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Song of the Reflective Telescope
this was one of the many historical chants that Mohs had memorized, as part of his duty as the High Singer of the Toka. The song was a ritualized description of the stars and planets in the Rafa System, handed down from the ancient Sharu. (LCM)

Song of the Universe
according to many races throughout the galaxy, especially races of insectile origins or those with hive minds, the Song of the Universe was the natural harmony created by every living creature. Each creature and race had its part to play in the Song of the Universe, and the more one concentrated, the easier it became to hear the Song. Only truly insectile races were believed to hear the entire Song, although the exact reasons for this were not known. (DN1)

Song of War
this deep-red Hapan Battle Dragon served as Prince Isolder's flagship during the struggle against Warlord Zsinj at Dathomir. Many years later, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Isolder again used the Song of War, this time as the flagship of the fleet he commanded under Commmodore Brand. During the Battle of Fondor, Isolder and the Song of War narrowly escaped the destruction of the Hapan fleet, when a blast from Centerpoint Station ripped through the system. (CPL, JE)

Song Rasp
this species of rasp, native to the planet Talus, was noted for its song-like calls. (GQRG)

Song Serpent
this species of feathered snake, noted for its colorful plumage, was native to the deserts of Proxima Dibal I. They were often sold as exotic pets. (HSE)

Song Sparrow
a bird with a musical call. (TFE)

Song, The
this was the term used by the Theran Listeners to describe the eternity that awaited a being after their death. It seemed to refer to the underlying hum that permeated the air on their homeworld of Nam Chorios. When a being died of natural causes, their spirit returned to the Song. However, when a being died violently, their spirit was believed to be trapped in their body, since it was unable to escape normally. A proper burial would be necessary to help the spirit return to the Song. (DN1)

a species of herbivore native to the moon Yavin 8, the songbuk was the favorite prey of the ursod. (GG2)

Songoquin Street
this was one of the many open-air marketplaces located in the city of Cuipernam, on the planet Ansion. (APS)

Sonic Bath
a hygenic device which uses sound waves to gently clean away bodily grime. They can be set to use varying wavelengths of sound, imparting a basic cleansing or a soothing massage. (JS)

Sonic Beam Projector
this device is used to eliminate large targets by damaging them with intense sound waves. (CSWEA)

Sonic Blaster
this form of sonic weapon was developed by the Geonosians during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. They developed a handheld version of the sonic blaster as well as a larger, turret-mounted version. The sonic energy was ejected from the blaster within a plasma containment sphere, which glowed a strange gold color that seemed to ripple and writhe as it moved through the air. When it struck its target, the containment sphere exploded, unleashing an omnidirection blast of sonic energy. (SWDB, AOTC)

Sonic Blender
this cooking implement used generated sound waves to mix ingredients together. (GMR8)

Sonic Broom
a cleaning device which uses sound waves to propel dust and dirt in front of a wide paddle. The broom is used to push the dust into a receptacle. (TJP)

Sonic Dampener
this was a form of ear insert that limited the amount of sound the reached the inner ear, thereby reducing the risk of injury in those being who had sensitive hearing. These devices were popular among beings who worked in mines, or among the support personnel in a war, since they helped deaden the impact of an explosion's noise. (MBS)

Sonic Dissipator
this ovoid device is used by beings who need to control sound in an enclosed environment. Initially designed for miners and demolition crews, the dissipator takes ambient sound waves and literally eats them, reducing both the volume and amount of sound. The user could then set off explosions in close proximity and not have to worry about damage to their hearing organs. Later, bounty hunters and other criminals discovered that sonic dissipators could be used to hide their activities. (MA)

Sonic Free
this band, formed by Skawn Bonduna during the last years of the Old Republic, was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. The IBC claimed that Sonic Free's music held subliminal suggestions which coerced their listeners to act out against the Empire. Imperial soldiers captured the members of Sonic Free, although Skawn Bonduna managed to escape. The imprisoned members later died in a prison brawl before they could be arraigned. (GMR6)

Sonic Generator
a device which can be used to torture an individual or group by creating grating, unending noise that quickly becomes unbearable. They can also be programmed to interact with light sources and tactile torture devices. (SA)

Sonic Grenade
this explosive device emitted a loud, disorienting blast when it exploded. Developed more than 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, sonic grenades were designed to operate on two levels. First, the sound of the explosion itself was deafening, and often ruptured the eardrums of any being in the blast radius. Second, the frequency of the sonic blast it emitted was barely perceptible to most humanoid races, causing severe disorientation. Millennia later, the Geonosians developed a modern version of the sonic grenade thayt destroyed a target's equilibrium. (KOTOR, NEGW)

Sonic Imprint Sensor
this device was developed during the years following the Jedi Civil War, as a way to provide a droid with a voice. By recording sound-bites and storing them in computer memory in such a way that they could be cut apart and spliced together in various ways, the sonic imprint sensor could be used to make the droid appear to be another, living being. The technology was outlawed in many star systems, and was never mass-produced. (KOTOR2)

Sonic Jammer
this tool was used as a weapon by Quarg's father, a well-known pirate who was defeated by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. With a group of jammers spread through the Korteen Asteroid Belt, he wrecked passing ships and tore them apart for salvage. The Old Republic eventually ran him off, and he fled to Drexel. Once there, while using the jammer to draw starships to the surface so that the pirates could salvage their metals, he discovered that the devices affected the hearing of the sea-dragons, and he tried to defeat the Dragon Lords by using the jammers on their mounts. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker destroyed the devices, allowing the dragons and Dragon Lords to defeat Quarg. (MC14)

Sonic Mine
this was the generic term used to describe any mine-like device that, when triggered, emitted a devastating cacophony of sound. These mines could be tuned to different races, and could be adjusted to simply immobilize a victim, or to rupture eardrums and cause other physical damage. (KOTOR2)

Sonic Motivators
devices which use varying wavelengths of sound to manipulate water or other media. They are often employed in water sculptures. (TB)

Sonic Pacifier
this sound-generating device was used by Orion Ferret to control the Watcher Beasts he placed on Patch-4 as guardians. (MC59)

Sonic Puncher
this motion-activated grenade was designed during the early years of the New Republic. It creates a sonic concussion when activated. (ROM)

Sonic Screwdriver
this potent alcoholic mixed drink was created from spicebrew, Sullustan gin, and Old Janx Spirit. (MJH)

Sonic Screwdriver
this was a tool which used low-frequency sound waves to literally jiggle a screw into and out of its bore. (SWJ4)

Sonic Shower
similar to a sonic bath, except that the user can stand upright while being cleaned. (ROM)

Sonic Staff
this form of Geonosian weapon was formed from a resin staff which measured about a meter in length. Thicker than an electro-staff, the sonic staff's internal components could generate a powerful blast of sonic energy which could knock an opponent off their feet. Because the sonic staff used compressed sound waves as its primary projectile, the energy blast could not be deflected by a lightsaber. (UANT)

Sonic Whistle
a device which uses sound waves to blast a signal. (TME)

Cerasi claimed that she was Wehutti's daughter, come to tell of him her Aunt Sonie's death, during the attempt to rescue Tahl. Cerasi had been confronted by the guards protecting Tahl, and hoped the diversion would allow Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to recover Tahl. (DOD)

this was a specialized device that used sound waves to smooth out fabrics. (DN2)

Sonn Vilmari System
this planetary system contains the homeworld of the Pan-preneur species. (SWJ8)

an Alliance CR90 that assisted in the evacuation of Briggia following the Operation Strike Fear assault there. (XW)

this compact, gray-haired little man had a cocky attitude that was evident in his mannerisms and dress. He often wore a floppy red cap, and was a former smuggler and bootlegger. When his cousin asked if he would help her out by carrying a load of chak-root with some of the features destined for the Corporate Sector, he happily agreed. After finding out that chak-root was illegal, and that it was also highly profitable to run it, Sonniod eventually joined his cousin's organization full-time. During this time, he first met Han Solo, and the two became friends. He eventually retired from smuggling and worked a legitimate business, shuttling holofeatures from planet to planet for a major distributor, during the early years of the New Order. He worked a total of fifty backwater systems, many of them on the edge of the Corporate Sector. It was during this time that he helped set up his old friend, Han Solo, up on Kamar, where Han was trying to make money showing holofeatures. The pair had to make a daring escape from the planet, after the native Kamarians became enraged when Han stopped showing Varn, World of Water, which had become an object of worship among the Kamarians. (HSR, CSA)

manufacturers of sound pistols and other sonic weapons. (CSA, WSV)

Sonopo Bomoor
the alias used by Gaar Suppoon when he invaded, raped, and pillaged Kosh Kurp's homeworld. (JTH)

Sons and Daughters of Freedom
see Freedom's Sons and Daughters (JT)

Sons of Barab
Han Solo once invoked the names of the Sons of Barab during his escape from the Trader's Luck. (TPS)

Sonsen, Jenica
Sonsen was the Chief Operations Officer, in charge of Administration and Operations, on Centerpoint Station during the time when the Starbuster plot was in motion. She was one of the last people to leave the station when it started acting strangely. She greeted Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker when they arrived at the station, thinking they were going to help her get the station back to normal. (SC)

Sonta, Jodd
this was the alias adopted by Drake Lo'gaan when he infiltrated COMPNOR, just after the end of the Clone Wars. Drake' use of the alias was cut short when he discovered that Zonder was to be sent into slavery, with the possibility of being simply executed for being an alien, during the construction and maintenance of the Emerald Splendor Estates on Byss. Drake abandoned his COMPNOR posting and set out to find Ekria, in an effort to ensure Zonder regained his freedom. (EAR)

this silver-haired Meerian woman was the governor of Bandomeer some 12 years before the Battle of Naboo. She was a supporter of VeerTa and the Home Planet Party, although she knew that her planet's wealth was dependent upon Offworld Mining Company's operations. She welcomed the unexpected arrival of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Bandomeer, although she did not summon them for assistance. That was the work of Xanatos, who hoped to exact revenge on Qui-Gon by taking control of the ionite mines or - if necessary - destroying the planet. When VeerTa was also implicated in Xanatos' plans, SonTag was forced to rebuild her planet's government from scratch, a task made easier by the expulsion of Offworld Mining and the recovery of the Home World Party. (DR)

Sontor Skipper
this independent freighter was owned and operated by Captain Ross. He used it to carry foodstuffs from Baralou to various Alliance bases, in exchange for gemstones mined on Baralou. (PG1)

this was a common name among the Sarkan race. (UANT)

the Ewok word for rock, it comes from the name of one of the Ancient Token of the Legendary Ewok Heroes. The Sook is given to the party member who needs direction for his feelings. Logray bestowed it upon Mace Towani, whose anger and aggression at the loss of his parents needed to be channeled. Mace discarded the rock, but Wicket recovered it, saving it until Mace needed it. Inside the Sook is a magic arrow head that will scoot along the ground, leading the party to a hidden destination. (EA)

meaning "wealthy", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this Rodian went by the pseudonym of Falloon, during the early decades of the New Republic, in order to avoid being identified. Soolehad was once a senior accountant for the Black Sun criminal organization, and still maintained may century's worth of data in the memory banks of his protocol droid, 9T-LOM. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the known galaxy, Soolehad used his Falloon alias to obtain passage off Sriluur, in order to return to Coruscant with the information in 9T-LOM's brain still intact. He hoped to turn 9T-LOM over to some former Black Sun leaders for a considerable reward. After he revealed his true identity to the mercenaries who got him off Sriluur and back to Coruscant, Soolehad turned 9T-LOM in for a considerable reward, then retired. (WOA13)

Sools, Jiri
this freighter captain discovered what he called "the errors of monogamy" on the planet Zeltros, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Sools fell in love with a cafarel named Lissahl, and vowed never to leave Zeltros again. (PH)

C-3PO and R2-D2 were dispatched to this planet as diplomatic couriers, during the decade before the Battle of Yavin. The planet was the homeworld of a race of spindly, insectile humanoids. Unfortunately, this race was exterminated by Stenax invaders during the Stenax Massacres, which occurred some ten months after the Battle of Endor. (MDCAR, GMR1)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Soong peetch alay
this Huttese phrase translated into Basic as "It's too late for that." (GMR5)

this Jedi Knight was responsible for apprehending the looters of the Vaults of Narner on Salliche. Soonis also stopped a band of armored raiders from rampaging Wroona. (SWJ3)

this Tahlboorean term means "enough." (DRPC)

commanded by Skent Graff, this New Republic Proficient-class warship patrolled the Meridian Sector during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The ship was in position to recover the escape pod which contained the Yuuzhan Vong priestess Elan and her familiar, Vergere, after destroying a yorik coral spawn ship (Sh'rip Sh'pa). (HT, NJOSB)

this was the name of the art gallery owned and operated by Tal Anavere on the planet Obroa-skai. (CRO)

this brew-pub was located on the planet Cularin, during the last decades of the Clone Wars. Although its menu featured some of Cularin's most popular exports, the regulars at the Sophouse preferred to drink something else. (LFCW)

Cray Mingla's aunt, she feared that Cray's mother, Margolis, would manifest sensitivity to the Force as did their mother. (COJ)

this form of algal moss, native to the oceans of Calamari, was used by Mon Calamari doctors as a natural anesthetic. (FH1)

Sora Bulq
one of the few members of his race to and aptitude for the Force, this Weequay Jedi Master was one of the handful of Jedi who survived the initial stages of the Battle of Geonosis. Known for his skills with a lightsaber, Master Bulq was one of the best teachers of lightsaber combat at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Master Bulq was also worked with Mace Windu in the development of the Vaapad form of combat. Sora Bulq was part of the small group who were surrounded by the droid armies of Count Dooku and his Separatists, just before the Army of the Republic arrived on Geonosis. Note that Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: Episode II indicates that Sora Bulq died during the Battle of Geonosis, when his LAAT/I was shot down and crashed. However, as the Jedi Council advocated a stronger military presence for the Jedi Knights, Sora Bulq began to grow more and more dissatisfied with the Jedi. He finally decided to break away from the Jedi in protest, gathering a group of Jedi and retreating to the moon of Ruul. Note that Star Wars: Republic - Trackdown indicates that Sora Buld was captured by Count Dooku on Bakura, shortly after the Battle of Geonosis. Some three months after Geonosis, Master Bulq agreed to meet with Master Windu on Ruul, to discuss a mediation to their dispute. However, Bulq had other plans, having turned down the path to the Dark Side of the Force. He allowed Asajj Ventress to land her starship on his estate, and was "injured" early in a struggle with Ventress to allow his supporters to come to his aid. Mira's death only served to turn his supporters further away from the Jedi Order. When Master Windu confronted Bulq about this, Master Bulq openly explained that he had come to understand Count Dooku's position in the Clone Wars. Bulq and Ventress banded together to fight against the Jedi, but Master Windu, Jeisel, and K'kruhk managed to survive. Bulq remained on Ruul, planning his next moves against the Jedi. He eventually made contact with Rath Kelkko on Anzat, in an effort to establish as "shadow army" for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, in an effort to offset the growing advantages of the Republic's clone troopers. He then traveled to Saleucami, where he took advantage of the heat and power supplied by the open magma flows in the creation of clones of the Morgukai warriors. His plans for the Shadow Army were brought to ruin by the arrival of an Old Republic task force led by Jedi Masters Oppo Rancisis and Quinlan Vos. Although both sides of the fighting were evenly matched, Sora Bulq was unprepared for Quinlan's decision to fully abandon the Dark Side of the Force. As Quinlan came to his decision, Sora Bulq tried to sneak up behind the Jedi. Quinlan was ready for the attack, and swung his lightsaber behind him. Sora Bulq caught the blade of his lightsaber in the chest, and the impact of the blow forced the Weequay off the edge of a ledge. With his heart badly damaged, Sora Bulq fell to his death in the lava below. (OWS, J1, IWE2, RT, RSOS)

Sorannan, Sil
this Imperial Major was stationed in the Koornacht Cluster, as part of the Black Sword Command. He was one of the survivors of the Yevethan rebellion, and became the de facto leader of the prisoners on Pa'aal. He and his cohorts were dispatched to individual Yevethan warships to assist in expanding Nil Spaar's armed forced, which played into their plans perfectly. He and his officers arranged an elaborate plot that involved the coordinated takeover of a great portion of Spaar's navy during the final battle of the Black Fleet Crisis, robbing Spaar of any advantage he may have held. Sorannan himself took control of the Pride of Yevetha, and captured Nil Spaar. As Sorannan and his officers fled the Koornacht, they deposited Nil Spaar into hyperspace aboard an escape pod as the Imperials headed toward Byss and the Deep Core. (TT)

Sorbiss Valley
located on the planet Kal'Shebbol, this valley was the site of Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne's stronghold. Much of the Sarne's infrastructure was maintained at the Sorbiss Valley location, including his computer systems and even a few capital ships, including the corvette Renegade. (DARK)

Sorcerers of Tund
an allegedly ancient and mysterious brotherhood of magicians from the Tund System, these overly flashy sorcerers clothed themselves in distinctive charcoal-gray robes and turban-like headgear that covered everything but their eyes. It was unknown if all the sorcerers were of the same race or from a variety of races, since no one outside the brotherhood ever saw one without their robes on. The Jedi Knights knew of the Sorcerers, who called their connection to the Force "magic." The Jedi Council of the ancient Old Republic chose to allowed the Sorcerers to continue their dabblings in the Force, provided that they didn't turn very far down the path to the Dark Side. In the aftermath of the Battle of Ruusan, the Sorcerers were all but forgotten. What no one realized was that, near the time the Empire was created from the rubble of the Old Republic, the Sorcerers had been wiped out, and the planet Tund reduced to a glowing ball of ash, by Rokur Gepta. Gepta continued to spread rumours and stories about the Sorcerers, to keep his mystique valid. Emperor Palpatine even became interested in the Sorcerers, believing that their religious teachings were based on ancient Sith doctrines. When Roku Gepta was destroyed by Lando Calrissian during the early years of the New Order, it was believed that the Sorcerers of Tund were finally extinct. (LCM, ECH, DSSB)

Sord Montok
this slaving transport ship was owned by Sord Montok, and was used to ferry slaves from place to place during the height of the New Order. (GMR6)

Sord Montok
this "corporation" specialized in the transport of slaves, during the height of the New Order. (GMR6)

Sordaan Xris'
this Rodian was considered the wealthiest of his species living on the planet Kashyyyk, during the height of the New Order. He was the founder and owner of Sordaan Xris' Safari Partners, a big-game hunting expedition service that catered to the needs of adventure seekers from across the galaxy. Xris' managed to buy large tracts of land - which became part of the Etyyy, or Rodian Hunting Grounds - on which his employees led dangerous safaris into the Kashyyyk jungles. Many considered Xris' to be softer than most Rodian hunters, living behind his wealth and using his credits to hire the experienced hunters to work for him. Among his chief detractors was his long-time rival, Ziven Tissar. Eventually, even the Wookiees who worked for Xris' turned their backs on him, after he allied himself with the Imperial agents who took control of Kashyyyk. In order to prove himself, Xris' set out to locate and kill the legendary Kkorrwrot, but was unsuccessful. (SWGAL)

Sordaan Xris' Safari Partners
this small business, founded by Sordaan Xris' on the planet Kashyyyk, offered beings from across the galaxy the chance to participate in dangerous, big-game safaris into the jungles of the Wookiee homeworld. The safaris took place in the Etyyy, which was the Wookiee term for the Rodian Hunting Grounds. (SWGAL)

Sorderian Weftfabric
this expensive fabric was used by the Hutts to cover their caravels and sailbarges. (MA)

Sordu Gogg
known as "Sordu the Job Doc," this Rodian was one of the most well-liked members of Socorro's criminal organizations. An information broker by trade, he was also Vakeyya's most prominent employment sources. If a job was available to a smuggler or pirate, Sordu knew about it. Sordu had a suite in the Boliscon Towers, but spent much of his time at The Custom Shop. (BSS)

this planet, located in the Freeworlds Region of Tapani Sector, was part of a group known as the Three Ellas. Along with Dorella and Pernella, Sorella had a liberal government that was more receptive to smugglers and criminals than other worlds. (LOE)

this was the ancient term used to describe the Form III lightsaber fighting style. (SWI68)

this planet was known for its wonderfully gaudy artwork. (PSG)

this ancient Evocii was the grandfather of Matha, and the leader of a clan which lived in the depths of Nar Shaddaa during the early years of the New Order. At 150 years of age, Sorgoth was an elder among his people, and was known to have a strong sensitivity to the Force. Sorgoth and his clan survived by scavenging what they could from the upper levels of Nar Shaddaa. (TF)

this planet was conquered by the Epicanthix people. (SESB)

this planet was the homeworld of the Paaerduag race. (KOTOR)

a planet. (TDR)

Sormahil Fire Gems
a particularly rare and beautiful gemstone. (SOP)

this short, pudgy, bald man was a Captain in the New Republic's Starfighter Command forces, and was assigned to training pilots for combat. He commanded the simulated group known as Gold Squadron, and it was Sormic who first trained Lara Notsil. Because he was unaware that she was trying to fail the course - as part of a plan to expose Atton Repness' blackmarket sale of starfighter parts - she nicknamed her "Deadstick Notsil." (IF)

one of the Chiss pilots who served Voss Parck and Stent at the Hand of Thrawn compound on Nirauan, Sorn was responsible for reconnaissance of the Imperial capital on Bastion. (VOF)

S'orn, Ren
this young Belascan man was the son of Senator Uta S'orn. He was born Force-sensitive, and longed to attend the training given to potential Jedi at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. However, his mother forbid any contact with the Jedi, and Ren fled Belasco. When his mother petitioned the Jedi Knights to help locate him, Ren rejected their offer to return to his mother. Some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo, it was reported to the Jedi that Ren had died on Simpla-12, and that all the blood had been drained from his body. His death appeared surprisingly similar to that of Fligh, who had stolen Senator S'orn's datapad. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Astri Oddo discovered that Ren had submitted himself to the testing of Jenna Zan Arbor, who was searching for the key to the mystery of the Force. He ordered her to release him, but he returned to Simpla-12 a broken man. (DH, EVE)

S'orn, Uta
this woman was the Senator from the planet Belasco, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. She had planned to retire after trying to form a coalition of support to halt the activities of the Tech Raiders, but she was forced to announce it earlier when Fligh stole her datapad. He obtained it one day when Uta put it down while eating the Senate commissary, but she chose not to report the theft in order to ensure the success of her coalition. Shortly after Fligh's death, it was revealed that Senator S'orn's son, Ren, was Force-sensitive, and that she had forbade his attending of the Jedi Temple's training. Ren fled Belasco, and remained separated from him mother for years, despite her efforts to have the Jedi Knights bring him home. Her decision to retire came on the heels of Ren's death on Simpla-12, which Senator S'orn claimed had occupied her mind to the point that she could no longer concentrate. She returned to Belasco and remained something of a recluse, only coming out of her dwelling to help tend to the children who were made ill by the bacterial infection which swept the planet every seven years. It was later revealed that Senator S'orn had, in fact, been helping Jenna Zan Arbor propogate her studies of the Force but infecting innocent worlds with bio-engineered viruses, then "rescuing" them with expensive treatments. Senator S'orn had been falsifying Senate records to indicate support for Arbor Industries, and stored the original records on her datapad for use in blackmail in an emergency. Uta S'orn admitted to her part in Zan Arbor's plans, and was exiled on a penal colony with Zan Arbor for the rest of her life. (DH, EVE, TDR)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Sorol referred to a legendary Duros politician, who supposedly helped to create the Old Republic. (GCG)

this was the name of a legendary Duros politician, who supposedly was one of the original creators of the Old Republic. (GCG)

this frozen ball of ice and rock was the seventh and outermost planet in the Corellian System. (CTD, CCW)

this was the largest of the four primary continents found on the planet Essowyn. (PG1)

another spelling of SoroSuub? (COJ)

a group of Alliance modular containers that were attempting to supply Harkov's fleet during its defection. (TIE)

SoroSuub Central
this was the modern name for the city of Byllurun, located on the planet Sullust. This name was adopted after the SoroSuub Corporation annexed the entire city of Byllurun to house its corporate headquarters. (GORW)

SoroSuub Chew
this tobacco-like substance was produced in a chewable form favored by the pirate Quist. (TM)

SoroSuub Corporation
a diversified conglomerate headquartered on Sullust, SoroSuub manufactured such diverse products as food packaging, space mining tools, blaster weapons, and repulsorlift crafts. With its diverse portfolio of products, SoroSuub came to employ nearly half the entire population of Sullust in its laboraties and factories. When the New Order was spreading through the galaxy, the Sullustan Council was disbanded, and SoroSuub announced corporate proclamation 137d, stating that it was assuming leadership of the planet. Then, it declared that it would be fully supporting the Empire with its goods and services, and denounced the Alliance as criminals and malcontents. This occurred on the 62nd day of the Sullustan year 8,494. SoroSuub was also one of the original non-voting Contributing Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. All of this didn't sit well with many Sullustan employees, who saw the Empire for what it really was -0 a pro-human dictatorship. A well-planned coup was staged in the wake of the Battle of Hoth, which saw the pro-Imperial leadership of SoroSuub ousted in a quiet takeover. Following the Battle of Endor and the role of the Sullustans in it, they were able to retake control of SoroSuub and ally it with the New Republic. Corporate proclamation 137d was officially rescinded, and the Sullustan Council was re-established to control the planet Sullust as a separate entity from the SoroSuub Corporation. SoroSuub continued to be the planet's primary economic entity, and it shared civic duties with the Sullustan Council. (COTF, SWSB, EGV, CSA, RESB, NEGW, GORW)

this Lambda-class shuttle was owned a mercenary group which tried to bring down Twin Suns Transport Services and the Azzameen family. (XWA)

Sorotarr VI
this planet is the site of The Game, a gambler's paradise that attracts many high-ranking officials. They all arrive incognito, looking for something interesting to happen in their presence. (GG9)

this was a common name among the Swokes Swokes race. (GORW)

this man served the Galactic Alliance as an Admiral in the armed forces, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was Admiral Sorr who assigned Corran Horn to accompany Tahiri Veila on a mission to Coruscant, which had been reformed by the Yuuzhan Vong into a replica of Yuuzhan'tar, in an effort to locate the Prophet, Yu'shaa. (FP)

this man was the pirate captain who staged an assault on Naboo's TFP-9 space station, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. He commanded the assault from his flagship, the Velumina. He claimed to have been employed by Challep, the planetary governor of Agamar, who wanted to obtain several of the Naboo N-1 starfighters and a Naboo Police Cruiser, in an effort to reverse-engineer the Nubian drives and bolster his own security force. Sorran was told that Dren Melne, a member of Naboo's Bravo Squadron, would assist in obtaining the starships. However, Dren didn't count on resistance from Essara Till and the loyal Naboo pilots of Echo Flight. When it became apparent that Dren would be unable to deliver the starfighters, Sorran ordered Dren's own ship destroyed, in an effort to remove any link back to his employers. The Velumina then jumped into hyperspace and disappeared. (SFT)

Sorr-ul-Paan Plateau
this flatland, located on the planet Ansion, was distinguished as the location of the city of Cuipernam. (APS)

this large, semi-arid planet was the homeworld of the Sorrusian race. There was very little open water on the planet, which was geographically dominated by wide deserts and rugged mountain ranges. Sprawling cities dotted the landscape. The planet had three distinct capital cities. (DH, EVE)

this race of humanoids was native to the planet Sorrus. They were adept at changing their appearance via subtle manipulation of skin coloration, and their skeletal system was flexible enough to allow them to compress and conform their bodies to a variety of shapes and sizes. This allowed Sorrusians to move through obstacles which would block a normal human. Most people considered Sorrusians to be friendly beings, until you asked them a question. (DH, EVE)

Sor-Sull II
a Sullustan frigate rescued by Keyan Farlander and the Rescue group of shuttles. (XW)

Sorth, Dellin
this smarmy, fawning weasel of a man owns Club Prosperine on Algara II, and is the Chief Executive of Prosperine Entertainment. (PG2)

Soruus System
this planetary system's rulers pitted criminals against each other in gladiator-style fights to the death. (SWJ3)

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