son. She and Trhackan lived in a veritable fortress, with rigid security measures. The Sal-Solo's were never social, and did their best to keep people out. Tiion was a member of the Solo family, and married Randil Sal about three years before Thrackan was born. She was far from attractive, especially in her old age. (TPS)

this word was used by New Republic starfighter pilots to designate a medium-sized Yuuzhan Vong assault cruiser. (DTR)

Salt Mynock
this unusual subspecies of mynock was native to the planet Lok. (SWI62)

Salt Pan
this unit of measurement was used by the Priapulin race. Roughly equivalent to 1.2 kilometers, the salt pan measurment was believed to have derived the Priapulins' exploration of dried sea beds. (GMR8)

according to Corellia mythology, Salta was the giant who supported the weight of the planet as it moved through space. His brother, Yorell, saw that Salta was growing tired, and built a platinum cast into which the planet could be placed. (MJH)

Saltan valoramosa n telvalk mord
this Old Corellian phrase translated into Basic as "assumption is the first step into a shallow grave." (TFNR)

Salted Wound
this was the name of the modified freighter used by the Mon Calamari pirate Salmakk, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (WOA34)

this planet is located in Rayter Sector. (TA)

this fish was native to the oceans of Kabal, where it was harvested as a food source. (GMR1)

this plant produces a tasty bean which was often served with curdled milk. Salthia beans were also mashed into a spreadable paste. (TNR, DW)

this was a legume that was grown on the planet Corellia. It was often ground into a thick, butter-like paste that could be spread on bread. By itself, saltnut butter was quite tasty. However, its taste was dramatically altered by certain jams and jellies, including bluefruit jam. When these two spreads were combined in a sandwich, the resulting taste was said to gag a sand cat. (MJH)

this Mon Calamari was second in command of the merchant transport Dewback's Burden when it was attacked and captured near Bhuna Sound. (T5)

Salus Corporation
this Rodia-based manufacturer created Stalker battle armor and the Tangler Elite 1 tangle gun specifically for Rodian bounty hunters, but would sell their equipment to just about any bounty hunter. Salus stole the design of the DF-D1 from the Golan Arms FC-1 flechette launcher, in the hopes of gaining a contract with the Empire. However, the DF-D1 was plagued by numerous flaws and accidents, and Salus was eventually nationalized by Imperial Munitions. (SWJ3, HR, AEG)

Salutation to the Force
this was a meditative exercise practiced by the Jedi Knights, allowing them to achieve a greater communion with the Force. It was a combination of postures that started with the body arched upward, followed by a deep squat that led to a leg-extended stretch to the rear. (MBS)

Saluup Fing
this Yuuzhan Vong commander was the first to appear before Warmaster Nas Choka and announce that Zonama Sekot had traveled across the galaxy to appear near Coruscant, some five years after the alien invasion of the galaxy began. The Yuuzhan Vong had spent years transforming Coruscant into a likeness of their long-lost homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar, only to have Zonama Sekot set of a chain reaction of seismic events that damaged or destroyed most of it. (UF)

this Imperial Lieutenant was placed in charge of the tours given at the Tol Ado prison facility, during the height of the New Order. Imperial Governor Parnell was so confident in the security of the prison, that he regularly invited beings in for tours of the prison. Salva's job was to escort tourists from the main hangar to the reception area, then take them on a guided tour of the prison. (JH)

Salvage Guild
this was the loose affiliation of salvage operators and recovery corporations, protecting the rights of salvagers during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ5)

Salvage Squadron
see Savage Squadron. (DTO)

this was the common name of the IW-37 pincer loader. (SWI81)

Salvager Three
the cargo ship Shug Ninx uses to make the Byss Run. He and Salla Zend used it to penetrate Byss's Imperial blockade and recover the Starlight Intruder. (DE2)

Salvagers' Guild
this Wroonian guild controlled all salvage operations undertaken by Wroonian corporations. (AE)

this Alliance medical frigate was operative during the years prior to the Battle of Yavin. (XW)

this Firespray-class ship was operated by Krassis Trellix for the Karazak Slavers Guild. The name Salvation, despite being a misnomer, was also an alias used by Trellix. The ship's true identity was the Indenture. (TFNR)

this was one of the small settlements established on the planet Nam Chorios. (WOTC)

this was the Alliance's pseudonym for the planet Arbra. (SWDB, MC55)

see Senna. (PH)

a composer who attended Alderaan University centuries before Thelaa began plagiarizing his works. (ISU)

this small-time criminal worked with the thief Lauren, and managed to steal what appeared to be the Kubaz insect from Rock'co. They were forced to separate after the heist, and Sam made off with the statue. When Rock'co and Jorkatt the Render caught up with him, Sam had already shipped the Insect back to Lauren. Sam died during his interrogation. (GMS)

this Clone Wars-vintage droid was owned by K'cri Elban, and often played the synthtone at K'cri's Cafe. (GG2)

this city was located on the southern tip of the Betu continent, on the planet Rodia. (SPG)

Samarine Province
this planet was located seven kiloparsecs from Damualer Triac. (GG9)

this man, a native of the planet Typha-Dor, was a member of Shalini's resistance group during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Mezdec claimed that it was Samdew who had been planning to undermine the group's efforts by transmitting the exact location of their base on TY44, just before Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker arrived in the Uziel System to mediate a cease-fire. Mezdec claimed that he had awakened to find Samdew at the communications station, and shot him with a blaster to stop him. In the ensuing firefight, Rajana shot Samdew in the chest, killing him instantly. It was later revealed that it was Mezdec, not Samdew, who was the traitor, and that Mezdec had tried to kill Samdew to cover his tracks. Four other members of their group were killed when the fire systems activated in their quarters, shutting down their oxygen supply. There deaths were also attributed to Mezdec. (JQ7)

Samhan Dobo
this Duros male worked as a merchant on Telos' Citadel Station, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. He was often at odds with another Duros merchant, his brother Dendis, primarily because Dendis din't approve of his clientele. Samhan had connections within Telos' black market, and often served as the middleman for the movement of weapons and drugs on Citadel Station. Samhan was eventually apprehended by The Exile, who had been doing freelance work for Lieutenant Grenn while searching for information on Darth Sion. (KOTOR2)

this feline being was one of the leaders of the Alliance cell located in the Cantros System, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Sami was also enamored of Minka, and was glad when she returned from Saijo safely. (MC93)

this Selkath was one of the many scientists who worked at the Hrakert Station facility, beneath the waters of the planet Manaan, during the era of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

this man lived on the planet Dantooine some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. He fell in love with the widow Elise, after she lost her husband and her droid, C8-42. (KOTOR)

this Alliance transport group was present when the Alliance attacked the SpecWar manufacturing facility during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

meaning "mean-spirited" but generally implying an affectionate tone, this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

this restaurant, owned by Vabrick Axo and located in Chasin City on the planet Commenor, was consistently rated as one of the city's finest restaurants. It was best-known for its assortment and preparation of aquatic gmefowl and vegetables. However, during the year leading up to the Clone Wars, Sampo's suffered from a planet-wide shortage of foodstuffs, and was forced to severely curtail its operations. (HNN5)

Samt, Devlor
this Imperial scientist adopted Voegliss as his own son, after the death of his natural son. (HR)

this race of near-humans evolved on the moon of New Kisge. The remote location of New Kisge kept the Samuac out of Imperial notice. (SSR)

Samuac Tree Code
this was the spoken language of the Samuac people. (GMR9)

this was the only name used by the leader of the small outpost that was visited by Darca Nyl, some six months after the Battle of Naboo. Samuel had discovered a rich lode of ore in the crust of a remote planet, and set up a mining operation that made him wealthy and powerful, at least in his own circle of friends. Just before Nyl's arrival, Samuel's daughter Leddar had been kidnapped, and Darca Nyl had interfered with the capture of one of the suspects. Samuel himself was an immense, bald-headed man who was distinguished by the minimalistic cybernetic prosthesis that replaced his right arm. Samuel agreed to drop any charges against Nyl, so long as he helped locate his daughter and bring the kidnappers to justice. He also agreed to provide Darca with information on the Lycan Dark Jedi he was tracking. Leddar had been captured by Royce, who was once Samuel's business partner. Royce was holding the girl in revenge for Samuel's actions, which involved obtaining complete ownership of the planet and its resources, despite the fact that both Samuel and Royce had found the world together. Although Darca Nyl managed to defuse the situation, he exposed Samuel's true nature to Leddar. Samuel, for his part, finally realized that Leddar was the most important thing in his life. (T21)

this was the name given to the demon who ruled the underworld, according to Sakiyan religious beliefs. (MBS)

San Hill
this humanoid Muun served as the Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, just before the onset of the Clone Wars. His pale skin was the result of living indoors for many decades, monitoring the financial and economic position of the IBC and ensuring that it continued to grow. Just prior to the Battle of Geonosis, San Hill agreed to support the war effort of the Separatists, but reminded Count Dooku that he was not going to enter an exclusive agreement with the Separatists. San Hill correctly surmised that the IBC could gain considerable profits by providing loans and financial services to the Old Republic as well as the Confederacy of Independent Systems, making huge sums of credits by helping newly-independent planets mint their own currencies. He also made a number of arrangements with the criminal underground on Aargau, in an effort to supplement the income of the Separatists. It was also discovered that it was San Hill who traveled to Kaleesh, in the wake of the Huk Wars, to seek out General Grievous. After secretly arranging for Grievous to be badly injured in a shuttle crash - Hill knew that Grievous was too seasoned a warrior to fall in combat, and ensured even after the crash that Grievous would be virtually unable to recover without help - Hill arrived on Kalee to "rescue" the Kaleesh by funding the resurrection of their society. Grievous agreed to accompany San Hill, because he wanted his people to survive the injustice that had befallen them at the hands of the Jedi. Hill then brought Grievous' body to Geonosis, where it was transformed into a part-alien, part-droid monstrosity. During the Battle of Muunilinst, San Hill hid in his offices while letting Durge do the dirty work of fighting for the planet's freedom. Just before the First Battle of Coruscant and the end of the Clone Wars, San Hill and the other leaders of the Confederacy were whisked away to Utapau by General Grievous, in order to ensure their safety. After hiding on Utapau, the Separatists were taken to Mustafar. It was there, after Darth Sidious finally lured Anakin Skywalker to the Darth Side of the Force, that the Separatist leaders met their deaths. Skywalker was dispatched to Mustafar by Sidious himself, with orders to eliminate them. Skywalker quickly kill San Hill before setting off after the rest of the Separatist leaders. (HNN4, SWDB, OWS, LEV, IS3)

San, Kurth
this burly, dark-skinned man was a member of the Old Republic military, and served as the Base Commander for the garrison in the city of Soboll during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Whiel stationed on Cularin, Major San was loyal to his commanding officer, Jir Tramsig, and would do anything Tramsig ordered. (LFC)

this was the name of the voorpak which was kept as a pet by Ryoo and Pooja Naberrie. (SWDB)

this ancient Echani warrior hunted down and killed the assassin Nelinik, many millennia before the Battle of Yavin, for the assassination of a High Protector. Sanasiki's blade, which had cortosis woven into the steel, was preserved as an icon of Echani dedication. (KOTOR)

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