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this durable, plastic-like material was ued to create cases for delicate objects, such as musical instruments. Spun-fiber was stronger than parallel-strand materials like fiberplast, since it used a continuous fiber during construction, rather than aligning huge numbers of straight pieces. (MBS)

developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, spun-plast as an extremely durable material that was resistant to many cutting instruments. Even durasteel knives were known to have dulled tried to make a scratch on its surface. Because of this, spun-plast was often molded into protective footwear and body plating. (MJH)

one of Cabrool Nuum's bodyguards. (JTH)

Spur, The
this was one of the major skyways found within the city of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. It connected The Arch to The Belt, but cut throught he Northrex district of Efavan to make travel shorter. (GORW)

Spurch Goa
a birdlike Diollan, Spurch Goa was an investigator for the Imperial Naval Intelligence organization. After absolving Thaffe of a murder he didn't commit, the two became Sector Rangers. They then met up with Dyyz Nataz, and were caught up in an elaborate revenge plan created by Jabba the Hutt. Thaffe was killed in a Gank ambush, but Nataz and Goa escaped. They destroyed Jabba's local palace, and were removed from the Rangers because of the scandal. They hid out on Nar Shaddaa, serving the galaxy as bounty hunters and mercenaries. In his native language, the name Spurch means "brave bug catcher," so he adopted the title of the Warhog. Just before the Galactic Civil War, he was hired by two Chattza Rodians, Thuku and Neesh, to lure Greedo into a life of bounty hunting. They wanted Greedo dead, since he was a Tetsus Rodian, and so they paid Goa to get Greedo into a situation he'd never survive. When Jabba put money on Han Solo's head, Goa urged Greedo on, knowing that Solo was never going to give up without a fight. Although he got paid handsomely when Solo killed Greedo in the Mos Eisley cantina, he was not proud of it. (DE1, DESB, TME)

this man worked at the Separatist base on Antar 4, during the height of the Clone Wars. (J4)

this species of large arachnoid had nine powerful legs. They had large abdomens, and wide mouths filled with small, sharp teeth. They lived in caves on the planet Kubindi, clinging to the ceiling until their prey wandered beneath them. The spydr would then drop down from above and trap the prey with a gluey webbing. Many Kubaz, and some Hutts, cooked and ate them in exotic meals. (E1A3, E1A5, MIS6)

this small remote surveilance device resembles a miniature seeker. It travels extremely fast, and is nearly invisible to the naked eye. (CSWEA)

this was the brand name of Cybot Galactica's AC1 surveillance droid. (EGD)

SpyEye Droid
this was a series of surveillance droids produced during the New Order. This may be a reference to the Cybot Galactica AC1 "Spy-Eye" droid. (BI, EGD)

this is the generic term for any small, undetectable device which can be used to overhear the conversations of another individual. The spy-mike is hidden on the target's body and can transmit for a limited distance. (VOF)

this was a generic term used to describe any surveillance system used to view a nearby area without being discovered. Often composed of a fiber-optic cable for flexibility, the spyscope could be pushed into cracks and crevices to allow the user to see what was happening behind doors or walls. The spyscope could be connected to a small datapad to view what it saw, or it could be connected directly into a soldier's helmet for a heads-up display. (FB)

this miniature holocam was produced by SoroSuub, shortly before the Clone Wars. It was marketed as the perfect home and personal security system. (HNN4)

this was the designation of Cilghal's shuttle, on her homeworld of Calamari. (DA)

Squa Tront
this male Umbaran was dispatched by Black Sun to the planet Drongar, during the height of the Clone Wars, to ensure that the production of bota continued to provide a steady stream to the criminal underworld. Squa Tront arrived on Drongar with Thula, and worked with Kadir to re-establish the pipeline. However, it soon became known that the bota plant was mutating at a rate that would render it useless as a medicinal wonder-drug in a short time. Thus, Kadir's plans changed, and he worked to acquire enough processed bota to return to Black Sun and retire. Squa Tront and Thula had other plans, however. When Kadir entrusted them with obtaining the bota and leaving it at a predetermined location, the two criminals opted to keep the bota for themselves. In its place, they left Kadir with a cargo crate filled with explosives. They hoped to eliminate the Nediji and claim the payment for the bota for themselves. Unknown to both, however, was that Kadir discovered their duplicity, and had set out to hunt them down. (MJH)

this tiny red star is the primary star in the Squab planetary system, which contains the planet Skor II. (GG4)

Squad Four
this unit of V-Wings was part of the Old Republic defense fleet that protected Coruscant during the Clone Wars. During the First Battle of Coruscant, Squad Four augmented Squad Seven during the attack on the Invisible Hand. (E3N)

Squad Seven
this was the designation of a group of clone commandos assigned to the Open Circle Armada, during the height of the Clone Wars. Squad Seven was originally formed by Alpha-17, and was led by Commander Cody and Odd Ball, and served under the command of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. During the mission to Cato Neimoidia, Squad Seven was dispatched to capture Nute Gunray, a mission that they failed to accomplish when Gunray escaped just ahead of them. Many members of the squad were injured or killed in the attempt, and they were forced to regroup quickly in order to pursue Gunray to Charros IV. The squad regrouped for the First Battle of Coruscant, returning to the capital with the two Jedi in order to assist in liberating Chancellor Palpatine. The clones of Squad Seven were chose first for their ability to pilot the ARC-170 starfighter, but they were equally able to handle ground-based missions. (LEV, X3, SWI84)

this docile rodent was distinguished by its long ears and bushy tail. Native to the planet Chandrila, the squall population was allowed to evolve on its own, which led to an overpopulation of squalls during the New Order. The free-roaming creatures came into the cities to forage for food, and packs of them often caused traffic jams as they moved along the streets. These creatures were generally regarded as the standard for "cute" pets throughout the Core Worlds, and a thriving - albeit marginally profitable - export business flourished for many years. The business was aided by the fact that squalls were difficult to reproduce off their native Chandrila, but breeding them was a simple operation. The average squall became quite attached to its owner, and it never seemed to give any thought to escaping. In addition to being kept as pets, squalls were also bred for their delicate flesh, which was considered a delicacy by many elite restaurants. To avoid association with the cute pets, they used terms such as "Chandrilan Tendermeat" on their menus instead of "squall". The meat of the squall had a very strong flavor, and often had to be accompanied by thick sauces to help enhance it. For this reason, squall meat was also easy to poison, and many assassins were more than happy to find a target who enjoyed the taste. (EGP, WOTC, CCW)

Squall Mark IV
this jet-propelled hydrofoil craft was produced by Jerritech during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Measuring seven meters in length, it could be operated by a single pilot, and could carry up to six passengers and a metric ton of cargo. (SWJ4)

Squall, The
this was the name used by the Royal Imperial Guards to describe the arena in which they trained and fought on the planet Yinchorr. The Squall was a circular platform raised several meters above the ground. It forced opponents to remain within a confined space, lest they fall to their death. (CE)

this was a form of sandwich made from ground squall meat. (WOTC)

a demolition expert serving the Alliance, Squalls volunteered for duty as part of Han Solo's Endor assault team. (MTS)

this was the native language of the Squalris race. (GORW)

this portly, wide-faced, alien race was native to the planet Ifmix VI. As a race, the Squalrises were known as good-natured capitalists who could turn mean as soon as a business interest was threatened by another individual or entity. Because of their knack for business, Squalrises were correctly seen as only interested in increasing their personal wealth and status. (GORW)

this was the term used to describe more than one Squalris. (GORW)

this carnival ride is basically a controlled tornado. Brave individuals who wish to experience free-fall can step into the whirling column of air and be borne above a net. The spinning column of air allows patrons to perform somersaults and other acrobatic feats while seemingly suspended in mid-air. (GCQ)

Square of Hierarchy
this open square was located on the planet Coruscant, after it was captured and worldshaped by the Yuuzhan Vong. It was located in what was once the Calocour Heights district. (DW, UF)

Square of Hopeful Redemption
located in Redhaven, on the planet Rhommamool, this was were the Red Knights of Life brought droids for deconstruction. (VP)

Square of Sacrifice
this open square was created on Coruscant - renamed Yuuzhan'tar after the Yuuzhan Vong reshaped the planet in the image of their long-lost homeworld - as a central location where New Republic infidels would be executed as sacrifices to the True Gods. (DW)

this was a Dug swear word. (RHD)

a T'iin-t'iin Dwarf who worked for Big Bunji. He approached Han Solo at the Mos Eisley spaceport, offering Han a job transporting a load of chak-root. However, Han had already booked Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi for transport to Alderaan. (SWR)

this 3PO unit served as Wraith Squadron's quartermaster, as well as a waiter at the Downtime. He was once a protocol droid serving on the Tantive IV, and was sent to the spice mines of Kessel when the ship was captured by Darth Vader. On Kessel, he was programmed to maintain inventory data on the spice processing operation, but longed to be free. Then, one day, he saw his chance to escape, along with a large number of other droids. They boarded a freighter that was to carry a load of spice, in small numbers to avoid suspicion. When they were all aboard, Squeaky re-programmed the freighter's autopilot and told it to fly close to the ground for several kilometers before heading to space and jumping out of the system. However, Squeaky's escape route took them through a series of winding canyons in what would later be known among pilots as the Runaway Droid Ride. They managed to escape the spice mines, and dispersed throughout the galaxy. Squeaky eventually joined the Alliance. Wedge Antilles once said that Squeaky was the most verbally abusive droid he'd ever met, a fact that was displayed when Squeaky accompanied Wedge and Chewbacca on the missions of the Millennium Falsehood. Squeaky and Chewbacca argued over everything, and the droid gave no quarter to the Wookiee. (WS, SOC)

this was an ancient nickname for a sonic pistol. (KOTOR)

Squedge Eepsey
this Duros was a cool, observant stoolie who lived in Sahl-Evin, on the planet Jenenma. He once ran afoul of Pal-Nada's criminal organization, and looked for any opportunity to flee Jenenma. Squedge agreed to help a group of freelance operatives meet up with Esm, at the bidding of Orth Maag, in exchange for passage off Jenenma. He eagerly discussed Pal-Nada's operations with the agents, although never mentioning the crimelord by name. (WOA19)

this small insect, native to the planet Romin, was considered a nuisance. (JQ8)

Squeeze Bulb
this small container was used to carry liquids during space travel. The drink was contained in a sphere at the bottom of a tall neck, and was forced up the neck by squeezing the sphere. Releasing the sphere drew any remaining liquid back into the sphere. (RP)

Squeeze Zone
this section of the atmosphere of the planet Bespin was named for the intense pressures experienced by ships that passed through it. (DN2)

a small alien bipedal race from the planet Skor II, the Squibs are a nomadic race who were forced to roam their homeworld in search of the resources they needed to survive. When a Dorcin trader landed on the planet, the Squib traded him the mineral rights to a frozen waste in return for starship technology. Now the Squibs travel the galaxy looking for junk to salvage. Their bodies are covered in colorful fur which ranges from deep red to brilliant blue, and their fox-like faces have large eyes and tufted ears. They are confident and curious by nature, and love to make things more complicated than they need to be. The Squib negotation process is a good example: when one party wishes to obtain something from another, they must make the first pitch. If they do not, the controlling party will simply stand by stoically, waiting for the first request. Squibs also revel in haggling, and consider it the highest form of communication. They have been in a salvage war with the Ugors, and are often found trying to claim the same junk before the Ugors can. To a Squib, the only good Ugor is a ripped-off Ugor. The Squib race is ruled by a polyanarchy, which was formed by a group of Squib kings. Each king ruled a tribe of salvagers, and worked with the other kings to ensure salvage rights. Despite their scavenging ways, Squibs also developed a high level of technology, and their tractor beam generators are among the most efficient in the galaxy. Many Squib starships use these tractor beams as weapons, instead of lasers. (GG4, SH)

Squib Merchandising Consortium
this Squib corporation manufactured the reclamation ships used to scour the Paradise sector for salvage. The consortium was originally chartered by the Empire to collect the detritus from space, refurbish it, and resell it. Every Squib born is, by default, an employee of the consortium, and must yield to the commands of its leader, the "Illustrious Chieftain of Junkyards." (SH, GG4)

Squib Polyanarchy
this was the name given to the planetary government of Skor II. (HNN4)

Squib Reclamation
this was the largest of the Squib salvage operations. (SWDB)

Squib Reclamation Ship
this needle-shaped starship was built by the Squibs to assist them in collecting interstellar salvage. Measuring about 50 meters in length, the Squib ships resemble huge B-Wings which have their wings closed. The ships require a crew of twenty, and although there is no space dedicated to passengers, there is always room for paying customers. The reclamation fleet has a standard hyperdrive system, and is armed with 10 tractor beams. The Squibs have the uncanny ability to use the tractors hurl garbage at attackers. They can also pull garbage into position to absorb enemy fire. (SH)

Squib Trade Language
this secret language was developed by the Squib race, for use in negotiating among themselves, or whenever they wanted to discuss a deal without alerting other beings as to their intentions. (TG)

this was the native language of the Squibs. (ANT)

this was the term used by the Squib people to describe themselves. (HNN4)

Squid Head
a derogatory name for a member of the Quarren race. (ROTJ, DA)

Squid Lake
this was one of the most powerful dramas written during the last years of the Old Republic. It was usually performed by aquatic races, as much of the action took place in specialized globes of water held together by spherical gravity fields. (OWS, IS3)

this was the name used by the Vindar to describe a race of timid, green-skinned humanoids that were characterized by their long limbs and conical skulls. The Squidge were completely subjugated by Vindar, who took out their aggression on the timid Squidge. Over time, the Squidge were stripped of their culture by the Vindar. (T19)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. The name referred to a species of fish that was native to Naboo. (GCG)

this species of fish was native to Naboo. (GCG)

this Jawa was considered a mechanical genius, and worked for Abdi-Badawzi as a technician and repairman. Squig maintained the Twi'lek's fleet of ships, and also worked part-time as a consultant for the Caelli-Mercerd Syndicate. Squig considered it his life's work to ensure that Elias Halbert's starship, the Seldom Different, was always in working order. To that end, Squig was always tinkering with the ship. Squig was also known as a hopeless romantic and a chronic gambler. (SWJ2, BSS)

one of the galaxy's most reviled vermin, the squill was a monkey-like creature with a toothy beak and pink head-frills. They were known to carry diseases, and were used by the Empire to unleash Bledsoe's disease. The Jawas of Tatooine enjoyed eating the tough, pungent meat of the squill. (CSWEA)

Squin, Hlisk
this man was the proprietor of the Bollin Animal Emporium during the era of the Battle of Naboo. Despite his outward appearance as a zookeeper, Squin was actually fence for many of the pirates and smugglers who worked in the Cularin System's asteroid belt. Hlisk once trafficked slaves for Riboga the Hutt, but managed to avoid being discovered when Nirama took over the Hutt's operations. (LFC)

this is Alliance fighter pilot slang for a TIE Interceptor. Erisi Dlarit also called it a "wince." (XWWP, BW)

this was the brand name of House Paramexor's armorer droid. They were similar in function to the AD-series droid. (GG10)

this was a tiny insect that was native to the deserts of Tatooine. (BF5)

this diminutive, tadpole-shaped Sloogarian claimed to have been one of the few beings present when Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian. He also claimed that he tried to talk Han Solo out of making the Kessel Run. Squishmael was, of course, an alias used to protect his true identity. He was always willing to tell his tale, for the price of a drink or two at the local cantina. Of course, Squishmael wasn't sure what the Kessel Run actually was, until Marshak explained that the Kessel Run was a smuggler's mission to obtain rare Kessel Birds from the Aeneid System. Squishmael would later explain that Marshak and Lando had been playing an expensive joke on young Solo, as part of Lando's revenge for losing the Millennium Falcon. (T16)

this surname was common among the Sullustan race, and meant "mechanic" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

this immense, insectile, predatory worm was native to the jungles of Arorlia. It was distinguished by the unusual, face-like pattern of scales on its head, which it used to lure its prey close enough to catch. (T1)

SR Combat Pistol
this was a heavy-duty sidearm produced during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

this subdirectory within the Open Investigations Database of the Bureau of Ship Services contained information on the allegations charged against Daultay Dofine and the Trade Federation. (SON)

this assassin droid, known as Essar, was the automaton singled out to execute Imperial Governor Merno Blask on the planet Trevura, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. S-R6 was created from the skeleton of a standard ASP-series labor droid, allowing the droid to work undercover without being noticed as an assassin. S-R6 was also known for its wealth of knowledge on blaster weapons, and it often related conversations in terms of weaponry. When speaking to other beings, S-R6 was very cordial and friendly, but his constant references to guns sometimes worried people. When it was learned that Governor Blask was importing experiemental blasters from Coruscant, S-R6 was interested because of his obsession with guns as well as to determine any potential problems with the assassination attempt. S-R6 managed to obtain some of the new Imperial blasters from a group of freelance agents, who helped him avoid an Imperial ambush and carry out his mission. (WOA14)

Sran Outpost
this was an Alliance base, prior to the Battle of Yavin. (AIR)

this was the Coynite word for "promise." According to the En'Tra'Sol, a Coynite's sratt was a sacred thing, and eternally binding. (PG3)

this New Republic Navy Captain was in command of the fleet shuttle Tampion when it was pressed into duty to bring Han Solo to the Fifth Battle Group's position near the Koornacht Cluster. After news of Solo's arrival was leaked to the Yevetha, the Yevetha stationed Interdictor cruisers in the Tampion's path and brought it out of hyperspace three hours shy of the fleet. Sreas tried to fight off the Yevetha who ambushed the shuttle, but only succeeded in shooting Solo in the right arm before being killed in the firefight. (SOL)

captain of the salvage ship The Lucky Find, Sreethyn regularly recovered Imperial garbage, searched it for technology, and sold it on the open market. What he couldn't sell to his normal clientele was eventually sold back to the Empire that dumped it. (ISB)

the name of one of the ancient Juvex Houses. (COJ)

this city, located on the planet Janara III, was razed in an Imperial attack aimed at suspected rebel cells. Matt Turhaya had left his daughter, Alex, with relatives in Sreina just before the attack. Alex was rescued and taken in by Turk Winger. (SWJ7)

this is the name of the poison exuded by the Hyallp race. (RD)

this planet was the fifth and primary world in the Sriluur System, and was the homeworld of the Weequay race. Located in the Periphery of the Outer Rim, it also supported a large colony of Houks, which first arrived on the planet from Lijuter some 250 years before the Battle of Naboo. It was a harsh, desert world whose only vegetation was concentrated in broken scrublands. Much of the planet's volcanic and seismic history took place well before the formation of the Old Republic, leaving behind a blasted landscape that was gradually eroded by wind-carried sand. This barren world had vast lodes of copper and other common metals, but had been largely ignored by the rest of the galaxy. The Weequay and Houk had been at war for many years when the Empire moved in and took over the planet, turning it into a staging area for the distribution of raw materials to Kuat Drive Yards' factories. The Alliance worked hard to get the two races to resist the Empire, but no major resistance was launched. One year on Sriluur encompassed 270 local days, each of which lasted twenty-two standard hours. It was orbited by five moons. Sriluur gained importance during the Galactic Civil War as the central point along the Sisar Run. Like many worlds in Hutt Space, Sriluur was eventually overrun by the Yuuzhan Vong. The local defenses were no match for the alien invaders, and the population of Sriluur was summarily enslaved. (SWJ6, CRO, EGC, GG12, SSR, FH3, NJOSB, GORW)

this star was the central body of the Sriluur System, located in the Outer Rim Territories. (GORW)

this was the name given to the written, spoken, and pheromonal languages of the Weequay people. (SOT)

this alien race was a member of the New Republic. Their homeworld was attacked by Grand Admiral Thrawn. (SOP)

Srrn Kanas
this was a noted figure in the history of the Nazzar people. (UANT)

this race of bipedal felinoids had an honor-based societal structure, much like Wookiees. Native to the planet Jankok, the Srrors'tok were comfortable in warm climates. However, they were susceptible to cold, and had to wear layers of clothing to survive in frigid climates. Their large heads were dominated by their fanged mouths, and their bodies were covered with short fur. (GG9, AE)

SRT Droid
developed by the Geonosians, this short-rande transport droid was a repulsor-equipped automaton that had a main body that was fitted with a wide transport deck. The body was little more than a thick torso, with manipulator arms to move cargo onto and off of the deck. The SRT droid moved about the Geonosian droid factories, shuttling parts and raw materials to their destinations. (IWE2)

this was a repulsor-equipped version of the treaded New Republic SRV-1 scout and retrieval vehicle. The craft suffered from a lack of power, since the repulsor was added without augmenting the existing power generators. Thus, when faced with combat, the SRV/R-1 had to either commit itself to the fight or flee. This lack of power also reduced the SRV/R-1's transport capabilities to two metric tons. (SWG2)

this was a repulsorlift vehicles used by scout and survey teams to travel across a new landscape and collect samples. (KR)

this scout and retrieval vehicle was first designed by the New Republic shortly after the Battle of Endor, in an effort to obtain an inexpensive yet rugged vehicle which could be used to scout new locations and deliver and retrieve troops. Military versions of the SRV-1 were armed with a pair of medium blaster cannons mounted on turrets atop the cockpit. The SRV-1 was propelled by a pair of heavy treads, although a repulsor version was produced under the designation SRV/R-1. The SRV-1 required a pilot to operate, and could transport eight troopers and up to three metric tons of cargo in its rear bin. (SWG2)

this Imperial Survey report was written by Koeg Boorn in the first year of the New Order. It described the primary planets of the Sluis Sector, including Dagobah. (TTSB)

this series of sewage spreader droids was produced for use in gardens and nurseries by a corporation on the planet Myrkr during the last decades of the Old Republic. (E1A7)

this Telex-Delcor space skiff was basically a rigid frame, to which was attached maneuvering jets and a power core. These vehicles were used at starship repair facilities for light maintenance duties. (OE)

a military version of the Telex-Delcor SS-39 space skiff, the SS-39L was armed with a Kuat Vonak 21-Dx light laser cannon. (OE)

Seinar Fleet System's long range tachyon detection scanner. (SCRE)

this Trade Federation battle droid was part of the security team dispatched to eliminate Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, when the Jedi Knights arrived at Naboo. It was given programming that assured it the Jedi could be defeated. This droid was originally to be designated SSA-101, but a mistake in production scheduling pushed it back to 1015. (CCG15)

this Trade Federation battle droid was placed on guard duty in front of Theed Palace, during the Federation's occupation of Naboo. (CCG15)

this Trade Federation battle droid was part of the security forces charged with guarding the Naboo prisoners taken during the blockade of the Naboo System. SSA-719 was programmed to believe that offensive tactics were the best defense in controlling mobs. (CCG15)

this Shatras bounty hunter was known to take only hunts for reptilian sentients, and was extremely effective in his work. Ssach'thirix was also a bitter rival of Kal-tan-shi. In his time, Ssach'thirix was known to have captured many Barabel and Kath members of the Alliance, and was once on the Alliance's most wanted list. Ssach'thirix once tried to capture Alliance Lieutenant Commander Xenon Nnaksta on Pii 3, but was soundly defeated by Alliance reinforcements. (AIR)

this species of large arachnids was created by DarkStryder as protectors and guardians. Resembling large, headless spiders, the Ssamb moved about silently on six legs, and possessed large fangs which they used as weapons. Swarms of Ssamb moved throughout the DarkStryder's fortress, clinging to virtually any surface, and were bred to protect DarkStryder at the cost of their own lives. Anything that threatened DarkStryder was set upon by a swarm of Ssamb, which used their fangs to shred flesh and tissue. There were some 500 Ssamb that guarded DarkStryder's lair alone, and DarkStryder maintained a swarmof 1,000 Ssamb as its personal guard. (E)

this was the callsign of one of the hoverscouts dispatched to locate Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, on the planet Tatooine, some four years after the Battle of Endor. The Solos were on the desert planet to recover the Killik Twilight moss-painting, which was also wanted by Grand Admiral Thrawn. SSC-17 was used by the team which had located the Jawa sandcrawler in which Kitster Banai had been transporting the moss-painting, but was abandoned when a group of Sandpeople attacked them. The Solos then borrowed the craft to chase after the Sandpeople. (TG)

this was the model number of the Santhe/Sienar power generator used on the TIE Tank. (EGV)

this was the designation of an experimental, high-output, Class 3.0 hyperdrive produced by Sienar Design Systems. It was used first in the Sith Infiltrator used by Darth Maul. (X1, IG1)

Sserician Eclipse
located within the area known as Dantooine's Wrath, this was one of the most dangerous sectors of the Dantooine System, as it was regularly patrolled by the Valarians during the New Order. (SWGAL)

this tryannical monarch ruled the Serp society during the height of the Galactic Civil War. King S'Shah was decidedly pro-Imperial, despite the Serps' natural tendencied to side with the Alliance. It was King S'Shah who returned the Serp people to a life of violence, ending a peace which had lasted for several generations. He created the doom-jousts as a way to prove his strength and prowess. He proclaimed that any Serp who could bet him in a doom-joust would immediately be named the new king. However, S'Shah used forbidden technologies to gain an edge over his opponents. Some months after the Battle of Hoth, King S'Shah was challenged by Elglih, but the older Serp was too feeble to fight. Instead, he trained Luke Skywalker to be his champion. King S'Shah, seeing that Luke was in league with cinda Tarheel, accepted the challenge. S'Shah's skills as a jouster were more than a match for Luke's, and only Luke's ability to improvise allowed him to unseat S'Shah. The King agreed to submit to Luke, but pulled a micro-jolt from his robes and tried to kill Luke. Seeing the danger, Elglih used his own weapon to shoot S'Shah dead. (MC64)

this deity was the father of the Ssi-ruu species. According to the Ssi-ruuk's sacred tome, the G'nnoch, there were four eggs formed at the creation of the universe. From the first hatched Ssi and P'w'itthki. Ssi's children hatched from the second egg, while P'w'itthki's children hatched from the third egg. The fourth egg was reserved for those descendants who earned a place in the afterlife. Eventually, Ssi was forced to defeat P'w'itthki in combat, but allowed P'w'itthki's hatchlings to live on, serving the children of Ssi forall eternity. This myth describes the beginning of the relationship between the Ssi-ruuk (htachlings of Ssi) and the P'w'eck (hatchlings of P'w'itthki). (TBSB)

this was the model number of an internal comlink system produced by SoroSuub. Like most implants, it provided the user with enhanced abilities. When placed within the bones of the skull, it allowed the user to communicate without a hand-held device. (AIR)

this New Republic Navy Captain was in command of the Thunderhead during the second attack on the Yevetha at Doornik-319. His crew managed to defeat an Aramadia-class thrustship, one of the first times the Republic was able to knock out one of the spherical ships. The Thunderhead fell under heavy assault during the Battle of N'zoth and was destroyed. All hands were lost, including Ssiew. (TT)

native to the planet Lwhekk, Ssi-Ruu were warm-blooded, reptilian beings covered with scales of various colors. Their blunt, oversized heads ended with a beaked mouths, and their bodies ended with muscular tails. They had clawed hands and feet, and strongly-muscled hind legs. They were blind to the Force, and comunicated with each other via a complex series of tweets and whistles. They also have scent tongues which they eject from their nostrils. Each hand has three opposable claws. They all have three eyelids. As a rule, the Ssi-ruu were highly xenophobic, but were more disgusted by other species than afraid of them. There were at least four races of Ssi-ruuk, based on their coloration. They held to a very rigid code of honor, as well as a strict caste system which was based on skin coloration and patterning. Blue Ssi-ruuk were members of the highest caste, and were the politicians and leaders of their society. Gold-skinned Ssi-ruuk were very rare, and were members of the religious caste. Red Ssi-ruuk were generally stronger than their counterparts, and comprised the military caste. The green-scaled Ssi-ruu were workers. Brown-scaled Ssi-ruuk were usually the offspring of mixed or unsuccessful breedings, and were often killed at birth. The Ssi-ruuk were also highly religious, as evidenced by the power of the Conclave in governmental decisions. They feared the possibility of dying away from their homeworld, believing that the soul of an individual who died on another world would be lost forever. Thus, the Ssi-ruuk consecrated every world they wanted to colonize, to ensure there was an afterlife for their souls. Legend held that a Ssi-ruuvi individual would be born with all colors on their scales, a rainbow-scaled individual known as the Keeramak. The birth of the Keeramak would signal the end of the caste system, allowing the weak and oppressed castes to become leaders. However, it was discovered that the Keeramak which was born just prior to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion was not a messiah, but the pawn of a Yuuzhan Vong invasion force that was trying to capture Lwhekk and Bakura, thereby establishing a foothold along the borders of the Unknown Regions. The Ssi-ruuk had been subjugated by the alien invaders, and forced to play their part in the plan. (TB, AE, EGA, FH2)

this word was the singular form of the noun used to describe the Ssi-ruu. (TB)

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