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this was a model of starship designed to highly maneuverable, for use in mining asteroid fields. They have small laser cannons and tractor beams, which they use to move asteroids around. The small ships do not have life-support systems, so pilots must wear environment suits. (GOF9)

Starfly One
this was one of three Starfly ships which rescued Fandomar, Hoole, and Tash and Zak Arranda from a space slug while they were searching for ethromite near Mining Station Alpha. It was piloted by Hodge. (GOF9)

StarForge Nebula
this area of the galaxy is a vast expanse of interstellar gas, and is populated by a wealth of newborn stars. It is located in Ado Sector. (FOP)

StarForge Shipyard
this starship construction and repair facility was maintained as part of StarForge Station, deep in the StarForge Nebula. The Shipyard was first established some thirty-three years before the Battle of Yavin by the parents of Chidee Na Maak. (FOP, PP)

StarForge Station
Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Soontir Fel traveled to this station, in an effort to track down the ship used by Leonia Tavira to transport Leia Organa off Eiattu. It was located on the edge of the StarForge Nebula, just inside Imperial space. It was originally created by Muo Glandish, who turned a small personal base into a sprawling metropolis. The station itself is built on an asteroid, had an average population of some 10,000 beings, and was defended by 50 heavy turbolasers. It was considered a shadowport by many, and contained the infamous StarForge Shipyards. Its location in the StarForge Nebula provided it with a measure of security, for the interstellar gases of the nebula effectively jammed all outgoing communication. The asteroid on which the station was experienced a full day every 20 standard hours, and its year encompassed 300 standard days. (XWM, FOP, PP, FTD, SOG)

this fried snack was served aboard the Reasonable Doubt during the last years of the Old Republic. (YDR)

this plant, native to the planet Ithor, produced a star-shaped fruit. (E3N)

Starfruit Promenade
located in Revos, on the planet Storinal, it was an extensive roofed patio flanked by flower gardens. It was filled with recliner chairs and the sounds of live music. (WS)

Stargunner, Rikal
this man served as Kaeline Ungasan's bodyguard. Rikal had extensive training in military doctrine and the martial arts. (GMR2)

this was the nickname of Subpro's TL-118 attack ship. (IA)

this was the brand name of Corellian Engineering Corporation's drone barge. There were several different models of StarHauler barges, all using the model number 131. These automated barges could be loaded with a variety fo cargoes, depending on their configuration, and often lifted off as a group to take advantage of their combined repulsor-fields to get their bulks off the ground. (EGD)

a speeder bike produced by Ikas-Adno, this fast, sleek bike is extremely popular with younger drivers. It is the best-selling, civilian-use speeder bike in the galaxy. It is a two-seated bike, with 3 kilograms of cargo capacity and a maximum flight ceiling of 10 meters. (SWSB)

Starhawk 2b
this early model of the Ikas-Adno speederbike was five meters in length, and revolutionized the speederbike market. Now, it is badly outdated. (GG7)

Starhook Ten
this starship was owned by Shug Ninx during the early years of the New Republic. It was essentially a modified space truck. Early in Dark Empire II, it is also referred to as Salvager 3. The Essential Guide to Characters describes it as Starhook VII. (DE2, EGC, SWDB)

this term was originally coined by Tri-Nebula Entertainment for their holo-drama Eight for Aduba-3: The Saga of the Star-Hoppers. The "documentary" chronicled the efforts of Han Solo and a band of freedom fighters, who sought to overturn the thuggery of Serji-X Arrogantus and his Cloud Riders. The term "Star-Hoppers" became synonymous with the band of freedom fighters, despite the fact that they had never come up with a name by themselves. The Star-Hoppers included Han Solo, Chewbacca, Jaxxon, Amaiza, Don-Wan Kihotay, Hedji, FE-9Q, and Jimm the Starkiller Kid. (GMR4)

Starhunter Intergalactic Menagerie
a travelling sideshow that operated during the early years of the Empire, it displayed illegally-acquired, rare creatures from across the galaxy. It was owned and operated by Captain Stroon and his first mate, Slarm. (DCAR)

Finhead Stonebone's pirate ship, the Starjacker was a Byblos Drive Yards E-2 asteroid miner. Stonebone had replaced the ship's normal engines with Corellia StarDrive microthrusters, allowing him better control of the miner when he attacked another ship. (TOJ, TOJC)

Starjammer IZX
a massive, swift freight hauler built at the Kuat Drive Yards. (TME)

Stark Commercial Combine
this was the more respectable name of the pirate gang which was formed and led by Iaco Stark. Under Stark's control, the Combine's fleet of warships attacked virtually any supply convoy moving through the Outer Rim Territories some ten years before the Battle of Naboo. The Combine was formed from the ranks of pirates, smugglers, and other illicit spacers, and sold the goods it stole on the black market for an incredible profit. Nevertheless, the Combine sold its goods well below the prices charged by the Trade Federation, earning the Combine a measure of grudging respect from other criminal organizations while attracting the interest of the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Knights. (OWS)

Stark Hyperspace Conflict
this series of bloody battles, better known also as the Stark Hyperspace Wars, took place some ten years prior to the Battle of Naboo. (OSW, COD)

Stark Hyperspace Wars
also known as the Stark Hyperspace Conflict, this series of bloody battles was waged by the Old Republic, with the help of the Jedi Knights, some thirteen years before the Battle of Naboo. This timing comes from the official Star Wars website. Star Wars: The Stark Hyperspace War indicates that the War took place just eight years before the Battle of Naboo. Historians trace the cause of the war to the actions of Iaco Stark, whose brash marketeering had undermined the efforts of the Trade Federation to strangle the Mid and Outer Rim Territories. In the midst of Stark's actions, the Trade Federation and the Xucphra cartel began hording supplies of bacta, causing a galaxy-wide shortage while hoping to reap huge profits. Self-styled General Ranulph Tarkin tried to destroy the Stark Commercial Combine by amassing a small warfleet from his supporters in the Old Republic military. He convinced Nute Gunray to tell him that Stark was meeting with representatives of the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights on Troiken, so Tarkin set out to confront him. However, Stark caught wind of Tarkin's plans. He unleashed a navigational computer virus on Tarkin's fleet; some ships flew into the hearts of stars or black holes, some were hopelessly lost, and just a few emerged from hyperspace near Troiken. During the battle, the forces of the Old Republic were devastated after the death of Jedi Master Tyvokka, who was leading them. Tyvokka's apprentice, Plo Koon, rose to the occasion, taking up the mantle of the fallen Master and rallying the Republic's troops for an unlikely and miraculous victory. Note that MedStar I: Battle Surgeons indicates that the Stark Hyperspace Wars took place 5,000 years before the Clone Wars. (COD, OWS, WOTC, MBS)

Stark Memory
this song, performed by Lord Kavad and the Skaalite Orchestra, was one of the galaxy's most popular numbers during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Stark Veteran Assembly
this foundation was established by the survivors and families of those killed in the Stark Hyperspace Conflict, to ensure that the Old Republic recognized the need for benefits and requirements of the war's veterans. Shortly before the Clone Wars, the Assembly denounced the peace rallies which were held by Senator Padme' Amidala of Naboo, who said in her speeches that "warfare is the product of cowarice; only the bravest of beings can resolve conflict peacefully." (HNN4)

Stark, Iaco
this charismatic young pirate rose to prominence some ten years before the Battle of Naboo, building a small fleet of starships into a large, well-organized collection of pirates and smugglers known as the Stark Commercial Combine. Under Stark's control, the Combine was charged with ambushing Outer Rim supply convoys for the goods they carried. Stark then sold the stolen goods on the black market for a considerable profit, while still undercutting the prices of the Trade Federation. This brash marketeering earned him the admiration of his fellow criminals, but also earned him the attention of the Old Republic Senate and the Jedi Knights. During an engineered shortag of bacta, Stark's piracy was hailed as heroic by many Outer Rim worlds which were low on bacta supplies. He agreed to meet with representatives from the Trade Federation and the Old Republic, along with four Jedi Knights to serve as mediators, on the Troiken. He managed to preemptively put a halt to the machinations of Nute Gunray and Ranulph Tarkin, as the two had been planing to destroy the Stark Commercial Combine. Instead of being trapped, Stark was able to unleash a navigational computer virus which infected all of the Republic's starships. This action was the opening play in the events which became known as the Stark Hyperspace Wars. The Jedi anticipated Stark's next move, to assassinate anyone who was not a member of the Combine, but Nute Gunray allowed Stark to escape. Stark's forces pushed hard against the meager Republic forces, but were unable to defeat them. Stark's own allies began to doubt his skills and leadership, and eventually they abandoned him. Stark fled Troiken, and eventually became part of the Commerce Guild, serving as a "legitimate" businessman. (OWS, WOTC, SHW)

Stark, Jona T.
the Imperial Senior Master Sergeant in charge of training TIE fighter pilots onboard the Vengeance. He is a tall, well-muscled man. (TIE)

Starkid, Zoltan
this heavy-set, balding man was the Director and Chief Salesman of Millennium Astro-Engineering prior to the Galactic Civil War. It was rumored that he sold the prototype Millennium Falcon to Grand Moff Tarkin, just before it was stolen by Han Solo and Chewbacca. Starkid was later killed when the Alliance raided the Millennium Astro-Engineering plant and destroyed it before it could produce any more starships for the Empire. (CSWDW)

this was the codename for the massive superweapon developed by the Separatists, during the height of the Clone Wars. The Starkiller was officially designated as a hyper-point destabilizer, capable of causing immense gravitic anomalies at a point within hyperspace. The forces of the Old Republic believed that the Starkiller project was being constructed on Kromus, and dispatched Jedi Master Darrus Jeht and the small task force supporting the Maelstrom to eliminate it. The Separatists had constructed the Starkiller facility in and around a thriving city of some two million beings, forcing Master Jeht to regroup his forces for a ground assault. When the support staff activated the Starkiller weapon, Master Jeht was left with a pair of devastating choices. On one hand, he could save the population of Kromus, but allow the Starkiller to escape. On the other hand, he could eliminate the Starkiller and save billions of live across the galaxy, but sacrifice the city's population. Ultimately, Master Jeht was forced to destroy the Starkiller, wiping out the more than two millions beings who lived in its vicinity. Unfortunately for the Republic, the destruction of the hyper-point destabilizer caused intense seismic and atmospheric damage to Kromus, and the planet was abandoned as dead by both sides of the fighting. (LFCW)

Starkiller, Bendak
this man was a noted duelist who lived on the planet Taris some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Because of the many deaths he had caused - although some of them were the result of inexperienced challengers - Bendak found himself a wanted man. A significant bounty was placed on his head, and he fled to the remote world fof Taris. Bendak often fought in the gladiator arena owned by Ajuur the Hutt, but only when an opponent had beaten all the rest of Ajuur's gladiators. He was finally defeated by one of the Jedi Knights who were on Taris following the destruction of the Endar Spire. (KOTOR)

Starkiller, Pashna
one of the New Republic's foremost military advisors, Starkiller was originally recruited into the fledgling Alliance by Bail Organa. In the wake of the Alliance's victory at the Battle of Endor, Marshall Starkiller retired from active duty, but remained an active member of the New Republic's advisory committee. (DESB, ROE, SWJ15)

Starkiller, Windom
one of Luke's friends at Anchorhead on Tatooine, Windy - as he was known to his friends - was just as rambunctious as Luke. When they were young boys, they got stuck in the desert when they set out after Luke's pet dewback, Huey. They escaped from a krayt dragon only after Ben Kenobi helped them out, bringing the boys back their homes in one piece. (SW, DHP3)

this modified Kuat Drive Yards D9 Runner was owned by Black Sun and operated by Kalend Thora. It was armed with a turret-mounter double laser cannons and a proton torpedo launcher. Its previous pilot had been assassinated in an ambush, but Black Sun never discovered the reasons behind the attack. (SSR)

this modified Z-10 Seeker was owned by Debret Nightmoon. (SWJ5)

Starlancer Prime
this was the primary pipefighter in the small grouping developed by the New Republic as part of Operation Starlancer. The laser beams emitted by the other three pipefighters merged with Starlancer Prime's lasers, which were pointed at Coruscant. (EL1)

manufactured by Travis Motors, this sixteen-meter-long cargo craft was designed to move heavy crates from one location to the other. Equipped with a heavy-duty lifting claw, the Starlifter could transport a single cargo module weighing up to 75 mertric tons. While the cockpit was designed to accommodate a pilot, the Starlifter could also be operated by a droid. (CCW)

Starlight Bank
a bank on Hologram Fun World robbed by Zorba the Hutt, in an attempt to drive the holographic theme park out of business. (QE)

Starlight by Moonlight
this song was played by the music ball given to Elscol Loro by her husband, Throm, on their third anniversary. (XWRS)

Starlight Cloud
this Sullustan starliner made regular cruise trips during the height of the New Order. It was run by SoroSuub's Entertainment Division during this time. Because of the presence of Iona Wince aboard the ship as a steward, Alliance agents often met aboard the liner in order to pass information and make plans for future missions. (CRO)

Starlight Dancers
this dance troupe was active on the planet Taris, during the years leading up to the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

Starlight Deck
this was one of the luxurious decks found aboard the luxury line Star of Empire. (SFE)

Starlight Freighter
a series of freighter manufactured by Rendilli-Surron, the Starlight series was basically a flying wing. It measured 34 meters in length, and could transport four passengers and up to 50 metric tons of cargo. The cockpit sits at one end of the curved cargo wing, while a blaster cannon is mounted on a turret at the other end. The interior of the ship was quite spartan, with limited living space and no-frills appointments. Despite the limited success of the Starlight freighter, it was the last design produced by the efforts of Rendili and the Surronians. (SS)

Starlight Intruder
Salla Zend's transport ship, the Starlight Intruder was a modified Mobquet medium cargo hauler. She and Shug Ninx built it from parts salvaged from their starship garage on Nar Shaddaa. The Intruder was powered by four military-grade Damorian RX7 ion engines and an old Hutt chariot hyperdrive engine. Added maneuverability was gained by adding four jets to the bottom of the hull. The Starlight Intruder was armed with a pair of medium turbolasers mounted on turrets which can be retracted. Four DuR-4 shield generators protect the ship. When Salla took it out on a run, she always made sure Shug got a cut of the profits. She had to abandon it on Byss when she and Shug fled the wrath of the reborn Emperor Palpatine. Unfortunately, the remaining Imperials sold the ship to the Scavs, who removed the good parts and melted the rest down for slag. (DE1, DESB, DE2, EGV)

Starlight Red
this was the name given to the jury-rigged YT-1300 starship Faceted, after Kaj Nedmak took possession of the ship. It was named in honor of Celia Durasha, and served to replace the Tryan Kajme which was destroyed on Ord Mantell. (SWJ14)

Starlight Red
this was the name of Celia Durasha's personal starship, used during the time she went by the alias of Mistress Crimson. It was armed with a quad laser cannon on the ventral gunmount. (SWJ5)

Starlight Shifter
this modified smuggling ship was owned by Mil Stanner. (SPG)

Starlight Theater
this amphitheater was located on Phyrstal Island, on the planet Abregado-Rae. (ND)

Starlin Warrior
one of several ships sent by the New Republic to accompany Garm Bel Iblis, Booster Terrik, and the Errant Venture to Yaga Minor, in an attempt to steal a copy of the Caamas Document. (VOF)

Starline Cable
this 5-millimeter thick cable is incredibly strong, and is manufactured from synthetic, molecularly-linked fibers. (TA)

Starliner Street
a street in the city of Coronet which runs perpendicular to Volbrick. Han Solo agrees to meet Belindi Kalenda at the corner of the two streets, just after Thrackan Sal-Solo begins his intra-species war on Corellia. (AC)

this was one of the largest passenger lines of Brak Sector, at the height of the New Order. It was owned and operated by Fae Kalena at that time. (FBS)

Starlite Cloud
this Core Star Lines passenger ship regularly made runs between the worlds of the Core. Platt Okeefe booked passage on this ship when she left her homeworld of Brentaal to become a starship pilot. (SESB, PSG)

Starlite Flats
this area of flat sand was located between the Mos Espa Arena and the Waldo Flats, on the planet Tatooine. (IWE1)

one of the four continents discovered on Yavin 4 by Lile Gorsek and the Fernandin Scouting Operation. (GG2)

Starlyte Station
this was the name used by Talandro Starlyte for the trading post he created from the old Gateway Space Station. The name was slow to catch on, gaining favor initially with Starlyte's associates. Compared to its days as a military facility, Starlyte Station had deteriorated over the years to a mere shadow of its former appearance. Only essential systems and facilities received any kind of maintenance, and non-essential areas were neglected for months at a time. Much of the original outer plating had been removed for reuse in other parts of the station, giving Starlyte Station a skeletal appearance. The station was armed with five turret-mounted turbolaser batteries. (WSV)

Starlyte, Talandro
this noted fence and black marketeer was most famous for renting the Gateway Space Station from the Empire. Although he made sure that everyone knew his role in creating the outpost - which he renamed Starlyte Station - he was partly at the mercy of the Imperial liaison officer, Arissa Fawn. In order to gain a measure of freedom, Starlyte funneled part of his profits into bribes for Lieutenant Fawn, ensuring a form of cooperation between them. Among the criminal element of the Outer Rim, Starlyte was known as a fence and con artist, and many believed he also dealt in slaves. He claimed to be a native of Coruscant, and showed a great disdain for Corellians. He spent some time working on Cloud City, where he met Scizzic, and was rumored to have done business with Lando Calrissian. (WSV)

this bulk freighter was stationed in geosynchronous orbit above Ryloth, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Rol'Waran and his people used the ship as a base for their spice operations. (JE)

this man was a member of the Cularin Militia during the height of the Clone Wars. Starmine held the rank of Major, and proved instrumental in the defeat of a vicious combat droid that was dispatched to the Cularin System to destroy the Almas Academy. (LFCW)

Starmite-class Freighter
developed by SoroSuub, this small freighter resembled an unstreamlined teardrop. About 20 meters in length, the Starmite-class had a rounded nose, stubby wings, and a thick body that narrowed into a flattened tail section. (THG)

a Seinar Fleet Systems astronavigational system used on many later-model Star Destroyers. (IJ)

located on the Mee'r continent of Draenell's Point, this was the planet's only civilian spaceport. (GMK)

this New Republic fleet carrier was the flagship of Commodore Poqua's Task Force Gemstone, during the blockade of the Koornacht Cluster during the Black Fleet Crisis. (TT)

Starport Complex Q-7
located on Nar Hekka, this starport was independently owned by controlled by Tagta the Hutt during the early years of the New Order. (THG)

Starport Street
this is one of the two primary thoroughfares found in the city of Grig. Like most other streets in the city, it is a densely-traveled street on which the locals pay no heed to the laws of traffic, order, or gravity. It has been said that travelling on Starport Streets is harder than flying backwards through as asteroid field. (TA)

Starport Touchdown
this was the main spaceport on Atraken before the Clone Wars devastated the planet. It has be abandoned, and is empty at present. (PG2)

Starpyre, Tann
this aging Imperial served on the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. He was worried about the possibility of Whiphid assassins haunting the Council, in the aftermath of Xandel Carivus' execution of Ch'unkk. (CE2, HCE)

this starship type was developed on Corellia during the height of the New Order. It had only reached the prototype stage when the Battle of Yavin occurred. (OWS)

Starry Ice
one of Talon Kaarde's ships, the Starry Ice was stationed on Myrkr when Grand Admiral Thrawn attacked the smuggler's base there, some five years after the Battle of Endor. The Starry Ice was a modified Action V transport which was armed with three turbolasers. Capable of carrying up to six passengers and 75,000 metric tons of cargo, the ship was crewed by a pilot, a navigator, and three gunners. (HTTE, GMR4)

Stars and Moons
this valuable piece of flatsculpt artwork was swindled from Imperial Moff Ammar by the Sullustan Cunbus Locb. Locb then hid the artwork in a secret compartment aboard his starship, the Distant Wind. Ammar had Locb hunted down and killed, but could not find the Stars and Moons anywhere aboard the ship. In a twist of fate, Ammar put the ship up for auction to recoup the cost of his hunt for Locb, unaware that the flatscuplt still inside. (SS)

Star's Delight
Lai Nootka's Gymsnor-3 freighter, it was captured on Garqi by Prefect Mosh Barris. He hoped to use the contents of the freighter - proton torpedoes and spare X-Wing parts - to lure the local resistance out of hiding. The ship and her cargo were liberated from within Barris' command by Eamon Yzalli, who is better known as Corran Horn, in a daring plan that used Dynba Tesc to pose as Kirtana Loor. (KT, TFE, SWJ7)

Stars' End
this was the Corporate Sector Authority's penal colony, located on Mytus VII and at the edge of Authority space in the Tingel Arm. The facility was comprised of a number of protective domes dotting the planetoid's surface, which were connected by tubes and covered walkways rather than tunnels. The domes had various functions, including living quarters, barracks, and weapons emplacements. At the center of the complex was a tower which housed the colony's offices. This tower was made from a single piece of molecularly-bonded armor. The entire facility was powered a capital-ship-class generator buried beneath the surface. This generator produced enough energy to power the shielding systems that protected the entire tower and the surrounding facility. It also supplied energy to an anticoncussion field that protected the tower from impacts. Despite the cost involved in these design points, they made the tower exceptionally durable and all but impenetrable to outside forces. A dome at the top of the tower gave the workers inside a spectacular view of the stars. Hidden within this tower was a facility in which the Authority kept dissidents and rebels in suspended animation. When Han Solo infiltrated the facility to rescue Chewbacca and the other prisoners during the early years of the New Order, he had Blue Max install an overload spiral in its secondary defense program, as a hedge against anything that might go wrong during the rescue attempt. When Viceprex Hirken discovered them and tried to detain them, Han was able to disable Hirken's belt control, but that caused the station's power to be rerouted, which intensified the overload spiral. This led to a massive explosion which, when contained by the station's defensive shields and its single-piece construction, was directed downward and into the planet, launching the facility's central tower into a parabolic flight path. With the help of Atuarre and Pakka, Han was able to rescue the prisoners and get them away from the tower. The tower, now essentially a rocket, lacked sufficient velocity to escape the planetoid's gravitiational field, and returned to crash into the ground. The entire tower was destroyed, along with much of the colony. Hirken was murdered in the tower by his wife, and the Security Police that were in the tower died on impact. The initial disaster, coupled with the resulting secondary explosions when the tower crashed back to earth, left Stars' End a worthless outpost. (HSE)

Star's Nova
this mercenary army was founded by Qell Tepine, and worked exclusively for the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. The members of Star's Nova were made up of former soldiers of the Imperial Special Missions team and the Alliance's Special Forces organization. Thus, many of their tactics often follow standard military procedures, although the skill level of the team is high enough that one could not simply assume their next actions. After the Battle of Endor, though, the services of Star's Nova were available to the highest bidder. The Star's Nova base was located on the planet Sondarr, which housed the more than 100 members of the organization. (WBC)

Stars of Elrood
Shondra Del traveled throughout the Elrood Sector in this ship, posing as an independent freighter Captain. (OE)

this Seinar Fleet Systems ion drive was a military-grade propulsion system originally designed for use on starfighters. This drive was at the leading edge of technology following the Battle of Yavin, and despite its military designation and exhorbitant price, some managed to make their way to the black market. (GG6)

this was the name of Coros Telari's freighter, used while on missions for House Pelagia. He landed it on Lamuir IV, while trying to deliver a datafile stolen from House Mecetti, but was attacked by Mecetti thugs. Luckily, Janna Pallask was able to misdirect a group of Alliance agents to Telari's aid, and she was abel to recover the file. (TSIA)

Starshine Special
this was a special additive developed for use in alcoholic drinks during the last years of the Old Republic. Because of its highly-secret formula and expensive cost, starshine special was only available to those beings who knew the coded gesture used to ask for it. (VD2)

Starshine Surprise
a mixed, alcoholic beverage. It is named for the first you notice after drinking one: the starfield whirling in front of your eyes as you hit the ground. (GG9, TME)

any craft designed to operate in the vacuum of interstellar space. There are five major classes of starship, based on size and mission. Capital Ship were large, heavily-armed ships which serve as command bases during military exercises. The Imperial-I class Star Destroyer and the Mon Calamari MC80a cruiser are two examples. Most capital ships are named for virtues. Close Support Ship were large, maneuverable ships whose weaponry allows them to protect the capital ships and perform other military operations. The Nebulon-B Frigate is one example. Transport/Supply Ship were ships of various sizes, built around speed and capacity, which are used to transport large amounts of material. The Corellian CR90 Corvette is one example. Most transport ships are named for beasts of burden or rivers. Starfighters were small, highly maneuverable ships which are the front-line defense attackers. They are built around one or two pilots, and are well-armed for their size. The TIE Fighter and the X-Wing are two examples. Support Ships included any ship which has limited military capability, this class includes space tugs, fuel ships, and container pods. (SW, SWSB, XW, WG)

this was the name used by the Oswaft Elders to referred to the Millennium Falcon, during the early years of the New Order, when Lando Calrissian helped the Oswaft gain their freedom from the Imperial blockade of the ThonBoka. (LCS)

a person skilled in building and repairing starships. (HSR)

Starshipwrights and Aerospace Engineers Incorporated
based on Oslumpex V, this manufacturer of custom space cruiser upgrades and starship modifications was one of the original voting sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. (HSR, CSA)

this Separatist destroyer attacked the Alderaanian vessel SkyWind III, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWMW)

this old Dreadnaught was part of the New Republic fleet which massed near Kashyyyk during the year following the Battle of Coruscant. The Starsider served as a sort of mobile crew quarters, housing the various commanders and leaders who supported the New Republic's raids into Yuuzhan Vong-controlled space. (Y)

this was a small, personal transport vessel produced by Koensayr during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN2)

this was a spacer term used to describe what remained of a starship after it had been destroyed. (DN2)

one model of BlasTech blaster carbine, the StarSlasher was produced during the Old Republic and was still in use during the early years of the New Republic. (CSA, GUN)

this is a commercial ion drive produced by Incom. Installation and maintenance of the Starslinger was often difficult, facts which were often overlooked in favor of its modest price. (GG6)

Starslinger, Mali
a famous member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. (RPG)

StarSlot Machines
these games of chance were found in many casinos and gambling halls throughout the galaxy. (WSV)

this was Tarnis' personal starship. (DN1)

Starspeeder 3000
a small, 40-person luxury liner. (ST, SOP, SWJ15)

this YT-1210 was Regec Sloom's battered smuggling ship. (SWJ8)

this ancient, Old Republic prowler ship was the first ship to discover Oss Wilum and the disabled courier ship he encountered, a year before Oss Wilum began training as a Jedi Knight. (TOJC)

this small starship was produced by Kuat Drive Yards during the last decades of the Old Republic. (MBS)

this Hapan Beta Cruiser was once part of the Consortium Navy. However, in the wake of the Battle of Fondor, the crew of the ship deserted the Navy and joined the Peace Brigade. It was the crew of the Starsprite which managed to capture Tenel Ka, shortly after the Battle fo Coruscant, before the one-armed Jedi Knight could reach Hapes and find refuge with her grandmother, Ta'a Chume. The crew planned to return Tenel Ka to Hapes, in return for information on the whereabouts of Jaina Solo. Tenel Ka refused, and had to fight her way through vibro-blade-wielding pirates to win her freedom. Her attempt was aided when the Jedi aboard the Trickster intercepted the Starsprite and boarded it. The Yuuzhan Vong frigate became organically welded to the Starsprite, forming an unusual amalgam which was flown to Hapes under the escort of Jagged Fel and Shawnkyr Nuruodo. (DJ)

Starstone, Olee
this Jedi Padawan and her Master, Roan Shryne, were dispatched to lead the fighting on Murkhana during the final stages of the Clone Wars. When the communication to execute Order 66 was received by their clone commander, however, the clone refused to obey the order, as his loyalty was to the Jedi. Although this allowed Shryne and Starstone to remain free, it was only a temporary respite, as Darth Vader himself was dispatched to Murkhana to eliminate them. (SWI83)

Starstorm One
Exar Kun's starship. It is a unique ship, with a curved main wing on the left, counterbalanced by three main engines and a long command spar on the right. It was destroyed on Yavin 4, when Kun went in search of the Sith lore, by the Massassi who captured him. (DLS)

a passenger ship that made a regular stop on Tatooine. (TME)

Starswarm Cluster
this interstellar phenomenon has been known to damage starship drives and other subsystems. Located near Cinnagar, the cluster was a vast group of stars situated very near each other. (GAS)

this man was a companion of Platt Okeefe and Dirk Harkness, who claimed to have been a friend of Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter on Tatooine before learning how to be a smuggler from Han Solo himself. In reality, Starter was the son of an Imperial Admiral, who had been expelled from the Imperial Academy on Corulag for being undisciplined and obnoxious. He then joined the Alliance as a starfighter pilot. He tried to reach the Alliance base on Renforra during the Galactic Civil War, hoping to sell information stolen from Jabba the Hutt to the Alliance team there. He was stranded on Cloud City when a team of bounty hunters tried to recover the information. He claimed to have single-handedly killed Beylyssa, Boddu Bocck, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, IG-88 and Dengar in order to escape capture. He then claimed to have avoided being captured by Boba Fett in order to reach Renforra. During the trip, Starter's tale continued to evolve, as he was forced to battle Darth Vader himself, and only managed to escape by stealing the shuttle Tydirium and flying away. In the wake of the Battle of Endor, Starter became an unofficial member of the Black Curs, helping them with many missions. (SWJ1, SWJ4)

a Mon Calamari MC90 cruiser being built for the New Republic just prior to the second Battle of Calamari. Ackbar uses the half-built ship and its attached spacedock to ram the Manticore and destroy it as it lay in wait behind Calamari's moon. (DA)

Startled Circuit
this freighter was owned by Vareth and Garron. They purchased it with the money Garron obtained from an insurance claim following the death of his parents. (GG7)

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