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Submersible Environment Module
a heavily-armored startship, the SEM is used to penetrate hostile planetary environments. The SEM uses the quantum armor developed at the Maw Installation as a protective skin. It is connected to a mothership or orbiting station by an energy tether which uses its own magnetism to keep the SEM attached to its base. If snapped, the tether can reconnect itself if broken. They are equipped with various manipulatory appendages, depending on the application. (SA)

Submersible Mining Environment
developed by Lando Calrissian and the engineers aboard GemDiver Station, the submersible mining environment (SME) was used to safely penetrate the atmosphere of the planet Yavin in search of Corusca gems. (GORW)

this was the generic term used by SoroSuub to describe its line of amphibious speeders, such as the AQ-1. These vehicles were capable of traveling over land and in the water, with little to no changeover required to move between environments. However, this meant that the submersi-speeder was expensive to purchase and maintain, and its sophisticated components were prone to breakdowns, requiring regular maintenance and service. (GORW)

this Inner Rim manufacturer produced some very reliable shipboard avionics packages before it entered into the starship market by assisting Incom in the design of the Z-95 Headhunter. Its location in the Rim meant that it didn't get the recognition other manufacturers received, and so many of its designs went unnoticed except by Rim travellers. It also began to manufacture freighters and transports which gained wide acceptance in the Rim, despite the familiarity of many Corellian designs. (SCRE, SWSB, EGV)

this was the derogatory term used by the elite classes of the planet Mawan to describe those individuals who worked in the tunnels beneath their cities. Ironically, after the Great Purge, it was the subrats and their underground companions who rose to power in the aftermath. (JQ6)

Subsonic Grenades
small detonation devices which use low-amplitude sound waves instead of explosives. (DFR)

Subspace antenna
this was a horseshoe-shaped magnet wrapped with two layers of conductive wire, used to generate the magnetic fields required to send a subspace transmission. Often, the wire used was of a superconducting material that was exceptionally thin, requiring more then ten kilometers of wire to fully cover the U-shaped frame. (HTTE)

Subspace Communications
this subscriber service provided communications access to thousands of users along the Sisar Run. Owned by the Nalroni crimelord Sprax, Subspace controlled a wealth of deep-space communications satellites which brought almost instantaneous communications to its subscribers, without the need for a dedicated HoloNet access. Subspace was the cleanest of Sprax's ventures, although its satellites maintained a log of every user, including what channels they tuned in to and where they were. This allowed Sprax to maintain tabs on a wealth of individuals and groups. (SSR)

Subspace Image Transmitter
developed by Renn Volz, this device was used to project a holographic image to a remote location. Mira Volz used one to alert her father that she was no longer under the control of Captain Bzorn. (CSWEA)

Subspace radio
a radio which employs a special antenna to send a transmission via subspace frequencies. These signals are almost instantaneously received at their destination. (HTTE.)

Subspace Relay Station
this 100-meter long, spindle-shaped station is depolyed in many star systems for a number of uses. Often denoted as an SRS, these unmanned stations are placed in a slow, distant orbit around a system's star. From this vantage point, they relay intra-system broadcasts. The SRS can also act as a collision defense system, since they are armed with twelve laser cannons. Any inbound asteroids can be shot down with these cannons before they collide with the station. (TA)

this was the name given to a repulsorlift vessel which could tunnel into and through the ground. (SWIE)

this planet, located beyond the Outer Rim, was the site of a variety of mining colonies during the last decades of the Old Republic. Much of the workforce used on Subterrel was cloned, created by the Kaminoans to be hard-working and durable, but completely obedient and loyal. It was here that Dexter Jettster first encountered the Kaminoans, and learned about obscure items such as the Kaminoan Saberdart. (TCG1, SWI66)

Subu, Odie
this young woman served the Grand Army of the Republic as a reconnaissance scout, during the height of the Clone Wars. She was known to be an excellent swoop and speederbike rider, and could negotiate complex terrain with ease. Much of her skill was attributed to her small size, although this proved to be something of a liability when it came to handling weapons. To compensate, Odie had her tech teams modify the grips of her blasters, so that she could fire them in combat. When General Khamar was dispatched to defend the Intergalactic Communications Center on Praesitlyn, Odie was among the many scouts who accompanied Makx Maganinny to gather intelligence on the Separatist forces there. During the initial phase of the Separatist attack, the small naval fleet supporting General Khamar took heavy fire, and many ships were disabled and fell to the planet's surface. After Odie led Lieutenant Colonel Kreen to a defensive rock formation, she was caught in a sandstorm caused by the crash of Erk H'Arman's starfighter. She managed to rescue Erk and get him back to the main encampment, but only after surviving exposure in the desert. For any number of reasons, Odie found herself deeply attracted to Erk, and they found that they were also good team in the field. Erk even found himself referring to Odie as the "best wingmate a fighter jock ever had." They were briefly assigned to a listening post established by the Freedom's Sons and Daughters militia, but were overrun by battle droids when the Separatists launched their attack. They were buried beneath the rubble for several days before being discovered by a scout force led by Grudo. In the confusion, Odie shot Grudo, thinking he was an enemy. His death left her with a hollow feeling inside, despite the insistence of those around her that it was simply a case of mistaken identity. Her mood didn't improve when Anakin refused to accept Grudo's death, but they eventually worked out their differences. Anakin later included her in the mission to rescue the hostages at the communications center, since she was the only person available who had any knowledge of the building's layout. Once the hostages were released, Odie was to maneuver them back to a transport ship piloted by Erk. She decided to remain at the center when she realized that Anakin was still inside, and set off with Raders ad Vick to locate him. They managed to locate Skywalker and capture Pors Tonith, and returned to the Republic's main base. When Anakin returned from the final mop-up, Odie surprised both Anakin and Erk by asking the young Padawan to marry them. Anakin agreed, and united them in marriage shortly afterward. (JT)

Success Through Charismatic Influence
this was an Old Republic training course, created to give civilians and non-combat military personnel an introduction on the basics of military leadership. The course was held on Commenor. (SWI65)

Succession Judge
this position was given to a Bitthaevrian who would preside over any succession to the leadership of the m'Yalfor'ac Order. Individual Succession Judges were to be completely unbiased, thereby ensuring that the succession was fair. (AIR)

Succession Pool
this self-contained vessel of water formed the heart, lungs, and liver of a Yuuzhan Vong damutek. The Shapers who traveled to new worlds often filled the succession pool with native aquatic life, thereby feeding and sustaining the damutek. Waste material was also throw intot he succession pool, adding to the nutrients available to the damutek. The pool was filled from below, as the large roots of the damutek sucked up copious amounts of water from the crust of a world. (EVC, FP)

an ethereal alien which desires to couple with a human male in order to breed. (CS)

Succulosum Azure
the beautiful flowers of this plant are known to cause severe allergic reactions in human beings. (XWMR)

this planet served as a primary garrison of the Trade Federation, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. The Federation once tried to occupy the planet when an outstanding debt went unpaid. An invasion was launched on the pretext of forcing the native to repay the debt, but was met with stiff resistance from the armed forces. The Federation was eventually ousted, but their ability to blockade a planet was easily proven. The lessons learned at Sucharme went a long way toward the planning of the invasion of Naboo. (GCG)

this was a Mandalorian phrase used to familiarly greet another individual. It loosely translated into Basic as "hi" or "what's up?", and came from a more formal phrase that meant "So, you're still alive." (OWS)

Sudden Death
this modified MRX-BR Pacifier scout ship was owned and operated by the Iceman. He had gutted the insides of the ship to make room for eight prisoner cells, and added three proton torpedo launchers and three laser cannons to the ship's armaments. (GG6)

Sudden Demise
this was one phase of a sabacc hand in which two or more players were tied at the end of a hand, with hands that did not exceed the score of 23. Each of the remaining players was then dealt a single card. If the additional card caused the player's hand to exceed 23, he was out of the match. This continued until only one player was left to claim the pot. (LCF)

Sudden Restoration
this Carosite HS-1 hospital ship has been named for the ship's ability to appear suddenly whenever medical attention is required. The survival rate of injured beings brought on board the Sudden Restoration is legendary. Many of the patients brought on board are transported to Carosi Alpha Hospital for further treatment. The New Republic asked the Carosites to hangar an X-Wing fighter on the Sudden Restoration, in case of attack from Imperial forces. (PG2)

Suel, Jaizen
this Jedi Knight was one of the few members of the Jedi Order to fly a Cloakshape fighter into combat, during the last years of the Old Republic. His modified ship was known as the Dawn Raider. (NEGV)

this Interdictor-class cruiser was part of the Imperial fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this leaves of this low-growing plant could be blanched or fried, or served raw as part of a salad. (SESB)

this Corellian outlaw was exiled from his colony for a murder he committed some six years before the Battle of Endor. He was not a physically imposing man, but carried about himself an air of cold-blooded savagery. Early in the era of the New Republic, Sufar was a member of the bounty hunter gang known as Qulok's Fist. (DARK)

this Outer Rim world was the site of a Shrine of Kooroo. (SWJ13)

Sugai Sector
along with the Kakani, Ikenomin, and Fusai Sectors of the galaxy, this sector made up the Outer Zuma region. (GMR9)

Suhlak, N'dru
this young man was washed out of the Alliance's Tierfon starfighter base for his excessive insubordination. However, Suhlak was an excellent pilot, having learned from the likes of Jek Porkins and Wes Janson, and soon found work as a hunt saboteur. Suhlak once tried to evade Boba Fett above Uhltenden by placing specialized transparisteel plates between his Z-95 Headhunter and Slave I. The transparisteel was manufactured to filter out certain wavelengths of light, providing Suhlak with the ability to disappear as long as he remained in line with Fett's ship. He also placed a normal piece of transparisteel behind the optically-filtered piece, in case Fett survived the first one. However, Fett discerned Suhlak's set-up and evaded both pieces. He then boarded the modified Z-95 and took possession of Suhlak's cargo, Ob Fortuna. The two met up several years later, during Boba Fett's search for answers surrounding Neelah and Kuat of Kuat. This time, Fett hired Suhlak to transport him to Tatooine and back as fast as possible, following the damage to the Hound's Tooth and the loss of Slave I. He kept his part of the bargain, eventually returning Fett to Dengar and Neelah aboard the Hound's Tooth near Oran-m. (SLS, HM)

Suicide Peak
this specialized obstacle was used on swoopchasing courses. In its basic form, the Suicide Peak is a modified version of the Pop 'n' Drop obstacle. However, the Suicide Peak employs a drop off of up to 30 meters between the top of the front side of the bank and top of the back side. The gap between the banks is also increased, often to fifty meters. (BSS)

Suicide Tooth
this device resembled a regular human tooth, but was filled with deadly gas before being inserted into the jaw. When a human was forced into a situation where death was imminent, they could use the suicide tooth to kill their captors as well as themselves, thereby eliminating the threat. (SWG3)

this man was a member of the Karazak Slavers Cooperative team sent to capture Janissa Locrin. (GG11)

this was a common name among the Menahuun people. (UANT)

this H'drachi (human?) served as the Vicebaron of M'haeli when Lando Calrissian and Mara Jade stopped there, during their search for information on Jorj Car'das. (VOF)

this woman was native to the planet Gadrin, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Suki and her friend, Amaya, spent much of their free time roaming the bars of Gadrin for men to have fun with. (EOS)

this was a common name given to Zabrak males. Like many Zabrak names, it related to survival characteristics, and meant "second-born son". (GCG)

this woman, the Queen of the planet Presteen during the height of the New Order, was also a noted sabacc player. (RESB)

this Sullustan starship mechanic was a quiet, hard-working being who was very meticulous about her work. (GMH)

one of the few Imperials who survived the early years of the New Republic, Sulamar sought power under the guise of a General, a rank which was never recognized by the rest of the Imperial forces.. He aligned himself with Durga the Hutt in the early planning stages of the Darksaber project. When Crix Madine was captured trying to sabotage the battle station, he revealed that Sulamar was really a bungling fool who couldn't hold a position because of his constant failures. (DS, ECH)

Sulan Bek
this was a noted member of the Arkanian race. (UANT)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

this plant is found on the planet Kirdo III, and is a food source used by the chooba. (GG4)

Sulfur Archway
this was the name given to a section of the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, one of the most popular swoop racing courses of the New Order. (SWGAL)

Sulfur Lake Pirates
this gang of pirates, with members and chapters from across the galaxy, was active during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

Sulfur Slug
this disgusting parasite was native to the planet Lok. (SWI62)

Sullinil's Calamari Cuisine
this restaurant specialized in the preparation and serving of Mon Calamari delicacies. (GG11)

this man served as a Captain in the police force that protected the planet Onderon and its leader, Queen Talia, during the years following the Mandalorian Wars. Captain Sullio was believed to have been murdered by Dhagon Ghent, shortly after the Jedi Civil War. (KOTOR2)

an alien race. (BHSW)

Sullub Soonin
this Sullustan served as Drev Jalok's co-pilot aboard the Skyjumper. (SWJ5)

this gas giant was, unusually, the innermost planet in its system, the Sullust System of the Outer Rim Territories. It was orbited by eighteen moons. (GORW)

this star, which was located in the Sluis Sector of the Outer Rim, was the central body in the Sullust System. (GORW)

this was the third and primary planet in the Sullust system. Sullust was known for its mineral mines and technologies. Although widely known as a volcanically-active world, Sullust only had a few active volcanoes, and these were widely avoided by the native Sullustans. In general, though, Sullust was a superheated world with a hot, noxious atmosphere that was wracked by violent storms. Thus, the native Sullustans were forced to live underground in the cool, humid caves that riddled the planet's mantle. The need to ensure the safety of their underground cities forced the Sullustans to understand the seismic and volcanic nature of Sullust, and to engineer their structures accordingly. There were also a number of underground lakes and caverns that supported a surprising number of life forms. The huge, diversified SoroSuub Corporation grew out of the caves, and when the Sullustan Council faltered, SoroSuub announced that it was allying the planet with the Empire. Many of the working class Sullustans could not believe this, and a wave of rebellion swept through the planet's inhabitants just before the Battle of Endor. It was then allowed to be the stop-over site for the massing Rebel fleet prior to the destruction of the second Death Star. (ROTJ, SWSB, GORW)

this New Republic CR90 Corvette was part of the force sent to liberate the planet Ciutric from the control of Prince-Admiral Krennel. It supported the flagship Emancipator, along with several other Corvettes and a trio of Nebulon-B frigates. The ship took a tremendous pounding in the battle, and barely survived. (IR)

this race of small, mouse-like humanoids was distinguished by their huge black eyes, loose jowls, and pointed ears. Native to the planet Sullust, the Sullustan people were forced to live underground in order to avoid Sullust's inhospitable atmosphere. Their ingenuity and adaptability allowed them to created huge underground cities, and Sullustans became known as some of the galaxy's best civil engineers. As their civlization flourished, their technology grew at an incredibly fast rate, as evidenced by the rise to power of the SoroSuub Corporation. Individual Sullustans had an innate sense of direction, having lived in caves all their lives. They also had the uncanny ability to remember a path or map exactly, after seeing it just once. Thus, many Sullustans became pilots and navigators. After the age of 30 standard years, most Sullustans begsn to experience corneal defects, and had to be fitted with special visors. As a people, Sullustans had a shrewd business sense, although most corporate goals were established with the betterment of the people in mind. This created a sort of trust in the corporate entity, which SoroSuub took advantage of when it issued corporate proclamation 137d and assumed control of the planet Sullust, all in the name of the Empire. (ROTJ, AC, MTS, COJ, GORW)

this was the native language of the Sullustan people. (EGP)

Sullustan Ale
this foamy ale was brewed on the planet Sullust. (GG9)

Sullustan Blast Rifle
see Kylan-3 (AEG)

Sullustan Council
this was the primary governing body of the planet Sullust, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Most often, the President of the Sullustan Council also served on the Board of Directors of the SoroSuub Corporation. This became more and more apparent after the election process was expanded to include all shareholders of SoroSuub, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. In the wake of the Clone Wars and the establishment of the New Order, SoroSuub issued corporate proclamation 137d, which officially dissolved the Sullustan Council. The corporation then assumed control of the planet Sullust, and pledged its allegiance to the Empire. SoroSuub's rule of Sullust began to draw criticism as the Empire became more and more pro-human, and the idea of Human High Culture caused many Sullustan workers to join the Alliance. In the wake of the Battle of Endor, proclamation 137d was rescinded, and the Sullustan Council was re-established to assume control of Sullust. (HNN4, GORW)

Sullustan Gin
an intergalactic alcoholic spirit. (TJP)

this was another name for the language of the Sullustan race. (SON)

this MC40a was part of the Alliance's fleet, during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Sully Tigereye
this Trunsk was a decorated member of the Special Forces of the Alliance and the New Republic, as a member of Andrephan Stormcaller's Red Alpha unit. When Stormcaller resigned his commission after the Republic ignored the Pentstar Alignment's takeover of Entralla, Sully and several other members of the unit left with him. They formed the Red Moons mercenary unit, and fought the Alignment themselves. Sully was the leader of the group which was sent to Gabredor III to rescue the children of the Cantras Gola ambassador from the Karazak Slavers Guild. (SWJ3, SWJ8, TFE)

this arable, inhabitable moon was one of two satellites that orbited the planet Sullust. The human population was often at odds with the Grave Tuskens that ravaged the plains, especially after the Empire imported base-stock Tusken Raiders from Tatooine to assist in rooting out rebellious individuals. Much of the moon's surface was used as farmland, although the ground was hard to work and most settlers barely eked out an existence. Beneath the surface of the moon, Sulon Incorporate maintained a vast network of product and manufacturing facilities, as well as the moon's primary starport. Much of SoroSuub's most dangerous production was carried out by Sulon Incorporate on the moon, which ensured that the planet Sullust would survive a disaster in one of the facilities. Although the inhabitants of Sulon chose to disagree, SoroSuub experts claimed that an explosion in a weapons manufacturing facility would cause seismic repurcussions on Sullust, which might tear the planet apart. (DF, DF2, RAG, GORW)

Sulon Incorporate
this subsidiary of the SoroSuub Corporation oversaw the various activities on the moon of Sulon, including the agriculture on the moon's surface as well as the production and manufacturing facilities belowground. (GORW)

Sulon Star
this cargo ship made regular run within the Sullust System, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (RAG)

Sulorine Sector
this area of the galaxy bordered Ansuroer Sector and the Iotran Expanse. (SSR)

this planet, a ball of searing rock, was the innermost world of the Velus System. (CCW)

Sulphur Pits of Vulcar
this vast plain of sulphur-laden geysers and sinkholes was located on the planet Vulcar. The working conditions at the Sulphur Pits were comparable to those at the Spice Mines of Kessel. (MDCAR)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "female ruler" or "queen". (GCG)

this was one of the largest landmasses found on the planet Zolan. When the Zolanders were forced to discover a way to fight back against the intense solar radiation which was bombarding their planet, most of them fled to the Sultur continent. (GMR10)

this Imperial ETR-3 escort transport was used during the Galactic Civil War. (XWA)

this asteroid belt was located in the Sullust System, between the planet Lununmo and Sullust. (GORW)

this tall, reedy plant is native to the planet Naboo. It spreads when its sticky seeds attach to the bodies of the swamp animals which eat it, like the pom hopper. The petals of the suma's flower crushed and mixed with water by the Gungans to create ink. (GF)

this remote world was known its wondrous, atmospheric composition, which was known throughout the galaxy as the Seven Skies of Sumarin. (MJH)

this female Chiss warrior was one of the pilots who accompanied Jagged Fel and Shawnkyr Nuruodo on their fact-finding mission into the New Republic, after the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. Sumichan remained with the Chiss squadron after the Battle of Ebaq, and served under the command of Eprill while Jag accompanied the Solo family on a mission to restore communications across the galaxy. (FH1)

this younger Eickarie was part of a small group that agreed to help the Empire of the Hand defeat the Warlord, some twenty-two years after the Battle of Yavin. Su-mil was a member of the Meen-tris family, which in turn was part of the Sav-ro clan and the Hu-shi-crive tribe. He urged cooperation with the Imperial 501st Legion's stormtroopers, despite the angry words of Ha-ran and other elderly Eickarie. Su-mil agreed to help Twister and his troopers enter the Warlord's fortress, on the condition that they freed the Eickaries who were being held prisoner there. Twister reluctantly agreed to the bargain, knowing that his troops needed every advantage they could obtain. Unknown to Twister and Aurek Company, Su-mil had a plan of his own. He pretended to be one of the Eickarie who supported the regime of the Warlord. As soon as they were underneath the Warlord's fortress, Su-mil betrayed the stormtroopers to the Lakran mecernaries. During their interrogation by the Lakrans, however, Su-mil pointed the muzzle of his weapon at Twister's eyes, left and right in turn, to indicate whether or not he was telling the truth. Whenever he pointed at Twister's left eye, it indicated a lie; at his right eye, the truth. In this way, Su-mil was able to get the Imperials deep inside the Warlord's lair with minimal loss of life. Then, when the Imperials freed the Eickarie prisoners, Su-mil deferred to Ha-ran, allowing the old Eickarie to speak to the prisoners and ensure that they agreed to the United Tribes Agreements. Then, as the combined forces reached the Warlord's central chambers, Su-mil and his soldiers burst through the doors in front of the Imperials and attacked the Warlord. The Eickaries eliminated the Warlord's bodyguards, but Su-mil kept his end of the bargain and left the Warlord alive for the Imperials to capture. Despite his bravery and heroic actions, Su-mil was villified by his fellow Eickarie for striking the bargain with the Imperials, since it deprived the Eickarie and the United Tribes of Kariek with vegneance against the Warlord. Twister then extended an offer to Su-mil, asking if the Eickarie wanted to join the Imperial 501st Legion. Su-mil thought only a moment or two before accepting the offer. After completing his training, Su-mil joined the 501st Aurek-Seven unit, where he became known as Grappler among his fellow troopers. He was part of the unit when it accompanied Chak Fel on a Chiss-led mission to locate the remains of the Outbound Flight Project, and took a large amount of fire when the Vagaari pirates launched their attack. (FB, SQ)

Sumitra Sector
a relatively unpopulated sector of the galaxy during the Galactic Civil War, the Alliance set up one of is fighter bases there, on the planet Tierfon. The Sumitra Sector contains 12,387 planets and moons, making the odds of the Empire finding the Tierfon base extremely slim. (SWSB)

this is a sacred Fyodoi ritual in which all the tribal chiefs gather and begin shouting at each other in gibberish. They continue for hours until all the chiefs suddenly stop. They stand up and set all but one of the huts on fire. The summat is actually a re-enactment of the Great Cleansing, and helps remind the chiefs of the dangers that come with technological advancement. (PG2)

this tiny insect was known to travel in large swarms, and was attracted by the scent of nerfs. (BP)

Summerside Tour
this was the name of Fitz Roi's Core-wide musical tour, but it was cancelled shortly before the Battle of Yavin for unknown reasons. (SWJ4)

Summertime War
this was the name given to the intense civil war that broke out between the native Korunnai and the off-world Balawai of the planet Haruun Kal, several decades before the onset of the Clone Wars. It began as a clash of interests, with the Korunnai following the grassers who destroyed the jungles, while the Balawai relied on harvesting the bounties of the jungle to make credits from their exports. For thirty years, the Korunnai staged guerilla raids on Balawai operations, while Balawai militia used gunships and other tracking methods to eliminate any threats. Over time, the Balawai discovered that the key to defeating the Korunnai was to eliminate the graassers. Any grasser found in the open was shot on sight, and the Korunnai were forced to respond. Balawai prospectors, known as jups, were ambushed in the jungles and never heard from again. Over the years, Korunnai children were taught to hate the Balawai, just as Balawai children were raised to shoot Korunnai on sight. Because the war was best fought during the late spring and early summer, before the autumn rainy season and the snows of winter made passage through the jungles impossible, the civil war became known as the Summertime War. During the autumn and winter, both sides spent their time getting ready for the next round of fighting. The Korunnai also came to hate the Separatists, since they supplied the Balawai with weapons and technology, while the Korunnai fought with primitive weapons and tactics. The Summertime War dragged on for many years until the Clone Wars, when the Separatists wooed the Balawai with promises of "freedom" in exchange for control of the Al'Har System. This, combined with the attempt by the Jedi Master Depa Billaba to bring the Korunnai into the Old Republic, forced Mace Windu to return to his homeworld. Once there, he and Depa launched a desparate plan to defeat the Balawai and eliminate Separatist control of the system. With victories at the Battle of Lorshan Pass and the capture of Pelek Baw, Masters Windu and Billaba helped the Korunnai finally defeat the Balawai. With the droid control center in Pelek Baw destroyed, the Separatists were also driven from the system. With the end of hostilities, the Korunnai and the Balawai agreed to work together to form a common and equally-represented government. (SHPT)

Summit Class
one of the more famous graduating classes of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, Summit Class included the Rellarin scouf Lunkar An. Summit Class held all the records for completing their final examinations for seven years, until their time of 129.1 standard hours was smashed by Twilight Class, which finished in just 103.7 hours. (AIR)

this planet, located along the border between the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim, was the homeworld of the Nuknog race. Nearly a millennium before the Battle of Yavin, the nuknog race literally sold their homeworld to a consortium of unscrupulous businessbeings in exchange for jobs, food, and accommodations. What they got were leftover rations, prefabricated barracks, and generations of indentured and unpaid labor. After several centuries, the Old Republic tried to intervene, shutting down the businesses and ordering hundreds of years of back wages to be paid. Eventually, Sump was returned to the Nuknog people. (IWE1, SWDB, UANT)

Sumptor, Banner
this Imperial officer was part of the team which was stranded on Dolis 3 in the wake of the peace accord signed between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic. Banner joined Moff Derran Takkar in his plan to disrupt the wedding of Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker, as a way to strike back against the New Republic. Despite his loyalty to the Empire, Banner was unsure about the petty plans of Moff Takkar and his wife, Anlys. He went along with them, traveling to Coruscant and trying to take out Luke in a brawl, but couldn't bring himself to kill anyone. The wedding, in Banner's mind, was a sign that the galaxy was healing itself, and killing someone would only bring more strife. When Anlys ordered Banner to shoot Jari'kyn, so that the Imperials could steal Mara's wedding dress, Banner refused. Instead, he shot Anlys' escort and was nearly killed by Anlys, but Jari'kyn struck the woman on the head with a section of pipe. Banner and Jari'kyn incapacitated the Imperials, brought the dress to the wedding chapel, and then brought the Imperials to jail. Banner then decided to join the New Republic, and told the police about Moff Takkar's plans to disrupt the wedding. (U)

this race is native to the Lol System. They are known for their base-eight mathematical system, which is based on the fact that they have four fingers on each hand. They are credited with creating the Df measurement. (ISB)

Sumteh Ohleyz
this was a response to a clan greeting in the High Tongue, used by many Corellian families during the millennia before the Clone Wars. Usually, one's family name was inserted to indicate more detail on the relationship. Eventually, most families dropped the High Tongue in favor of the Basic language. (MJH)

Sun Beetle
a bantha-sized insect raised by the Kubaz on Kubindi. They were used as beasts of burden until they were replaced by machines. Although it has been deemed illegal, sun beetle fights are often staged in the criminal underground. (GG4, SWJ10)

Sun Caves
these natural grottoes were the home of the Golden Sun. (BGS)

Sun Crusher
third-generation superweapon designed by Qwi Xux and built by Tol Sivron at the Maw Installation. It is a long, four-sided ship about the size of a 6-man fighter, with nearly-indestructible quantum molecular armor plating and a transmitting dish mounted underneath. The dish launches a modulated resonance projectile into a star's core, causing the star to explode. The Sun Crusher flies in a unique upright position similar to a B-Wing, but it has no wings or stabilizers. It was armed with five laser turrets mounted on top and at the four top corners. The prototype built at the Maw was thought to be destroyed by the New Republic after it was recovered from the Maw when Han Solo and Kyp Durron escaped in it. The Sun Crusher was sent into the core of Yavin to be crushed, but it was later stolen by Kyp Durron. Kyp was under the influence of Exar Kun and the Dark Side of the Force, although it worked - to a degree - in the New Republic's favor. He felt that the Imperial weapon should be used to harry various Imperial worlds. The Sun Crusher worked to perfection, but Kyp eventually returned from the Dark influence of Kun to return the ship to the Republic. It was destroyed when it was sucked into the black holes of the Maw. (JS, DA, COTF, EGV)

Sun Crystal
this unusual gemstone is found only on the planet Jazbina. The crystals are mined in near-total darkness in order to avoid activating the crystals. When they come into contact with light, the crystals absorb it and then shine it back ten-fold in a blinding display. Jazbinans have been known to become addicted to the intense light the crystals shed, and often stare into the planet's sun in an effort to relive the experience. However, this additional light only damages their eyes further. The inly way to cure the addiction is to remain in complete darkness until the urge to look into the light passes. (VQ)

Sun Djem
this was one of the "marks of combat" defined by the Jedi Knights as part of their lightsaber combat training. Sun djem involved the disarming of a opponent without causing physical injury. While sun djem was one of the basic objectives of Form I combat, the focus of subsequent Forms on the control of one's lightsaber made sun djem all but impossible against another Jedi. (SWI62)

Sun Dragon
this is a large, avian reptile. (POT)

Sun Fac
this Geonosian was Poggle the Lesser's chief aide, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. He was known to be exceptionally intelligent and creative, even for a Geonosian, and played any role that Poggle demanded of him. These roles included attentive aide as well a heartless executioner, although he was most often the Geonosian who first met with offworlders who had business with Poggle. He was also placed in charge of conducting business on behalf of the lesser hives, which many considered an insult to their pride. Sun Fac reveled in this, taking advantage whenever he could, but also earning the hatred of the other leaders. (AOTCN, VD2, GORW)

Sun Guard
an armored unit of ferocious warriors from the Thyrsus System, the Sun Guard was one of many military units that was active during the Clone Wars. (ISB, WOA34)

Sun Gun
this is a form of spear gun used by Sedrian warriors. (BGS)

Sun Jammer
this archaic form of transport used solar wind to move through space. These craft were incredibly large: the main collector dish measured 1,000 meters across, and the main fuselage was 450 meters long. During the Old Republic, and again as the New Order gained control of the galaxy, sun jammer races were quite popular. (GFT)

Sun King
this ancient man was the harbinger of summer, according to the Ewoks of the Forest Moon of Endor. He was the brother of the Leaf Queen and her sister, the Flower Queen. Their power to change the seasons resided in the beautiful Season Scepter, which was passed from sibling to sibling. (ECAR)

Sun Skipper 2000
this form of sun jammer was manufactured by Starshipwrights and Aerospace Engineers Incorporated. It required a pilot and co-pilot to operate, and could carry a single passenger and up to 300 kilograms of cargo. Many of these vehicles were modified for racing applications, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

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